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How Do I Shave My Chest And Stomach

Will My Chest Hair Grow Back Thicker If I Shave It


While a lot of people believe that shaving causes hair to grow back thicker, this is nothing but a myth. Shaving does not in any way cause hair strands to grow back thicker.

Likewise, shaving as a method of hair removal doesnt create greater hair growth as most people assume. As such, shaving your chest will not transform you into a mammoth when the hair starts growing back.

How To Trim Your Privates In 4 Steps

Never take trimming your pubic area lightly, and never approach it as if you were someone hacking away at forest undergrowth, or those pesky weeds in your backyard. Have a plan, stick with it, and, if nothing else, take your time.

1. Trim first before a close shave – Always trim back excess hair first if your goal is to achieve the smooth, no-hair look. An electric trimmer is good for this, as is a pair of quality scissors. By trimming first, youll reduce the pulling and tugging you might experience otherwise. Its not a bad idea to fluff out your pubic hairs with a comb before you begin trimming. Then, set your trimmers length guide to a longer setting, especially if youre just trimming and not shaving to the skin. You can always trim more if you still havent reached your desired length with the longer setting.

Stand upright when trimming and hold the trimmer or clippers in your dominant hand. Use the other hand to keep your penis and scrotum out of harms way. If you use scissors, you may also want to use a comb as a length guide. Press the comb flat against the skin and trim the hair that extends beyond the teeth of the comb.

Lastly, dont use the same blade on your pubes that you use on your face or other parts of your body as an extra precaution.

Tip No. 4 Shaving under the scrotum. OK, now were venturing into castration territory, or at least it may pose that threat mentally when shaving under your sack. But heres how its done:

Shaving Between Your Cheeks

You may be a man who doesnt consider the job complete after shaving his butt cheeks. If so, then youve probably considered shaving between the cheeks, or already have.

Lets cut to the chasetrimming between your cheeks isnt a job for the faint of heart. Or, at the least, a job for anyone who doesnt have a steady hand. Its not unlike shaving around your pubic regions, especially around your scrotum.

But, like sending a man to the moon, it can be done.

Step one is to invest in a good mirror. Youll preferably want to squat over that mirror to see exactly what youre doing when trimming the furthest of nether regions. Squatting helps to open things up, so to speak, without requiring you to use your free hand to pull your cheeks apart.

Apply some shaving gel to the area and, whatever you do, use a blade that has a guard on it.

No, we dont recommend using an old-fashioned straight razor for this job, unless you love to engage in high-risk activities, or consider yourself a masochist. Its a good idea to begin with the outer edges of your butt crack and work your way to the anus. Youll have a better sense of how comfortably you can squat, the type of strokes you can take and the speed by which you shave.

Again, you dont need excessive pressure to shave this most sensitive area of your body. Too much pressure will bite you in the ass, literally.

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How Do I Remove Hair Around My Nipples

Do many girls have hair around their nipples and if so, how do they remove it? Kamira*

It’s possible and normal to have hair almost anywhere on the body, so a few hairs on your nipples are nothing to worry about. Lots of girls have them.

You have several options for removing nipple hair. You could try tweezing, waxing, sugaring , or even electrolysis or laser treatment . Shaving is not the best idea since it’s easy to cut sensitive nipple skin.

Some girls have extra hair on their bodies because of genetics some people have less body hair and others have more, so if your mom or sister also has nipple hair, it may just run in the family.

Girls might also have extra hair because their bodies make too much of a hormone called androgen. Too much androgen can make a girl grow hair on her face, chest, and abdomen. High amounts of androgen also might cause skipped periods or stop a girl’s periods completely.

If you are worried about having a lot of body hair, ask your doctor if you should get your hormone levels checked.

*Names have been changed to protect user privacy.

More Than Just Chest And Abdomen Hair

Hairy or shaved chest?

Body hair removal should cover more than just your chest and stomach hair. Youll want to trim down your armpit hair slightly with a long guard comb to neaten things up.

Remove any hair from your upper arms, shoulders, and back. Consider trimming down your forearm hair using a 10mm guard comb.

You dont want abrupt or bold lines where your body is clean shaven and joins other hair growth.

For example, can you imagine shaving off all of your chest hair and leaving your hairy belly untouched?

Or how about you shave all of your chest and back hair off and leave bushy hair all over your shoulders.

That would look pretty ridiculous, right?

What I like to do is trim off my chest hair first, working my way from the neck down .

Then Ill trim all of my stomach hairs, stopping at my pubic hair.

Next, shoulders, upper arms and back get trimmed completely.

Finally, Ill use a 10mm guard comb and trim down some of my pubic hair and forearm hair, this means that the areas where hair remains are thinned down, leaving my upper body almost, but not entirely hairless, to maintain some masculine features.

Always trim against the grain of hair growth, this allows the hairs to slide into the clipper or trimmer teeth for even cutting.

So there you have it, a scientific reason you should shave your chest and stomach hair. Complete with the recommended tools and direction you need to look and feel more attractive.

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The Guide To Manscaping: 10 Must

Mens grooming has come a long way. Or, maybe its best to say that it has shifted direction, particularly in recent years.

Having hair on your chest is an example. Once a strong sign of virility, it’s not nearly as popular today and many men choose to shave their chest if it has too much of a carpet. But its not just the chest, as the following manscaping guide will discusstodays man may also choose to shave his back, legs, arms, and privates.

This guide will cover all areas of the body aside from facial and scalp hair . This body grooming guide offers tips and suggestions for grooming each part.

So, groom away, fellas. If youre ready to manscape, were here to help.

All You Need To Know About Chest Hair Removal

It wasnt so long ago when the idea of a man shaving his chest was incredibly taboo, or at least limited to swimmers, bodybuilders and other athletes. However, as Bob Dylan once crooned, the times they are a-changing. Nowadays, youll find plenty of men who prefer the look of a freshly shaven chest and belly, as well as an equal number of women who prefer this look as well.

Nonetheless, you can probably still find a larger number of men who are not so wild about taking male grooming to such a degree. That being said, were not here to pass judgement or to tell you what you should and shouldnt do with your body hair . After all, its your body and youre the one who needs to be happy with it. So, if youve decided you want to try shaving your chest hair, the least we can do is provide you with some tips to ensure your chest hair removal is as successful and painless as possible.

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How To Remove Chest Hair

You can wax it, zap it, or cut it. Wax it by using hot wax or sugar wax . Zap it by using laser hair removal or IPL hair removal devices (both are very similar and are birthed from the same technology. Or you can cut it by shaving your chest hair or trimming it. You can trim your chest hair with barber clippers, body-groomers, or an all-around body groomer. Later on in this article Ill be describing how to shave your hairy chest.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Shaving Chest Hair

BODY HAIR!!! HOW TO GUIDE (Waxing? Shaving? Exfoliating? Chest Stomach)|TR3

If you keep the following tips in your mind while shaving chest hair, you will get the opportunity to avoid frustration and unexpected hassle.

  • You should always take a shower before you start shaving. This can soften up your chest hair. If you dont, you will have to end up with a painful experience.
  • You need to trim away the top layer of chest hair before you start shaving. Then you can make sure that the shaving head doesnt get jarred.
  • You need to be careful when you are shaving around your nipple area. If you can use a clear gel, you will be able to stay away from shaving over spots.
  • You should finish off shaving with a shower to get the best results.

Table of Content

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Using Unverified Home Remedies

  • 1Remove unwanted stomach hair with raw papaya. Some people have good results using raw papaya to stop hair growth. Make a paste using raw papaya and turmeric powder. Massage the paste into your stomach on all the areas with hair. Leave it for 20 minutes, then rinse it all off and apply some moisturizer.XResearch source
  • Other ingredients you can include in this paste to potentially improve its effectiveness are aloe vera, gram flour, and mustard oil.
  • 2Use a sugar-lemon- honey wax. Sugar, lemon and honey can make an easily found, cheap and natural wax for removing unwanted stomach hair. Mix together honey, sugar, and lemon in a bowl. Heat the components, and then finish mixing them until it forms a consistent paste. Dust your stomach with cornstarch powered, then apply the warm paste to your skin. Press a cloth or waxing strip onto the paste-covered skin and pull it off in the opposite direction of hair growth.XResearch source
  • This natural waxing method might not have the same results as commercially bought wax, but for light hair growth it can be satisfactory.
  • 3Make an egg white mask. Combine egg whites, sugar, and cornstarch. Apply the mixture to your stomach, then wait for it to dry. After it dries, just gently remove the mask and find that the mask has taken some hair with it.XResearch source
  • Use Quality Shaving Products

    When you are shaving your chest, its very important that you use high-quality shaving products. Such include shaving gel that provides better razor glide or shaving cream.

    Shaving gel and cream lubricate the skin enough to allow the razor to glide smoothly and gently along the skin. If you are worried about cuts and grazes, then you can use clear shaving gel so that you are seeing exactly what you are doing. You might also want to moisturize the skin with a pre-shave oil beforehand.

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    Does Shaving Your Chest Make It Thicker

    No shaving hair doesnt change its thickness, color or rate of growth. Shaving facial or body hair gives the hair a blunt tip. The tip might feel coarse or « stubbly » for a time as it grows out. During this phase, the hair might be more noticeable and perhaps appear darker or thicker but its not.

    Nose Hair Tackling Tools


    Nose Hair Scissors

    You can easily find scissors dedicated to the task of trimming nose hair and we strongly recommend using those rather than, say, fingernail or cuticle scissors. The latter two options may get the job done, but their sharp ends will create greater injury risk. Nose hair scissors feature smooth, rounded edges that trim nose hair gently and wont nick the skin inside of your nostrils. Theyre also easier to handle because of their shape and size.

    Nose Hair Trimmers

    Nose hair trimmers come in manual and battery-powered varieties. The latter option typically involves a trimmer whose blades move in a circular motion and gently, but effectively, trims back your nostril hedges.

    There are also non-circular battery-powered trimmers that dont grab the nose hair quite as harshly as the circular variety. A couple of disadvantages regarding battery-powered trimmers is that they make noise, which may not be a big deal to you, and you need a supply of batteries to keep them running, although its not as if you have to use them every day.

    Nose Hair Tweezers

    Nose hair tweezers get to the root of the problem, literally. They enable you to pull out nose hair one by one, which is the preferred method for some men. Keep in mind that tweezing your nose hair is painful and it may cause infection, although thats not entirely common.

    Nose Hair Waxing

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    Avoid Scratchiness At All Costs

    You already understand that scruffy or scratchy chest hair is the enemy. Now, we’re going to help you avoid it. The first and most important thing is to not grow stubble. That’s easiest if you never shorten the chest hair enough to get stubbly. Use a cutting guard on your trimmer that is at least half an inch long, and you’ll be good to go .

    If you do need to go extra short, then there are two things that help you avoid scratchiness. The first is to consider waxing or depilatories. When hair grows back nice and soft, this whole thing gets easier. If you can’t do that or have something else contributing to scratchy hair, you want to focus on skincare.

    Softening the skin helps the hair poke through without having to bristle. Clear pores and hydrated skin make for softer chest hair. If you can add some hair care to the mix, you’re golden. That’s why you want to use Crop Cleanser. It has everything you need in a single bottle. Our formula promotes healthy skin. It doubles as a shampoo, so it productively cleans the hairs and follicles. Overall, the all-in-one approach helps you have hydrated, soft skin and hair that is healthy and less scratchy.

    There’s an important extra point to make. Some guys have scratchier hair than others, it’s just nature. But, if you want to get it under control, Crop Cleanser can help you soften things regardless of your grooming choices. It’s worth considering.

    Women Like Men Who Trim Their Chest Hair

    Gentlemen, we have a winner! Men who either trim their chest hair or have just the right amount of it definitely emerge as the winners. To get the most appealing look, trim your chest hair to form the perfect tiger line. Tiger line? Yes, as utterly ridiculous as it sounds, a tiger line is the line of hair that runs from the top of your chest to the middle of your body and down to your package. The best and the most “play-safe” option when it comes to impressing your lady with your grooming techniques is to have just the right amount of body hair.

    Even decades back, The Hoff knew what it took to carry the perfect look when it came to chest hair.

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    Make It Easier For Yourself Use A Body Hair Shaver

    If you regularly remove the hair from your chest as part of your grooming routine, then investing in a body shaver or groomer is a no-brainer.

    No doubt the best way to shave chest hair, is by using one of these fellas. They are quick and convenient, and can give very satisfactory results.

    If you look after the body shaver, it can give you years of service.

    Here you can read my Review of The Philips Norelco Bodygroom Series Shaver 7100.

    Body hair trimmers have removable cutting guards or attachment combs for varying lengths of cut, so you always have the option to leave some hair on your chest if you so desire.

    You want a tidier-looking upper body then trim away. Alternatively, go the whole way and shave for the completely smooth and silky look.

    One advantage that trimming has over shaving, is that you wont get any post-irritation whatsoever, since the cutting blades never come into contact with your skin.

    Using a scissors, is never a good idea, unless you want patches on your pecs.

    Shaving your chest becomes a breeze when you use a body shaver like this.

    The Best Way To Shave Your Arms

    How to Shave Your Chest | Shaving Tips

    1. Trim first Use electric clippers to trim your excess arm hair before you begin shaving. Jumping in with your razor before youve pruned the long, thick hair can be frustrating and tedious. Run your clippers or trimmer over your forearms, elbows, biceps, and even your shoulders.

    2. Rinse Rinse your arms with warm water after trimming

    3. Lubricate Apply shaving cream, lotion, or gel before you begin to shave. Besides making for a smoother shave, it also helps prevent skin irritation and cuts.

    4. Shave Its easier to divide your arms into sections for shaving. For instance, you can shave the inside of your wrist to the top of your forearm while shaving in straight, even lines. Once youve finished that section, you can move on to the upper part of your arm, i.e., from your elbow up to your shoulder.

    5. Rinse, again Rinse both arms with warm water after youve finished shaving. Doing so washes away the excess hair while also helping to prevent skin irritation.

    6. Soothe your arms with an antiseptic or aloe You may notice a red rash on your arms, aka razor burn, which can occur even if youre the most adept of shavers. If so, apply aloe vera or an antiseptic to your skin to relieve the irritation.

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