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How To Get Rid Of Flabby Stomach

Is Exercise The End All Of Fat

How to Lose a Flabby Stomach by Working Out at Home : Core Strength & Tone

Not at all.

In fact, exercise is a major weapon at your disposal to be rid of fat, but it isnt the only one. It isnt even the main one, to be frank.

Your diet needs to absolutely be improved.

Do not strive for perfection, but one that is good enough.

To start, implement these changes:

  • Increase protein intake Protein supports muscle synthesis to increase lean body mass, recovery and improves metabolic rate. This should be implemented as part of a healthy diet overhaul.
  • Slowly lower daily caloric intake This will prevent metabolic crashes and weight loss plateauing.
  • Sleep enough Sleep deprivation has a system-wide effect on all aspects of health. Fat storage is enhanced as stress hormone rises.
  • Eliminate alcohol consumption or consume in extreme moderation Your liver is critical in metabolic processes and booze hits it hard. Not to mention that it is notorious for causing belly fat accumulation, decreasing muscle definition, and delivering empty calories.

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Get At Least 7 Hours Of Sleep Each Night

If you’re among the 30% of Americans who sleep less than six hours a night, here’s one simple way to reduce your waistline: catch more Zs. A 16-year study of almost 70,000 women found that those who slept five hours or less a night were 30% more likely to gain 30 or more pounds than those who slept 7 hours. The National Institutes of Health suggest adults sleep seven to eight hours a night.

A smaller study also found that those who slept 4.5 hours a night had higher levels of the brain chemicals that affect appetite and our reward systems, compared to those who slept 8.5 hours. That means they ate more food between meals and were drawn to junk options.

How Do You Get Rid Of Saggy Belly And Love Handles

While exercise and sensible eating may help you lose weight and excess belly fat, they won’t fix saggy skin, the doctors say. The bad news doesn’t end there. Pregnancy usually stretches out and separates your six-pack abdominal muscles, too. No matter how many crunches you do, the solid six-pack will never form again.

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Tighten The Loose Saggy Lower Belly Skin

If the skin on your lower belly is flappy and loose after losing a lot of weight then there are some natural solutions you can use to tighten it back up. Now your skin is the biggest organ on your entire body and its biggest protein is collagen .

Collagen is like the structural support for your skin. It holds everything together nice and tight. Without collagen, your skin will slowly lose its firmness and strength . As we age our collagen production naturally goes down which is why we start to get more wrinkles, saggy skin, and age spots .

If youve been overweight for a long time then your collagen fibers were most likely damaged. This is why your lower belly is remaining loose and saggy. Your skin has lost its ability to snap back and retract. This is why losing the weight when youre younger gives you better results with losing the belly overhang.

But the good news is studies have found supplementing with collagen is very effective for improving skin elasticity . Taking collagen will help to plump and perk back up your loose saggy skin making it appear smoother and tighter .

I use and recommend Ageless Collagen since it contains all 5 of the right types of collagen you need for maximal results. I just toss a scoop in my daily protein shake and cant even taste that its in there.

Swap Ketchup For Salsa

10 Best Home Exercises To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms

Sure, ketchup is tasty, but it’s also a serious saboteur when it comes your weight loss efforts. Ketchup is loaded with sugar up to four grams per tablespoon and bears little nutritional resemblance to the fruit from which it’s derived. Luckily, swapping out your ketchup for salsa can help you shave off that belly fat at home without a diet. Fresh tomatoes, like those used in salsa, are loaded with lycopene, which a study conducted at China Medical University in Taiwan links to reductions in both overall fat and waist circumference. If you like your salsa spicy, all the better the capsaicin in hot peppers, like jalapeños and chipotles, can boost your metabolism, too.

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How To Use The Diet

The meals shown here are “templates” that you can vary any number of ways to please your tastebuds and avoid eating the same old thing every day. Follow them and you’ll get between 2,400 and 2,800 calories per day. That should provide plenty of calories for all but the most severely obese, while allowing most guys to lose fat around their middles at a steady pace.


Whole grain cereal or oatmeal

Fat-free milk

Almonds or other nuts


Total: 591 calories, 29 grams protein, 78 g carbohydrates, 18 g fat


Sandwich made with whole grain bread

Lunchmeat or canned tuna

Reduced-fat cheese

Total: 666 calories, 41 g protein, 71 g carbohydrates, 25 g fat




Dark green vegetable



Total: 379-953 calories, 23-53 g protein, 33-109 g carbohydrates, 12-43 g fat

Floater Meal

Whole grain bread

Peanut butter

Fat free milk


Total: 629 calories, 31 g protein, 83 g carbohydrates, 20 g fat

What Is Belly Fat Anyway

The definition of belly fat might sound obviousit’s clearly the fat that sits around your middle, right? Well, not quite. While belly fat does indeed reside around your midsection, it goes deeper than just below the skin, padding your intestines and other vital organs, Lawrence Cheskin, MD, professor and chair of the department of nutrition and food studies at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, tells Health.

“The reason it’s different than other forms of fat is because it’s more metabolically activeit gets into the bloodstream faster than the stuff under your skin,” Dr. Cheskin explains. “Belly fat has a bad influence on blood cholesterol and blood sugar, and all the metabolic diseases.” So with belly fat also comes a heightened risk of those metabolic diseases, like diabetes.

Belly fat can also be independent from overall body fat, meaning someone who’s not overweight could still have a lot of excess fat around his or her waist. The good news: For most people, when they lose weight, it tends to come off the middle, says Dr. Cheskin. People also tend to shed belly fat a little quicker than other areas, because the tummy is just a temporary holding zone for fat, he adds.

Something to keep in mind: It’s normal to carry some weight around your middle. Dr. Cheskin says a normal waist circumference is less than 40 inches for men and 36 inches for womenbut if you want to trim it down, here are a few things you can do.

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Stop Drinking Your Calories

Regularly sipping stuff other than water, black coffee, or unsweetened tea? Calorie-containing drinks can slow or straight-up stall your weight loss progress, making it almost impossible to get rid of lower belly fat.

Case in point? That 16-ounce latte you get with breakfast can pack about 250 calories. Grab a sugary cocktail after work and youre looking at 300, 400, or even 500 more.

If you have those kinds of drinks on the reg, just cutting them out could be enough to start melting fat all over your body including around your lower belly.

Thats especially true when it comes to booze, since research shows that drinking a lot of alcohol seems to cause fat to be stored around your belly. Dorn JM, et al. . Alcohol drinking patterns differentially affect central adiposity as measured by abdominal height in women and men,

Why Is Belly Fat So Hard To Shift

Simple exercise gets rid of flabby belly fat

Belly fat is tricky to shift because there are so many factors influencing it. For example, where you gain fat will be influenced by your genes, your age and even your weight at birth, with smaller babiesgaining more belly fat later in life. If youre female and child-free then youre less likely to develop high levels of visceral fat than if you are a mum.

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Add Some Acidic Foods

Don’t buy your tickets to Bonnaroo just yet the kind of acid that will help you slim down is the stuff right inside your cabinet. A 12-week study published in Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Biochemistry reveals that obese study subjects who made vinegar part of their diet dropped more belly fat than a control group, and other research suggests that acidic foods, like vinegar, can increase the human carbohydrate metabolism by as much as 40%.

Adjust Your Food Intake

The number one rule of fat loss is creating a calorie deficit, meaning you burn more calories than you consume, according to the Mayo Clinic. Creating a realistic and sustainable deficit, though, requires first establishing how many calories you need eat each day to maintain your current weight.

You can estimate this value by tracking your food intake for a few days. Assuming you don’t gain or lose weight, this number is your baseline. Your other option is to calculate the number of calories you need with a calorie-tracking app like MyPlate.

Wondering how to calculate your calories for weight loss? to do the job and help you track your intake, so you can stay focused and achieve your goals!

From there, you can safely cut between 500 to 1,000 calories each day to create your deficit. Although you may feel inclined to trim more, remember that a slower weight loss will help you maintain your weight in the long run, according to the Mayo Clinic. Plus, taking it slowly will help you stick with healthy habits .

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Belly Fat : The Most Common Causes Of A Flabby Stomach

Based on recent findings, about 49% of Americans want to lose weight. Other studies have found that 80% of people who lose 10% or more of their body fat will put that weight back on. For some people, that regain even includes some extra pounds they didnt have to begin with!

Our clients often complain about their flabby stomach regardless of how much weight they are trying to lose. The flabby stomach seems to plague us all at some point in our lives. The question is, what causes belly fat and why is it so hard to get rid of?

Read on to find out why youre belly so stubbornly holds on to extra fat.

Try These 4 Exercises To Strengthen Your Abs

Pin on How To Tighten Stomach Skin After Weight Loss

Although you cant spot-reduce fat, you can strengthen specific areas of your body to improve the overall look and function of your midsection. Incorporating some more core-focused exercises into your strength-training routine is a great way to sculpt your abs. Araujo recommends giving these moves a try:

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Perfect Poses Reduce Paunch

Along with abdominal exercises, certain types of yoga poses and stretches can step up your saggy belly reduction workout routine. The plank and boat poses are an intense tummy workout.

For the plank pose, start on your elbows and knees and place your feet out behind you in a plank position so your body is parallel to the floor. Hold this position for as long as you can, breathing normally throughout and try to increase the amount of time each time you do this exercise.

Begin the boat pose by sitting on the floor with your feet stretched out in front of you. Slowly tip your upper body back while you raise your feet and legs off the floor. Stretch your arms toward your legs. Your ultimate aim is to make a V-shape with your torso and legs. You might feel a bit wobbly, but your abdominal muscles will tighten as they help keep you in place. Breathe normally as you stay in boat for up to one minute, and don’t worry about falling out of it. Keep trying until you can nail the pose.

The Most Common Culprits

Like so many other aspects of your health, how much belly fat your body stores is largely influenced by your age and genetics: Some of us are more prone than others, and we all tend to gain more waistline padding as we get older.

But those aren’t the only causes. Lifestyle habits like diet and exercise play a key role, of course, but even how much sleep you get and stress you experience can make a big difference.

Take a deeper look at where belly fat really comes from and learn how to adjust your habits to lower your risk.

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Results After The Six Weeks

After the six weeks had ended, all the volunteers were tested again on their waistline, blood cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure.

The first group whose goal was to be more active did not lose any fat. Before you check out this method, these individuals health markers improved vastly. There were significant drops in their blood pressure, and blood glucose. The second group who did sit ups, did not get any healthier through any of the parameters measured. They, however, did lose two centimeters from their waistline. This was likely due a stronger core and their abdomen muscles holding their fat better .

Now to the diet groups. The third group who were to drink three glasses of milk everyday did not show any changes in health or weight. The good news is that they did not gain any weight even though four hundred calories a day had been added to their daily consumption. A simple explanation for this would be they were too full from drinking milk to eat the amount of food they would normally eat .

Eat The Right Type Of Fats

In 7 days get rid of saggy stomach fast

Contrary to popular belief, fats do not make you overweight or fat. What makes you fat is consuming junk food and not working out regularly.

If you want to know how to get rid of a hanging belly, then you need to avoid any kind of trans fats which include fried foods, margarine, cookies, and baked foods. Also, limit your consumption of saturated fats such as lard, palm oil, shortening, and full-fat dairy.

The kind of fats that you need to consume is unsaturated fats such as nuts, fish, oils, nut oil, seed oil, and avocado. Especially for men who do lower belly fat workouts, fish oil is extremely helpful, because enough fish oil increases testosterone levels. This ultimately helps you lose weight and build more muscles.

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Increase Protein And Fiber Intake

In order to lose weight, including from your lower belly, you should consume an adequate amount of fiber and protein.

Fiber has a wide range of benefits, including aiding weight loss. Some types of fiber slow the absorption of nutrients, allowing you to feel full longer, therefore consuming less calories throughout the day and helping achieve a deficit.

Men need between 30 and 38 grams of fiber per day, and women need between 21 and 25 grams per day.

Some good sources of fiber include: avocados, fruits, vegetables, whole grains and beans.

Protein is made up of amino acids and helps feed and repair our muscles, among other parts of our body. However, its where you are getting your protein that matters most.

Choose good sources of animal protein, like fish, poultry, eggs and low-fat dairy. Vegetables also provide ample amounts of protein look for dark, leafy greens like kale, spinach, broccoli and asparagus.

And dont forget quinoa, a grain that mimics the same amino acid profile as an animal protein. A good choice for vegetarians and vegans.

Snack On Tart Cherries

That sour cherry is pretty sweet when it comes to your health. The results of a study conducted at the University of Michigan found that rats given high-fat foods along with tart cherries ditched nine percent more body fat than those in a control group over just 12 weeks. Cherries are also a good source of antioxidant pigment resveratrol, which has been linked to reductions in belly fat, dementia risk, and lower rates of macular degeneration among the elderly.

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How Do We Lose Belly Fat

Heard the expression abs are made in the kitchen?

Its true all the stomach crunches in the world wont make a difference if burgers and beer are your constant companions.

One US study found while sit-ups improved abdominal strength, aerobic exercise and dietary changes were also needed to melt body fat.

Ireene recommends a mix of sweat-inducing exercise and eating more frequently.

Id recommend five to six meals per day, with every meal containing a portion of protein to keep you full, she says.

People also need to drink more water two to three litres a day is ideal. Think of it as weight loss juice. People think they are hungry, but they are mostly thirsty.

Make sure you keep portion sizes in check and dont end up eating five or six full meals.

Including more healthy fats such as avocado, nut oils, nut butters, fish in your eating regime early in the day will also help stave off carb-laden snack attacks.

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