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How To Manscape Your Chest And Stomach

Our Final Thoughts On Removing Stomach Hair

How To Trim Your Chest Hair-DIY Manscaping

Whether youre looking for a quick trim of a completely smooth belly, The Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer is our recommended best way to remove stomach hair this is because our hair-removing device offers:

  • SkinSafe technology
  • A waterproof design
  • Painless removal of unwanted hair

As Michael H. put it when describing The Lawn Mower 4.0 trimmer, it offers ergonomics, the powerful motor, SkinSafe technology, and the light.

And speaking of that light, Mike S. told us this tool works on every type of body hair. Quiet. The light is useful, and it stays charged long enough to handle your whole body.

Still, need more proof? We refer you to Harry L.s review, in which he said, Its lightweight, small, and easy to use! The fact that its waterproof makes it even better for quick clean up.

What are you waiting for? Get your Lawn Mower 4.0 today, and get rid of that unwanted hair that lives on your happy trail.


How To Trim Your Stomach Hair For The Perfect Happy Trail

How to trim your stomach hair for the perfect happy trail is just one of those questions we often forget needs answering. We just sort of assume we can wing it and hope for the best.

This just isnt true.

Theres a tried and tested technique that I learned and am thrilled to share with you today. Let me give it to you in a nutshell first and then well dig a little deeper using a step-by-step approach.

The way to trim your happy trail and get a natural-looking result is by first exfoliating your skin, then trimming the surrounding areas of your stomach in a graded fashion. In other words, the hairs on your stomach gradually increase in length the closer you get to the happy trail from the sides. This way the happy trail doesnt look too artificial as you still have a small amount of shorter, well-groomed hair surrounding it. Finish off by trimming down the actual happy trail itself. Not too short and not too long. Natural yet neat and well-groomed.

Its a fantastic technique that unfortunately no-one teaches you until you start desperately searching for it online.

Id love to share it with you today.

Now what you should use for this trim is a trimmer with enough size guards to allow you to get that nice, graded appearance. The size guards well be using are 1mm, 3mm, and 9mm.

Now without further ado lets get to scapin.

Avoid Scratchiness At All Costs

You already understand that scruffy or scratchy chest hair is the enemy. Now, were going to help you avoid it. The first and most important thing is to not grow stubble. Thats easiest if you never shorten the chest hair enough to get stubbly. Use a cutting guard on your trimmer that is at least half an inch long, and youll be good to go .

If you do need to go extra short, then there are two things that help you avoid scratchiness. The first is to consider waxing or depilatories. When hair grows back nice and soft, this whole thing gets easier. If you cant do that or have something else contributing to scratchy hair, you want to focus on skincare.

Softening the skin helps the hair poke through without having to bristle. Clear pores and hydrated skin make for softer chest hair. If you can add some hair care to the mix, youre golden. Thats why you want to use Crop Cleanser. It has everything you need in a single bottle. Our formula promotes healthy skin. It doubles as a shampoo, so it productively cleans the hairs and follicles. Overall, the all-in-one approach helps you have hydrated, soft skin and hair that is healthy and less scratchy.

Theres an important extra point to make. Some guys have scratchier hair than others, its just nature. But, if you want to get it under control, Crop Cleanser can help you soften things regardless of your grooming choices. Its worth considering.

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The Best Tips For Shaving Your Chest

Now I am going to assume that you have shaved a beard before and razors are not alien technology to you. I wont be spoon feeding you babys first shaving class, but that being said, there are still a few tips that I want you to keep in mind

  • Use a safety razor. I cannot stress this enough. In addition to being much more cost-effective than expensive deluxe razors, safety razors are sharper, more accurate, and generally just cooler than every other type of razor. But seriously, do yourself a favor and start using one. Youll never go back to anything else ever again.
  • Finesse is your friend. When shaving your chest the motion is going to be different than shaving your face. Since shaving chest hair is a little infrequent, there is a chance that you might underestimate the finesse with the razor required. I have done that myself. There is no pain greater than getting cocky and then getting humbled. Its like God checking you. As long as you go in with a cautious mindset, youll be fine.
  • Rotate the razor. Remember when in doubt to rotate the razor instead of contorting your entire hand in a weird motion. This is especially important when you are going from the bottom up. I have seen people raise their arm over their heads and hold the razor straight while the hand is upside down. Like bro just turn the razor around.
  • Is It Better To Wax Or Shave Your Chest

    Chest Hairstyles For Men: What Your Chest Hair Should Look ...

    While shaving may be easier and less painful than waxing, it does mean that the hairs will grow back faster. As such, you will begin to experience new growth and stubble quicker with shaving than if you choose to wax. To maintain a smooth and hair-free chest with shaving, setting up a grooming routine is essential.

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    How To Manscape Nose Hair

    There is no specific age to inspire the growth of nose hair. Even from an early age, you may see these sprouting from your nostrils like a hedge that needs to be trimmed.

    Although you do not want to remove all your nose hairs because they prevent bacteria from entering your sinuses, you may want to get rid of stragglers.

    If you do not trim nose hairs, those stragglers can overgrow and make your nose look like it has its own mustache.

    In this manscaping scenario, you will want to use a pair of blunt clippers or scissors again. You can also invest in a good-quality nose hair trimmer that can also be used for your ears.

    Nose trimmers are extremely easy to use. The only thing you need to do is hold them close to your nose. But they may not provide full control because they are not as precise and accurate as a pair of handy clippers.

    Gamma+ Italia Cordless Foil Shaver

    2. Back of neck: You can summon a friend or partner to help you maintain a clean neckline between haircuts. However, their job will be much more difficult if you have a “natural” hairline on a slightly more grown-out cut. That requires artful blending, in which case, your best bet is seeking professional help. Getting a touch up from a barber shouldn’t cost more than $15 and it’ll add an extra couple weeks before you need a real haircut again.

    1. Use a body groomer: Its best to trim your back hair with a body groomer, since the back so easily breaks out with a shave. Ask a partner to trim the hairs every week or two, without feeling pressure to keep it totally smooth. Or, maybe you can manage this task on your own, if youre flexible enough.

    2. Try depilatory creams: If you want rubber-ducky sleekness, then waxing and depilatory creams are your best options. I prefer the latter, because I really try to avoid waxing at all costs.

    1. Do not shave or trim your butt: If you really need to remove your ass hair, including everything in the crack, do not shave it or trim it. Imagine two pieces of sandpaper rubbing against each other, and how much friction that entails. Your butt crack will be raw hamburger for weeks on end, until the hair grows out.

    2. Use a cream or get it waxed: If you’re fixated on sheer smoothness, try depilatory cream. Or waxing, if you dare. Do it with a professional, though. The women in your life can probably recommend a trusted esthetician.

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    Why Do Some Guys Have No Chest Hair

    Well it all comes down to genetics. If your father, grandfather or uncles have chest hair then you may well have chest hair too. Even if your father doesnt have chest hair, you can still inherit the genes from your mothers side as your maternal grandfather or your mothers brothers may have it.

    Of course, you may see men on the beach, at the pool, at the gym etc and think that they dont have chest hair but they could actually be shaving it off.

    Its About More Than Looks

    Happy Trail Grooming Tutorial | *ADVANCED* Manscaping | Happy Trail Trimming Tips

    Manscaping qualifies as a style trend and a means to potentially attract love interests, there are other reasons why its a good idea and why so many men follow a manscape routine:

    Better Hygiene

    Many researchers believe that pubic hair evolved because it helped reduce the risk of genital infections. It also helped keep the family jewels warm back in the days when clothing was a bit scarce.

    Today, its believed that pubic hair is often more of a barrier to good hygiene than it is a benefit because, for one, it traps moisture and causes irritation. The theory is that practicing precise skin health is easier without having to deal with an overgrown pubic pelt. Also, a less-tended man-garden tends to smell more than one that receives regular weeding. And who wants to be known as a man who stinks down there?


    Comfort rates among the most important reasons why so many men follow a consistent manscaping routine. For instance, think of the hundreds of times your pubes have itched? Or gotten snagged on your zipper? True, many of us deal with these things as a fact of life, but that doesnt mean enduring them is a requirement.

    The Ultimate Manscape Guide

    Because todays manscaping routines typically encompass many parts of the body, any guide to it needs to be comprehensive. Weve structured our guide accordingly by providing tips and rules for grooming every part of your body.

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    Should You Shave Your Chest Find Out What Women Think


    Male grooming has changed the dating scene, and there’s no going back. Once women realized that they don’t have to put up with guys at their smelliest, greasiest, or hairiest, they made it clear that we can get in line or sleep alone. Every man in modern society has paid close attention to that change, and it’s why you’re here now.

    You’ve embraced male grooming in general, but it’s a big topic with many subtle question marks. One of those involves your chest. Should you shave it? Should you trim it? Is there something to tell you how to grow chest hair? Does it matter? Movies and magazines suggest that all guys are walking Greek statues, cut and muscular without body hair. That’s just crazy. For those of us who are mortal, a smooth, chiseled body comes at the end of a lot of hard work.

    You might assume that women want everyone to look like a movie star. If so, you’re about to be surprised. As sexy as those guys often look, they don’t represent the majority. Women’s taste in chest hair isn’t one-dimensional. Once you understand the discussion’s nuances, you can make an informed decision about your chest hair and have more success with the ladies. That’s what we promise today.

    How To Get The Smoothest Shave

    If you want a close and smooth shave, you should jump in a hot shower beforehand. This will open your pores and make all your hair much softer. When you are finally ready to shave, you should apply a generous amount of shaving cream.

    This adds a thick layer of protection between the blade and skin. Alternatively, you can also use shower gel instead of cream if you want to see the hairy areas better when you are holding a razor.

    Pulling the skin taut helps prevent cuts and any nicks that will burn like crazy if you are not careful. Pass along your skin slowly with gentle strokes and keep repeating this process until you are satisfied with the results after your shave.

    Your pubes will also need an all-natural moisturizer to soothe your skin and lower post-shave irritation. This can also protect your skin from infections, especially if you get any ingrown hairs.

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    Tip #: Prune Before You Shave

    If youve ever tried to remove a beard with a razor without first trimming it back a little youll know how difficult not to mention agonising going from 0-60 with hair removal can be.

    Whether youre waxing or shaving, youll make the process much easier if you trim back your hair with a trimmer or scissors first. Go as low as you can if youre shaving but leave hair about 1cm in length if waxing as the strips need something to attach to.

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    How To Manscape Your Privates

    Pin on Manscape

    This area of course requires more caution. Just remember it isnt a race. Take your time and youll be just fine. Most guys struggle shaving their bits in the beginning. It can definitely be a nervous thing to do when youre a beginner but, dont worry youll be a manscaping champion in no time.

    Do keep in mind when I refer to manscaping the privates Im referring to the area below the pubic region. Now begin in the shower by shaving your shaft. Grab the tip and pull yourself to stretch the skin. Shave from the tip down to the base. Do this all the way around the shaft. Now is the time to decide if youre going to shave the pubic region.

    You can either go with the nice and trim style or shave it completely. Both are acceptable and viable options. You can shave in any direction that feels most comfortable. With or against the grain because it doesnt matter. The only thing that matters is whats comfortable to you.Moving further south to the balls is where guys have trouble learning how to manscape. Youll still use a razor blade shaver for this area. Begin be shaving the left and right sides going from the sides to the inner part of your leg/groin.

    Press yourself to one side against your leg and continue to shave that side of your balls. Stretch the skin as much as possible to get a good shave. Remember its not a race! Take your time and simply stretch and shave the entire area. Youll be surprised how forgiving the skin is in this area.

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    Using Unverified Home Remedies

  • 1Remove unwanted stomach hair with raw papaya. Some people have good results using raw papaya to stop hair growth. Make a paste using raw papaya and turmeric powder. Massage the paste into your stomach on all the areas with hair. Leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse it all off and apply some moisturizer.XResearch source
  • Other ingredients you can include in this paste to potentially improve its effectiveness are aloe vera, gram flour, and mustard oil.
  • 2Use a sugar-lemon- honey wax. Sugar, lemon and honey can make an easily found, cheap and natural wax for removing unwanted stomach hair. Mix together honey, sugar, and lemon in a bowl. Heat the components, and then finish mixing them until it forms a consistent paste. Dust your stomach with cornstarch powered, then apply the warm paste to your skin. Press a cloth or waxing strip onto the paste-covered skin and pull it off in the opposite direction of hair growth.XResearch source
  • This natural waxing method might not have the same results as commercially bought wax, but for light hair growth it can be satisfactory.
  • 3Make an egg white mask. Combine egg whites, sugar, and cornstarch. Apply the mixture to your stomach, then wait for it to dry. After it dries, just gently remove the mask and find that the mask has taken some hair with it.XResearch source
  • Chest Hair At The Beach: On Full Display

    You’re only human. If you have a blanket of hair lying underneath your shirt, spending the day outside in the dead of summer is going to get hot. In fact, we assume your chest and all of its hair is probably on Alec Baldwin levels of Schweddy and youre likely eager to do some unbuttoning. If youre headed to the beach or pool and temperatures are reaching the nineties, by all means, keep your comfort a priority and let your chest hair out to play.

    Now, how comfortable you want to get with flaunting it is up to you. If you’re okay with going shirtless, but would feel more confident getting your chest hair cleaned up for a day by the water, here is exactly how to snip, trim, and shave your body hair.

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    The Basics Of Butt Shaving

    Shaving your backside isnt unlike shaving the other parts of your body, particularly the nether regions. True, shaving your pubic area requires plenty of concentration and practice to master its techniques, but many of the same general principles apply for trimming and shaving your buttocks, including:

    Use a mirror

    No surprise here you have to see what youre doing and its not easy to see your butt without a little assistance.

    Trim, then shave

    If the hair on your buttocks is on the longer side, start by trimming it with a shaver or another type of electric trimming device. Doing so clears the way for any close-to-the-skin shaving that follows.

    Clean and disinfect your razor first

    Use a fresh razor when trimming your tail feathers or, at the least, disinfect the blades already in it. Be sure to remove any existing debris found on and within the blades before you shave.

    It should go without saying, but still…

    Dont use the same blades you use to trim and shave your butt to trim and shave other parts of your body, such as your face. Enough said.

    Use a shave gel or lotion

    Shaving gel reduces the odds of nicking or cutting the skin on your buttocks while providing a smoother surface upon which the blade can glide. Its a good idea to apply the gel to one cheek at a time and then shaving that cheek before moving on to the other one.

    Shave in the right direction Only use light pressure

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