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Can Kybella Be Used On Stomach

The Injection That Melts A Double Chin

Can Kybella be used to treat fat in areas other than the submental space?

A noninvasive, nonsurgical procedure is enticing customers who might not otherwise seek out cosmetic treatments.

I sat back, exposing the vulnerable area under my chin, bracing myself for the pinch of the needle. I clutched an ice pack, ready to apply it, and looked around as my heart raced. I was about to have vials of synthetic stomach acid shot into my double chin, erasing it, I hoped, forever.

The drug designed to treat my submental fat is the new cosmetic injectable Kybella, which promises to dissolve fat cells through a series of injections. Theres very little downtime, its noninvasive and nonsurgical, and theres little risk. The drug is the first injectable designed to contour away the dreaded double chin.

Approved by the FDA in 2015, Kythera Biopharmaceuticals drug hit the market as an alternative to liposuction or surgery, using a synthetic version of deoxycholic acida salt found in human bile that aids fat digestionto destroy fat cells. In the digestive tract, deoxycholic acid breaks down fat by destroying the cell membrane. When injected into subcutaneous fat, this cytolytic drug does the same thingin targeted locations. The dissolved fat is now cellular debris, and gets cleared into the lymphatic and circulatory systems by specialized immunologic cells. This happens gradually over the span of several weeks. As for the deoxycholic acid, it follows the same path it gets metabolized and broken down, and then excreted as waste.

How Many Vials Of Kybella Do I Need For My Stomach

Most patients require a few sessions of Kybella injections to achieve their desired results. Kybella is not a weight-loss procedure or is not recommended for patients who lack skin elasticity. Most patients require 2 vials of Kybella for each stomach procedure. This may be adjusted depending on the patient and area to be treated.

Does Kybella Have Any Side Effects

Kybella is a very safe treatment, which is why it received FDA approval in 2015. The main side effect that patients experience is some possible redness or swelling at the injection site. Hardness at the injection site can also occur. Temporary numbness is another common side effect, which actually helps to make subsequent Kybella injections more comfortable. Some patients experience more swelling than others. Its not abnormal for the swelling to last up to 10 days. If you want to hide the swelling until it heals completely, a well-placed scarf or face mask will do the trick. Another issue that can be encountered after treatment is skin laxity. When fat is removed from an area, extra skin can be left in place. Thankfully Kybella creates inflammation, which helps to tighten the skin and mitigate droopy effects compared to other fat removal procedures.

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You Can Enhance Results With Other Cosmetic Treatments

Finally, this treatment is highly compatible with other cosmetic treatments. Its very common for patients to use this treatment in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments at our clinic to achieve desired appearance goals.

This is because the results of this treatment can not be accomplished by any other non-invasive cosmetic treatment, meaning its impossible to have redundant or poorly-interacting treatments. Some cosmetic treatments frequently combined with this one include:

  • Neurotoxins
  • Microneedling
  • Thread Lift

If you are interested in combining this treatment with other cosmetic treatments, please let us know at the time of your consultation. We will work with you to create a treatment plan that achieves all of your aesthetic goals.

How To Find A Kybella Clinic Near Me

KYBELLA® for double chin

Kybella is available worldwide, through accredited clinics or healthcare providers.

Not all cosmetic clinics offer Kybella. Only doctors who have gone through intensive Kybella training are allowed to administer the treatment. The official Kybella website lets you find Kybella specialists in your area.

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How Many Treatments Will I Need

Most patients require a few rounds of Kybella treatment to achieve the desired appearance. We generally recommend patients have at least two or three treatment appointments, spaced about 4 weeks apart.

We may recommend additional treatment appointments if we determine you require additional injections to reach your aesthetic goals.

Does Kybella Really Work

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons , of the 17.5 million cosmetic procedures in the United States in 2017, 62,587 are Kybella treatments. This is an overwhelming figure which suggests that Kybella is a great non-invasive alternative to fat reduction. Additionally, there are clinical trials that favor Kybella treatment as a fat removal option. In one study published in the International Open Access Journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Kybella was regarded as a safe and effective injectable drug for eliminating a double chin.

How Long Does Kybella Take to Work?

When it comes to the treatment period, Kybella does a far better job than Botox. To get the fast-absorbing acid working against the fat cells under your chin, you only need to undergo two to six treatments . One session lasts for 20 minutes.

How Long Does Kybella Last?

The results of Kybella may not be noticeable until after several weeks, but they definitely last for years. Therefore, no touch-ups are necessary to achieve a prettier chin.

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Coolsculpting Vs Kybella On Stomach: Which Is Better For Eliminating Belly Fat

Home / Blog / CoolSculpting VS Kybella on Stomach: Which is Better for Eliminating Belly Fat?

All of us have fat, whether we are somebody who badly needs to lose some pounds or somebody who diets and exercises religiously. At the very least, we have those stubborn pockets of fat that seem to cling to certain areas of our body, particularly the stomach, no matter how much healthy eating and physical activity were doing. Fortunately, we have numerous treatment options, such as CoolSculpting and Kybella, when it comes to banishing those stubborn fat deposits.

So in comparing CoolSculpting VS Kybella on stomach fat, which is actually the better treatment for your body? CoolSculpting, also referred to as Cryolipolysis, works by freezing and killing fat cells while Kybella dissolves fat using injection made to eliminate submental fullness. To know which treatment is better for you, you need to consider several factors such as the area you want to be treated, the cost of treatment, and whether youre a suitable candidate for each.

Up to 25% Fat Reduction With CoolSculpting: Treat Yourself Today!

Can Kybella Be Used On Stomach Advanced Aesthetics

Using Kybela to sculpt stomachs
  • Kybella is an FDA-approved injectable treatment for adults with moderate to severe chin fat. First manufactured by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, the drug is recently purchased by Allergan . However, Kybella was initially named ATX-101 by the Westlake Village, CA, company
  • Kybella is an FDA approved injectable treatment for adults that destroys fat cells under the chin to improve your profile, whether you have a moderate amount of chin fullness or a bit more. Our experienced Board certified medical providers will assess whether Kybella is the right treatment for your concern area
  • al fat. Thank you for your question. Yes, you can use Kybella off-label to reduce abdo
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    Should You Choose Kybella

    Kybella is best suited for the reduction of fat from smaller areas of the body. If you are unhappy with a specific problem area and are uncomfortable with the idea of going under the knife, then Kybella is the perfect solution for you

    While it is a safer and easier alternative to the traditional fat-reduction procedures, Kybella involves a series of sessions that you need to undergo for the best results. You can receive up to six Kybella treatments, with a one-month interval between each session. When performed by a skilled professional, Kybella provides fantastic results and involves no downtime.

    A majority of the people who undergo this treatment are able to notice visible results after just two to four sessions. Since the procedure works by completely destroying the problematic fat cells, the results are usually permanent and typically last as long as your weight remains stable.

    Answer: Kybella For Abdominal Fat

    Hello! Thank you for your post. As a board-certified provider of cosmetic treatments including Kybella, I have had many clients ask if Kybella is appropriate for treating fat in various areas of the body. The simplicity of the treatment makes it very appealing. Currently, though, Kybella is only approved and intended for use in the submental area — the spot where your chin meets your neck that often collects unwanted fat due to age or genetics. While some providers do administer Kybella for fat on other areas of the body, it is not always the best or safest option. For abdominal fat or love handles, particularly if you are already in good shape, I would recommend looking into a procedure like CoolSculpting instead. It is a similarly simple treatment that is geared more towards treating the kind of localized fat that you describe. You should schedule an in-person consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon in your area to learn more about the procedures that might make the most sense for you. Good luck!

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    Belkyra And Kybellabest Candidates

    Whatever the case, if youre bothered by your double chin and nothing youre doing on your own is working, BELKYRA may be the solution.

    The best candidates for BELKYRA are women and men over the age of 18 who are in good health, and have realistic expectations about what BELKYRA treatments can do for you.

    If youre still not sure whether this is the right solution for you, schedule a FREE consultation with us, and well be happy to answer all your questions to help you make your decision.

    What Is The Downtime Like For Coolsculpting And Kybella

    Kybella in Langhorne, PA

    Both CoolSculpting and Kybella are non-invasive treatments, so theres little to no downtime involved here. There are minor side effects or after effects though, which should go away shortly after treatment. After a CoolSculpting session, you may feel numbness and tenderness in the treated area, but you can resume your daily activities right away after your session, with the exception of brutal exercise and too much sun exposure.

    You can see results in as early as four to five weeks post-treatment, with the full effect visible in eight to twelve weeks. Your doctor may recommend multiple sessions to get the results that you want.

    As for Kybella, you may experience bruising, swelling, tenderness, redness, and numbness, which are all temporary. Full results can be seen after two to four weeks. Most patients will need around two to three treatments to get your desired results.

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    How Do Kybella Treatments Go

    Before getting the treatment, you should consult with your doctor and cosmetician. An accurate insight into your medical history and cosmetic goals will help the healthcare specialist tailor the perfect treatment for you. The data gathered can help determine how many sessions you need and how long the waiting period between each session may be.

    Kybella treatments are pretty straightforward. The first step of the process is applying a topical numbing cream to the treatment area. The healthcare specialist will leave the numbing cream on the skin for about thirty to sixty minutes.

    Once the area is numb, the specialist will clean the skin and mark it with a grid. The Kybella specialist will inject the substance into the marked locations. This process can be over in just a quarter of an hour.

    At the end of the procedure, the specialist will apply ice to the treatment area. It is advisable to apply ice on the spot for the rest of the day to minimize any potential swelling. Professionals also encourage patients to keep their heads elevated for the next day and night avoiding strenuous exercise for the next several days is also encouraged.

    Aside from keeping their heads elevated and avoiding intensive exercise, Kybella treatments require no downtime or recovery period. You can immediately return to your day.

    Kybella takes time to dissolve fats. The treatment is a naturally slow process it might take several weeks before results manifest.

    How Is It Administered

    This treatment is administered through injections that contain 10 milligrams of deoxycholic acid per milliliter. Each treatment requires several tiny injections beneath your chin. The entire process takes only 30 to 45 minutes. How many injections you require depends on the volume of fat beneath your chin and the profile you are trying to achieve.

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    We Are Proud To Have Been Among The First Practices In Phoenix To Offer Kybella

    Kybella is an FDA-approved injection that can be used to permanently reduce excess fat below the chin, commonly known as double chin. Kybella can also be used for fat reduction in other small fatty bulges such as the front of underarms or fat around the knee. Excess fat accumulation is influenced by multiple factors and can be resistant to diet and exercise.

    Possible Risks Of Kybella

    Aqualyx (Kybella) Fat Dissolver to Reduce Mom Pooch (stomach) & Dr. Lipo to Tighten Skin

    Though Kybella is a non-surgical treatment, it carries some risks too. Apart from pain, some patients report swelling, bruising, redness, and numbness in the treatment area.

    • Kybella Bruising Around 70% of people receiving Kybella treatments will experience bruising. This happens when blood is accumulated outside the skin tissues. If you have a medical condition or taking medications that increase your risk of bruising, inform your Kybella doctor right away. The bruising might last for a week.
    • Kybella Consent Forms As the use of aesthetic injections carries risks and side effects, patients are asked to sign consent forms prior to the treatment. The doctor should be able to explain to you both the benefits and disadvantages of Kybella.

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    Kybella Before And After Kybella

    • ating a double chin was surgery or invasive liposuction. Thanks to the recently-approved Kybella ®, men and women can now banish unwanted submental fat without the risk of invasive procedures or any downtime Dr. Arezou Yaghoubian of AESTHETICA LA, with locations in Tarzana and West Hills, California, has improve the profile of.
    • Effectiveness. Results moderate and noticeable in 4 weeks -4 months. Results can be dramatic and noticeable in 7-14 days. Cost. $2,200-$5,500 on average. $3,000-$4,500 on average. Side Effect / Risk. Minimal. Small incisions which are discrete and usually fade Less than 5% may have small contour changes which is amendable
    • i version of this procedure is the best tummy tuck for Kenilworth, IL men and women who are close to their ideal body weight and exclusively want to address excess flab beneath the belly button. Because this approach targets a limited area, it is associated with a quicker recovery period
    • g online searches, reading reviews, and speaking to professionals before making a.
    • al separation Fir
    • Schedule a Tummy Tuck Consultation. Please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery using the form on this page or call 896-0600 today to schedule a tummy tuck consultation. We serve patients in the St. Louis, Missouri area. Call 896-0600

    Its A Quick Treatment With No Extensive Preparation

    When you visit our location for your Kybella treatment, the first thing our practitioner will do is mark each injection site with a marker. Then, the area will be numbed with a numbing agent before the injections begin. The average patient will receive between twenty and thirty injections, but the number can go as high as fifty depending upon the size of the submental fullness being treated. Luckily, the needle used in this treatment is extremely thin, and that, combined with the numbing agent, means all youll feel is the slightest pinch.

    The entire process takes just twenty minutes to half an hour from start to finish, making it one of the quickest options for melting a double chin. Theres also no need to prepare for your treatment. Unlike with invasive surgical procedures that often require fasting and other preparations, you can just walk in with no pre-planning aside from setting your appointment. You may want to avoid over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen prior to coming in as they can contribute to bruising, but it is not strictly necessary.

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    How Much Does Coolmini Cost What About Kybella

    Prices for any cosmetic procedure can vary significantly depending on everything from where you live to your unique needs, but you can expect your CoolMini treatment to run between $1,000-$2,000. Most patients are satisfied after just one or two treatments.

    Kybella is priced by the amount of solution used , and costs vary quite widelyaccording to reports from plastic surgeons on RealSelf, prices average about $600-$750 per vial, with the typical patient requiring at least two vials per treatment . For best results, anywhere from two to five or more treatment sessions spaced one month apart is recommended. The bottom line? Kybella is likely to be the more expensive option in the long run.

    Reduces Fat On The Face And The Body

    Strategic slimming and jaw contouring can be achieved ...

    This treatment is best-known for melting and destroying fat beneath the chin, also known as submental fat. But did you know that this treatment is versatile enough to be used in other areas of the body containing unwanted pockets of fat?

    In addition to eliminating the fat beneath the chin, this injectable treatment can also be used to reduce fat on other areas of the body, such as:

    • Cheeks

    Why Might You Want to Use This Treatment Elsewhere?

    The fact that you can use this treatment in other areas of the body is exciting but should you? Many patients opt to use this treatment in additional areas to create more comprehensive slimming results. Other patients seek additional treatment areas because they have struggled to shed fat in those areas.

    This is especially true for buccal fat or the pockets of fat in the cheeks that are sometimes difficult to reduce because of factors like genetics.

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