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How To Flush Your Stomach

The Parasite Cleanse And Diet

How to Naturally Cleanse Your Stomach

By Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CN

If you suspect you may have a parasitic infection, there is a natural way to treat it. Its called a parasite cleanse.

Parasitic infections have become more common with international travel over time. We now know that a variety of parasites can infect the intestinal tract, leading to a variety of digestive symptoms, such as constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and heartburn, as well as fatigue and chills.

A parasite cleanse involves eating a diet thats free of foods that can feed parasites and consuming more of the foods that are anti-parasitic, such antioxidant-rich foods. Its pretty close to a Paleo diet, which provides you with essential nutrients from things like probiotic foods, herbs, vegetables and more.

Supplements can also be helpful for supporting your gastrointestinal and immune systems while you recover on a parasite cleanse.

Are Colon Or Stomach Cleanses Really Needed

When it comes to cleansing and detoxification, there is always one key question that needs to be asked why doing it? isnt our body capable of getting rid of toxins and waste by itself? The short answer is, yes, when the body is in an ideal state of health, it should be able to handle toxins and waste elimination naturally without any issues. Time for a quick reality check how many people are in an ideal state of health? How many people eat an ideal diet? How about the environment we live in, our daily exposure to toxins, the lifestyle stress, quality of foods and air we breathe and many other factors? Are all these ideal? we all know the answers to these

This is where cleansing and detoxification can provide some benefits when done properly. The colon is the primary organ in the body responsible for removing toxins from the body through normal bowel movements. For this reason, it is often the first step in most cleansing protocols.

The Science

The idea of colon cleansing isnt new. It has been practiced for centuries since the days of the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. It all comes down to the basic idea that the food we eat can get stuck in the digestive tract and rot overtime this waste turns toxic and can lead to many digestion issues and other health problems. Cleansing your colon can help with this unhealthy situation by releasing the stored waste out of the body, creating an environment that may promote a healthy gut flora balance.

Do You Need A Colon Cleanse Drink

Youve probably seen them advertised on social media or online outlets, but are these colon cleansing at-home drinks really necessary?

Colon cleanse drinks come in an array of colours and ingredients. Theyre easy to get your hands on online and are delivered in ready-made preparations, usually consisting of fruit and veg juices. Alternatively, they may come as a tea-tox, youve guessed it, a tea diet which acts as a colon detox.

These products are often expensive and usually work by having a laxative effect. So, these are not really recommended if youre not in close vicinity to a loo. Plus, they can cause side effects too, like dehydration, electrolyte imbalances, and can reduce the effects of the oral contraceptive pill .

And, theres little scientific evidence that theyre effective at removing toxins from the colon. In fact, a 2015 review found that there was no definitive evidence supporting the use of detox diets for both weight loss or the elimination of toxins from the human body.

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How To Get Rid Of Bloating For A Flat Belly In 24 Hours

How to get rid of Stomach Bloating: Have you ever felt discomfort and feeling of fullness after eating? It is because of gas formation which causes enlargement of the abdomen, Tiryak Tadasan, chronic heartburn, Crunches and leg raises for three sets of 20 repetitions should be done, do planks by holding your body in a push-up position on your elbows for 30 to 60 seconds for four sets.

Is Colon Cleansing Safe

How to flush gas from your stomach with only four ...

Colon cleansing products are available over the counter. These products claim they are natural. This does not necessarily mean they are safe. Colon cleansing alone may not help weight loss as most calories are absorbed in the small intestine. Frequent colon cleanses can lead to a change in the natural bacteria of the colon, dehydration, electrolyte imbalance, tearing of the colon, infection, abdominal pain, giddiness, nausea and vomiting. This can be dangerous in the presence of other underlying medical conditions, especially those of the heart and kidneys.

The colon cleansing products may be taken orally or an enema or colon irrigation may be performed by a professional.

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When Should I Do The Stomach Cleanse

The stomach cleanse is ideal as a natural remedy that may help in the following scenarios:

  • Need to promote gut health, especially when is combined with Probiotics.
  • Occasional constipation or digestion issues such as gas, bloating.
  • Natural colon cleanse to get rid of accumulated waste and toxins in your body. If you have never done the stomach cleanse, you may want to start with 5 days, and then redo the cleanse when you feel it is needed. Most people like to have the cleanse 1-2 times a month over the weekend.

After The Stomach Cleanse

Often overlooked, what you do after the stomach cleanse may be as important as the actual cleanse itself. A lot of the benefits you get from the stomach cleanse occur days and even weeks after the cleanse. With the toxic waste being cleared, your body has more energy and resources to perform better and to actually heal other areas which may have been neglected before.

For many people the stomach cleanse was the turning point that helped with the first step on their journey to a better health. To take advantage of this, adopting a healthier diet and lifestyle is highly recommended.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your cleanse:


Prevention Tips For Colonic Issues

  • Consume foods rich in fiber like cereals, whole grains, bran, oatmeal, fruits, and vegetables. This could help increase your bowel movements and enhance colon health.
  • Increase your intake of fluids.
  • Avoid the use of tobacco.
  • After the age of 50, have yourself screened for colon cancer at regular intervals.

We discussed some easy-to-follow natural methods to perform colon cleansing in this article. If you feel that these remedies do not provide relief, we suggest that you consult your physician immediately.

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Does Drinking Water Relieve Gas

While it may seem counterintuitive, drinking water may help to reduce bloat by ridding the body of excess sodium, Fullenweider says. Another tip: Be sure to drink plenty of water before your meal too. This step offers the same bloat-minimizing effect and can also prevent overeating, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Cucumber Lemon Mint Water

How to Flush Gas And Bloating From Your Stomach
  • A few sprigs of mint
  • Water


Wash and slice the cucumber and lemon, and rinse the mint. Place cucumber and lemon into a water jug. Fill the jug with water, mix, and leave to steep overnight in the fridge. You can keep topping off the jug with more water for a few days until you need to change the fruits and herbs.

What does it do?

This refreshing and energizing detox water is loaded with vitamin C and vitamin A , which are both powerful antioxidants. According to Goodman, lemon interacts with enzymes to stimulate gastric juices, cleanses the arteries and blood, and helps the liver produce more enzymes and release toxins. Lemon is also known for its ability to reduce inflammation, increase mineral absorption, and improve digestion, she adds.

Now for the mint. “The mint in this water may aid digestion while providing anti-inflammatory properties,” says Palinski-Wade. “In addition, the aroma of lemon can awaken the senses and help you to feel more energized,” she adds.

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Health & Wellness5 Foods That Cause Bloating And How To Avoid It

Ditch the packaged, processed foods today . This will ensure you are taking out excess sodium, artificial ingredients and sugar from your diet. Also, ditch the salt shaker and instead use only herbs and spices to flavor your food. Youll find this can help make a big difference in how you look and feel. Even after one day!

How To Detox My Body Of Sugar : How To Detox Your Stomach Home Remedies

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How To Detox Your Stomach Home Remedies For How To Detox Body By Yoga

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Ultimate Natural Colon Cleanse Remedies To Try At Home

How To Flush Gas And Bloating From Your Stomach With Just ...

We live in a fast paced world and our eating habits reflect that. So, it is very natural for food and waste to accumulate inside the digestive system, including the colon, which is your large intestine. This accumulation of waste, undigested food, toxins is not good for your digestive system. As they say that our digestion sets the tone for the day, hence it is important to have an effective stomach cleanse in the morning. It not only improves your immune system by flushing out the undigested food, excess fluid, sodium and toxins out of your body but it also aids weight loss, reduces colon cancer risk, and improves mental health.

In this piece, we will be looking at colon cleansing herbs and what kinds of ingredients should you use to make a natural colon cleansing tea. So lets dive in!

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What Does Sea Salt Do To Your Body

Sodium and salt often get a bad name, but real sea salt is loaded with dozens of minerals and is definitely part of a healthy diet. Keep in mind theres a big difference between regular table salt, which is iodinated, and pure sea salt. The processed salts in sodium foods, especially in processed, packaged or fast foods, along with the sodium usually contribute too much salt to peoples diets and pose the most health risks .

Its necessary and natural to have some real salt in your diet, so theres nothing to worry about when it comes to ingesting some salt. Of course, if you did nothing but drink salt water, you would become extremely dehydrated. In fact, you would die because your kidneys and bladder would cause you to lose more water than youre taking in. But as long as you do a sea salt flush or use pure sea salt in moderation along with an otherwise healthy diet, you shouldnt suffer any negative consequences.

Salt water has many uses and benefits, including helping to ease sore throats, cleansing wounds, lowering pain in inflamed muscles and providing trace minerals . A little known benefit of sea salt is that it affects muscle and nerves functions. It helps contract muscles in the digestive tract that push waste out through the colon. This forces out toxins that have been trapped inside your system and are contributing to sluggishness and constipation.

How To Flush Gas And Bloating From Your Stomach With Just Four Ingredients

One in ten Americans states that they suffer from bloating regularly, even when they havent eaten a large meal .

Sometimes, bloating can become severe enough that it causes a noticeable swelling of the abdomen. Gas and bloating are usually diet-related, so you may find that a few simple changes to what you eat will do the trick. Still, if your stomach fails to settle down, theres no need to rush to the doctor or pharmacy

In this article, well talk about four natural ingredients essential oils, to be exact- that may help relieve those gas and bloating episodes. Well wrap things up by making a few other suggestions that may help.

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Do You Really Need A Colon Cleanse

10 November 21

Unless you’re prepping for a colonoscopy, probably not.

Cleaning out the colon is sometimes necessary for example, before a medical procedure, such as a colonoscopy. But some people do it in the belief that the process will rid their colon of excess toxins that accumulate over time from the foods they eat, the air they breathe, the water they drink and the lifestyles they lead.

Medical professionals say that the body comes well-equipped with its own built-in mechanisms to eliminate harmful substances: the liver and kidneys. In fact, colon cleansing that is done to help remove toxins is an unnecessary and potentially dangerous practice, especially colon hydrotherapy.

“Every week, someone asks me whether colon cleansing is safe and whether a person should be doing it,” said Dr. Jacqueline Wolf, a gastroenterologist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston and the author of “A Woman’s Guide to a Healthy Stomach” .

Wolf tells her patients there is little research on colon-cleansing methods, and that most physicians don’t believe in these treatments or advise their use.

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Risks Of Stomach Cleanse

How to Clean Your Stomach || How to Detoxify your Body || Tips to loose Weight

The National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health states that there’s no convincing evidence that detox or cleansing programs truly remove toxins from your body or improve your health. The reason for weight loss is mainly because these diets are low in calories, although there are several healthier methods of losing fat and getting a flat stomach. Risks involved in a colon cleanse may include:

  • Worsening kidney problems from drinking large quantities of juice with high levels of oxalate.
  • Loss or lack of nutrients.
  • Illness from juices that haven’t been pasteurized or treated in other ways that kill harmful bacteria.
  • Weakness, headaches, dehydration and hunger pangs from fasting.
  • Severe diarrhea from laxatives.

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Salt Water Colon Cleanse

Salt water colon cleanse involves drinking water mixed with salt on an empty stomach in order to force a bowel movement. Also known as the salt water flush, this method a is a known home remedy for constipation and colon cleanse, due to the laxative effect salt water has on the body. The idea is that when you ingest more salt than the your body can absorb during a very short time, the body is forced to make a bowel movement in order to get rid of the excess salt. When this happens, it can help to also get rid of other toxins and waste in your colon.

There are 2 major concerns with the salt water cleanse that are responsible for many of the issues people reported:

  • Salt water colon cleanse may cause unpleasant side effects such as nausea and vomiting. The salt overload may cause an electrolyte imbalance along with dehydration, bloating and muscle cramps.
  • People with high blood pressure or other health issues should be extra careful due to the sodium overload.

Got more questions or want to share your experience? Feel free to comment below!


Watermelon & Mint Refresher

Recipe courtesy of Elissa Goodman


  • 1012 fresh mint leaves
  • A pinch of Himalayan salt

What does it do?

“A proven effective digestive aid, ginger reduces gas and intestinal discomfort, helps to prevent stomach ulcers and bad bacteria from inhabiting the gut, and contains potent anti-inflammatory compounds that reduce pain and symptoms of inflammation,” explains Goodman.

According to Palinski-Wade, ginger also has the ability to relieve nausea and can even reduce blood insulin levels which may help manage weight. Fresh ginger can also protect against virusesit has the ability to prevent the common cold and soothe a sore throat. “Antimicrobial properties in ginger may help to protect the throat against infection from bacteria and viruses,” Palinski-Wade tells us. “In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties may soothe inflammation in the throat which occurs during an infection, helping to reduce pain and discomfort,” she explains.

Add a dash of peppermint essential oil to help ease digestive issues like bloating and nausea.

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