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How To Lose Stomach Fat Female

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What Is The Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

If reducing overall body fat, including belly fat, is your ultimate goal, aerobic exercises that increase your heart rate, such as walking, running or swimming, and aerobic exercise combined with strength training are the gold standards when it comes to exercise that supports weight loss. Luckily, there are lots of options when it comes to incorporating cardio into your workout regimen, including:

  • Using an elliptical machine
  • Playing sports that require frequent movement, such as tennis or soccer

If you want to increase lean muscle mass in addition to losing fat mass, adding strength trainingspecifically resistance trainingto your cardio workouts can be particularly effective.

Pre & Post-Workout Supplements For Optimal Performance

Success is the inevitable result of solid nutrition.

Lift Weights To Shrink Stomach Fat

The weight room can feel intimidating, especially for women, but including strength training in your workout is a great way to get a flat stomach. Building muscle increases your metabolism, because your body has to “spend” more calories maintaining muscle than fat, and it strengthens your bones so you can stay active and healthy as you age. One study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2007, reported that lifting weights twice weekly was enough to prevent fat gain — and specifically belly fat gain — in postmenopausal women.

Burn calories as you lift weights by performing movements that work several large muscles — like deadlifts and kettlebell swings — and structuring your workouts into circuits, so you move right from one exercise to the next without a lengthy rest in between.

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The Perils Of Belly Fat

As you age — even if your weight on the scale doesn’t change — you may notice that your belly increases in size. The development of visceral fat — which is deep, internal belly fat that surrounds your internal organs and interferes with liver function — increases your risk of heart disease and sets you up for type 2 diabetes. Visceral fat is different from subcutaneous fat, which lies right beneath the skin on your hips, legs and arms. This reduction of estrogen in women and testosterone in men after age 40 means that fat will go to the abdomen more easily. As you age, fat is more likely to accumulate as belly fat instead of going to other parts of the body.

If you intervene with diet and exercise, belly fat will shrink. A study published in the journal Obesity in 2012 showed that after one year, post-menopausal, overweight women who participated in 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise five times a week and who reduced their caloric intake, experienced a notable reduction in their body mass index, waist size and percentage of body fat. Although this study only included women, the same strategy can be effective for men, too.

Create A Smoking Cessation Plan

Fitness Guide on Instagram: Lower Belly Workout The Perfect Exercises ...

If you smoke, quitting may initially feel like it causes you to gain weight as you fight to curb nicotine cravings. But once youve quit, it will be easier to be more active and you may find it easier to lose weight. Youll also be significantly more healthy.

Quitting smoking can be challenging, but you can work with your doctor to create a cessation plan thats right for you.

The main cause of abdominal weight gain usually boils down to eating more calories than you consume. But its not quite that simple. Other factors can cause fat to accumulate in the upper belly area, including:

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Focus On Calcium Protein And Fiber

Shedding upper-stomach fat requires eating healthy — including good-for-you unsaturated fats, lean sources of protein, lots of produce and healthful whole grains in your diet. Focus on three key substances in food — fiber, protein and calcium — for the most impact on weight loss.

Protein, which is found in nuts, lean poultry, fish, legumes, eggs and nonfat dairy, burns more calories through digestion than other nutrients, so eating protein-rich foods increases your metabolism during the day. It’s also satisfying, so foods and snacks containing protein will keep you feeling full.

Fiber offers similar satiety benefits as protein, and it helps control your blood sugar levels, preventing blood glucose crashes that contribute to hunger pangs. One 2015 study printed in the Annals of Internal Medicine reported that just following a high-fiber diet is enough to induce significant weight loss. Get fiber from diet staples like vegetables, fruits, nuts and whole grains, as well as legumes, lentils and beans.

You’re likely most familiar with calcium’s benefits for bone health, but it’s helpful for fat loss, too. A high calcium intake is linked to lower visceral fat levels in women, explains Harvard Medical School. Keep your diet calcium-friendly by getting the nutrient from green vegetables like broccoli, plus nonfat dairy.

How To Lose The Hormonal Belly

The key to losing the Hormonal Belly is to balance and normalise your hormones. Until you get your hormones under control you will find it extremely hard to lose the weight.

You may find it helpful to complete this hormonal quiz which will help you to pinpoint your hormonal issues.

There are lots of lifestyle and diet changes that you can do to get in control of your Hormonal Belly.

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Diet Changes To Reduce The Adrenal Stress Belly Type

Diet is not the major factor in reducing this belly type. However, the following guidelines will help.

  • Do not go on a low protein diet. This will backfire
  • Eat a little more protein at each meal to support the adrenals
  • Eat lots of healthy veg to provide potassium which will help to recharge the adrenals

If you want to find out more abut how to fix your stress belly, check out this detailed post >

Types of Belly Fat Thyroid Belly Fat

Weigh And Measure Yourself Regularly

How To Lose Belly Fat For Women Over 50 | fabulous50s

Daily weigh-ins keep you accountable and can improve fat loss, according to numerous studies.

Weigh yourself first thing in the morning and record the results to track progress over time.

Measure your waist circumference weekly to track belly fat loss.

A waist circumference of 35 inches or less in women reduces chronic disease risks.

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Embrace The Power Of Protein

Protein serves a dual role in helping you trim down belly fat by increasing muscle mass and metabolism, while also helping stave off hunger. Research shows that a higher-protein diet increases thermogenesis, which might help you burn more calories. Further, eating protein could lead to increased satisfaction after a meal, which may help you eat fewer calories later in the day. This Chipotle Chicken Quinoa Burrito Bowl is a great lunch option to help you feel full and tide you over until your next meal.

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Exercise To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Regular, consistent cardiovascular, or aerobic, exercise like walking, running and swimming has been shown to help burn calories and some fat. But high-intensity intermittent exercise also referred to as high-intensity interval training is a more efficient way of exercising, getting more results in less time.

HIIT is a form of cardiovascular exercise that alternates between short bouts of high-intensity and low-intensity exercise for the duration of the workout, which is usually 30 minutes or less. This type of interval training includes walking or running at a slow pace, then speeding it up, then repeating. It can also include aerobic, boot-camp-style cycling, or any classes that alternate between slower to moderate-intensity and high-intensity movements.

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Eat More Healthy Fats

Although it may seem counterintuitive, increasing your intake of healthy fats may prevent weight gain.

A 12-month study associated following a Mediterranean diet rich in healthy fats from olive oil and nuts with greater long-term weight loss, compared with a low fat diet .

Another review linked diets enriched with olive oil to greater reductions in body weight and belly fat compared with diets without olive oil .

Whats more, increased intake of trans fats a type of fat often found in fried or processed foods is associated with increased long-term weight gain .

Olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds are just a few examples of nutritious fats that can benefit your health.

Keep in mind that healthy fat is still high in calories, so its important to moderate your intake. Instead of eating more fat overall, try swapping fried foods, processed ingredients, and refined oils for the healthy varieties above.


A higher intake of healthy fats, such as olive oil and nuts, is associated with a lower risk of weight gain.

Focus On The Way Your Clothes Fit More Than Reading A Scale

4 Best Workouts For Women To Lose Belly Fat

As you add muscle mass and lose fat, the reading on your bathroom scale maynot change much, but your pants will be looser. Thats a better mark ofprogress. Measured around, your waistline should be less than 35 inches ifyoure a woman or less than 40 inches if youre a man to reduce heart anddiabetes risks.

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The Hormone Belly Type

The Hormonal Belly Type is a belly fat type specifically seen in women.

It especially starts to appear around the time of perimenopause and menopause. Suddenly, apparently out of nowhere you end up with a belly that you didnt have a year ago.

Any hormonal disruption can cause this type of Belly. You may also find yourself acquiring this type of belly after pregnancy for example.

With the hormonal Belly, you will acquire weight in the hips and thighs with a pooch that hangs under the belly button.

You will also find that you have heavy breasts and possibly even arms too.

It is very common in women who are Estrogen Dominant.

Your Hormones Are Out Of Whack

Did you know hormones play a role in fat distribution? “A reduction in estrogen for women and testosterone for men, particularly as we age, can trigger the redistribution of fat to the stomach,” Clarissa explains.

Additionally, certain hormonal imbalances such as PCOS can increase the risk of insulin resistance which can lead to an increased production of fat cells. Eating a diet that is high in refined carbohydrates, sugars and alcohol can increase our insulin levels which promotes fat storage, increase the risk of fatty liver, all resulting in a higher incidence of weight gain around the stomach. If you are concerned about hormonal imbalances, book an appointment to speak to your GP.

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Ok So What Can You Do To Lose Belly Fat

Heres the thing: Just like theres only so much you can control about where you gain body fat, its equally tricky to dictate where youll lose it from.

Its essentially impossible to tell one specific region of your body to accelerate fat metabolism, says Chris DiVecchio, a NASM-certified personal trainer and author of The 5 x 2 Method: Revealing the Power of Your Senses.

It doesn’t mean that if you develop belly fat that you will be stuck with it forever, Cording says. But you dont get to pick where you lose excess weight. Still, if you want to lose belly fat, you usually need to focus on all-over weight loss methods to help drop weight around your midsection, she says.

How Fast Do You Lose Weight After Stopping Drinking

LOSE BELLY FAT in 10 Days (lower belly) | 8 minute Home Workout

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Understand Why You Gain Belly Fat

As you age, you can’t avoid gaining some belly fat and you won’t be able to lose all of it, but you can minimize its appearance and its negative health effects with lifestyle and dietary interventions.

Starting at age 30, you begin to experience sarcopenia, which is the natural loss of muscle mass that naturally occurs with aging. The American Association of Retired Persons states that this loss is approximately a pound a year after 30 — if you don’t engage in strength training to preserve your muscle tissue. By 60 — with no exercise — you may have lost about 30 pounds of muscle mass, replacing the muscle mostly with fat. Fat is less efficient at burning calories than muscle is, which means that your body’s resting metabolism also declines. So, even if you eat the same amount of food as you did when you were younger, you will likely gain weight.

To prevent weight gain with your slowing metabolism, you need to reduce your daily caloric intake by about 100 calories every 10 years after age 40. So, at 60 or older, you should consume at least 200 fewer calories every day than when you were in your 30s.

Which Foods Burn Belly Fat

If you want to reduce your belly fat, you will need to burn more energy and eat the right kinds of food. Make sure you eat a balanced diet. Try and include the following:

  • At least five portions of fruits and vegetables per day
  • Choose high fibre starchy foods such as oats, brown rice and wholegrain breads.
  • Reduced fat dairy or soya drinks fortified in calcium
  • Beans, pulses, fish, and eggs
  • Eat small amounts of unsaturated fats such as olive oil
  • Drink six to eight glasses of water each day

Finally, cut out sports drinks, sugar sweetened drinks and other foods that have a lot of added sugar in them. Avoid adding salt or sugar to your meals. Be aware that low-fat options might have high amounts of added sugar in them.

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Control Your Cortisol Levels

“Chronically high levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, can actually lead to increases in your abdominal fat stores,” says registered dietitian nutritionist SaVanna Shoemaker, MS, RDN, LD. “That’s why it’s important to find ways to manage your stress, to help stop that cycle of depositing more fat stores on your belly. You may even want to talk to a healthcare professional about having your cortisol level checked if you are chronically stressed and struggling to lose fat.”

While both men and women produce cortisol, a 2009 Swedish study found that women can have significantly higher levels of certain types of cortisol than men.

Diet Tips: What To Eat To Get Rid Of Belly Fat And What To Avoid

Easy Diet To Reduce Belly Fat

Some people want to lose the sagging lower belly without exercise and just diet alone. And to some extent, you can control lower belly fat by controlling your diet alone. Female or male, here is how to get rid of belly fat fast without exercise. So, if you cannot get rid of belly fat, then these tips for losing belly fat will definitely help you reach your goals:

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