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How Much Is Stomach Skin Removal

How Long Do Panniculectomy Results Last

How much skin is removed with Tummy Tuck?

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, panniculectomy results can be permanent. For many patients, abdominal-wall panniculectomy is a life-changing experience and results in dramatic changes in self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-image, says Omaha, Nebraska, plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Bruneteau.

Once you recover, your lower midsection should remain flatter, without the need for more procedures.

Your panniculectomy scar, spanning your lower abdomen from hip to hip, should be low enough to conceal easily with clothing. It will fade with time, but like all scars, it will be permanent. If youre concerned about it, ask your surgeon for scar treatment recommendations.

The best way to maintain your results is to embrace a healthy lifestyle and diet, to keep your weight stable.

Its also important to remember that all skin eventually loses some elasticity as part of the natural aging process, so you may develop some mild laxity over time. This can be treated with nonsurgical skin tightening procedures.

Whos To Blame Not You

I would like you to know that these issues with your appearance probably can’t be fixed by following a healthy lifestyle alone. Often, outside factors, such as the aging process, hereditary traits, major weight loss and/or pregnancy are to blame.

As you get older, your body gradually stops producing collagen and elastin. These are two proteins that are essential for healthy skin. Without a good supply of collagen and elastin, your abdominal skin weakens and becomes less elastic. This makes your skin unable to “bounce back” to a smaller size or shape after pregnancy or when you’ve lost a lot of weight. On top of that, pregnancy can also cause your abdominal muscles to separate or become severely weakened. This condition is technically known as diastasis recti, and makes your stomach bulge as if you were still pregnant. So, don’t blame yourself for being unable to tone up your stomach because these are issues beyond your control!

How Painful Is Skin Removal Surgery

Patients feel quite anxious when it comes to pain. Well, to ease your concerns, lets start by giving you the great news: during the procedure itself, you wont feel a thing. Thats right. Nothing. Nada. You will receive medications to keep you comfy, and depending on how much youre having done, a combination of sedation with local anesthesia or general anesthesia will be used. Once the anesthesia effect wears off, you might be a bit uncomfortable, but thats what brings us to the next point!

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What Happens If I Gain Weight After My Tummy Tuck Procedure

While it is natural to experience a certain degree of weight fluctuation, the quality of your tummy tuck results can potentially be compromised by rapid and/or excessive weight gain in the midsection. In most cases though, even if weight gain affects your results, it is unlikely to bring back your pre-tummy tuck figure. A considerable amount of excess skin and fat is removed during surgery which changes weight distribution, body contours, and figure proportions long-term for most patients. Maintaining optimal results typically requires patients to be mindful of maintaining a healthy diet and engaging in regular exercise. Dr. DiBello prefers that patients be at a stable weight prior to surgery to help avoid issues with post-surgical weight fluctuation.

Excess Skin Removal Recovery Time

Tummy Tuck Before &  After Photos Patient 33

Excess skin removal recovery time may range from one to two weeks, depending on the type and extent of surgery performed. While you will be able to resume your normal routine after the initial downtime, complete recovery will take several weeks or months. It is vital to abide by your surgeons post-op care instructions to ensure a safe and expedited recovery.

  • First week: If you have had only an extra skin removal arms, thighs or abdomen surgery, you may be ready to return to work or daily activities within a week. But during the first week, take plenty of rest and protect your incision sites from injury or infection. Swelling and bruising should considerably subside by the end of first week following your surgery.
  • First month: Excess skin removal recovery time may be about 10 to 14 days if you have had a total body lift surgery. Sutures and drainage tubes could be removed somewhere in the second week. Continue to avoid vigorous activities, bending, lifting of heavy objects, and contact sports for at least the first four to six weeks after your skin removal surgery.
  • Follow-ups: Your excess skin removal surgeon will monitor your sustainable recovery and progress in the months following your procedure. If you are facing any difficulties in your healing process, share your concerns during the follow-up appointments with your surgeon. Your surgeon will review your scarring improvement and tissue healing at these appointments.

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Is A Body Lift After Weight Loss Covered By Insurance Plus 5 Other Questions You Have About Post

Losing a significant amount of weight is a huge feat that deserves to be celebratedcongratulations on all of your hard work! While were sure youre enjoying your success, its normal to feel a bit defeated if excess skin is keeping you from feeling confident at your new weight.

Its common to experience areas of heavy, drooping skin after massive weight loss, which can make you feel both physically and emotionally uncomfortable. Many choose to have body lift surgery, also called post-weight loss plastic surgery, at La Jolla Cosmetic in San Diego to restore a more normal contour to the body while reducing discomfort.

If youve been considering a body lift, read on for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive here at LJC.

Though heavy, excess skin left behind after weight loss can be considered a medical condition due to discomfort and increased risk for skin conditions, most insurance providers do not cover body lift surgery.

When To Get Skin Removal Surgery

Excess skin removal procedure is ideally suited for individuals who have undergone a major weight loss and developed significantly sagging skin as a result of it. However, bariatric surgery is not the only reason to undergo this procedure. An experienced plastic surgeon can guide you when to get skin removal surgery and whether it will meet your personal aesthetic goals.

  • Weight loss: Excess skin removal after weight loss surgery may be performed when your body weight has stabilized after the bariatric procedure. In some cases, it is possible to lose substantial weight even with diet and exercise, which may necessitate a skin removal surgery if the tissue has lost elasticity.
  • Pregnancy: Some women may experience deflated breasts or large amounts of loose skin in the abdominal area, upper arms, thighs, or buttocks following pregnancy and breastfeeding. Ask your surgeon when to get skin removal surgery safely after childbirth to restore a pre-pregnancy figure.
  • Aging: Many people develop heaving sagging skin in certain areas of the body simply due to the effects of aging, gravitational forces, illness, or medications. You should explore how to qualify for skin removal surgery if you wish to regain a firmer and more youthful looking body appearance.

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What Will My Scars Look Like After Body Lift Surgery

To achieve dramatic lifting, body lift incisions can be quite long. That being said, the appearance of the scars will fade over the course of about a year, and, when possible, incisions are placed where they can be hidden by clothing.

Typically, our body lift surgery patients are so thrilled with their results that the light scars are a small price to pay. In fact, a study published in 2020 found that body contouring surgery after massive weight loss notably improves patients lives. We talk more about the health and emotional benefits of achieving your goal weight and following it up with post-weight loss surgery in our related blog post.

To help your scars heal as nicely as possible and fade over time, its important to follow your surgeons aftercare instructions to a T.

Choosing A Surgeon For Your Body Contouring Procedure

TUMMY TUCK OR SKIN REMOVAL?! Consultation, price and process.

If you live a healthier lifestyle and exercise regularly but still struggle with lower belly fat, then reclaim your body with a tummy tuck. Finding an experienced plastic surgeon, like Dr. Mizuguchi, is the first step to transform the way you look safely. Your experience is essential at Mizuguchi Plastic Surgery, so we provide the right surgical plan, the latest technologies, and put a person’s safety at the forefront of every procedure. Contact our office today and schedule your one-on-one consultation with dual board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Nana Mizuguchi in Louisville, KY. Boost your self-confidence and reshape your body with a tummy tuck procedure so you can look and feel your best.

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How Many Surgeries Are Done At Once

Its not unusual for candidates to pursue a tummy tuck and breast lift at the same time, or do inner and outer thighs at the same time. This may help accelerate recovery and offers the sense of having gotten it over with, too. Your surgeon will advise you on your options.

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When To Choose Abdominoplasty

An abdominoplasty, also known as a tummy tuck, is a procedure designed to remove loose, excess skin and fat from the abdominal area and tighten muscles in the abdominal wall. New York City plastic surgeon Dr. Joshua D. Zuckerman notes that for women whove had one or more pregnancies, an abdominoplasty is the perfect option.

A tummy tuck can eliminate fatty tissue, excess skin and stretch marks on the lower abdomen. The major body contouring advantage of this procedure is that it can actually reshape the belly and midsection, helping patients regain their pre-baby body.

Additionally, Dr. Zuckerman advises that abdominoplasty is an appropriate corrective option for women who experience diastasis recti an abdominal muscle separation that can occur during pregnancy.

Its important to note that abdominoplasty is not a suitable option for women who intend to have more children. The muscles that get repaired during a tummy tuck can separate during future pregnancies, so its best to wait until your child bearing years are truly over and done.

Abdominoplasty can offer similar benefits to people who have lost a significant amount of weight by removing excess skin and reshaping the belly button.

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How Much Does Skin Removal Surgery Cost

So, how much is skin removal surgery? There are quite a few factors that affect the cost of surgery, but the most common are geographic location, the experience level of the surgeon, and your specific needs. When it comes to skin removal surgery, also known as body contouring surgery, there are a number of different procedures you can choose from, all with different price tags.

An abdominoplasty is one of the most common types of body contouring surgeries, which will remove excess skin and fat from the abdominal area and tighten muscles. A panniculectomy, which will only remove excess skin, is also a very common surgery people undergo after extreme weight loss.

Recovery From Mons Surgery

Tummy Tuck

Regardless of the type of surgery performed, there will undoubtedly be a great deal of swelling afterward. This swelling can extend down to the labia in women and the scrotum in men.

Bruising is also not uncommon. Bruising usually resolves after two to three weeks. Swelling can take longer to resolve, usually by six weeks. Continued improvement in swelling can continue for up to three to four months after surgery.

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Skin Removal Surgery Cost

Massive weight loss as a result of bariatric surgery or through diet and exercise is an important achievement: overall health improves, perception of ones body and life in general, changes, and new personal or social possibilities may arise.

However, traces of previous overweight remain, like folds of skin around the abdomen, on the thighs or arms, flabby breasts, empty contents, drooping buttocks. The skin loses its elasticity due to the fact that it has been extremely stretched for a long time, failing to retract enough after losing weight.

In addition, excess skin can cause problems when getting dressed, limit mobility, and cause poor hygiene. Dermatitis and infections are common due to rubbing and prolonged contact between skin folds. Last but not least, the cosmetic problem comes into play: patients who have lost a lot of weight want the way they look to reflect the positive image they have of themselves.

In all these situations the only solution to remove excess skin is body reshaping by cosmetic surgery.

Facts To Know About Excess Skin Removal

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Panniculectomy Vs Tummy Tuck: What’s The Difference

A panniculectomy can give you a flatter midsection, more mobility, and relief from rashes and skin irritations, but it cant tighten your abdominal muscles and give you the level of cosmetic results an abdominoplasty .

Most people who have a panniculus also have large upper stomach folds, and they would much rather have all the skin redraped, which is what a tummy tuck does, says Dr. Adam Oppenheimer, a plastic surgeon in Orlando, Florida. A panniculectomy addresses only the lower foldsit leaves all the upper folds of loose skin there.

A tummy tuck can also reposition the belly button and may involve liposuction, to fully contour the flanks and often even the back. A panniculectomy strictly removes hanging skin from the lower stomach.

The panniculectomy is an operation made to treat a medical problem and has no regard for the visual or aesthetic outcome, says Dr. Dallas Buchanan, a plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida. The tummy tuck is an operation that is meant to improve the aesthetic appearance of the abdomen.

Upper Body Lift Procedures


Extra skin on the upper body can result in bra rolls, sagging breasts, or loose, hanging skin on the upper arms. Upper body lift surgery targets these areas to restore a firmer, more youthful appearance. Procedure options include:

  • Arm lift. Through an incision along the underside of the upper arm, loose skin and excess fat are removed to restore a firmer, shapelier upper arm appearance.
  • Back lift/ bra line lift. This procedure often combines liposuction and skin removal to reduce bra rolls and restore a smoother, firmer upper back contour. Incisions are typically located along the bra line, where scars can be easily concealed by clothing.
  • Breast lift surgery. Many female patients are bothered by sagging or deflated breasts following weight loss. A breast lift removes excess skin and reshapes the breast to achieve a firmer, lifted contour and improve symmetry. Breast implants can be placed during a breast lift to restore lost volume or increase size. Learn more about breast lift surgery »

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What Happens After A Belt Lipectomy

When you wake up, you may have a tube underneath your skin. This will drain fluid that builds up in your wound. You may have some pain afterward. You can take pain medicines. You should be able to eat a normal diet once you are ready.

You may need to stay overnight in the hospital after your surgery. Some people may be able to go home the same day as surgery. But this isnt common.

Your surgeon will tell you how to care for your wounds. Tell your surgeon if you have severe draining, redness, or a fever. If you have life-threatening symptoms, call 911. These include sudden shortness of breath, a lot of bleeding, or chest pain.

Your surgeon will also tell you how to limit your movements after surgery. You shouldnt expose your wounds to too much force as they heal. Follow all of your surgeons orders carefully. This will improve your chances of a smooth recovery.

You will see the results of your surgery right away. They will last if you keep a stable weight. If you are not happy with the results of your surgery, talk with your surgeon. Some people need another surgery for best results.

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Dr. David E. Halpern is a proud member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and has been boosting self-esteem in the Tampa Bay area for over 15 years. To learn more about the cost of liposuction, please contact us today at Tampa Bay Plastic Surgery in Tampa, FL to schedule your initial consultation. We cant wait to hear from you!

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How Do I Get Ready For A Belt Lipectomy

First, ask your healthcare provider if this surgery is right for you. If you have certain health issues, the risks of the surgery might not be worth it.

Your surgeon will want to make sure that you have a realistic idea of what the surgery can do. You will also need to commit to a healthy lifestyle. This includes good nutrition and regular exercise.

The surgery may cost you a lot of money. Most health insurance plans will not cover it unless you have a major complication. These may include an infection and ulceration around a skin fold. Find out what the surgery will cost you before you make plans to have it.

You shouldnt have this surgery until you have reached a stable weight. If you lose weight after your surgery, new pockets of sagging skin may form. If you gain a lot of weight after your surgery, it can harm your already weakened skin. This can cause more stretch marks and wide scars.

If you smoke, you must quit at least several weeks before your surgery. Smoking greatly increases your risk for complications. Most surgeons will not do this surgery if you are still smoking.

Your surgeon may do tests before you have surgery. These may include:

  • Electrocardiogram, to check your heart rhythm
  • Pulmonary function tests, to check your lung function
  • Basic blood tests, to check for infection, anemia, and kidney function

Ask your surgeon how to prepare for your surgery. He or she may have more instructions for you.

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