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How To Lose C Section Stomach

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How to Lose Belly fat After C Section (Diet and Exercise)

Between 2000 and 2015, the rate of births by C-section increased from 24 percent to 32 percent, according to a 2018 article in The Lancet. Those statistics may not be that interesting to you, but you can take heart in knowing there are a lot of other new moms out there who are struggling to get back their pre-C-section tummies.

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Just like moms who had vaginal births, C-section moms need to lose abdominal fat and tone the abdominal muscles to flatten their stomachs. However, they need to take more caution when returning to exercise because their stomach muscles are still healing.


Moderate-intensity cardio and total-body strength training help burn fat and flatten your stomach after a C-section.

Tummy Binding Your Belly After Birth

Tummy binding your belly after pregnancy gives you a better range of motion when sitting and standing up so that you do not experience pain from your incision. The binding applies just enough pressure to take away any discomfort. Binding your belly after birth alleviates pain and promotes the development of a flatter stomach after c-section surgery. The cloth wrap will assist blood flow and helps your posture. By allowing you to comfortably stand straight and sit upright, your stomach muscles start to again regain strength and your belly after pregnancy takes on a more concave appearance. Undoubtedly, your stomach after c-section surgery will thank you for using a binding to reduce discomfort.

Use A Postpartum Belly Wrap Or Girdle

Some moms swear by using postpartum belly wraps to help reduce their belly pooch. These supposedly help to close separated abdominal muscles, and some doctors do recommend that new moms wear them.

Another benefit of postpartum wraps/girdles is that they help to shrink the uterus, by ensuring that all organs are back in their right place. They help to offer support and reduce pain during recovery.

Postpartum wraps are recommended for moms who have had vaginal births as well!Note: A postpartum belly wrap/girdle and a waist trainer are two very different things. The purpose of a waist trainer is to slim your waist and they dont work. A postpartum girdle helps reduce swelling, fluid retention, speed up recover, and shrink the uterus. These are all things that will happen naturally, but a belly wrap or girdle helps speed up the c-section recovery process.Make sure you buy a proper postpartum belly wrap like this one and not a waist trainer/corset which could hurt you.

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With Each Pregnancy Your Belly Tends To Stretch More

I know with my fourth pregnancy, my belly stretched the most! He was my biggest baby so it took me longer to get rid of my tummy after my fourth delivery.

The bigger you get, the longer it will take to get your belly back to its original size!

There are many postpartum exercises you can do to help get your stomach back into shape once you get the go-ahead from your doctor.

Keep reading for which postpartum exercises work best!

Best Ways To Lose Weight After A C

How to Lose Belly fat After C Section #NaturalRemedies ...

Figuring out how to regain your pre-pregnancy body is a common anxiety with new mothers.

Your body goes through significant changes during pregnancy and again after childbirth. Weight gain is an obvious hurdle to bounce back from. And it’s no surprise that cesarean deliveries tend to be more demanding than natural births.

The former involves an incision to the abdominal wall and uterus, which is no walk in the park. Because of this, you can expect healing and getting back to your pre-pregnancy weight to take some time, but don’t fret. Pregnancy weight loss after a c-section is within reach with the right mindset and these actionable tips.

While some of these pieces of advice can be implemented before the baby arrives, others will require some time. Once your incision wound has healed completely, and you feel physically stronger, don’t wait for anything else start losing that baby weight. Now is the right time to lose those extra kilos and feel fit again!

Let’s get into these 10 tips.

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First And Foremost Be Patient

Again with the “snap back” thingC-section recovery takes time. According to, Dr. Muñoz, total recovery will take about six to eight weeks and, until then, you shouldn’t overdo it. So, prioritize your health, eat smart meals, and hydrate.

The most important thing to remember is that you cannot spot reduce and target only your midsection when it comes to weight lossC-section or not. Youll need to focus on your entire body, which will take time but is totally possible.

Focus On Stability Exercises

Moves like squats or planksa.k.a. exercises that focus more on stability than rotation or extensionallow new moms whove had C-sections to rebuild and strengthen their cores and pelvic floors, says Ellis. Even though you didnt deliver your baby vaginally, your pelvic floor will have still experienced trauma. Focus on exercises that bring your entire body, not just your stomach, to the healthiest state.

These moves are also ideal for diastasis rectiwhen your abdominal muscles separate during pregnancysince they strengthen the muscles and tissue in the midsection without too much movement.

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How To Do Scar Tissue Mobilizations And Massage After C

Scar mobilizations are a technique commonly used by physical therapists that help break down the scar tissue beneath your skin. Its a technique that you can perform on yourself. Or if you dont feel comfortable, you can have your spouse do it for you.

This video can help explain how to perform scar mobilizations after your incision has been completely healed.

+ How To Get Rid Of Hanging Belly Fat After C Section Pictures

How I Lost Hanging Belly Fat After C Section | Flat Stomach After Cesarean

Looking for some advice i had a c section 3 years and 10 months back and got a massive overhang, i have a over active thyroid problem but i want to get rid of the tummy as it is making my life miserable but the thing is i struggle with keeping the diet side healthy. Read on to discover tips and tricks on how to get rid of sagging lower belly fat at home after delivery. A hanging belly is a result of the following changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy: This belly ledge can be so bad that its almost impossible to hide even under your clothing. I feel bad cause i’m sitting here losing all this weight when she stays at the same weight. I will show you where you can expect your scar to be during the consultation.

After all, your body undergoes several changes to cushion a life. I did put on loads of weight with each pregnancy and. Its really depressing for her and i have been trying desperately to help her through this but i can only do so much for her when she is. It is still important for you to eat fewer calories than your body burns, and for you to burn more calories than usual on a daily basis. Hanging belly becomes visible after pregnancy or weight loss. Looked okish in swim costume .

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Eat More Of This Filling Micronutrient

The best way to lose weight postpartum is to include more whole foods into your diet that are:

  • low in calories,
  • nutritious, and
  • filling

Well, one of the most filling nutrients you can consume is fiber. Fiber is an indigestible carbohydrate that helps regulate your digestion. That way, you can be satiated, and decrease the likelihood of post c-section constipation.

Fresh fruit, vegetables, and whole grains are the best sources of fiber you could find. Just pick 2-3 of your favorite fruits and vegetables and eat them every day.

These are the best foods to help you lose weight postpartum.

*Be careful with fruit juices, as these can often have the fiber stripped out!*

Can You Ever Get Rid Of C

by Jena Bradley | Apr 5, 2021

Find out if you will ever get rid of your C-section pouch after having your newborn baby and what you can do to help speed up your recovery.

This post contains affiliate links. For more information, see my disclosures here.

You just had a baby, and all you want to know is how do you get rid of the C-section pouch.

This was completely unexpected: a pouch plus a scar.

You were fully prepared for the scar and some pain that goes with it, but not the saggy tummy. It doesnt feel right, it doesnt look right and its just an extra thing you have to worry about on top of all the other body changes and baby changes that take place day to day.

All you want to know is if this pouch will ever go away, and how do you get it gone, for good. In this article we will be discussing why there is a postpartum C-section pouch, or pooch as some like to call it, and what you can do to get rid of it.

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Is It Ok To Wear A Belly Band After A C Section

It is okay to wear a belly band after a c section for the first week or so. It is definitely not necessary, but it may help you feel more comfortable walking around. This is a

With that said, its important that you dont rely on the abdominal belt long term. Thats because you need to re-learn how to use your core muscles again. Especially while you are walking.

A belly band WILL NOT help you lose any excess weight or belly fat.

To learn more about belly bands, check out Waist Training After Pregnancy- Do You Need To Do It.

In Summary How Do You Reduce A C

How To Get Rid Of C

To reduce your c-section pooch, you need to address the damage done to your body during this intense surgery.

Start by healing the fascia that connects your abdominals together. Continue with massage to break up scar tissue. And finally, eat well, to reduce the layers of fat that are sitting on top of your abdominals.

Connection is key to healing diastasis, and also to regaining feeling and strength after c-section. Therefore, emotional, psychological, and physical self-care is a necessity for you.

Give yourself time, as well as plenty of rest. Your body is amazing and it will heal, be kind to yourself

I hope this article gave you clarity and confidence to move forward in healing your c-section pooch!

Much love,

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Plastic Surgery For A C

Since the C-section pooch is formed due to improperly healed fascia, it makes sense as to why diet and exercise will not rectify this problem. Similarly, treatments that only address the surface of the skin and fat, such as laser, liposuction, freezing of fat, or injections beneath the skin, will not correct the C-section pooch. Phoenix plastic surgeon Dr. Larry C. Leverett, M.D., FACS, shares that fabulous results can be achieved with abdominoplasty with limited liposuction and that lesser attempts are likely to be wasted money, time, and effort.

Dr. Teitelbaum agrees that the C-section pooch is very straightforward to repair, either on its own or in combination with some sort of a tummy tuck. The surgeon can also contribute to the overall appearance of the scar that will inevitably appear after this procedure. Dr. Teitelbaum explains that its very important for a surgeon to make a clean, perpendicular incision and be extremely gentle with the edges. By avoiding trauma during surgery, the amount of damaged tissue will be minimized, resulting in a narrow wound that should heal into a clean, straight scar.

Exercise Tips For The Tummy

1. Include Baby

Many new moms struggle to find the time to work out while tending to their new baby. Instead of trying to cram a workout in while your little one sleeps, do a workout you can do with baby.

Go on a walk with your baby, use your baby as resistance for weight training, or check out your local gym. Many gyms offer programs like Stroller Strides designed to get new moms back in tip top shape while including baby in the workout.

You can also check out some at-home workouts you can do with baby here.

2. Do Planks

While your abdominal muscles may be weak postpartum, try some planks! Unlike crunching exercises that repeatedly cause the split abdominal muscles to contract, planks offer constant resistance with minimal movement.

Planks are great for stabilizing the core and led to closure of diastasis recti in one study. Start out with 2 plank sets at 30 seconds each and work up from there.

3. Do Kegels

Kegels are a type of exercise that helps strengthen your pelvic floor. Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on this muscle due to the added weight you were carrying around.

In this exercise, you tighten your pelvic floor for 5-10 seconds as you breath in and release as you breath out. Never done Kegels? Dont worry.

All you have to do is tighten your muscles like you would if you were trying to hold in your pee.

4. Do Postpartum Exercises

Pelvic Tilts
Heel Slides

5. Get More Active When Not Working Out

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Get More Physically Active

You do not need to do a lot of exercises to get rid of a c-section overhang.

Simply include more walking into your daily routine.

You can even carry your baby while doing it to build more resistance and burn calories.

You can do this as you wait for your c-section scar to heal before starting on more rigorous exercises fully.

You May Have A Condition Called Diastasis Recti

C Section Exercises for Stomach Muscles to Tone and Tighten Tummy (LOSE THE BABY POOCH)

Diastasis recti is an abnormal distance separating the two muscles of the abdominal wall.

The Mayo Clinic says this is caused by the growing uterus during pregnancy. This abnormal separation may cause a noticeable bulge in the middle of your abdomen.

Check out the photo below:

Diastasis recti is more common in women who carry multiples, are over the age of 35, or are carrying a very large baby!

**This is important stuff and has a great impact on getting your belly back to shapeso please read this below about diastasis recti!

Having this condition can also make getting rid of the c-section pooch a bit more difficult but there are ways to fix this!

Remember, if you do have diastasis recti, you will not be able to get your pre-pregnancy belly back UNLESS you fix this!

**This means you have to get your abdominal muscles back together in order to get your belly back in shape!

To find out if you have diastasis recti, watch this video here from Fit Mums Channel!

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How Long Will It Take To Shrink My Belly After A C

Your belly will be doing some heavy duty shrinking in the first few weeks post-delivery.

The excess fluid should work through your system within a couple weeks, and your uterus will begin to shrink, contributing to a thinning belly with little extra work on your part in the beginning.

Remember: It took 40 long weeks to grow your belly to the size it was to house your baby.

After birth, whether you delivered vaginally or via C-section, it will take your uterus 6 to 8 weeks to shrink down to its pre-pregnancy size.

What Can You Do To Help

Your belly will lack muscle strength and toning after c-section delivery.

Doctors say it takes an average woman 3-6 months to drop the extra kilos and lose the post-baby belly. But it also depends on the individual every woman is different.

Some celebrities seem to come through the other side unscathed other women take more than a year to get their bikini bodies back.

Its a wise idea to create a belly toning plan. Aim to drop a pound in body weight per week means eating 500 fewer calories per day if you are not breastfeeding.

For breastfeeding moms, youll need the extra calories to supply the baby with plenty of milk. But the act of breastfeeding alone can help lose weight too.

In all cases, have patience, despite what other people think of you, your health, and that of your baby is what matters, dont do anything dangerous.

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First Focus On Breathing Exercises To Lose A Pregnancybelly

Normally, you will begin yoga exercise after a c section to reduce tummy weight with simple breathing exercises that put you in touch with your body. They do not overtax your system. In addition, breathing exercises also help reduce the stress that a new mother often experiences after major surgery and then having to deal with taking care of a newborn. Stress reduction through breathing control lets you focus on you and your bodys internal needs. This is really the first step towards how to lose your pregnancy belly and attain a slimmer and healthier you.

Stay Away From Post Pregnancy Belts And Girdles

Pin on Healthy Food

Its important to do everything you can to allow your core muscles to work on their own, which means skipping any post-pregnancy belts or girdles, says Kat Ellis, a certified personal trainer who specializes in pre- and postnatal exercise.

You want your core muscles to heal and strengthen through exercisepost-pregnancy belts or corsets will only weaken them more, since your core will end up relying on something else to keep them in place.

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