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What Causes Pain On Your Right Side Of Your Stomach

What Medical Conditions Are Associated With Stomach Bloating

Abdominal Pain Assessment – Figuring Out Your Abdominal Pain Dr.Berg

Abdominal bloating can also be a symptom of several serious conditions, including: pathologic fluid accumulation in the abdominal cavity as a result of cancer , liver disease, kidney failure, or congestive heart failure celiac disease, or gluten intolerance pancreatic insufficiency, which is impaired digestion because the pancreas cannot produce enough digestive enzymes

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How Will They Find The Cause Of The Pain

The doctor will be able to get a reasonable idea of the reason for the pain by asking you some questions and examining you. They may want to test a sample of your urine. You may then have to have further tests, depending on their suspicions at this stage. These may be done urgently or in due course, again depending on their suspicions and how much pain you are in. Possible tests might include blood tests, an ultrasound scan, a look into your stomach and upper bowel with a camera and other scans and ‘scopes’.

You Might Have Gallstones Or Kidney Stones

Both gallstones and kidney stones can cause pain in the right side of the abdomen, Dr. Matthew Souder told Geisinger. Estimates show that about one in 10 people will get kidney stones at some point in life, notes the Mayo Clinic. This condition appears to be more common in adults who don’t drink enough water or have certain diseases, such as diabetes, gout, or ulcerative colitis. Genetics play a role, too. A diet rich in meat, sodium, or sugar can increase your risk as well.

Kidney stone pain is often accompanied by lower back pain, nausea, vomiting, and bloody or cloudy urine, explains the Mayo Clinic. You may also experience pain when urinating. These symptoms can last anywhere between a few days and several weeks, depending on when you pass the stone. Larger stones may not pass on their own and must be surgically removed, says Dr. Souder.

Gallstones, on the other hand, may cause pain between the shoulder blades, as well as in the upper right area of the abdomen. Other symptoms include pain in the right shoulder, nausea, and vomiting, according to the;Mayo Clinic. The pain and discomfort can last several minutes to a few hours. In severe cases, gallstones can cause jaundice and high fever, but it’s possible to experience no symptoms at all.;

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Problems In The Spine

If your right side hurts more towards your back, you may have a type of spinal problem. An x-ray of the entire spine can be done to determine the cause. Often the diagnosis is scoliosis, although pain near the spine can also be caused by a problem in the vertebrae. We recommend you to schedule a visit with the physiotherapist or osteopathic physician.

Diagnosis Of Pain On Your Right Side

Stomach Pain Locations Chart for the NCLEX

As weve just seen, there are many possible causes of pain on your right side. For this reason, instead of assuming, its essential to consult a professional. According to information published in the International Journal of General Medicine, to make a diagnosis, your doctor should consider:

  • How long youve had the pain.
  • The other symptoms you have.
  • Location of the pain.
  • Duration and progression of the pain.
  • If the pain is in the area of the ribs, itll be necessary to know if you have a cough, a fever, have suffered an injury to that area, if youre short of breath, or if you have any skin injuries.
  • Medical and surgical history.

In addition, this study also suggests that you may need to get the following diagnostic tests:

  • Inspection, auscultation, and percussion.

08 February, 2021

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Symptoms Of Abdominal Pain In Adults

The type of pain can vary greatly. When abdominal pain occurs, it can:

  • be sharp, dull, stabbing, cramp-like, twisting or fit many other descriptions
  • be brief, come and go in waves, or it can be constant
  • make you throw up
  • make you want to stay still or make you so restless that you pace around trying to find just the right position
  • vary from a minor problem to one needing urgent surgery.

Symptoms Of Mesenteric Lymphadenitis

Lower right-sided abdominal pain

Radiating pain felt over umbilicus and opposite side of abdomen.

Tenderness- Abdominal examination increases pain. In most cases rebound pain is observed. Rebound pain is severe in intensity and stays for prolonged period of time.

Guarding and Rigidity of Abdominal Wall- The inflammation of mesentery causes muscles contraction of surrounding muscles. The contraction causes stiff muscles and condition is known as abdominal guarding. Such guarding because of severe muscle contraction causes rigid abdomen.

Investigations- Medical history, lab studies, and imaging studies.

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/4muscle Spasm And Hernia

Performing intense workout can also be blamed for the sharp pain on the right side of the abdomen. When you run faster, your diaphragm moves more than it moves in general. Other than this, muscle fatigue, dehydration, and electrolyte abnormalities can also lead to muscle spasm. To avoid this, warm up properly before work out and do not overdo any exercise.

Even lifting heavyweights in the gym may cause a hernia. It is a condition in which an organ pushes through an opening in the muscle that holds it in place. So, be very careful while performing any physical activity.

Should I See A Doctor

Right Side Abdominal Pain? Is Alcoholism To Blame?

Yes, if you have a pain which doesn’t settle, you will probably need to see a health professional to help you figure out the cause. See a doctor urgently if you:

  • Have very severe pain.
  • Feel giddy, light-headed, faint or breathless.
  • Are bringing up blood or have blood in your poo .
  • Have a change from your usual bowel habit. This means you may open your bowels more or less often than usual, causing bouts of diarrhoea or constipation.
  • Could be pregnant.

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Pain On Right Side: Causes Treatments And When To See A Doctor

Jenny Hills, Nutritionist and Medical Writer Health

A feeling of pain in the right side of your chest or abdominal region usually makes many people worry. The right side of your upper body contains many vital organs like your liver, right lung, and one of your kidneys. Infection, disease, or blocked arteries can cause pain ranging from mild discomfort to sharp, stabbing right side pain. You might be concerned about any kind of acute or chronic right sided pain, but you need to know that not all causes of this pain are serious and in some cases they might be a result of common conditions such as heartburn, excess gas or muscle strain.

The right side of your rib cage protects your liver, right lung, right kidney, and gallbladder. Just below your ribs in your abdomen are most of the organs connected with your digestive system including your appendix. Disease, inflammation, or infection in any of these organs will cause pain ranging from a dull, mild ache to serious, sharp stabbing pains that can also feel like something is pressing on your chest.

Sometimes, the cause of pain on the right side isnt connected with an organ but could be caused by stress, anxiety, or damage to the nerves or muscles in your chest. Of course, many people are worried about a heart attack or angina if they suffer sudden sharp pains in their chest. However, because your heart is located on the left side of your chest, cardiac-related pain is usually felt on the left of your body.

Possible Causes Of Abdominal Pain

There are several causes of abdominal pain or discomfort. The following are lists of causes of abdominal pain , grouped into the area of the abdomen where patients often say their pain is mainly localized.

Upper Abdominal Pain

Upper abdominal pain –

The above lists are examples of many causes of abdominal pain. The doctor makes use of the location, type, and intensity of pain to try to arrive at a diagnosis. For example, if an older patient has acute pain that is relatively constant, located in the left and or center of the lower abdomen with a pain score of 9 out of 10, that is sharp or tearing, the doctor would likely place a thoracic aortic aneurysm high on the list of suspected causes.

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You Have Diarrhea And Constipation

Constipation, bloating, and severe abdominal pain could be signs of diverticulitis, inflammatory bowel disease, a bowel obstruction, or even conditions like diabetes or hypothyroidism.;

If you have abdominal pain with diarrhea, it might mean you have gastroenteritis, a food allergy, colitis, appendicitis, celiac disease, Chrons disease, or another condition.;

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Pain Locator: Where Does It Hurt

Causes of stomach pain


Abdominal pain can have a wide range of causes. Understanding the nine regions and four quadrants of your abdomen can help pinpoint possible origins and identify associated ailments. Here’s a helpful guide.

Abdominal pain could be indicative of many ailments, ranging from gas and constipation to gallstones or pancreatitis. Understanding the type of pain you’re experiencing, where it’s originating from, and the severity of your ailment, could help you get the correct treatment before symptoms worsen.

It’s important to become acquainted with the nine regions of the abdomen, so you can better understand how your digestive organs function and are susceptible to a variety of medical issues.

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What Does It Mean When The Right Side Of Your Abdomen Hurts

Right-side abdominal pain can be terrifying. You may be thinking that something is wrong with your liver, kidneys, gallbladder, or ovaries, but that’s not always the case. Sometimes, this symptom is due to appendicitis, or inflammation of the appendix. In addition to lower abdominal pain, you may experience nausea, vomiting, gas, bloating, and changes in bowel habits, explains the Mayo Clinic. Another potential symptom is low-grade fever. Appendicitis usually occurs in children, teens, and young adults, but it can affect people of all ages.

Pain in the right side of the abdomen can also be due to gas or constipation, says Dr. Matthew Souder . If that’s your case, the pain may come and go and should subside shortly after a bowel movement. But there are situations where right-side abdominal pain indicates a more serious problem, and that’s why you should take note of your symptoms. Dr. Souder recommends seeking medical attention if you’re having severe pain, bloody stools, jaundice, fever, or abdominal swelling. With that being said, let’s see some of the most common causes of right-side abdominal pain.;

Pain Due To Old Surgery

Many people suffer from pain on the right side of their body due to having previously been operated on. For appendicitis, gallbladder, stomach, etc… In this case to rule out any other condition is to get an ultrasound and sonography. If there is only inflammation, it may be due to some kind of food intolerance, like gluten or lactose. If you have ruled out these options you must consult your doctor to make sure there are no problems with the wound’s healing.

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Crohns Disease Of The Stomach And Duodenum

The duodenum is the first part of the small intestine closest to the stomach. Many people who have Crohns of the stomach and duodenum, called gastroduodenal Crohns disease, will experience no symptoms at all.

If symptoms occur, theyre likely to happen in the upper abdomen either during or immediately following a meal. A small percentage of people will experience nausea, vomiting, or both.

Weight loss is another common symptom. This is because people with painful Crohns of the stomach may avoid eating, or will consume less food, to prevent pain and other symptoms.

In some cases, because of scarring, this type of Crohns will cause a narrowing of the area between the stomach and the duodenum. If this happens, you will usually experience:

  • a decrease in appetite

Gallstones / Gallbladder Attack

Appendix pain symptoms | Appendicitis: Abdominal pain on the right side that comes and goes

Sudden stabbing pains at the upper part of your abdomen could be a result of gallstones or a gallbladder infection. Your gallbladder is located just under your liver on the right side of your body. Your gallbladder secretes digestive bile produced by the liver to help to break down fats during the digestive process.

Dr. Gregory Thompson on WebMD explains that gallstone pain can start suddenly in the upper abdomen and spread to the right shoulder blade or right-hand side of your upper back. The gallbladder attack pain can be extremely intense and it can last continuously for up to 5 hours.16 Gallstones may also be a reason for feeling nauseous after eating.

In some cases, sharp upper right abdominal pain is one of the side effects of a gallbladder removal . After a gallbladder removal, you may need to follow a gallbladder removal diet to prevent post cholecystectomy side effects such as indigestion and weight gain.

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What Are The More Serious Causes Of Abdominal Pain

Unfortunately, the more serious causes can be almost any cause, including most of the ones listed above as “less serious” causes. Consequently, the subjective requirements that most doctors consider as serious causes of abdominal pain are any causes that may generate at least one or more of the following signs or symptoms:

  • Penetration of an object into the abdomen or back
  • Blunt object injury to the abdomen or back

Possible Causes Of Pain On Your Right Side

According to information published in the American Academy of Family Physicians, abdominal pain can be a manifestation of many conditions, ranging from benign diseases to surgical emergencies. Thus, and according to this same entity, the location of the pain is a useful starting point for further evaluation.

Considering what we mentioned above, you should bear in mind that pain on your right side may involve different problems associated with the organs of this region. Therefore, once your doctor evaluates your pain, they should suggest additional diagnostic tests. Below, we review some possible causes of pain on your right side.

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Ovarian Cysts Can Cause Pain In The Lower Right Abdomen

In some cases, pain on either side of the lower abdomen could be a sign that you have ovarian cysts. Chances are, you’ll experience a dull or sharp pain in the pelvic area, along with bloating and changes in menstrual flow. Some women may also have difficulty urinating, explains Medical News Today. Ovarian cysts tend to occur in premenopausal women and may be due to hormonal problems, endometriosis, or pelvic infections . If you develop this condition after menopause, you may be at higher risk for ovarian cancer.

Under normal conditions, ovarian cysts are not a medical emergency. However, some may cause fever, dizziness, heavy bleeding, vomiting, or severe pain in the lower abdomen. These symptoms require medical attention, points out the Office on Women’s Health. If you only have mild to moderate pain and discomfort, your doctor may prescribe medications or birth control pills.;

Lower right abdominal pain may also be due to endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, or hernias, according to Medical News Today. If you feel pain in the upper abdomen, there might be something wrong with your liver, gallbladder, or digestive tract . For example, hepatitis and peptic ulcers may cause pain in the right upper quadrant. The best thing you can do is to keep an eye on your symptoms and see a doctor sooner rather than later.

Gallstones And Gallbladder Problems


Gallstones don’t necessarily cause any symptoms but when they get stuck they can give you pain. This is called biliary colic and is typically a severe crampy pain in the RUQ shortly after eating a fatty meal. An infection may ensue, called cholecystitis, which will give you a more persistent pain in the RUQ, with a high temperature.

See the separate leaflets called Gallstones and Bile;and Cholecystitis for more information.

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You Struggle To Keep Food Down

Whether you have nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea with your pain, if you cant keep food down and the pain lasts for several hours, Alaedeen says you should seek medical attention.;

That could lead to a cycle of dehydration, which can make the pain worse and make nausea and vomiting worse, he explains. Thats very worrisome if the pain is accompanied by severe nausea/vomiting and/or if the pain is increasing in intensity and duration.

Causes Of Pain On Your Right Side

08 February, 2021

Pain on your right side can occur for different reasons. Although some may not be serious, others may require immediate medical attention. Thus, its important to visit a doctor for an examination to rule out any serious problems.

Its important to remember that there are vital organs involved in digestion and urinary function in this area of the body. Therefore, you shouldnt rule out that the pain may be related to an alteration in these organs. In any case, if it occurs, youll have to be alert to other symptoms such as fever, diarrhea, or severe and prolonged pain.

If so, you should seek professional help as soon as possible. You should definitely avoid self-medicating or trying therapies that arent endorsed by your doctor. Doing so could worsen the problem. What are the most common causes of this medical condition?

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