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How To Reduce Stomach After C Section

When Should You Worry About Abdominal Pain After A C Section

Exercises to Reduce the Tummy After a C-Section Delivery

Excess gas can feel like an embarrassing pregnancy side effect, but most of the time it is just a natural part of giving birth. If you experience any severe pains after your C-section delivery, make sure that you let your doctor know, so that they can figure out how to help, and if there’s anything that needs to be done.

In some cases, experiencing severe abdominal pain might be confused with a uterine infection. Other signs of this could be abnormal vaginal discharge, bleeding that is increasing in heaviness, a fever, and feeling sick or throwing up. Call your doctor straight away if you think this might be the cause.

Otherwise, if your constipation is lasting for longer than three or four days after your surgery, then it’s a good idea to call your doctor.

Any signs of anal incompetence should also be examined carefully so that you can have a repair surgery if needed to make sure your body is healing healthily.

If you think you might be experiencing gas because of food allergies or other dietary reasons, then give your health professional a call to work out what this might be.

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Is It Ok To Wear A Belly Band After A C Section

It is okay to wear a belly band after a c section for the first week or so. It is definitely not necessary, but it may help you feel more comfortable walking around. This is a

With that said, its important that you dont rely on the abdominal belt long term. Thats because you need to re-learn how to use your core muscles again. Especially while you are walking.

A belly band WILL NOT help you lose any excess weight or belly fat.

To learn more about belly bands, check out Waist Training After Pregnancy- Do You Need To Do It.

Add In Strength Training

Another key part of exercise after a C-section to reduce your tummy is strength training. Building lean muscle not only makes you healthier and more able to tackle motherhood, but it also revs up your metabolism, so your body burns more calories even when you’re not exercising.

Doing targeted exercises to strengthen your abdominal and pelvic muscles is important, but they should be part of a program that strengthens all your body’s major muscle groups arms, shoulders, back, abdomen, chest and legs. Start out with light weights or your own bodyweight at first. Prenatal and postnatal exercise specialist Jessie Mundell recommends doing a post-C-section workout that includes squats, side planks, split squats, band pull aparts and TRX suspension rows.

Mundell warns that certain exercises should be avoided, at least at first, including:

  • Crunches, situps, leg raises and front planks
  • Jumping and step-ups
  • Heavy overhead presses
  • Any heavily weighted exercise
  • Any exercise that places direct downward pressure on the pelvic floor, such as the barbell back squat

Start out with two brief total-body workouts each week, doing one or two sets of eight to 12 reps. If, after a couple of weeks, you haven’t had any pain, you can add sets and other exercises to your workout.

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Why Belly Fat After C

After your baby is born, hormonal changes make the tummy decrease in size. It does not take place immediately. It takes 6-8 weeks for your womb to return to the pre-pregnancy size. The process of the shrinking of the uterus is called Involution. In the case of C-section, bloating may be more and takes a few more weeks to recover because your body has to heal the wounds and adjust to the hormonal changes.

Even though the baby is out, you might still look pregnant. Dont get frustrated it is perfectly normal. You may be with some fluids during the pregnancy. These fluids take some time to get out of your system. Most of the women experience swelling of ankles, face, and other parts known as edema. You may experience frequent urination for a few days after the pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a stage where you are required to hold more amounts of fluids than usual to support the baby in the womb.

Your tummy may look loose. This is because your abdominal muscles are stretched during pregnancy to accommodate the growing baby.

Why Does The Belly Hang After C

How To Reduce Your Belly After C Section

If you have a hanging belly after C-section, you must be wondering, what is causing a belly bulge when the child is already out?

You could also be lost on whether it is fat or loose skin or just your hormones reacting.

You are right. It is a little bit of the above mentioned. This is how you got here.

While pregnant, it is obvious that you gained some weight, which is absolutely normal. On the other hand, as you gained this weight, your abdominal muscles, the rectus abdominis, and the internal oblique also changed.

These two muscles, which are parallel to one another and help support your core, also stretch out.

In addition to this stretching, your baby also needed more room. Averagely, a newborn baby weighs 3.2 kilograms . Your abdominal muscles and connective tissues had to stretch out to make room to accommodate this growth.

Also, your small intestines, sigmoid colon, and stomach had to adjust their position, all to create more room for your baby.

To cap it all up, your body naturally produced hormones to allow your connective tissues to become elastic.

Also, there is a high chance that you may be retaining fluid from your delivery. Normally, while pregnant, your body produces 50% more fluids than when it is normal. This is according to a piece published on Healthline Parenthood.

After birth, your body could still be holding on to this water, which you eventually get rid of through the numerous peeing and sweating.

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Use A Postpartum Support Belt

Using a postpartum support belt can prove extremely good in treating flabby stomach. Using postpartum support belt helps to tighten the abdominal muscles, thus, reducing the stomach fat and also reducing the back pain. The postpartum belt is preferable to reduce tummy after cesarean delivery. This is especially good for those who went through C-section. Make sure that you use the belt only after 2 months after the delivery. You can remove the belt while eating and sleeping.

How Can I Reduce My Tummy After A C Section

The truth is, there are no special abdominal exercises that will help you reduce your tummy after a c section.

Unfortunately, you cant spot-reduce fat from your belly, or from any part of your body for that matter.

If you want to learn more, I have an entire post on how to get rid of a hanging belly after a c section.

The good news is, you no longer have to do hundreds of sit-ups in an effort to reduce your tummy.

So what should you do instead?

The best way to lose belly fat postpartum is to decrease your body fat levels.

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Abdominal Belt For A Flat Stomach After A C

To reduce belly fat after a C-section, you can opt for a tummy reducing belt. It supports your body and helps you regain the firmness of your belly post-delivery. But it can also hurt the incision wound if the mom is overweight. Movements, like standing up or sitting down, can be very painful while recovering from a C-section delivery. An abdominal belt will hold your tummy in and ease the pain.

Remember that a C-section is a complicated delivery and any pressure to the wound post-delivery can interfere with the healing process. Therefore, consult a doctor before trying on such a belt.

Never exert yourself or continue exercising if you feel pain in your abdomen. If youre planning to start working out after a C-section delivery, consult your doctor first so that you dont risk your health in the process. Follow the above tips and exercises to safely regain your pre-pregnancy figure.

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Home Remedies To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat After Delivery

Post C Section Workout for Lower Tummy (GET FLAT ABS AFTER BABY)

Since most new mums breastfeed, there are lots of things you can do in terms of dieting and exercising but these would be a better option right after the first 6 weeks. Here are things you can do just after baby delivery…

  • Regular Massage: Get a tummy massage to work on the cellulite and dilute it so that it is easy to burn by the body. Massage will also help you feel energetic and relaxed. There are several experienced ladies who do after-delivery massages to help uterus get into original shape
  • Eat Cabbage: It has been seen that eating cabbage helps in decreasing belly fat and gives a boost to your metabolism so that your body can process and digest food easily without accumulating any fats
  • Avoid Stress: Taking too much stress can lead to weight gain. This is why you need to be happy and stress-free all the time, around your baby and keep your hormones in balance
  • Exercise: Indulge in some easy tummy exercises in your home. Sit-ups, yoga, squats, leg raises, etc are highly beneficial and effective in cutting the fat around the stomach. Do them several times a week and increase the frequency when you feel the body is ready. Do not stress the body
  • Follow a Diet Plan: Talk to your doctor and follow a plan without compromising baby health. Start by including healthier foods that increase metabolism rate and stop pilling up of fat in the body. Remember, you must not compromise the health of your baby in order to get into shape by following a diet

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First Focus On Breathing Exercises To Lose A Pregnancybelly

Normally, you will begin yoga exercise after a c section to reduce tummy weight with simple breathing exercises that put you in touch with your body. They do not overtax your system. In addition, breathing exercises also help reduce the stress that a new mother often experiences after major surgery and then having to deal with taking care of a newborn. Stress reduction through breathing control lets you focus on you and your bodys internal needs. This is really the first step towards how to lose your pregnancy belly and attain a slimmer and healthier you.

How To Reduce Tummy After C Section

Motherhood is the most fulfilling phase, and as rightly said, birth is not about making babies, its about making mothers. The moment she takes her baby in her arms, a mother forgets all her pain and discomfort. There are a lot of changes that take place in a womans life after pregnancy. Pregnancy weight gain is one such thing, especially the post-pregnancy pouch, which can hamper a womans self-esteem. But then your body needs time to heal and recover after delivery, especially if you have had a C-section. You might have heard that if you worked out systematically, it is possible to get back to your pre-pregnancy shape. Pushing yourself to lose those extra pounds and to get your body back into pre-baby shape after a C-section can lead to unnecessary complications and prolong the healing process. So calm down. Here are some effective ways that will help you to reduce tummy after c section.Abdominal Belt To Reduce Tummy After C Section

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How To Lose A Pregnancy Belly With Exercise

Whether you had a cesarean or traditional birth, you still must exercise to lose your belly. However, following a c-section, exercise will just be postponed a few additional weeks. Once your physician has given the go ahead and you feel like your stomach incision has healed up sufficiently it is time to exercise. Remember, to start out slow and do not overdo it.

Here are a few exercises that you can perform to tighten your stomach after a cesarean.

  • The Bridge: The Bridge focuses on working your core muscles and your glutes. However, it does not put any strain on your incision.
    • Lay flat on a solid surface with your feet flat on the floor.
    • Position your legs so they are apart at hip-width.
    • Place your arms next to you at your sides on the ground with your palms flat against the ground.
    • Use your abdominal muscles to slightly lift your buttocks, then your stomach, and finally the middle of your back from the floor. Your body will form a bridge.
    • Remember to keep your shoulders flat on the ground.
    • Hold the bridge position for ten seconds.
    • Repeat this exercise six to eight times .
  • Water Exercises: Swimming burns extra calories without placing any type of hard strain on your body. Also, the action of swimming helps strengthen your muscles without overdoing it.
  • Take It Easy: Listen To Your Body

    This is my c

    For any of these home remedies to flatten your tummy, make sure you are working closely with your doctor throughout the whole process.

    Not only are you battling the physical hardships postpartum, but you also may be enduring new emotional and mental stress.

    Make sure to build a support network of friends, family and your healthcare provider so that you can accomplish your responsibilities and reach your goals.

    With time, patience, hard work and being realistic, you can create a personalized plan to get rid of your post s-section belly! Once youve recovered from the initial surgery, try these 15 home remedies to reduce your tummy after a C-section.

    Have you already gotten started on your weight loss after cesarean section? Wed love to hear about your progress and about other methods youve found helpful! Tell us all about your post-C-section weight loss journey in the comments below.

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    Can I Exercise In The First Six Weeks After C Section

    During this life-changing period as a new mama, you will be experiencing a lot of emotions and post pregnancy body changes. During this period, you should not be doing any high-impact intensive exercise. You should be focusing on your breathing and re-connecting your your tummy and your pelvic floor.

    Exercise as you once knew it is different now. So the answer to this question is that you should not participate in any vigorous exercise and you must know what exercises to avoid. But once your core has healed, you can start with some appropriate, safe postpartum exercises.

    The problem I have found is that most new mamas do not know what these exercises are. This is why I created my Core Rehab for Mamas program.

    Focus On The Most Important Macronutrient

    Another important nutrient that you should eat postpartum is protein.

    Protein is one of the three major macronutrients and the one that helps your body build and maintain lean muscle.

    As you are losing body weight, you want your body to lose fat and not muscle. Protein will help your body preferentially burn fat.

    Also, protein is one of the most satiating nutrients. This means that foods high in protein will help keep you full longer than foods high in carbohydrates or fat.

    The best protein-rich foods are:

    • lean meat ,
    • salmon,
    • tempeh

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    Why Do You Get Gas Pain After A C Section

    Gas pain is a very common post-pregnancy experience, and it can cause a lot of pain. The hormone progesterone is produced to support you during pregnancy, which causes the muscles in your body to relax. That means all your muscles, including your intestines, start to slow down, meaning your digestion will end up taking a lot longer than usual. This leads to an internal build-up of gas, causing you to bloat, burp, and fart, often without being given much notice by your body.

    You could also be experiencing a higher level of gas pain after pregnancy because of any pelvic floor damage. If you’ve stretched or torn your anal sphincter muscles you could experience some anal incontinence. Half of all women who injure these muscles will experience a change in their bowel habits. These changes can be anything from anal leakage or bowel urgency to a loss of control of gas, liquid stools, or even solid stools. Most women who experience a C-section will not have damaged these muscles, but if you have had an emergency C-section after trying to give birth naturally, you may be experiencing this postpartum.

    When you’ve had a C-section delivery, your doctor might offer you some supplements for your health to aid your recovery. Iron supplements can be another cause of constipation and pain in your abdominal region. Some pain medications that you will be prescribed after the surgery might also cause you to feel bloated and constipated.

    How Much Weight Do You Lose After A C Section

    How I Lost Hanging Belly Fat After C Section | Flat Stomach After Cesarean

    The average weight loss after a cesarean section is approximately 10 15 lbs.

    A full-term baby weighs about 7 and a half pounds on average, while the placenta and amniotic fluid can weigh an additional 5-8 lbs.

    However, you wont lose the rest of your pregnancy weight right away. It will take some time for your body to reabsorb all the extra fluid it accumulated throughout your pregnancy.

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    Exercise Tips For The Tummy

    1. Include Baby

    Many new moms struggle to find the time to work out while tending to their new baby. Instead of trying to cram a workout in while your little one sleeps, do a workout you can do with baby.

    Go on a walk with your baby, use your baby as resistance for weight training, or check out your local gym. Many gyms offer programs like Stroller Strides designed to get new moms back in tip top shape while including baby in the workout.

    You can also check out some at-home workouts you can do with baby here.

    2. Do Planks

    While your abdominal muscles may be weak postpartum, try some planks! Unlike crunching exercises that repeatedly cause the split abdominal muscles to contract, planks offer constant resistance with minimal movement.

    Planks are great for stabilizing the core and led to closure of diastasis recti in one study. Start out with 2 plank sets at 30 seconds each and work up from there.

    3. Do Kegels

    Kegels are a type of exercise that helps strengthen your pelvic floor. Pregnancy puts a lot of pressure on this muscle due to the added weight you were carrying around.

    In this exercise, you tighten your pelvic floor for 5-10 seconds as you breath in and release as you breath out. Never done Kegels? Dont worry.

    All you have to do is tighten your muscles like you would if you were trying to hold in your pee.

    4. Do Postpartum Exercises

    Pelvic Tilts
    Heel Slides

    5. Get More Active When Not Working Out

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