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How Much Does It Cost To Get Stomach Fat Removed

How Does Liposuction Work

In Just 3 Days Remove Stomach Fat Permanently /Lose Weight Super Fast

Liposuction is performed to target fat deposits from different parts of the body using a suction technique. It works by breaking up fats and suctioning them through a device called a cannula.

During the procedure, the patient is put under general anesthesia and or given a sedative to feel calm and relaxed throughout the treatment. A combination of three medications is then injected into the target area which will break up the fat cells. Ultrasound or laser may also be used to aid in this process.

The surgeon will then make a small incision to insert the cannula or the suction tube into the fat pockets to remove the fats.

Here is an infographic that helps you to clearly see how liposuction works:

Time And Effort Of The Surgeon Are Important

The most important factor in determining liposuction cost is the expected time and effort that is required of the surgeon to accomplish the surgery. The factors that affect this include the number of areas being treated, the size of the patient, and the anticipated degree of difficulty.

For example, the cost of liposuction surgery on the stomach will be less than if the procedure is performed on the stomach and the thighs at the same time. This is because it takes more effort to do liposuction on more than one part of the body. Also, the cost of liposuction on a patient who weighs 200lbs may be less than the cost to perform the procedure on a patient who only weighs 140lbs.

Liposuction requires more effort and expertise if the patient has previously gained and lost a significant amount of weight.

What Should I Expect

Your liposuction may take place at your doctor’s office or a surgery center. Make sure that the place where youâre getting it done is accredited, and is known for its professional standards, safety and good results.

  • Youâll go home the day of the procedure. Make sure to have someone drive you home afterward. .
  • Before your liposuction starts, your doctor might mark the areas of your body that will be treated. They may also take photos to use later for before-and-after comparisons.
  • Next you’ll get general anesthesia — which means you will not be awake during the procedure — or a âlocal,â which means you will be awake but not feel any pain.

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Choose A Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon You Can Trust

Dr. Stephen Bresnick in Encino, CA, is one of the most skilled, experienced, and highly rated plastic surgeons offering procedures in the Los Angeles area. He has special expertise in tummy tuck surgery, having pioneered the use of the pain pump to ease discomfort in recovery. He uses layered muscle tightening for superior shaping results and individualized incisions to minimize scarring. To put the costs of surgery within reach for more patients, he also offers financing options to help you pay for the procedure. Call us at 981-3333 or contact us today to schedule a consultation.

How Do I Get Rid Of Obalon Balloons

Stomach Fat Treatment

What is a gastric balloon removed? Following the insertion of the gastric balloon, a mild sedative will be administered to aid in the removal of the balloon. Following the extraction of the saline solution from the gastric balloon, the deflated gastric balloon will be removed through your mouth using a gastric balloon balloon instrument.

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How Much Is The Tummy Tuck In Los Angeles

A tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, is one of the most transformative procedures plastic surgeons perform. It can restore a womans trimmed, toned body after pregnancy or significant weight loss and can give a man back his fit, masculine look.

Its also a significant surgical procedure. It always involves removing excess midsection skin, and for most patients, it also involves removing stubborn fat deposits and tightening and reconnecting stretched and weakened abdominal muscles.

This long-lasting rejuvenation of your body contours comes with specific costs. As you consider tummy tuck surgery, it makes sense to go in with your eyes open as you weigh the benefits. Youll also need to do your due diligence and find a surgeon who will deliver the highest-quality results with the maximum attention to your health, comfort, and safety. The adage You get what you pay for applies to any major purchase, and its especially applicable when you make choices about plastic surgery.

Speak With Your Physician

During your initial consultation, we will conduct a physical examination and review your medical history to ensure that you are healthy enough for this procedure and it is a good fit for you. If it is, we will provide you with a comprehensive list of medications to avoid in the two weeks preceding and proceeding your procedure.

Medications and supplements you should avoid include those that can thin your blood or prevent blood clotting. Examples of such nutritional supplements include vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin E, garlic, fish oil, and Ginkgo biloba. Examples of medications you must avoid include NSAIDs, MAOIs, and corticosteroids.

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Which One Is Right For You And Your Needs

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing between the two. Although both focus on achieving a flatter and smoother stomach area, the surgeries, results, and recovery times vary greatly.

The Surgery

A tummy tuck and liposuction have similar goals: to slim down your tummy. However, both are performed utilizing different procedures and techniques. Using a cannula and a vacuum-like device, liposuction can suction out unwanted fat that wont respond to diet and exercise from various areas of the body, including the stomach, arms, thighs, lower back, hips, and chin. An abdominoplasty removes excess fat, skin, and tissue from the stomach, in addition to tightening the abdominal muscles.

Depending on the areas of the stomach you want toned and trimmed, you can opt for a mini, full, upper, or reverse tummy tuck. This procedure is typically completed after a major weight loss or pregnancy. Simply put, liposuction removes excess, unwanted fat, while the tummy tuck tones and eliminates sagging skin and fat.

Although both focus on achieving a flatter and smoother stomach area, the surgeries, results, and recovery times vary greatly.

The Results

Recovery Time



Reduce Your Risk After Surgery

Tumescent Liposuction for Fat Removal

It is important to understand the long-term commitment required to achieve success with gastric banding.

  • Carefully follow the instructions that have been given to you after your surgery. Speak with your doctor if you have any questions.
  • Permanent and significant changes to eating habits and food choices are required for gastric banding to be effective.
  • Long-term monitoring by your doctor or dietician will be required.

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Risks Associated With Removing Large Amounts Of Fat

The removal of substantial amounts of fat with liposuction presents several risks. It may lead to undesirable results such as the development of lumps of the hollow dimpling of the skin. The most crucial reason to avoid excessive fat removal is that it heightens the safety risks for the patient.

In general, liposuction is a very safe surgery. But the risk of complications increases when a substantial amount of fat is removed. Potential complications are as following:

  • Accumulation of excess fluid that may affect breathing
  • Seroma and hematoma development

Answer: Cost Of Abdominal Liposuction

Thank you for asking about your liposuction.Costs vary a lot – In part depending on the quality of your surgeon, type of anesthesia and how many areas you want done.Your best results will be from a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and DC has a lot of them.So arrange a consultation, explain what you want -If the fee is too high, discuss how to bring it down or call around and see if an equally qualified surgeon might have a better price.I strongly advise you to not have major liposuction done except by a doctor with surgical trainingAlways see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes – Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD

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Average Cost Of Liposuction Fat Removal Surgery

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr. Jonathan KaplanM.D., M.P.H

Liposuction is a type of plastic surgery which removes fat deposits from your body. Liposuction is widely used as a way to lose excess fat in a relatively quick manner. Most liposuction/fat removal patients do so for cosmetic and/or health reasons. Liposuction is usually not covered by health insurance however, and needs to be paid for out of pocket. In this guide we discuss the average cost of liposuction and what you should expect to pay based on the body part you want targeted and other fees associated with the procedure.


  • Bottom Line
  • Am I A Good Fit For This Fat Reduction Surgery


    Pregnancy, genetics, large weight fluctuations, and the natural aging process are all factors that change the appearance of your midsection. Isolated pockets of fat and loose skin can all be the result of various life occurrences. Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery, is performed to remove lower belly fat and excess skin for a more toned, flatter stomach. So, do you think you are a good fit for this cosmetic surgery?

    • Have you recently lost weight but are now left with excess skin or pockets of fat in your lower abdomen?
    • Are you noticing your stomach is not as tight even after healthy eating or exercise?
    • Are you done having children and want help with lower belly fat or saggy skin?
    • Have you managed a healthy body weight but still struggle with your midsection?

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    What Is The Maximum Amount Of Fat Removed In A Tummy Tuck

    Tummy tuck surgery, also known as abdominoplasty, removes excess skin and fat, and, in most cases, can restore separated or weakened abdominal muscles. By removing loose belly fat or skin, patients are left with a smoother, firmer abdominal profile. For women and men in Louisville, KY, how much fat can be removed with a tummy tuck should be determined by an experienced plastic surgeon.

    Dual board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Nana Mizuguchi offers patients different tummy tuck options to safely and effectively reshape and contour their midsection to reduce lower belly fat and saggy, loose skin. Read on to learn more from Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery about how much fat can be removed during this cosmetic procedure and why finding an experienced plastic surgeon should be your top priority to get the right results.

    Types Of Liposuction Procedure

    There are currently four types of liposuction:

    • Tumescent Liposuction Tumescent Liposuction involves injecting a combination of medications that break up the fats before they are removed. The fluid contains anesthesia, epinephrine , and IV solution that helps speed up the removal of fats.
    • Super-wet Technique This procedure is almost the same with fluid injection only that it requires a smaller amount of fluid. The super-wet technique takes less time but the patient has to be put under general anesthesia or sedative prior to the removal of fats.
    • Ultrasound-assisted Liposuction Unlike the first two types, UAL involves the application of ultrasonic waves to break down fat cells through a metal rod inserted into the skin. The modern type of UAL is the VASER Lipo which provides improved skin contouring and lowers the risk of injuries.
    • Laser-assisted Liposuction This procedure uses laser technology to turn fat cells into liquid. Afterward, they are either vacuumed out or allowed to drain through small tubes. Since the cannulas used for LAL are smaller than traditional ones, this particular type of liposuction is frequently used for confined areas like the face. A popular example of LAL is Smartlipo.

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    How Much Does Liposuction Cost On Average

    According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons , liposuction typically costs $3,637. The Bookimed team reports that the average surgery price is $3,500. However, this cost is not fixed it can be lower or higher. According to the internal Bookimed data based on information from partner clinics, the minimum price of lipo is $350 and the highest cost may be up to $30,000. Such aspects as the country, clinic, and type of operation largely determine the cost.

    The cost of lipo varies from country to country: for example, it starts from $720 in Turkey, whereas in Spain, lipo costs twice as much, starting from $2,800. The final outlays depend on your medical case and the number of the body areas you want to correct. The more areas the surgeon will improve, the more expensive the operation will be.

    How Is A Tummy Tuck Performed

    How Much Does Tummy Tuck Cost? | Abdominoplasty In Atlanta

    Tummy tucks are relatively more involved surgical treatments compared to liposuction. The procedure requires about two to three hours to complete.

    First, a tummy tuck is typically performed under general anesthesia. A horizontal incision is made across the lower abdomen. Every effort is made to locate the incision where it will be well-hidden by the bikini line. Then, excess skin is trimmed and the abdominal skin is pulled taut for a flatter appearance. In some cases, an additional, circular incision will be made to make an appropriate space for the belly button.

    A tummy tuck is indicated for repairing stretched or weakened abdominal muscles. This is achieved by stitching the two vertical muscle groups of the rectus abdominis together with permanent sutures. The most common type of abdominal muscle separation occurs along the vertical line between the two major muscle groups of the abdomen, a condition called rectus diastasis.

    After the muscles have been tightened and excess skin removed, sutures close the incision sites. Drains, compression garments, and surgical dressings are applied to protect the treated area as it heals.

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    Does Insurance Cover Tummy Tuck Procedures

    An abdominoplasty procedure is classified as a cosmetic procedure as patients tend to undergo the surgery for aesthetic reasons. Health insurance covers the cost of surgeries that are needed for medical reasons and so they would be extremely unlikely to cover the cost of this procedure. However, there are some similar procedures that might be covered by your health insurance since they tend to be performed for medical reasons:

    Pro And Cons Of Liposuction

    Liposuction has the following benefits:

    • It provides for the safe removal of fats, giving you your desired appearance and size.
    • Its easy to way to sculpt the body parts that are dieting and exercise may not be able to address efficiently.
    • The results are permanent. Once the fats are removed, they wont grow back.

    But just like any other medical procedure, it comes with downsides too:

    • Its expensive.
    • It comes with potential side effects and complications, such as allergic reactions caused by the medications used, infections from the punctures made by cannulas, fluid imbalance, and skin necrosis, or skin tissue death.

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    Full Body Fat Removal Cost

    When performing liposuction on multiple areas, board-certified plastic surgeons will typically charge $4,000 for the first area and $2,000 for each additional area. Since there are at least ten different areas of the body where it can be done, it could cost upward of $20,000 for full-body fat removal. With so many procedures, the surgeon may provide additional discounts or charge extra fees for the additional time spent.

    Is Health Insurance Going To Cover The Expense Of Liposuction

    Fat Removal Surgery

    Before scheduling an appointment, check with your insurance provider whether your plan covers cosmetic operations. Health insurance does not typically compensate for liposuction, so be ready to pay for the operation out of your own pocket.

    Please note that except for liposuction you also can face some additional expenditures supplies, bandages, and operating room amenities. To obtain a preliminary cost estimate for your specific situation, contact the Bookimed medical coordinator.

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    That Most In One Session

    The maximum amount of fat that can safely be removed with liposuction is between six to eight pounds . An increase in the volume of fat removal heightens the risks of complications.

    If the patient requires more fat removal than six to eight pounds, it is prudent to undergo the liposuction in stages spaced three to four months apart.

    Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Landon D. McLain provides liposuction to patients in Huntsville, Madison, Florence, Decatur, Scottsboro, Cullman, Athens, Alabama, and surrounding locations.

    Who Is And Isnt A Good Candidate Forshape

    To safely undergo a body-contouring procedure,patients must be in generally good health. Patients with certain healthconcerns might not be eligible. Some of these issues include:

    • Smoking: We will not perform shape-changingprocedures on patients whove smoked a month prior to surgery. Smokingincreases the risk of complications during and after the procedure. Check out our tobacco cessation program now.
    • Heart conditions: Patients with high bloodpressure or clotting disorders might be at risk for excessive bleeding or othercardiovascular issues.
    • Uncontrolled diabetes: Patients with diabetesmight heal more slowly and are at increased risk for infection.

    Patientsafety is our No. 1 concern, so please ask questionsand be honest with your surgeon about your health. The potential benefits of anelective procedure are not worth risking your safety.

    UT Southwestern surgeons collaborate to offerconservative recommendations paired with contemporary procedures, cutting-edgetechnology, and the latest research. We perform all procedures in a fullyregulated, hospital-based center with an anesthesiologistand specialized staff so each patient has a safe and personalized experience.

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    Cost Of Coolsculpting For Arms

    CoolSculpting is an option for removing stubborn fat in the upper arms. Smaller areas may cost around $650 per treatment. With the procedure, each arm is treated, so your total cost for the session may be about $1,300.

    Each treatment for the arms can last about 35 minutes on average. Only one session is typically required to achieve the desired results.

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