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How To Grow Hair On Chest And Stomach

I Want To Increase The Hair On My Body

how to get rid of stomach hair without it growing back thicker

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I can grow a “Full” beard in ONE day but the 17 chest hairs I have are Stupid!!!!! Blake

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I have found on many sites/blogs such as these with men asking about how to grow chest hair that most of the people who are respond are overly pessimistic in regards to men who are interested in growing chest or body hair. However, what they are saying IS true in that THE MAJORITY of body hair that can be grown is determined hereditarily by one’s genes.

Having said that, Id like to give you my personal opinion and anecdotal evidence in hopes that it might brighten your expectations in this manly quest :). I also have been interested in growing more chest hair. . I have done quite a bit of research in the growth of androgenic hair on male bodies and have found important facts to be true after having experimented a bit with my own body and Id like to share them with everyone so that they can try for themselves.

I have noticed a really sharp increase in chest hair after using this dietary regiment. (Everyone is different and their bodies process nutrients and chemicals differently but this is simply what has worked for me:


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Who Is A Suitable Candidate

Laser-based chest hair removal is suitable for an adult male. Even, females with hairy chest or abdomen are suitable candidates for this procedure. For determining the suitability of the candidate, dermatologist will do a thorough medical check before undertaking this procedure. In case an underlying health condition is detected, suitable medication is prescribed in conjunction with laser hair removal.

Natural Ways To Remove Hair From Stomach Permanently

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Belly or stomach hair is extremely irritating and unwanted. Especially when we are looking forward for some event and want to wear clothes flaunting the belly button, the stomach hair causes huge uneasiness. If you do not want to go with the harsh waxing techniques or the laser and such other treatments for permanent hair removal, here we provide some natural remedies to remove the hair permanently from your stomach. Try these amazing remedies and get a beautiful, hair free and attractive belly naturally.

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How To Stop Chest Hair Growth

For years, bodybuilders, swimmers and cyclists have been known to shave excess body hair on the legs and chest, claiming it can make them faster and lighter. However, removing chest hair has also developed into a vanity-related fashion statement. Models, actors and others now regularly sport baby-smooth chests. Shaving chest hair can be a hassle and painful, which is why products have been developed that stop chest hair growth.

Apply a thin layer of hair-inhibitor cream. These creams use certain chemicals to deaden hair follicles and decrease hair growth on the chest, arms and legs. You must carefully apply the cream to sensitive areas such as the chest and follow directions closely to avoid chemical burn.

Get a laser hair removal treatment 12. Laser hair removal sends high-intensity pulses of light into the hair follicles, killing their ability to grow hair. This procedure may take several visits, but the end result is complete inability to grow hair in the treated area 1.

Get electrolysis treatment. Electrolysis consists of a technician inserting a fine needle into the hair follicles and administering small amounts of chemical or heat to kill the follicles, stopping hair growth. This procedure also takes several visits to see the full effects, and it is very costly, but the end result is no more hair growth.


Always do a skin patch test to check for allergies with any creams or gels before applying to your chest.

So Whats The Real Secret For Chest Hair Growth

How To Grow Hair on Chest and Stomach?

The age of 12 to 18 is usually known as chest hair growth age. Sometimes, due to genetics, most of the men between the age of 20 and 30 still wait for their chest hair. The growth continues subsequently. Not only common man but the models in the fashion industry are growing chest hairs to flaunt their masculinity.


But what to do about it, if you are 19 and still wondering how can I grow more hair on my body. Well, this blog is written for those special ones who want to have that shiny smooth silky hair on their chest. Now theres a clinical way and there is a natural way. The clinical way is easy and expensive, but the natural way is like gods blessing. Late But Fruitful.

Dont worry sonny boy these tips are gonna help you to increase chest hair on your body!

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What Does Chest Hair Say About A Man

Well one thing for sure is that the myth that men with chest hair are more manly then men without is totally false. Having chest hair is genetic and has nothing to do with being manly or not. Of course, some women believe that a man with chest hair is more attractive because they feel it is manly but equally many women are not turned on by it and think the opposite.

One thing that having chest hair may mean is that the man is either:

  • comfortable with having it so is happy for it to be there
  • doesnt care about his appearance
  • is too lazy to remove it

How To Increase Chest Hair

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Do you have a light patch of chest hair? How about just a few strands of hair? Fear not! With this guide you’ll hopefully be seeing a wild bush in no less than a month. Read on for specific instructions.

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What Causes Excessive Hair Growth On Chest

There are a plethora of factors that govern the hair growth rate and pattern in your body. Before you learn about the best ways to remove chest hair, it is vital to understand why you have them. So, let us uncover the science behind excessive hair growth on the chest.

  • Hormonal Imbalance: Considering the busy lives, stress levels, and the impurities in the food we eat and the air we breathe, it is obvious that we all are vulnerable to health issues. Factors like improper sleeping and eating habits can disturb the hormonal balances. These are the major reasons that create noticeable changes in the body. One such change is the growth of hair in chest, stomach and back regions.
  • Genetic Disposition: Various studies conducted by experienced professionals indicated that genetic factors are responsible for the density, length, colour, and texture of your hair. While some people may be affected by genetic hair loss, others can have the opposite situation of genetic hair growth.
  • Hypertrichosis: The term Hypertrichosis refers to an abnormal amount of hair growth over the body. Hypertrichosis can be categorized as either generalized or localized hypertrichosis. It can also be classified as either congenital or acquired.

The Right Tools For The Job

Real Questions – Does shaving my chest hair make it grow back thicker?

Just like many jobs you might do, be it fixing things around the house or on your car, or doing a personal care job such as dealing with your stomach and chest hair, using the right tools will make things easier and the results better.

The most popular ways to trim chest and stomach hair are:

Electric Body Groomer

Unless you really want to shave completely, in my opinion, these are the best tools to use. You can either use them without any attachments and get a really close trim or use the comb attachments. These normally come in different lengths so that you can adjust how close the trim is.

As already mentioned above, my two favorites for this kind of job are the Manscaped Lawn Mower 2 and the Philips Norelco Bodygroom 3100. You can read my full reviews of the top 5 body groomers under $50 to find out more.


Although I find it hard to believe that men would use scissors in this day and age but apparently they do.

Using scissors would take me hours to trim my chest and stomach hair and there is no way I would get such a good result as I do with my bodygroomers.

Perhaps some people are just very tight when it comes to spending money on something that will do the job properly.

Electric hair clippers

These are what you, or your barber, might use to trim the hair on your head. I have used these in the past and they do pretty good job if you dont want to close a trim.

They are perhaps better if you just want to tidy your body hair up.

Electric shaver

Wet razor


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How To Trim Chest And Stomach Hair

The one tool you will need is a reliable and strong built trimmer. You can even buy yourself some hair clippers . If you use a clipper itll come with a few guards that will prevent you from cutting too much. It basically leaves a certain amount of hair on your body according to how you want it.

You can attach a number 1 guard or a number 4 guard. Depending on how much you want to cut off. If you want to cut everything off adjust your clippers so that Ill cut everything off. Now start trimming. Make sure to go against the grain .

Last But Not Least Be Patient

Patience is key! you wont like your hairs to pop up instantly, would you? The chest hair will take some time to grow and with patience, you will have a nice bush around your chest line. This process will start between a week or two.

If all these do not work and that is not true! Consult a doctor. It is by far the best solution to get more hairs. Your doctor might be able to diagnose the issue more effectively. Chest hair is going to be a head-turner in the future so start following these steps and flaunt them when the time is right.


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How To Grow Chest Hair Faster

Fact Checked

For many men, chest hair grows naturally and is seen as a sign of manliness. For others, chest hair can grow sporadically in location and excruciatingly slow in spurts. There are a wide variety of ways you can promote faster and healthier chest hair growth. Some of these ways are proven through scientific studies, whereas others are strongly believed by some and dismissed as old wives tales by others. Following through with every viable method will give your chest hair the best possible chance to grow at a speedy rate.

Lower your stress level. A 2002 study conducted at Humboldt University in Berlin by Dr. Petra Clara Arck and seven other scientists found that increased stress levels inhibited hair growth by promoting premature Catagen development 1. Survey your current stress level, and be honest with yourself about how much stress is laid on your shoulders on a day-to-day basis. Take up some yoga classes, or exercise daily to help reduce stress and get out any pent-up energy.


Make a checklist that has a daily check box next to each step that can potentially help you hasten your chest hair growth. This way you can track what methods you have done each day and even measure results based on what you’ve done in the past.


What Youll Need To Shave Or Trim Your Chest Hair

Manscaping: Should Men Shave their Stomach Hair?

Remember that were trimming and not shaving, so youll need some sort of hair clipper. And if youre not happy with a bulky unit thats plugged into the mains, then may we heartily recommend a modern, purpose-built deforestation weapon?

And remember, even if youre reading this intending to go with a full-on, all over wax – youll still need a trim with the clippers first.

Our turn-to-first weapon-of-choice is the Philips 7000 Body Groomer – it has a trimmer with a long handle on one end and on the other, a skin-friendly contour system. Its both waterproof and cordless . You can also try the 5000 and 3000 models which are comparable.

On the other end of the budget scale, you could be trimming for around a tenner, using the Wahl 9953-1452Y Rechargeable Body Groomer All in One Grooming Kit.

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Bleaching Your Stomach Hair

  • 1Wash the area. Use soap and water to thoroughly wash your stomach. Dry it off completely with a towel.
  • 2Mix the bleaching components. The bleaching cream product you bought should have instructions on how to prepare the cream. Mix the components in equal proportions.
  • Any sort of commercial chemical hair bleaching product will work.XResearch source
  • Generally, your bleaching product will come with the bleach itself, and some conditioner. You’ll have to mix the bleach and the conditioner in a bowl.
  • 3Apply bleach to the area. Use the brush or spatula provide with the bleaching cream to apply it to the hair-affected area of your stomach. Leave the cream on for 5 to 7 minutes before continuing.
  • If you’ve never used bleach to lighter your hair before, it would be wise to do a patch test before applying bleach to the whole area, to rule out a potential allergic reaction. Just apply some bleach to a small patch of skin and wait 5 to 7 minutes. Then rinse it off and continue bleaching the rest of your stomach hair.XResearch source
  • 4Rinse off the bleach. Remove the bleaching cream with warm water. The skin affected might look lighter than usual but that effect won’t last long.XResearch source
  • Causes Of Hirsutism In Women

    Some of the possible causes of hirsutism in women include:

    • polycystic ovary syndrome about nine in 10 women with hirsutism have PCOS
    • androgen-secreting tumour an abnormal growth on the ovary or the adrenal gland that produces androgens
    • Cushings syndrome the umbrella term for a collection of hormonal disorders characterised by high levels of the hormone cortisol
    • adrenal hyperplasia a group of disorders in which adrenal gland hormones are produced in the incorrect amounts
    • hyperinsulinaemia the overproduction of the hormone insulin, usually linked with diabetes
    • hyperprolactinaemia abnormally high levels of the hormone prolactin, which is normally associated with breastfeeding
    • certain medications for example, anabolic steroids cause unwanted hair growth as a side effect
    • uncommonly, anorexia nervosa, hypothyroidism and acromegaly.

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    When To See A Doctor

    If warning signs are present, people should see a doctor promptly. If excess hair appears gradually without warning signs, people should see a doctor, but the visit does not need to be scheduled as quickly.

    In general, women without warning signs do not need to see a doctor if they have always had excess hair, they otherwise feel well, they have regular menstrual periods and no other masculine characteristics, and have family members who also have excess hair. Such women have excess body hair because it runs in their family.

    Causes And Risk Factors Of Hirsutism

    How To Trim Your Chest Hair-DIY Manscaping

    Common causes of hirsutism include:

    • Hormones. Many times, the condition is linked to high levels of male hormones . It’s normal for women’s bodies to make these, and low levels don’t cause excess hair growth. But when these amounts are too high, they can cause hirsutism and other things, like acne, a deep voice, and small breasts.
    • Polycystic ovary syndrome, which causes small cysts, or fluid-filled sacs, to form on your ovaries.
    • Cushing’s syndrome, which you get when you have high levels of the stress hormone cortisol for long periods of time.
    • Tumors in your adrenal glands or your ovaries.
    • Medication. Some drugs can change the hormone levels in your system, so you grow unwanted hair on your face or body. This can happen with:
    • Drugs that have hormones, like anabolic steroids
    • Drugs that spur hair growth, like minoxidil
    • A drug called danazol that can help with endometriosis, when the tissue that lines the uterus grows outside the womb

    Risk factors for hirsutism

    A few things can make hirsutism more likely, including:

    • Family history. Some conditions that run in families and affect your hormones can cause hirsutism.
    • Ancestry. Women from Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, or South Asian backgrounds are more likely to have extra body hair.
    • Obesity. Extra weight causes your body to make more male hormones, which can make hirsutism worse.

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    What Is The Cost Of Laser Chest Hair Removal

    The cost of chest laser hair removal ranges between Rs 5,900 to Rs 10,900 per session. However, the overall cost may vary based on factors like choice of laser technology used , strength of hair, density of hair on chest, skin type, colour of hair and skin, experience of the dermatologist and underlying health condition.

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