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What Is Best Pillow For Stomach Sleepers

Stomach Sleepers With Shoulder Pain

Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers 2020 – Our Top 7 Picks!

If you are using the right pillow, you shouldnt be waking up to a dead arm and the resulting torrent of pins and needles before it comes back to life.

Memory foam pillows can work magic when it comes to shoulder pain. With a supportive memory foam pillow, you can avoid the lack of blood flow that often leads to nerve compression and tingly arms. Be sure to pick an orthopedic design itll straighten out those kinks in your shoulder muscles and leave you ready to throw a punch on invitation.

What Are The Best Pillows For Stomach Sleepers

Well level with you: We are big fans of the Shredded Memory Foam Pillow by Xtreme Comforts. Between its eco-friendly materials, top-notch level of durability, and overall quality, it is easy to see why it has won the hearts of so many customers and sleep specialists alike.

That said, the other contenders on our list are equally worthwhile. Between the Serta Perfect Sleeper Pillows outstanding value and the Z Dough by Maloufsunique design, we are spoiled for choice. Add the Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Pillow Queens snuggly support to the mix, and youll be tempted to take them all home.

Before choosing your new pillow, take a cue from Goldilocks and make sure it is just right. Be sure to look through our entire list of the best pillows for stomach sleepers to find the one for you.

How To Stop Sleeping On Your Stomach

Breaking old sleeping habits is hard. If youre determined to sleep in a different position, try out some of the tips below.

  • Shift your position when possible: If you can, try to fall asleep on your back or side. However, we understand that this can be hard at first. If you wake up in the middle of the night on your stomach, get in the habit of flipping over. This will be uncomfortable at first, but soon youll get used to the feeling.
  • Use a body pillow: Stomach sleepers often like the comfort of having their whole body on the mattress. To transition to sleeping on your side, try using a body pillow. This will help you doze off comfortably while keeping you from moving onto your stomach.
  • Sleep on a memory foam pillow: If you want to learn how to sleep on your back or side, consider purchasing a memory foam pillow. The contours of the memory foam will support your neck and maintain its natural curves.
  • Switching up your sleeping position wont happen overnight it will take persistence. However, with time, practice, and good sleep hygiene, your body will learn to relax in another sleeping pose and eventually lead to better sleep.

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    Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows


    • Fill Material: Gel memory foam
    • Size Options: Queen and king

    Theres a reason why these are Amazons best selling pillows – both thick and fluffy, these pillows make sleep effortless. Once you find your sweet spot, this pillow stays put so theres no need for constant fluffing and readjusting. Plus, its stain-resistant and free from harsh chemicals so you can sleep soundly knowing that youre not breathing in toxins while sound asleep.

    What the Reviews Say: These bestselling pillows on Amazon have racked up an impressive 125,000+ reviews, and all types of sleepers are happy with them.They provide great support while maintaining a little give, which is especially helpful since Im a side sleeper, one five-star reviewer says. My fiancé who is both a back and side sleeper slept very well too. His snoring was much better, his oxygen levels were normal all night and his sleep score was very good, says another satisfied shopper.

    Consider Sleeping Face Down

    The Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers Review

    One of the issues with sleeping on your stomach is that you lie for long periods with your head turned to the right or the left, which can leave you with neck pain.

    If sleeping on your stomach is what works for you, try propping your forehead on a pillow and lying face down to keep your neck and spine more aligned and help keep upper airways open.

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    Best Pillow For Shoulder Pain

    Back sleepers will often find themselves bending their arms up under the head which can lead to sore, stiff shoulders and the numb, pins and needles feeling. If this is something you experience, a memory foam pillow is a great option to help promote healthy blood flow and prevent you from putting too much pressure on your arm.

    Sleep Restoration Gel Pillow

    This pillow features a gel-filled fiber that mimics the feeling of down. It is available at a very low price and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    Why?: A down-alternative pillow is soft and moldable, allowing stomach sleepers to position it in the way that best serves them. While offering the feel of down, the price for this pillow is accessible to most customers.

    Why Not?: A synthetic pillow of this type wont normally last as long as a down pillow and may not perform to quite the same high standard. Some customers have reported receiving this pillow with mold spots on it out of the box, but these reports are rare and would be covered with the 30-day return policy.

    The Bottom Line: While this isnt the most luxe pillow, it provides a solid feel and level of performance at its price point and is likely to work well for many stomach sleepers.

    • Best Pillows for Back Sleepers

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    Stomach Sleeper: The Habitthat May Be Hurting You

    Are you a stomach sleeper? If so, you make up part of the 16% of adult sleepers who prefer to sleep on their stomachs. While you may not make up the majority of snoozers , stomach sleepers have their own unique way of dozing off. Sleeping on your stomach is known as the prone position. Its a body position where a person lies flat on their chest. It represents those that lay face down with their whole body touching their mattress. While belly-flopping onto your mattress is good for those that snore, its considered one of the most unhealthy sleeping positions. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons, the correct way to sleep on your stomach, and what to do if you want to switch up your sleep position.

    Whether youre a stomach sleeper, back sleeper, or someone who likes to snooze in the fetal position, at Casper we have a mattress for you.

    Boll & Branch Down Pillow

    The Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers Review – List of Our 8 Favorites!

    This responsibly sourced down pillow uses filling that comes from U.S. farms, is available in multiple firmness levels , and two sizes , allowing you to really customize this pillow to your needs.

    The Bol & Brand Down Pillow is constructed with a three-chamber design, which helps the pillow keep its structure and plushness over time. This is why I love it for people with back pain because the down is obviously a very cushioning and comforting dill, but the fact that it stays structurally sound provides more support than most down pillows.

    It is also a surface you can feel good about sleeping on. In addition to sourcing down responsibly, the company ensures the production facilities from start to finish are beyond ethical standards, emitting less energy and requiring less water.

    Price: $150

    Perfect For: People who like a customizable pillow

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    Best Pillow For Stomach Sleepers In 2021

    September 23, 2020// by Terry Cralle//

    Sleeping on your stomach can become hell if youre using the wrong pillow. Usually, people who sleep on their back and sides use tall and large pillows that help keep their bodies in a neutral position, aligning the spine and neck.

    For stomach sleepers, sleeping is slightly more different. Fortunately, sleeping on your stomach doesnt have to be pain and discomfort. In this article, we reviewed 10 best pillows for stomach sleepers.

    Most people sleep on their back and side. A study showed that only about 7% of sleepers choose to sleep on the stomach. Because there is only a small portion that frequently sleeps on their stomach, there are not many options for pillows that are adjusted for stomach sleepers.

    Still, there are a lot of good options that will help both people who sleep on the stomach through the night or frequently balance between their sides and belly.

    Before that, we encourage you to read our compelling buying guide, that will help you personalize your experience, and choose the pillow that is right for you.

    The Top 5 Best Pillows For Stomach Sleepers

    We have selected five of the top stomach sleeper pillows for you to consider. They will help you contentedly sleep the entire night without the need to constantly shift positions to maintain a comfortable position, and wake up feeling refreshed instead of in pain and tired. Stomach sleepers have different needs than that of a side or back sleeper. Stomach sleeper pillows have a different profile, while still offering the great support a back or side sleeper receive. We will list the pros and cons of each pillow below to help you make the best choice and get the sleep you need to live better and be more productive.

    Get Yours Now Read Full Review

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    Get A Good Night’s Rest No Matter How You Sleep

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    Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

    The Spruce / Chloe Jeong

    If youre a combination sleeper, youll want a pillow that supports you in every position. As you move throughout the night, the best pillows for combination sleepers offer balanced support for snoozing on your side, back, or stomach.

    You can choose between adjustable memory foam, goose down filling, or down alternative, and weve included picks that are great for hot sleepers and those who want specialized support for the neck and spine.

    Read on for the best pillows for combination sleepers thatll help you get a good nights rest in every position.

    Our Top 5 Pillows For Stomach Sleepers

    The Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers Review

    With all of the pillows available even just online, trying to decide which one to buy can be daunting. Weve made it easy by picking our top 5 best bets for pillows for stomach sleepers.

    For a quick overview of these pillows and a comparison of how they stack up on key issues , start with this table.

    3/5 4/5

    To learn more detail about each of these pillows, you can keep reading and decide which is best for you.

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    What To Consider When Purchasing A Pillow For Side Sleepers

    In your research for a pillow that is compatible with side sleeping, youll no doubt come across pillow manufacturers who claim their products are suitable for all sleep positions, or that their pillows construction and materials offer universal comfort for all sleepers regardless of body type or personal preference. These marketing claims are misleading. Each pillow is uniquely designed to provide a distinct feel. Given the demands of different sleep positions, any pillow you select will be better suited to some sleepers and less so for others.

    Rather than using marketing jargon to guide your pillow search, focus on the following attributes instead.

    Amerisleep Dual Comfort Pillow

    It can difficult to decide if a soft or firm pillow feels more comfortable. However, you can sidestep the decision with the Amerisleep Dual Comfort Pillow. As the name implies, the pillow has different feels on each side for double the comfort.

    The soft side focuses on cushion, contouring to the neck and head for pressure point relief. The firm side provides a gentle lift that maintains spinal alignment.

    The Dual Comfort Pillow is available in low and mid-loft options. We recommend the low-loft option for stomach sleepers because they benefit from minimizing the distance between their neck and the mattress.

    Every Dual Comfort Pillow includes a 10-year warranty.

    Dual Comfort Pillow Highlights

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    What Is The Healthiest Sleep Position

    We usually recommend sleeping on your side to experience the most health benefits. Side sleeping can reduce pressure on your heart and alleviate snoring and sleep apnea symptoms. Back sleeping can increase your chances of snoring or developing sleep apnea and acid reflux, but its also one of the best positions for maintaining a neutral spine. Stomach sleeping is usually considered the least healthy position.

    Best Overall: The Belly Sleeper Pillow

    4 Best Pillows For Stomach Sleepers – Check Them Out Here!

    The Belly Sleeper Pillow is all about sleeping on your belly, as its name suggests. The company was founded with a sole focus on stomach sleepers who face challenges in finding the right pillow for their sleep position, and thats exactly what caught our attention.

    Key Features:

    • The pillow is at a perfect balance of affordable and mid-range pillow. With that in mind, its mostly available to everyone.
    • High-density polyurethane foam, infused with gel particles that prevent heating.
    • A comfortable and moldable sleeping surface that adds comfort to your nights rest.
    • Low-profile construction with only a 2.5-inch loft is perfect for original stomach sleepers.
    • It comes with a 30-day free trial for you to test the pillow, while the warranty lasts forever.
    • Bamboo polyester cover is easy to remove and wash when needed.
    • Its hypoallergenic and bacteria-resistant

    The Belly Sleeper Pillow comes with a lot of wonderful features that no longer make sleeping a challenge for the rarest group of sleepers. The pillow boasts a super-thin profile, which is ideal for pure stomach sleepers. When we say super low profile, we mean it. The pillow boasts only a 2.5-inch layer of cooling memory foam, that provides superb support for your head and neck, molding to the shape of your head, allowing you to sleep peacefully.


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    What Else We Recommend And Why:

    Under $60

    • Brooklinen Down-Alternative Pillow, Mid-Plush: Brooklinen makes three different pillows in both down and down-alternative fills. I tested the mid-plush option, and I liked the moderate loft soft, cushiony feel and simplicity of the pillow. It’s a good pick for back sleepers and side sleepers. However, it didn’t beat out any of our top picks. We’re looking forward to testing the “plush” option, which may be a good pick for stomach sleepers.
    • FluffCo Down Alternative Pillow: FluffCo set out to create hotel-style pillows at an affordable price point. We liked its soft fluff pillow, which is an excellent option if you’re looking for simple, high-quality pillows for your bed.

    $60 to $100

    Over $100

    Bluewave Bedding Super Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow


    • Fill material: Gel memory foam
    • Size options: Standard, king

    Bluewave makes it known that this pillow is really thina huge perk for helping stomach sleepers keep their head and neck in alignment while they snooze. The pillow is just 3.25 inches high and features cooling gel-infused technology to absorb and dispel heat at night. Ventilation holes in the pillows memory foam interior also help keep you cool.

    What the Reviews Say: Stomach sleepers are pretty impressed. With more than 2,400 5-star ratings on Amazon, customers rave about the pillows comfort. I am EXTREMELY picky about my pillows. But this one was exactly what I was looking for as a stomach sleeper who puts her arm under the pillow, one said. Its like someone took a mattress topper and cut a rectangle out of it, which is exactly what I was looking for. Another reviewer said theyve always had issues waking up with a sore or numb arm from stomach sleeping but this pillow is perfect for that and I’ve stopped having those issues.

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    Bluewave Bedding Ultra Slim Gel Memory Foam Pillow

    We love this ultra-thin memory foam pillow, which is about three inches high, and infused with cooling gel to keep you from overheating during the night. Sleepers like the perfect height and firmness, ideal when you tend to sleep on your belly with your arm under the pillow. Its shaped just like a regular pillow, and is small enough that you can even tuck it in a suitcase to travel with if you need.


    Other Pillows We Tested

    The Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers Review

    The Casper outranks many of the other pillows we tested for stomach sleepers with one major caveat: I was using it wrong. The Original Casper Pillow comes with two parts, an outer fluffy layer and an inner core designed to provide support. Together, the pillow is far too tall for most stomach sleepers, myself included, so I took it apart and slept on just the inner core for my stomach-sleeping tests. And I liked it! The inner core of the Casper was flat enough that my neck wasnt pushed up or drooping down throughout the night. But while Casper acknowledges it can be used in that manner, its not what it was designed for, and it loses some of the purported properties, like cooling and the blended supportive and plush design. I tested the pillow for side sleeping, as well, and even when I used it as designed, I didnt experience the cooling effects claimed, so taking it apart I didnt feel Id actually lost that feature.

    Nonetheless, we dont necessarily recommend stomach sleepers splurge on a pillow that youre likely going to take apart, especially when there are better options, like our picks above. Still, if you want to give it a run for its money, Casper has a 100-night sleep trial.


    • Good support for side sleeping

    • Washable

    • Not great for back and stomach sleepers

    • Not adjustable

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