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What To Feed Puppy With Sensitive Stomach

American Natural Premium Sensitive Care Dry Dog Food

Homemade Dog Food for Sensitive Stomach Recipe (for GI disorders)

Sensitive tummies require the best quality ingredients that money can buy. The kind of ingredients you feed to your dog can upset or relieve stomach pain and discomfort, and American Natural understands that need. This premium sensitive care dry dog food blend comes with only natural ingredients like chicken, oatmeal, and brown rice for optimal nutrition and plenty of fiber. You can get a bag on for just $48!

How To Find A High

The Internet is full of advice about the best food for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Unfortunately, most of that advice is not founded on solid research. This makes it difficult to navigate forums, blogs, and web articles. The dog food companys website can also be misleading after all, they are trying to sell a product. This is why the best place to start your search is with your veterinarian or a veterinary nutritionist. If you have not already consulted with your vet about your dogs sensitive stomach, now is the time. You want to rule out anything serious before you start experimenting with different foods on your own. Your vet might be able to suggest a few brands of dog food that she prefers and can give you an idea of problematic ingredients and nutritional information to look out for as you start your search. Most pet owners also do their own research. Look for articles and journals written by veterinarians and Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists. You want the best for your dog, so consult the best sources the experts. Try to remain a little skeptical as you search for the best food for dogs with sensitive stomachs. If a company is advertising a miracle diet that sounds too good to be true, it probably is .

Nulo Puppy & Small Breed Freestyle Limited Plus Dry Food


This is another grain-free food thats high in protein, yet its pretty low in carbs in order to avoid food sensitivities and allergic reactions.

The recipe contains a single protein from turkey and has only low-glycemic carbohydrates, particularly chickpeas and sweet potatoes.

While most of the fat is from non-GMO canola oil, there is some salmon oil, which is a better source of essential fatty acids like Omega-3, and can help reduce itching and hot spots.

Furthermore, the product has no eggs, corn, wheat, soy or white potato, and its completely free of artificial colors and preservatives.

It also includes probiotics to help support stomach digest, as well as minerals and vitamins to keep your pup in optimum health.

Our Takeaway: Nulo Freestyle is an ideal food for puppies with sensitive stomachs who might also be dealing with skin issues.


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Q Can Puppies Eat Adult Dog Food

A. Look puppy and Adult Dogs have different characteristics and amounts of food and their needs are different so Adult Dogs food should never be given to the pappy.

ADULT dogs require more protein, micronutrients, and carbs and on the other hand, the puppy needs a high amount of calories.

The puppys mouth is not the same as an adult dog. Puppys mouth is small than adult dogs so that they need a small size of kibbles & soft texture. If you give a puppy adult dog food, it can cause damage to their teeth, jaws, and overall health.

So you should check above the Best Puppy Food For Sensitive Stomach And Diarrhea and took the best one that you like. I hope you got the answer from this best puppy food for sensitive stomach article.

Could Your Puppy Have A Food Sensitivity

10 Tips for Feeding Puppies with Sensitive Stomachs ...

New data suggests that food sensitivity in puppies might be more common than previously thought.1,2 No matter how old your dog is, if your dog starts showing signs of food sensitivity, such as itching, sensitive skin, vomiting and other gastrointestinal issues, it might be time to consult your vet and rethink your dogs diet.

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Symptoms Of A Sensitive Stomach

Dogs with sensitive stomachs typically exhibit a relatively similar set of symptoms. However, some dogs experience some symptoms more often than others, as each dog is an individual. Nevertheless, your dog may have a sensitive stomach if she displays any of the following symptoms:

  • Vomiting While the occasional bout of vomiting is normal , repeated bouts of vomiting likely indicate that your dog either has a sensitive stomach or a serious health issue.
  • Diarrhea Loose or runny stools are another symptom that occasionally plague all dogs, but repeated occurrences indicate the presence of a sensitive stomach or a more serious problem.
  • Gas If your dog engages in chemical warfare on a regular basis, she is likely suffering from a sensitive stomach . Gas-x can help treat symptoms, but ideally, youll want to resolve your dogs tummy issues at the source.

How To Choose The Right Food For Your Dog

Some of the top sensitive stomach dog foods include Royal Canins Gastrointestinal Low Fat food, Blue Buffalo Basics limited ingredient formula, and Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach Salmon and Rice. You can find other options from Canidae, Nutro, and Hills Science Diet, including Hills Prescription Diet. Dog owners should look for wet food or dry food that doesnt have preservatives or by-products, which can negatively affect tummy health.

Choosing the best dog food comes down to making informed decisions. Make an appointment with your veterinarian to identify whats causing your dogs sensitive stomach and what you can do to help. You may need to put your pup on a prescription diet, something you can only do with your vets approval. They can help you choose the appropriate food for every life stage, whether you need puppy food, adult dog food, or senior dog food.

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Nutro Limited Ingredient Grain

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About: Nutro Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Lamb & Sweet Potato is a limited-ingredient diet, designed to be easy on your pups digestive tract and minimize potential food sensitivities. Additionally, this bland dog foods primary ingredients lamb and sweet potato are typically very easy for dogs to digest.

It also comes in a small and large breed variation, so you can choose based on your poochs size and unique needs.


  • Deboned lamb and lamb meal are the first two ingredients, with lamb as the single-source animal protein.
  • Made in the USA with non-GMO ingredients and no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives, and no corn, soy, gluten, or grains.
  • Includes potatoes, sweet potatoes, chickpeas, and lentils as digestible proteins.


Nutro Limited Ingredient dog food contains quality ingredients without adding a lot of the unnecessary additives that other foods do. This is especially helpful for dogs with sensitive stomachs, and most owners report that their dogs digest the food very well.


As with many quality dog foods, owners tend to be a bit dismayed at the price, but this is pretty standard for quality ingredients.

Deboned Lamb, Lamb Meal, Chickpeas, Dried Potatoes, Dried Sweet Potato…,

What Type Of Dog Food Should I Give A Dog With A Sensitive Stomach

Beef Stew for Dogs with A Sensitive Stomach

According to Dog Food Advisor, there are three types of dog food that work best for dogs who have sensitive stomachs:

1. Limited ingredient dog food: Best for when youre trying to determine what exactly is causing your furry friend to have digestive issues, limited ingredient foodtrue to its namecontains fewer ingredients than regular food. Usually, it has one source of novel protein and low to moderate levels of fat as well as probiotics to aid digestion. Just be sure to stay away from limited ingredients food that has artificial colorings and additives.

2. Hypoallergenic dog food: This type of food is made from proteins that have been broken down into amino acids, making them less detectable in your doggos immune system and minimizing the chance of a bad reaction.

3. Prescription gastrointestinal dog food: Prescription GI foods are dog foods made specifically for dogs with digestive issues and need a veterinarians recommendation in order to purchase.

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How To Identify The Cause Of A Sensitive Stomach

Symptoms of a sensitive stomach in dogs are similar to those in humans. Dogs with sensitive stomachs typically display:

  • Diarrhea and loose stools
  • Flatulence
  • Periodic vomiting

If your pup suffers from any of these symptoms, they may have digestive issues. Talking to a veterinarian can help you determine what the underlying problem is. A vet can run tests to see if a medical condition is the culprit or if your pup has a virus, bacteria, or parasite that is responsible.

A vet can also help you figure out if your dog is sensitive to certain foods. The best way to do this is to put your pup on a limited ingredient diet . This type of diet involves restricting the number of ingredients in your dogs food, particularly the ones that are most likely to cause reactions.

You can keep your dog on a LID permanently more on that below or you can use it to identify exactly which ingredients are causing the problems. To do this, you would slowly start reintroducing ingredients to see which ones your dog can tolerate and which ones cause problems.

Signs And Symptoms: How To Diagnose Sensitive Stomach Issues

Like humans, every dog is different. Some dogs may have stronger stomachs than others, while some need dietary restrictions in order to stay active and healthy. Also: The average puppy loves chewing on stuff. Adult dogs chew too. So its not uncommon for dogs to occasionally get an upset stomach because they ate something that isnt food.

When you should start to be concerned is when your dog shows symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea on a pretty regular basis. Chronic upset stomach symptoms suggest that your dog might have a sensitive stomach, but they can also point to more serious chronic conditions like food allergies and pancreatitis.

Sometimes its hard to tell whether your dog has a sensitive stomach or a more serious condition. If your dog shows symptoms like vomiting, gas, and diarrhea but still maintains their same energy level day-to-day and isnt losing weight, its likely a diet-related issue.

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Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach Salmon & Rice Formula

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Salmon, Barley, Ground Rice, Canola Meal, Oat Meal…,

Fish Meal , Animal Fat Preserved with Mixed-Tocopherols, Brewers Dried Yeast, Salmon Meal , Natural Flavor, Sunflower Oil, Chicory Root Inulin, Salt, Fish Oil, Vitamins , Vitamin A Supplement, Calcium Pantothenate , Pyridoxine Hydrochloride , Folic Acid , Vitamin B-12 Supplement, Thiamine Mononitrate

Earthborn Holistic Meadow Feast Grain

15 Best Sensitive Stomach Dog Foods

Earthborn is a brand we love, simply because its committed to only natural, holistic ingredients for dogs of all ages, sizes, and breeds. This meadow feast blend is both grain-free and made of the highest-quality ingredients, including lamb, egg, sweet potato, and more. Its fortified with vital nutrients and vitamins and minerals for optimal digestive and overall health for your dog. Earthborn has been producing some of the best foods on the market for years, serving millions of happy dogs and owners across the country. You can find this delicious product on for $51.99 with free shipping.

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Hills Science Diet Dry Dog Food

This adult dog food is manufactured in the United States using reliable global sources. It is specifically formulated for miniature and small breed dogs to support better digestive health. The easy-to-digest dry kibble is made of natural ingredients and has chicken as its first ingredient and protein source. It not only nourishes their skin but also delivers clinically proven antioxidants that are favorable for tiny dogs.

Moreover, this tasty recipe vaunts vitamin E, omega 6 fatty acids, and other vital nutrients to promote healthy skin and coat. DHA is also present to support cognitive and eye development. Vets recommend it because it does not contain artificial flavors, colors, or additives.

How Pethonesty Can Help

PetHonesty offers supplements, chews, and vitamins crafted with only the highest-quality ingredients. Our products feature powerful ingredients, including omega3 and omega6 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. From hand-picked veggies to prebiotics, our products are designed to help your pet with everything from mobility and seasonal allergies to digestion.

Weve got you covered if youre looking for treats and chews to pair with your pets sensitive stomach dog food. Try our Advanced SkinHealth Food Topper supplements, which contain healthy ingredients like probiotics from foods like mushrooms, kelp, and pumpkin. Just add a scoop to your dogs food once or twice a day.

Looking for healthy treats you can give your pup? Try our probiotic chews made with vitamins and minerals that may help digestion. Our GrassGreen chews can also help rid your yard of yellow grass stains caused by your pet’s urine. They work by decreasing nitrogen in your dogs urine and contain probiotics and enzymes that are essential for digestion.

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What Should I Look Out For When Choosing A Diet For My Dog

The most basic tip to follow when picking the finest food for dogs with stomach sensitivity is to make sure the first component is animal protein. Cheaper dog kibble may contain artificial flavours and preservatives, but dogs were never designed to eat these processed foods.

Probiotics and/or prebiotics, antioxidants, digestion-promoting enzymes, and filler-free dog food are some of the additional things to check for when picking a dog food. You may feed your dog wet dog food, dry dog food, or a combination of the two as long as it is of good quality. If you’re not sure which is ideal for your dogs needs, see your local veterinarian.

Try Chicken And White Rice

Chicken and Rice Recipe for Dogs with Sensitive Stomach

If your dog experiences intermittent stomach issues, especially if their primary symptom is loose stool or diarrhea, then you can switch them to a short-term diet made up of two parts white rice and one part white meat chicken.

This combination is easy to digest and can give your pet’s stomach the break it needs to recover. But, chicken and white rice is not a complete and balanced meal, so you should never feed it to your dog for more than 48 hours at a time. If your dog’s symptoms haven’t improved after 48 hours, contact your vet.

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Best Sensitive Stomach Dog Food For Allergy

If youre dealing with an allergy-prone pup, you might need to go a bit further to ensure theyre experiencing minimal tummy trouble or itching. The Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Diet dry dog food is made without common allergenslike grains and glutenand instead includes just a handful of high-quality ingredients like salmon and potato to keep your dog in good health without worrying about a flare up.


  • Free from grains, gluten, and wheat
  • Made with high-quality, easily-digestible protein
  • Prebiotic fiber and probiotics promote healthy digestion
  • Omega fatty acids from flaxseed and canola oil support skin and coat health
  • Relatively affordable compared to other brands

Things to Consider

  • Certain pet parents have reported weight loss on this diet

Sample buyer review: This has been my dogs go-to food for years. He seems to be allergic to everything and this helps him out a lot. No longer eating the hair off his legs anymore.

About Hills Science Diet Dry Dog Food Sensitive Stomach & Skin

Hills has a reputation as being a go-to for dogs with stomach issues. And the Sensitive Stomach & Skin formula, which is made with easy-to-digest ingredients like chicken, rice, and barley and contains prebiotic fiber, is one of the brands most popular.

Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

This turkey-forward recipe also includes vegetables like potatoes, peas and pumpkin.

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Best Sensitive Stomach Dog Foods To Try

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Some dogs can gobble down everything but the kitchen sink and come bouncing back for more, while others have a bit more trouble in the digestion department. If your dog tends to get gassy or experiences loose stools or occasional vomiting after eating, switching to a sensitive stomach dog food might be worth considering.

Although its very common for dogs to have digestive issues every now and then given how curious they are when it comes to tasting the world around them, a sensitive stomach requires a little more effort on your end to ensure your pup feels good and eats well.

The right sensitive stomach dog food will allow your pup to enjoy mealtime without experiencing the unpleasant symptoms that a regular diet might cause, thanks to highly digestible ingredients and a relatively short ingredient list.

Before switching dog foods, talk to your veterinarian about your dogs stomach sensitivities so she or he can help identify the cause and rule out any underlying health issues.

Diamond Care Sensitive Stomach Formula For Adult Dogs

Best Dog Food With Sensitive Stomach And Diarrhea 2020 ...

Diamond care sensitive stomach is one of the few recognized and global brands that dies with Sensitive Stomach using Dry Recipes, while they are best for Adult Dogs rather than puppies.

Their main ingredients include

  • Tomato Pomace
  • Chicken Fat

Diamond Care Sensitive series are strictly Grain-Free. As we known back in Grain-Free Dog Food are much harder to digestive and mixed with a dog who already has digestive issue, thats a disaster wasting to happen.

Another high point for Diamond Care Sensitive series it that is price tag is not high and budget users are more than capable in investing in this brand. Further, their dog food consist mostly from animal protein via the highly digestible dried egg.

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