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What Can You Eat When You Have An Upset Stomach

Avoid Fried Foods And Dairy Until Fully Healed

Heres The Real Best Way To Cure An Upset Stomach | TIME

When you start to feel better from an upset stomach and want to expand your diet, there are certain foods you should stay away from until you’re fully healed.

“Dairy-rich and fried foods are definitely food groups you want to avoid when you experience stomach discomfort,” Smith says. This is because these food groups are generally high in fat, which can slow down your stomach emptying.

When your stomach empties slowly, you are more likely to have symptoms like nausea and stomach pain.

If your stomach is feeling upset, be careful with what you eat and drink and make sure to listen to your body’s hunger cues.

“Don’t stress if your food intake is decreased for a few days,” Smith says, “However, you should seek the guidance of a physician if you notice yourself eating significantly lesser amounts of food for more than a week.”

Keep Your Belly Happy

A balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables can help keep your digestive system healthy and your immune system strong and ready to fight off bugs that might upset your stomach. And watch for triggers â anything from foods that have acid like tomatoes, to fizzy drinks, to stress at work.

Peppermint Helps Relieve Ibs Symptoms

A 2011 study showed why peppermint might help people with irritable bowel syndrome. The compounds in peppermint actually activate an anti-pain channel in the colon. This channel may reduce the pain linked to eating some spicy foods like mustard or chili, according to researchers.

Since then, multiple studies have confirmed peppermint oil to be a beneficial treatment for IBS. In a comprehensive meta-analysis published in 2019, peppermint oil was shown to be a safe and effective therapy for pain and global symptoms in adults with IBS.

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The 14 Foods To Eat When You Have A Stomachache

  • Stomach aches can be brutal and hard to cure.
  • Bland food is best when trying to clear up a stomachache.
  • From crackers to apples, these are the foods you should eat when you have an upset stomach.

Do you know anyone who wants to keel over, crying out in pain from how horrible their stomach feels at the moment? No one? Right, exactly. Stomach aches are BRUTAL, especially when you’re supposed to be having fun over a long weekend. In my case, that happened to be Thanksgiving last fall, during which I ate a horrendous bratwurst/hot dog concoction in Germany. It reared its ugly head when I discovered I contracted food poisoning on my flight to Barcelona the next day. Lovely. Luckily, my friends helped to cure me with the blandest of bland foods, and I became aware of what to eat with a stomach ache. Now as a survivor of blind faith in bratwurst, I’m here to assist with a list of what to eat when those stomach cramps finally hit. I apologize in advance.

Best Foods To Eat For An Upset Stomach Says Dietitian

mbdesignproductions: What To Eat If You Have A Stomach Ulcer

Nearly all of us find ourselves suffering from the occasional wave of tummy troubles: indigestion, minor acid reflux, nausea, bloating, or gas. However, sometimes symptoms like nausea can show up at inconvenient times, and it’s worth exploring if there are certain foods for an upset stomach that might tame this unpleasant feeling.

Just a reminder: it’s important to address with your doctor if nausea is persistent, as this could indicate a digestive issue .

Nausea is a result of complex mechanisms that involve the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, the presence of gastric dysrhythmias , and the endocrine system. And, it’s quite common.

A 2016 review in the journal Therapeutic Advances in Gastroenterology reports that among population studies, more than 30% of adults had at least one episode of nausea in the previous 12 months, with women citing nausea more often than men.

Here are six foods which may help you calm nausea and get you back to feeling like yourself ASAP.

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Tips To Avoid Indigestion For A Sensitive Stomach

Here are some tips to help you avoid indigestion or upset stomach.

  • Eat slowly and ensure you are properly chewing your food.
  • Consume smaller, more frequent meals.
  • Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.
  • Avoid late-night meals or snacks.
  • Ensure your diet consists of soluble fiber.
  • Identify specific triggers and remove them from your diet.
  • Maintain a bland diet without excessive use of spices.
  • Food For Thought: What To Eat When Youre Sick

    Weve all been there. Youre suffering from the usual symptoms headache, stomach cramps, body aches and then, to top it off, youre hungry. But what should you eat when youre under the weather? What foods will help you feel better, not worse?

    When it comes to sick-friendly foods, forget your typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nausea, sore throats, and a runny nose can all make you feel like you dont want to eat once, let alone three times a day. As you shuffle into the kitchen, focus on how you feel. When youre sick, its important to choose foods that soothe your symptoms and fuel your body for a quick recovery from the flu, a stomach bug, or a head cold that wont quit. Take the time to choose foods with the right nutrients when youre sick, so you can get back to conquering the world or at least the laundry.

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    Things You Should Avoid Eating Or Drinking

    You should avoid certain kinds of foods when you have diarrhea, including fried foods and greasy foods.

    Avoid fruits and vegetables that can cause gas, such as broccoli, peppers, beans, peas, berries, prunes, chickpeas, green leafy vegetables, and corn.

    Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and carbonated drinks.

    Limit or cut out milk and other dairy products if they are making your diarrhea worse or causing gas and bloating.

    When To See Your Doctor For Stomach Pain

    How to Calm an Upset Stomach Naturally

    Stomach pain comes in various forms and might range from intermittent pain to dull abdominal aching, stabbing pains that remain constant.

    Alarming signs that suggest a more serious condition include:

    • Chronic or severe abdominal pain that makes it difficult to do normal activities
    • Evidence of gastrointestinal bleeding
    • Iron deficiency anemia

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    Is There Gluten In Oatmeal

    Although oats don’t naturally contain gluten, if you have celiac disease or an intolerance to gluten, you may find that eating oatmeal for an upset stomach triggers allergy-like symptoms, including an digestive disorders.

    Some doctors recommend âavoiding oats on a gluten-free dietâ because oats are usually grown with or near gluten-containing grains. As a result of crop rotation or contaminated storage and processing facilities, oats may contain traces of gluten which can trigger an allergic reaction if you’re very sensitive.

    Remedies And Treatments For Upset Stomach And Diarrhea

    Upset Stomach Remedies

    Most stomach ailments can be treated at home. As soon as you start feeling sick, begin limiting your diet to clear liquids in frequent, small amounts. Make sure to drink enough fluids to keep your urine clear or a pale yellow.

    If youâre not able to keep liquids down and begin to vomit, start with sips of water or sucking on ice chips. Once you are able to keep that down, try other fluids like:

    • Clear soup broth or bouillon
    • Clear soft-drinks like 7-Up, Sprite, or Ginger Ale
    • Juices like apple, grape, cherry, or cranberry
    • Popsicles

    Once you are able to keep all liquids down, try some solid foods along with the liquids. Good foods to try are:

    • Applesauce
    • White rice
    • White toast

    It may take several days to one week to regain your appetite, energy level, and for your bowels to regain normalcy.

    Diarrhea TreatmentsMost cases of diarrhea clear on their own within a couple of days without treatment. If you’ve tried lifestyle changes and home remedies for an upset stomach and diarrhea without success, your doctor might recommend the following:

    Antibiotics might help treat diarrhea caused by bacteria or parasites. If a virus is causing your diarrhea, antibiotics won’t help. Alternatively, if your doctor determines that antibiotics are whatâs causing your diarrhea, they will likely lower the dose or switch to another medication.

    Treatment to Replace Fluids

    Treating underlying conditions

    Upset Stomach and Diarrhea Prevention

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    What To Eat When You Have A Cold

    Order up. When youre stuck in bed with a cold, it’s time for moms old-fashioned chicken noodle soup. While comfort may be its number one ingredient, this recipe calls for a team of sick-fighting superheroes. Chicken is a great source of protein, and it also contains the amino acid, cysteine. Cysteine can thin mucus in the lungs which may provide some relief during the dreaded coughing spells that come with a cold. In addition, the hot broth can alleviate a sore throat and can aide in loosening sinus pressure and swelling that often accompany a cold. All in all, when you have a cold, chicken noodle soup will keep your body hydrated and heading toward happier days.

    If your appetite is feeling up to it, fruit is another good food to eat when youre sick. While strawberries, apples, and oranges may not cure your cold, they can help shorten its duration or severity. Because fruit is high in Vitamin C, this refreshing treat could boost your immune system, helping you feel better faster.

    MedExpress Pro Tip: If youre too sick to eat fruit, slice it up and add it to your water the more hydrated you are, the better!

    Being under the weather is hard enough without having to prepare your next meal. But with a few of our quick tips and reminders, youll be back to chowing down on your favorite foods in no time.

    *Please take into consideration all individual food allergies when considering your options.

    If You Have Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    The Grain You Should Eat When You Have An Upset Stomach

    Inflammatory bowel disease includes Crohnâs disease and ulcerative colitis. These conditions are based in your immune system and involve a lot more than an upset digestive system, through that can be one of the symptoms. Food doesnât cause IBD, and thereâs no single diet that helps everyone with IBD. But it can help to keep a food journal so that you learn what your trigger foods are, then you can avoid them.

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    Chronic Conditions And Stomach Upset

    Just as an allergy to oats involves the immune system, an âoat sensitivityâ involves the âdigestive systemâ. Sensitivity to oats and oatmeal can happen as a result of certain conditions that âinhibit absorptionâ in your gastrointestinal tract. These may include celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut syndrome or other chronic gastrointestinal conditions.

    With any of these digestive disorders, oatmeal and other oat-containing products can wreak havoc with your gut and cause discomfort.

    Does Greek Yogurt Bloat Your Stomach

    Greek yogurt is already pre-digested, meaning the milk sugar is broken down and ensuring you dont have the same bloating or gassy response you can often have to milk. Active cultures lactobacillus and acidophilus found in yogurt can ease symptoms of bloating, too.

    Regarding this, can yogurt help with bloating?

    YOGURT. You likely already know that the probioticsor the good bacteriain yogurt are good for your gut. Because the good bacteria keeps your digestive process efficient, it helps to eliminate bloat. Just make sure that the yogurt you eat is plain and doesnt contain sweeteners of any kind.

    One may also ask, why does Greek yogurt upset my stomach? First, it contains fat, which can increase instances of diarrhea. Another reason is that some people with IBS are also lactose intolerant. This means your body cant digest lactose, which is common in milk products. For these people, yogurt can make symptoms worse, including stomach pain, bloating, and gas.

    Simply so, is Greek yogurt good for stomach?

    Greek yogurt is packed with probiotics. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that can help boost your immune system and decrease stomach issues, such as diarrhea and pain. And just as stress and emotions can trigger stomach issues, your gut can send signals the other way around, too.

    Why do I feel bloated all the time and my stomach enlarged?

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    Best Foods To Eat If You Have An Upset Stomach

    Everyone gets an upset stomach from time to time.

    Its totally normal, and it happens to everyone, says Keri Gans, a registered dietitian based in New York City. It could be a meal that didnt agree with you for whatever reason, it could be stress, nerves or it could just be a 24-hour bug. Parasites and food allergies and sensitivities can also cause stomach troubles.

    Fortunately, there are certain foods you can eat when you have an upset stomach that should help you feel better.

    Settling the stomach

    When your stomach is queasy, bland foods are a good choice because theyre easy to digest.

    Here are 10 of the best foods to eat when you have an upset stomach:


    Unseasoned, skinless chicken or fish.

    Plain scrambled eggs.

    Broth-based soups.

    1. Ginger

    If youre suffering from nausea, ginger can help mitigate your symptoms, says Steven Lalevich, a registered dietitian with Healthy IU. Thats the employee wellness program at Indiana University.

    Here are three ginger-based foods and drinks that may help alleviate an upset stomach:

    Ginger tea.

    Crystallized ginger chips.

    2. Other herbs and spices

    Many people should consider various herbs and spices when they have stomach pain, says Dr. Carolyn Kaloostian, a family medicine and geriatrics physician and clinical assistant professor of family medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC. Things like ginger, licorice, chamomile, spearmint and mint can help soothe.

    3. Plain crackers

    4. Dry toast

    5. White rice

    Is There Rice In Cat Food

    Stomach Ache vs. Stomach Ulcer How Do You Know? | Gastroenterologist Dr. Anish Sheth

    If you have seen the package label of cat food then you might know that they use carbohydrates in their kibbles. It is to provide your cat with a better-balanced diet, also the body needs carbs to convert them to energy.

    The cats are carnivores & they depend on protein nutrients from meat. However, rice is not a good source of protein.

    Moreover, rice is a good source of simple carbohydrates, which give quick energy to your body.

    If you are feeding conventional cat food to your furry feline then there is no need to provide rice in their meal. The cat food is made by guidelines for how much of each nutrient should be included to meet the minimum requirements.

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    Clear Liquids With Electrolytes Can Prevent Dehydration

    When an upset stomach is accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea, its easy to become dehydrated.

    Vomiting and diarrhea cause your body to lose electrolytes, the minerals that maintain your bodys fluid balance and keep your nervous system functioning correctly.

    Mild dehydration and electrolyte losses can usually be restored by drinking clear liquids and eating foods that naturally contain electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium.

    Water, fruit juice, coconut water, sports drinks, broths and saltine crackers are great ways to restore fluid loss and electrolyte imbalances associated with mild dehydration .

    If dehydration is severe, drinking a rehydration solution containing an ideal ratio of water, sugars and electrolytes may be necessary .


    Drinking enough fluids and replenishing lost electrolytes is important for anyone suffering from vomiting or diarrhea.

    Peppermint Ginger Fennel Or Chamomile Tea

    Certain herbs are linked to soothing the stomach and peppermint, ginger, fennel, and chamomile are all sick day picks Harlow and Neumann like to have on hand. A peppermint tea or ginger tea with no additives is your best bet as it may help soothe abdominal pain and lower intestinal gas, Neumann says. Both peppermint and ginger have been linked to easing stomach discomfort. Harlow says that the same goes for fennel and chamomile tea.

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    Pureed Fruit Or Veggies

    It may look like baby food, but when you have an upset stomach, pureed fruit or vegetables can be just what you need, according to Neumann. That way, youre getting some fiber without making your digestive tract have to work hard to break it down. If youre suffering from a stomach bug, fruits or veggies with vitamin C can help give your immune system a much-needed boost.

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    Eating Too Much Oatmeal

    7 Foods to Ease an Upset Stomach

    Eating too much fiber too quickly can actually upset your stomach or worsen your discomfort. Excessive fiber, if you’re not used to it, can cause âbloating, gas and constipationâ. Medical News Today warns that an excess of â70 grams of fiberâ a day can cause these symptoms and other uncomfortable side effects, including:

    • Feeling too full
    • Poor absorption of some key nutrients
    • Weight gain or loss

    âRead more:â How Much Oatmeal Should I Eat?

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    Give Your Dog Probiotics

    Studies show that probiotics can benefit a dogs digestive system.

    But if you have a dog with an upset stomach, youll need to first deal with this problem until it goes away completely and starts giving probiotics only after to prevent future stomach problems.

    Probiotics for dogs are a great way to keep their digestive system healthy and prevent diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach upset.

    You can use probiotic supplements, adding them once or twice a day, or choose foods with probiotics in them .

    Best Foods For A Sensitive Stomach

    Having a stomach that is sensitive to mainstream foods doesnt have to keep you down. There are plenty of options out there to satisfy hunger pangs without sacrificing flavor, taste, and variety. Here are ten of the best foods for a sensitive stomach:

    1. Yogurt

    A lot of dairy products can cause havoc in a persons stomach, especially one that is particularly sensitive. However, yogurt is not one of them. Yogurt contains all of the good bacteria that help keep a person healthy just make sure the yogurt youre buying actually has this good bacterium in it. Keep an eye out for live and active cultures or probiotics next time youre at the grocery store.

    2. Bananas

    Ever notice the types of food that are handed out before marathons? More often than not, bananas are one of them. This is because they are very easily digestible and gentle on a persons stomach. As an added bonus theyre also a great source of energy.

    3. Whole Grains

    Did you know that the average person needs about 20 to 30 grams of fiber a day in their diet? Yet most only probably consume around 12g of the needed amount. Wheat bread, oats, and brown rice are just a few examples of whole grains that can pack a fiber punch and aide in digestion.

    4. Ginger

    Ginger is a spice that has been used to help calm upset stomachs, feelings of nausea, bouts of vomiting, gas, and motion sickness for centuries. Add it to your tea for soothing relief to your sensitive stomach concerns.

    5. Sourdough

    6. Greens

    8. Applesauce

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