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Can You Wear Freestyle Libre On Stomach

The Freestyle Libre 3

4 Best Sites for FreeStyle Libre Sensor Placement

Just when I was getting my head around the Freestyle Libre 2, theyve gone ahead and announced a third one!

Some lucky people in Germany are currently testing the product, and I have to say it looks awesome.

The freestyle Libre 3 is tiny! It looks like the size of a 1 pence or 5 pence coin, and I think itll be awesome for people who are self conscious about wearing diabetes technology in public.

I dont know enough about it yet, but this article will help explain the benefits, and of course, the more I know, Ill update this post!

Where Can You Get The Freestyle Libre

Once you purchase the entire system, you need to purchase only replacement sensors. Each sensor lasts for 14 days.

Youll need a doctors prescription to buy the FreeStyle Libre. With private insurance, the monitor costs between $10 and $75 a month. This would equal about two 14-day sensors.

The monitor is also covered by Medicare, though you may still experience out-of-pocket costs for your diabetes care.

Aside from ease of use, the FreeStyle Libre has a lower cost than other CGMs.

The FreeStyle Libre is sold at pharmacies and medical supply stores. Its not available on e-commerce or at big-box stores without a prescription.

finger-stick glucose meter N/A

Other technologies are also expected in the future, such as a laser technique known as Raman spectroscopy.

Depending on your diabetes treatment plan and health, your doctor may recommend a traditional blood-calibrating CGM that requires finger sticks.

It’s Easy To Keep Your Sensor In Place With A Little Extra Care


Use extra care while moving through your day. Avoid bumping or catching your sensor on doorframes, car doors, furniture, people, pets and other hard objects.


Avoid touching, pushing or pulling on the sensor. Also do not touch, scratch, or pull on the adhesive around the sensor, even if the adhesive has begun to peel. Ask children and loved ones to do the same.


Use extra care to avoid hitting or catching the sensor on clothing while getting dressed.


The sensor is water resistant but use extra care when cleansing around the sensor and when toweling off so that you do not catch or pull off the sensor. Do NOT take your Sensor deeper than 1 metre or immerse it longer than 30 minutes in water.


Avoid tight clothing on your arms while wearing the sensor. Tight clothing around your arms may pull off the sensor.


Avoid contact sports and heavy exercise with activity that may knock off your sensor.

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Comparison To Other Devices

The FreeStyle Libre is referred to as a flash glucose monitoring system. Unlike other CGMs, like the Medtronic Guardian 3 and Dexcom G6, the FreeStyle Libre checks glucose levels every minute rather than every five minutes. It can also be worn for 14 days as opposed to seven days for the Medtronic Guardian 3 or 10 days for the Dexcom G6.

The FreeStyle Libre system does not require fingerprick calibrations. And, because there is no transmitter, the system costs less than other CGMs.

Whereas other CGM sensors can be placed on the belly and buttocks, the FreeStyle Libre is only approved for use on the back of the arm. If placed in other areas, the sensor may not work properly.

A newer CGM called the Eversense system offers continuous 90-day glucose monitoring. But sales of the device were halted in 2020 due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic but also to the fact that the device has to be implanted by a doctor.

Can Freestyle Libre Be Placed Anywhere

Benefits of a CGM (Libre or Dexcom G6) for Diabetes Control

This is a question our experts keep getting from time to time. Now, we have got the complete detailed explanation and answer for everyone, who is interested!

Asked by: Rubye Gaylord

Can the sensor be inserted on other places than the arm? The only the position under the arm has been clinically evaluated and approved for use of the FreeStyle Libre sensor. It is applied on to the back of the upper arm with a simple, disposable device called an applicator.

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How Much Does The Freestyle Libre 2 Cost

Since there are varying prices across the globe, Iâm going to give the ones I have access to.

UK: The Starter pack will give you two sensors for £96.58 Excl. VAT, but you can also get a starter pack that includes the NEW reader, which is £133.29 Exclu. VAT and a single sensor will cost £48.29 Excl VAT.

Check out full price details on the Freestyle Libre website.

USA: Most privately insured patients pay between $10 and $75 per month for FreeStyle Libre 2 or FreeStyle Libre 14 day sensors, you can find out more about filing your prescription via this source.

Canada: Roughly CAD $97.00 per sensor, based on what I could find on the internet.

If anyone else has details of the pricing structure in other countries, then please drop a comment below and I will add them to this post.

Benefits Of The Freestyle Libre 2

If youâre thinking about purchasing the Freestyle Libre two and wondering is it worth switching from the 1, then here are some benefits

  • Alarms offer more flexibility: the ability to set alarms means you can catch high and low blood sugars before they happen, which will result in tighter overall blood control and hopefully a lower HBa1C.
  • Youâre in control: The fact you can also switch alarms off is beneficial because some days when we are sick, you canât get your blood sugars under control and the last thing you want is an alarm going off every 15 minutes reminding you of that fact!
  • It boasts more accuracy: The Freestyle Libre 1 is already accurate, but the second claim to be even more accurate, and Iâm pretty sure they boast that you donât need to use fingerprick.
  • It doesnât cost more: As far as Iâm aware it doesnât cost more money for the Freestyle Libre 2.
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    Freestyle Libre 2 Vs Dexcom

    I’ve written a whole post on the Freestyle Libre VS the Dexcom, but how does the Freestyle Libre 2 compare, especially since, one of the main perks of the Dexcom is the ability to set alarms, and now the Freestyle Libre 2 sensor offers that too.

    Well, based upon my own experience with the Dexcom, I still prefer the Freestyle Libre 2.

    Firstly, the Dexcom is too expensive for me to fund at the moment, and the Freestyle Libre 2 is available to me on the NHS, and I don’t know why, but I just find the Freestyle Libre 2 less intrusive than the Dexcom.

    I was always afraid of knocking the Dexcom off, and the alarms bothered me, but I don’t feel that way with the Freestyle Libre 2.

    Which is odd, but maybe if I tried the Dexcom now, I’d feel differently!

    But in terms of features and accuracy, I feel like the Dexcom could be more accurate, and the fact that it can create a closed loop system with an inuslin pump is an excellent feature, but if you’re just looking for the ability to set alarms, then the Freestyle Libre 2 will cover that.

    If you want the closed loop system, then the Dexcom is the better choice.

    Freestyle Libre: Alternate Sites

    Best Alternative FreeStyle Libre Sensor Sites: Abdomen & Hips

    I might be between CGMs later this month while I work to have all my prior authorizations and red tape for the Eversense squared away with my rinky dink health insurer. I am considering using the Freestyle Libre for a few months to tide me over into 2019 because I have stockpiled some LIbre 10 day sensors and would like to use them up.

    Question: Has anyone had success with alternate sites for the Libre sensor? I tried the Libre earlier this year and was generally happy with durability and accuracy but discovered that I cant get a reading through my hockey pads on the upper arm. Id like to try belly placement or lower side abdomen but understand these alternate sites are strongly discouraged by Abbott.

    I saw a PDF created by Abbott showing results on the stomach verses arm

    The arm won

    I cannot find it now

    Try it – it could work for you

    Might try one sensor on back side of abdomen, sort of 8:00 or 4:00 if my navel is 12:00 and just below the ribsthe flesh there feels sort of similar to the recommended area on my upper arm. Thats one spot my hockey pads dont cover. Although so far Ive heard of no successes with any sites other than the upper arm.

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    Compatible Devices Apps And Software:

    For a list of compatible devices, apps, and software that can be used with the FreeStyle Libre 2 Sensor, please go to:

    Use of the Sensor with devices, apps, and software that are not listed may cause inaccurate glucose readings.

    FreeStyle Libre 2 app is only compatible with certain mobile devices and operating systems. Please check for more information about device compatibility before upgrading your phone or its operating system.

    What Is The Freestyle Libre 2

    The Freestyle Libre 2 system is basically all the awesome features you love about the original Freestyle Libre but with extras.

    Itâs still operated by scanning your blood sugar and showing those blood sugars on either your mobile, smartwatch or the blood scanner that comes with it.

    It eliminates the need for painful finger pricks and can even scan through clothing, but the bonus is NOW it can give you optional alarms so that it will alarm you if your blood glucose is too high or too low.

    So, you can set your blood sugars within a range youâre comfortable with, and if you deviate from that number, the system will alarm you ahead of time, which will give you a chance to avoid the potential highs and lows.

    For example, I set my low barrier to 4.2, so it will alarm me when I hit this number, so I can take sugar to avoid going low, and I set my high barrier to 7.8, to avoid going super high.

    The Freestyle Libre 2 sensor will also give you indications on a graph of whether youâre likely to go higher or lower, just like it did on the original Freestyle Libre.

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    Step 1 Choose The Site

    Apply sensors only on the back of your upper arm. Avoid areas with scars, moles, stretch marks or lumps.

    Select an area of skin that generally stays flat during your normal daily activities .

    Choose a site that is at least 2.5 cm away from an insulin injection site.

    To prevent discomfort or skin irritation, you should select a different site other than the one most recently used.

    Is The Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor Waterproof

    Benefits of a CGM (Freestyle or Dexcom G6) for Diabetes Control

    The Freestyle Libre 2 has the same waterproof abilities as the first one.

    So itâs not âwaterproofâ, rather itâs water-resistant.â

    Itâs water-resistant for up to one meter for around 30 minutes.

    However, FreeStyle Libre Abbot has stated that âintense activities whereby a user is continually moving or repeatedly in and out of the water, may reduce the sensor wear timeâ.

    In basic terms, this means itâs not ideal for jumping in and out of the pool, and waterparks may be difficult, but it can be used in water, particularly when showering, or having a bath.

    If you are going to be using the Freestyle Libre 2 for water activities, I will suggest you use medical tape to keep it down, and again, I can recommend Not Just a patch for that.

    Get 10% off Not Just A Patch with the code cazzy10

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    How Long Does The Freestyle Libre Last

    In the UK, USA, AU, CA and Ireland, you can wear the sensor for up to 14 days.

    Typically, the Freestyle Libre Sensor will last the full 14 days if you are careful. This does, however, depend on your lifestyle. If for example, you are a surfer, or constantly in water, then itâs unlikely it will last the full two weeks, due to the force of water, and the fact it can handle up to 30 mins

    The Freestyle Libre Sensor can also rip off on doors, walls, and stupid things. So to help make it stay in place, you should use some form of medical tape to hold it in place. I personally use tegaderm, as it protects it and keeps it clean, but there are more funky, awesome and colourful tapes you can get to protect your libre at stores such as: who sells a variety of tapes for the Freestyle Libre.

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    Simplicity And Durability A Winning Combination

    While not one to adopt the label, Shawn Gotlib likely also fits the bill of a power user. Gotlib, 56, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 42 and runs a construction business in midtown Manhattan. He describes his day as partially out working on job sites, partially in company meetings, and partially at his desk. Hes a physical guy and needs his diabetes tech to stand up to strenuous activity.

    Gotlib has been using the Libre for three months now with few complaints. He has rotated between the Libre and a Dexcom CGM, but says in many ways he prefers the Libre for its added slimness and discreetness, simplicity of setup and use, and ease of sensor insertion.

    I like how easy it is to use right out of the box, he says. The size of the sensor is nice. And its easy to get a quick reading, even in winter when swiping the reader through my coat.

    Gotlib walks to most job sites, logging 10,000 steps or so a day. Between the stress of the jobs construction in Manhattan isnt exactly low-key work and the physical activity, he needs a monitoring system that can hold up and let him discreetly check his levels. His hours are long and he cant always get a way to do a fingerstick test or interact with a bulkier CGM system. So far the Libre has consistently delivered on his needs.

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    How 1 Woman Is Helping Diabetes Patients Own Their Health Journey

    Doctors often recommend that diabetes patients test their glucose at home to track whether they are reaching treatment goals and learn how medications, diet, exercise and stress affect blood sugar levels.

    The crucial blood test doctors use, however, to monitor diabetes for people with Type 2 disease is called hemoglobin A1c, which measures average blood glucose levels over long periods of time. Neither finger-prick tests nor glucose monitors look at A1c. They cant since this test involves a larger amount of blood and must be done in a lab.

    The continuous glucose monitors also dont assess blood glucose. Instead they measure the interstitial glucose level, which is the sugar level found in the fluid between the cells.

    Companies seem determined to sell the monitors to people with Type 2 diabetes those who inject insulin and those who dont because its a market of more than 30 million people. In contrast, about 1.6 million people have Type 1 diabetes.

    Helping to fuel the uptake in demand for the monitors has been a drop in prices. The Abbott FreeStyle Libre, one of the leading and lowest-priced brands, costs $70 for the device and about $75 a month for sensors, which must be replaced every two weeks.

    Another factor has been the expansion in insurance coverage.

    Nearly all insurers cover continuous glucose monitors for people with Type 1 diabetes, for whom its a proven lifesaver. Today, nearly half of people with Type 1 diabetes use a monitor, according to Baird.

    What To Do About Inaccurate Readings

    New Libre Sensor Sites (Alternative sites from diabetics, for diabetics)

    One of the best and most obvious actions to take is to make sure you are not making the mistakes discussed above. Apart from this, one other factor is to allow the gadget to settle in for 24 hours after installation before activating it.

    You could, with a doctors advice, also try switching application sites. Ensure youre adequately hydrated before taking readings and avoid sleeping on the sensor. This will help prevent farther problems with the sensor.

    Experiencing inaccurate readings can be dangerous as you may not notice severe high or low blood sugar levels, which can be detrimental to your health. If there is something wrong with the sensor, then you can always call the manufacturer. They will often replace malfunctioning sensors free of charge.

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    Freestyle Libre Cgm Guide 202: What To Know

    The FreeStyle Libre is a continuous glucose monitoring system that doesnt require a blood sample from a finger stick. Its manufactured by Abbott, a company that produces other diabetes-related products, nutritional beverages, and baby formula.

    The Food and Drug Administration approved the FreeStyle Libre in 2017 for adults only. Since then, newer versions of the monitor have been produced for adults and children with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

    Does The Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor Have Alarms

    Yes, the biggest new feature of the Freestyle Libre 2 is the fact itâs got optional alarms.

    This means you can set alerts/alarms for when your blood sugar is rising or falling. You choose the number you want to set these alarms to, so itâs personal to your blood glucose levels and regime.

    On mobile, you can also choose the tone of the alarm, which I appreciate as I prefer something a little more subtle.

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