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Does Sleeping On Your Stomach Make You Lose Weight

Dont Wait To Seek Care

15 Simple Ways to Lose Weight In 2 Weeks

When it comes to sleep and weight, early intervention is key for preventing harm and reclaiming quality of life. With adequate treatment, sleep apnea carries an excellent prognosis. And its never too late, or too early, to take an active approach to weight control. If you think you may have sleep apnea, its important to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis and tailored treatment options.

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Jill Wiseman

Staff Writer

Jill has been a science and technical writer for over a decade. She also holds a degree in public health from the University of Washington.

John DeBanto

Internal Medicine Physician

Dr. DeBanto is a medical doctor and gastroenterologist with 20 years of experience in obesity management and related issues such as sleep apnea.

Jill Wiseman

Staff Writer

Jill has been a science and technical writer for over a decade. She also holds a degree in public health from the University of Washington.

John DeBanto

Internal Medicine Physician

Dr. DeBanto is a medical doctor and gastroenterologist with 20 years of experience in obesity management and related issues such as sleep apnea.

Food Will Taste Better

Strange but true: After losing weight, your dinner may taste even better. Stanford University researchers discovered that overweight men had less taste sensitivity than their slimmer counterparts. The reason: Their taste buds had become dulled from the overuse. Another theory points to hormonal shifts that take place during weight loss, which may change the way taste receptors communicate with the brain.

Poor Sleep Is A Major Risk Factor For Weight Gain And Obesity

Poor sleep has repeatedly been linked to a higher body mass index and weight gain .

Peoples sleep requirements vary, but, generally speaking, research has observed changes in weight when people get fewer than seven hours of sleep a night .

A major review found that short sleep duration increased the likelihood of obesity by 89% in children and 55% in adults .

Another study followed about 60,000 non-obese nurses for 16 years. At the end of the study, the nurses who slept five or fewer hours per night were 15% more likely to be obese than those who slept at least seven hours a night .

While these studies were all observational, weight gain has also been seen in experimental sleep deprivation studies.

One study allowed 16 adults just five hours of sleep per night for five nights. They gained an average of 1.8 pounds over the short course of this study .

Additionally, many sleep disorders, like sleep apnea, are worsened by weight gain.

Its a vicious cycle that can be hard to escape. Poor sleep can cause weight gain, which can cause sleep quality to decrease even further .


Studies have found that poor sleep is associated with weight gain and a higher likelihood of obesity in both adults and children.

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Sleeping On Your Side

If you sleep on your side, youll want to keep your head in neutral posture, with your chin straight ahead.;

Tucking your chin down when sleeping in a fetal position on your side produces a painful forward head position, cautions Dr. Bang.;

When youre standing with ideal posture looking at the horizon, your ear hole should line up with your shoulders, he says. Try to keep that posture when you sleep.

Experts Answers For Readers Questions

How Much Sleep Do You Really Need To Lose Weight?

How many days can you use an abdominal belt?

Wear abdominal belts for 1-2 weeks. However, talk to your doctor if you have just had a surgery or a C-section.

Can I wear an abdominal belt at night?

No, do not wear the abdominal belt at night while sleeping.

Can I wear an abdominal belt while eating?

No, avoid wearing it while eating.

Is an abdominal belt useful after delivery?

Yes, abdominal belts help get rid of post-pregnancy belly fat. However, talk to your gynecologist before using it.

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Foods To Eat To Lose Weight In Stomach

Everyones looking for the right foods to eat to lose weight in stomach. Belly fat is common to everyone, including people with flat abs. Some belly fat is actually good for your body because it protects the organs inside your stomach. If youre rounder in the waist, however, experts say you might elevate your health risks. Deciding to trim down those flabs would be great for your well-being.

The good news is there are foods to eat to lose weight in stomach faster, along with physical activity and a few lifestyle changes.

What Is Night Eating Syndrome

Due to our lifestyles, many of us tend to eat more in the evenings. However, for some people, this is classed as an eating disorder Night Eating Syndrome.

People diagnosed with this condition eat most of their food in the evening hours, either before bed or during the night when they wake up. People with this condition often eat small amounts at a time. Nonetheless, the frequency of snacks they eat throughout the evening and night can cause them to put on weight.

Night eating syndrome is often caused by emotional factors, but some people appear to be genetically predisposed to developing this condition. Some scientists have found a strong link between heightened cortisol and NES. As we know, cortisol levels can rise due to stress, anxiety, overtraining, or sleep deprivation. The symptoms of this syndrome include:

  • Feeling low or depressed during the second half of the day
  • Feeling out of control around food
  • Feeling that you wont be able to sleep if you dont eat at night
  • Difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep
  • Feeling very full in the morning

Night eating syndrome should not be confused with nocturnal eating syndrome. People with nocturnal eating syndrome eat during the night but are completely unaware of their behavior. Even when they find empty food packets in their bedroom, they are often unable to recall eating this food.

If you suspect you have either of these conditions, its best to seek medical intervention.

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Will Sleeping In The Afternoon Make Me Fat

Napping can disrupt your circadian rhythm. Anything that deregulates your circadian rhythm could play havoc with your energy levels and make it more difficult to sleep at night.

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that people who regularly napped during the day slept worse at night and had a higher BMI. Of course, we cant say for sure whether the naps influenced weight gain or whether their high BMI made it harder to sleep at night .

Nevertheless, most health professionals would advise you only to take a daytime nap if you need it because naps will probably interfere with your ability to get a good nights sleep. ;People that work irregular shifts or drive long distances can use naps to increase their productivity. For the rest of us, we should focus on improving our nighttime rest if we want to keep our energy levels up.

Binge Eating Disorder And Sleep Deprivation

How to lose weight while you sleep| Apple Cider Vinegar

Binge Eating Disorder affects 2.8 million people in the US and is the most common eating disorder. It is defined as addictive, compulsive behavior.

People with binge eating disorder eat large amounts of food in one sitting. They will always binge in secret, and many people find more privacy during the evening hours.

There is a strong link between sleep deprivation and binge eating disorder. Moreover, people diagnosed with BED binge on more calories if theyve had a particularly bad nights sleep.

What does this tell us? Well, it provides further evidence to suggest that appetite and sleep are linked. Moreover, it seems to indicate that compulsive behavior gets worse when we are sleep deprived. Therefore, getting to bed at a reasonable hour seems all the more critical if you want to limit unhealthy behaviors.

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Drinking Green Tea During The Day

Green tea is not a sleep-friendly beverage because it contains high levels of caffeine and other wake-inducing compounds. However, green tea can be of great assistance when it comes to calorie and fat burning.

Its weight loss properties are effective even hours after consumption. That is why we recommend daily green tea intake, which will promote faster belly fat loss during the night.

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You’ll Have Fewer Allergies

Being overweight can sometimes put a strain on the adrenal glands and respiratory system, exacerbating asthma, and allergy symptoms. Now that you’re trimmer, you may be able to ditch your inhaler and cut back on the seasonal pill-popping. Don’t change your medication routine without speaking with your doctor first though!

Did you know that the foods you eat could affect your allergies, too? Here are 35 Surprising Foods That Are Making Your Allergies Worse.

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/6switch Off Your Phone

The moment you have an electronic device in your bedroom, the more distracted you are right before you go to sleep. This means you sleep less. The less you sleep the more the body tries to make up for it by overeating. Reduced energy also means you are not as active throughout the day which impacts the amount of physical activity you get. Also, blue light that is emitted from phones may hamper melatonin production in the body. It might be best to keep your phones away when you sleep if you want to shed that extra weight.

Side Effects Of Sleeping Hungry

Lose Weight While You Sleep

Some people shy away from those nighttime munchies for fear of weight gain.

Hunger pains keep the brain mentally alert, making it more difficult to get a full nights rest if hunger strikes during the night. So, going to bed with a happy belly and a happy heart may be the answer for you.

Not getting enough sleep may actually interfere with the part of your brain that regulates appetite and increases your lust for high calorie foods, according to a 2013 research review. Greer SM, et al. . The impact of sleep deprivation on food desire in the human brain. DOI: 10.1038/ncomms3259

This research review also found that when participants slept less, they were more likely to demonstrate a desire for weight-gain-promoting foods.

A 2015 research review suggested that, for some people, such as those with type 1 diabetes or glycogen storage disease, eating before bed is a matter of staying alive. Kinsey AW, et al. . The health impact of nighttime eating: Old and new perspectives.

The same 2015 review suggested that having a nibble before bed might help your muscles process protein better and your heart and metabolism run more smoothly.

Going to bed hungry doesnt just mean less sleep it may also be bad news for those trying to build muscle. If deprived of nutrients for long enough, your body can start to break down muscle for energy . Looks like Ahhhnold got plenty of shut-eye.

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Report This Adbest Sleeping Position To Reduce Belly Fat

If youre looking for the best sleeping position to reduce belly fat, then look no further. Here, you will find all the right answers to this question. You might be concerned as to how this is possible; can sleeping actually reduce belly fat? It is true. Sleeping in particular positions allows you to get rid of your belly fat.

You can sleep on your back or on your front for this. All you have to make sure is youre following the right sleeping position to lose weight. How does it work? Well, you get to work on burning your fat through abdominal breathing, and other relevant measures. So, if youre looking for the ultimate sleeping position to lose weight, you would want to stay tuned to get access to all the details.

Poor Sleep Can Increase Your Appetite

Many studies have found that people who are sleep-deprived report having an increased appetite .

This is likely caused by the impact of sleep on two important hunger hormones, ghrelin and leptin.

Ghrelin is a hormone released in the stomach that signals hunger in the brain. Levels are high before you eat, which is when the stomach is empty, and low after you eat .

Leptin is a hormone released from fat cells. It suppresses hunger and signals fullness in the brain .

When you do not get adequate sleep, the body makes more ghrelin and less leptin, leaving you hungry and increasing your appetite.

A study of over 1,000 people found that those who slept for short durations had 14.9% higher ghrelin levels and 15.5% lower leptin levels than those who got adequate sleep.

The short sleepers also had higher BMIs .

In addition, the hormone cortisol is higher when you do not get adequate sleep. Cortisol is a stress hormone that may also increase appetite .


Poor sleep can increase appetite, likely due to its effect on hormones that signal hunger and fullness.

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What Is An Abdominal Belt

Abdominal belts are wide, stretchable belts that wrap around the abdomen and waist. They have clips or hooks attached for tightening and loosening them. They are commonly used to get rid of post-pregnancy belly fat that occurs as a result of C-section surgery. There are various types of abdominal belts on the market, specifically made for weight loss for men and women. Find out how each of them stimulates weight loss.

Are There Sleeping Positions That Help You Sleep Away Fat

How To Get A Flat Stomach In 5 Days – How To Lose Weight Without Diet Or Exercise – Fat Cutter Tea

Since we know that the quality of sleep affects our weight loss journey, therefore the sleeping position that causes weight loss must be subjective to your comfort. Whichever position helps you sleep soundly helps in the reduction of your weight.

However, Supine position, which involves sleeping on your back, is most commonly suggested by doctors as the best sleeping position for your health. When you sleep on your back, with your neck splurged on a comfortable pillow, the entire weight of your body is evenly distributed on the spine, helping you to sleep peacefully.

Other than that, sleeping on your left side brings along benefits for your cardiovascular system, which further aids you reach a fitful sleep. In addition, doctors often recommend placing a pillow between your knees to help with the adjustment of your weight.

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Vicks Vaporub Weight Loss Reviews

I was looking at other peoples opinions on Quora about using Vicks Vaporub for belly fat.

Im fascinated by how someone who agrees that rubbing Vicks Vaporub gets rid of belly fat has more upvotes compared to people who disagreed.

There are other articles and videos in favor of Vicks Vaporub and 1 article in complete disbelief on the first page of the Google search. The following are what others are saying:

Hey!!! Based on my personal experience, This really does work!! I made a quite common mistake for the first month or so, I just rubbed it on my belly and left it like that whilst I slept at night. That causes the vicks to evaporate and then it wont stay on long enough to burn the fat and tighten the skin. For it to work effectively, you have to wrap some cling wrap around your stomach multiple times until its nice and sturdy, then you can sleep with it on. Everybody else would say that you need to put on a corset over the cling wrap but I skipped that and It still worked just fine for me. And the great thing is that it doesnt only work on your stomach but everywhere on your body. I did my thighs as well and my gosh was I happy with the results!!!! If you do try this, I wish you nothing but the best!!!


According to Valley News Live, they asked Procter and Gamble about using Vicks Vaporub for belly fat:

You’ll Lose Your Sweet Tooth

After months of eating clean and seeing how amazing you look as a result, Oreos and Twix may no longer sing your siren song. It may take you by surprise at first, but go with the flow! Just don’t forget to allow yourself to indulge in moderation if the mood happens to strike. Staying lean for life is all about balance. Be sure to see 20 Cheat Meal Tips for Weight Loss Success for some pointers.

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/6sleep In A Dark Room

You must sleep in absolute complete darkness to help you lose those extra kilos. For complete darkness, turning off the lights might not be the only thing you need to do. You might want to draw your curtains to blocks lights from your window as well. A dark room helps your body produce melatonin which is a sleep-promoting hormone. Even a slight light exposure can impede the production of melatonin in the body. Melatonin also influences your metabolism and especially helps in converting brown fat to white fat.

Do Waist Trainers Help You Lose Belly Fat

Only 1 Spoonful Will Empty Your Stomach And Make You Lose ...

Before anything else, waist trainers are special garments that work like corsets. They make your waistline appear slimmer, so you can achieve that hourglass body. However, its important to consider the safety and effectiveness of this product before using it.

Waist trainers help shape your body just like how girdles pull your midsection in the tightest way possible to hide belly fat. The purpose is to keep your waist smaller temporarily. Now, do waist trainers help lose belly stomach fat? Depends on your current vital statistics and weight loss strategies.

In reality, waist trainers only give you a temporary slim waist. Once you remove it, your belly fat will show up again. However, its an effective technique to get immediate results, such as making your waistline slimmer than it is. But dont be fooled, you cannot rely on this product if you want to lose belly fat or substantial weight.

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