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How To Hide Stomach Fat

Shift Dress Is Your Best Friend

10 Must Know Style Tips to Hide a Tummy *WITHOUT Shapewear* (Dressing Over 40/Over 50)

For ladies who want a dress to hide belly, you will love the shift dress for two reasons.

First, the silhouette is straight up and down, so it balances out your curves.

Second, the shift dress has plenty of space so it will move as you do, avoiding drawing attention to your belly.

These two are my top picks from Nordstrom for the new season.

If you are looking for dresses to hide your belly, shift dress should be your top choice!

Best Two Piece Swimsuit To Hide Back Fat: Century Star V Neck Swimsuit

Elegant with Tummy Control

This swimsuit doesnt offer a lot of tummy control, but it does hide a belly.

Plus, the back of this swimsuit is designed to cover back fat.

Perfect with Shorts Underneath

One woman said, I received so many compliments on this bathing suit. My stomach looked flat, no back fat it just fit perfectly! J. Byrne

Go For Lightweight Fabric

Any thick or bulky fabric will look like an extra load on you, making you look fatter, while satin, lycra, or silk fabric are clingy materials that show the frame and contours of the belly youre trying to hide.

Fabric matters and you need to know the difference between thicker cotton and the most lightweight cotton, with the preferable kind being tropical weight wool because they suit big guys.

Cotton fabric is one durable material that must be a part of your wardrobe. Cotton is the go-to fabric of comfort because it suits all.

Fabrics like baggy sweaters and heat-causing fabrics should be avoided because they increase how much sweat is released, and feeling fat, sweaty, and smelly are three combinations we all dread.

Instead of spending more money on expensive fabric, a cashmere V neck sweater is a more suitable option since they dont increase the bulkiness of the body when worn.

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Sew Your Jeans Yourself

Buying jeans is sometimes just too much of work. Store brought jeans fit a set standard, they might not be suitable to your size and shape therefore making your jeans appear much more bulky.

One way to solve this is to bring out your sewing machine and just go to work.

You would have exactly the right measurements and you can also tailor it to your liking. If you want a lace near your waistline, add it on. By sewing your own jeans you do not have the risk of the jeans not fitting.

Dont Emphasize Your Tummy By Adding Accessories Like Belts Right On Top Of Them Rather Belt Higher


When choosing a coat, top or cardigan, you dont have to avoid belts altogether.

Simply make sure that the belt sits a bit higher, so you arent drawing attention to your belly at its widest point.

Again, patterns can help to take attention away from a larger tummy too and in combination this can do the trick.

Play around with where and how you fasten your belt to see what looks most flattering for you.

above chooses a kimono style jacket. You could belt higher or lower depending on what looks good on your body.

Check out this similar belted toppers from JLUXLABEL and NYDJ, and wear it with this similar wide leg pants, sandals and clutch.

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Wear Tops That Flow Away From Your Stomach

Who would think wearing a blouse thats bigger around the stomach will actually make you look slimmer? Well, this type of blouse actually takes away from a bigger bulge.

Tighter fitting shirts accentuate a larger stomach the tops cling to your stomach, making it more pronounced. But flowing blouses take away from your stomach.

They end up making you look slimmer and will give you a more flattering appearance. These tops are also comfortable and are perfect to wear for any occasion.

These blouses are a great option for women who have larger bellies but skinnier legs. Wear a flowing blouse with some leggings. For hot days, flowing blouses also look great with shorts or a skirt.

Here Are Some Styling Tips To Camouflage Your Love Handles And Tummy Fat

Did you binge on a whole lot of energy-dense and calorific foods before summer? And can all those calories can now be seen in your tummy bulge? You are not alone, a lot of people tend to rely on comfort food which tends to be sweeter and fattier than regular food and end up feeling bloated. You need to become a mindful eater to whittle down your waistline, but you can also hide your tummy bulge this summer by opting for the right kind of outfits. Yes, by opting for flowy tops, empire line dresses and mid-rise jeans, you can hide the bulge. Here are some styling hacks to hide the tummy bulge. .Also Read –

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How To Hide Belly Fat In A Bathing Suit

Swimwear is a garment that many often dread during the summer months, especially if you have features you wish to conceal. And since swimsuits will fit differently on different bodies, this can throw up headaches in your shopping experience. With a sea of bathing suits to choose from, it can be not easy to find one that fits you well while also being comfortable simultaneously.

Regardless, you also want to ensure that whatever style you choose for your swimwear allows movement without feeling too loose or tight. This becomes more prominent if you have big belly and might have you wondering how to hide belly fat in a bathing suit.

Thankfully, there are a couple of things you can do and look for in a swimsuit to help you conceal your belly fat. And when it comes to learning the tricks involved, the best way is by choosing the right style for your body type. For example, if you have an hourglass figure, a bikini should fit your body well. However, some swimsuit styles and tips will help slim your waist and hide any belly fat.

Btfbm Bohemian Midi Dress

5 Ways to Hide Your Tummy INSTANTLY | Styling Tricks to Conceal Belly Fat

Boho V-Neck Wrap Dress by BTFBM

This V-neck dress is so flattering!

What Women with a Belly Bulge Say About this Dress to Hide Belly

Seriously, buy it! This dress is seriously so gorgeous and sooo flattering! It fits my curves and hides my mom tummy.

The length, sleeves and forgiving tummy area is exactly what I was looking for.

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How To Dress With Belly Fat: 5 Best Tips For Women Over 50

Its a rite of passage for women as we move through menopause and continue on in our 50s, 60s, and beyond. We become members of the Belly Fat community. The new goal as members is to hide your belly.

And it really doesnt matter if were tall or short, thin or heavy, or what our body shape is. We are all inducted into the club whether we like it or not.

So when learn how to dress with belly fat, my friends, were all working toward the same goal.

Theres nothing wrong with that because, after all, we didnt choose to have this little friend attach itself to our midsection, it happened naturally as we got older. So we search for the right type of clothes for menopause belly.

But, there are ways we can work around the bulge that just wont go away while we remain true to our personal style choices. And well talk about the 5 best tips to hide belly fat in just a minute.

If you click on a link and then decide to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thank you!

First, lets review why we want to hide belly fat and what we can do to minimize the effects.

THE WHY: After menopause, body fat tends to shift to our abdomen due to a decreasing level of estrogen, and if we dont adjust our eating and exercise habits, it will become more pronounced as the years go by. Even the most committed efforts can still result in a pooch around the middle.

Best Tankini With Ruffles For Back Fat And Belly: Adome Bikini Swimsuit

High Waisted with Tummy Control

You will love this cute swimsuit with tummy control!

The top is incredibly flattering and the ruffles hide all back fat.

Plus, the high waisted bikini bottoms cover a belly pooch and cover the mom belly.

Sizes Up to 3X-Large

This swimsuit also comes in sizes up to 3X-Large.

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Wear Clothes That Fit And Suggest Slimness

Jumpsuit from Amazon

  • A column of darker tones always suggests slim.
  • Don’t expose your tummy with smooth clingy fabrics, light colors or wear anything that pulls tight.
  • Avoid over large which will make you look bigger, the correct size will flatter.
  • Focus attention high on the body with color and detail.
  • Keep hips as flat as possible.
  • Accentuate your slimmest point carefully, usually below the bust but not with gathers.
  • Elasticated trouser waists can be comfortable but ensure a smooth band with no bunched up fabric over your tummy.

Best Sexy One Piece Swimsuit To Hide Back Fat And Belly: Tempt Me One Piece Plunge Swimsuit

Fat Ladies life hacks

Fits Great with Adjustable Straps

This black one piece swimsuit is so sexy AND it hides back fat.

You will love that the back of this swimsuit is high enough to hide any back fat.

Fits True to Size

Plus, the Tempt Me One Piece Plunge swimsuit is flattering around the belly area. Lastly, this swimsuit provides great chest/boob support.

Sizes: Up to 24 Plus

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Lingerie And Intimates A Top

Wearing the right undergarments is the key to hiding belly fat. So, wear the Best brathat is the proper size for you and will give you a firm appearance. Conversely, wearing the wrong size bra can bring a saggy appearance to your breasts, which can affect your overall look.

Moreover, a perfectly fitting bra is important as it will cover the breasts on the sides and hide extra fat from the sides. Another useful undergarment is high-waisted tight underwear that holds belly fat and controls it, as well as hides visibility.

Plus, pay attention to the bras fabric and material while choosing the best bra. A full-coverage bra with stretchy materials would be the right choice for a plus-size woman and especially for a curvy woman. Dont wear cupless or strapless bras, especially with a tight dress.

Dont Forget To Accessorize:

Wear a watch, wedding band, or cufflinks, so you look put together and ready!

Consider wearing formal accessories like ties in your outfits if its cold outside. This will complete the overall look of your wedding party photos!

Avoid standing too close to other people in group shots: Stands at least one foot away from everyone else when taking pictures with others for an elongating effect.

Its also important not to stand right next to someone taller than you because this can cause them to appear much larger than they are next time around!

Try focusing on color coordination & balance instead of matching colors completely all the way through unless that is your wedding theme!

When choosing your outfit, focus on wearing clothes that will help to camouflage any problem areas. Camouflage clothing typically comes in neutral colors like black, navy blue, or beige to stand out against your skin tone.

Avoid tight-fitting clothing as it will accentuate any curves and contours on your waistline. Instead, try loose-fitting pants or skirts, which will give you a more streamlined look.

If you are self-conscious about your arms, choose to wear long-sleeved shirts or blouses instead of strapless or cap sleeves. This way, the attention is drawn towards your face and away from other problem areas.

Avoid wearing high-waisted skirts or pants as it will make your legs and midsection appear much larger than they are.

Happy Planning!

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Dont Wear Tight Or Loose Clothing:

  • The best option is to wear a slim fit or straight leg style that isnt too tight or too loose for pants. This will give you a more polished and put-together look.
  • Avoid wearing baggy jeans or pants, as they will make you look sloppy and unprofessional.
  • Wear dress shoes in either black or brown to match your outfit. Make sure they are clean and shined up no one wants to see scuffed-up shoes on their wedding day!
  • Accessorize with a belt around your waist to further define your figure and add some contrast against your shirt/pants color combo.
  • If its cold out, consider wearing a blazer or suit jacket to complete
  • Your outfit.

The Best Swimsuits That Hide Back Fat And Belly


Best Swimsuits that Hide Back Fat and Belly

This list of the best swimsuits for back fat are the best swimsuits according to real women. Seriously!

To make this top 15 list, these swimsuits had to have an average review of 4.5/5.0 stars or better on Amazon.

Additionally, women had to specifically mention that these swimsuits were great for covering back fat.

In this article:

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Careful With Tucking Shirt

If you are petite, its generally a good idea to tuck in your shirt under they pants or skirts. However, you have to be very careful with tucking if you are trying to hide the muffin top.

When you are tucking, your mid section probably will become the first thing that people notice on you, especially when you are wearing a top and bottom with contrasting colors. So, tucking is not recommended for women concerned about hiding the muffin top.

Wear Pants And Jeans With Built In Panels

If you want to hide your belly, I highly recommend you try the pants and jeans with built in waist band. Those waist bands have two benefits.

First, since they replace the zippers, they will not be drawing attention to your belly as the zippers.

Second,they work like built in shape wear. They can really smooth out your waist area without having to wear separate shapes.

These two pull-on style jeans are from NYDJ, available in petite and regular sizes.

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Draw Less Attention To Your Tummy By Wearing Clothes That Drape

When I refer to clothes that drape I dont mean wear baggy clothes. Wearing clothes that drape has a lot to do with fabric rather than fit. For example, you can have two types of t-shirts in the same size but made with different fabric. One may be a bit more loose than the other shirt.

And if you do decide to wear a tight top or dress try adding an additional layer such as a blazer, flannel or denim jacket.

Relipop Short Sleeve Dress

How To Hide Your Belly Fat Incredible Spanx Corset $25.00 Lose Weight ...

Relipop Polka Dot Dress

Women LOVE this dress for summer. I’ve seen many women wearing this dress out and about in person!

Why this is one of the best summer dresses that hide belly bulge, according to Amazon reviewers:

This dress is perfection! Its incredibly forgiving and super flattering .

Cute summer dress! Overall its very flattering and does a good job at making me feel thin and hiding belly fat I dont exactly want to show off! This is a must buy.

Great summer dress. My best feature are my legs and I have a bit of a belly. This dress highlights the good while hiding the bad.

I LOVE this dress! Im currently losing weight and need things to hide my belly. This dress is perfect for that. Its cute, not tight around my belly and its comfortable!

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Lilbetter Off Shoulder Maxi Dress

LILBETTER Off Shoulder Maxi Dress

Buy it !!!!!! So many compliments!!! hides postpartum belly.

I carry a lot of my weight in my belly area. This dress does a great job of making me look slimmer and not as heavy. Would recommend to anyone 100%!

I didnt expect this quality, the dress is beautiful! I have a large chest, Im a 38DD but this dress fit me comfortably, hid my chest which I love, it also hides your stubborn fat from your belly and your back.

Pay Attention To Clothes With Vertical Stripes

Vertical ornaments, patterns, and stripes make you look taller and more fit. But you should also consider the width of the stripes and their frequency. Wide stripes can make you visually bigger, so choose clothes with narrow and frequent stripes.

If you feel like a dress with stripes is too much, choose dresses or cardigans of such a color. Great options are black and white or white-blue colors.

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Svaliy Ruffle Tunic Dress

SVALIY Women Off Shoulder Floral Tunic

The off-the-shoulder neckline of this dress to hide belly fat brings the attention upward vs. to your tummy.

Here’s what women said about this summer dress that hides belly bulge:

So many compliments! I am 180 lbs and carry most of it in my tummy and didn’t feel the least bit self conscious. Highly recommend!

Perfect dress for a summer wedding! It does well at concealing problem areas such as tummy.

Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper

How to Hide My Fat Belly | How to HIDE a Belly

Of course, it is pleasurable to know that your body shaper makes you look slimmer with all the squeezing it does to your waistline and the rest of your body. However, looking for ideal shapewear comes with substantial body shaping results, not only at your waist but to from your bust down to your hips. All of that is with this firm tummy control compression bodysuit shaper!

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