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What’s Best For Upset Stomach

What To Do About Fluids When You Have Diarrhea

Best Essential Oils for upset Stomach. Quick Relief for You!

Do drink plenty of fluid. A good rule of thumb is to drink at least one cup of liquid every time you have a loose bowel movement. Water, fruit juices, caffeine-free soda, and salty broths are some good choices. According to the Cleveland Clinic, salt helps slow down the fluid loss, and sugar will help your body absorb the salt.

Dont consume beverages at extreme temperatures. Consume all liquids at room temperature, or slightly warmed, advises Dr. Ganjhu. Anything too hot or too cold can cause nausea.

Do drink a tea with chamomile. There is some research to suggest that products containing certain combinations of herbs, including chamomile, may help an upset stomach. A study published in the journal Molecular Medicine Reports cited the potential favorable effects of drinking a chamomile preparation that is combined with other herbs, in treating diarrhea.

Dont consume caffeine or alcohol. Caffeine and alcohol can irritate the digestive tract and worsen diarrhea, according to the U.S. Library of Medicine.

Dillute your water with fruit juice. Ganjhu recommends diluting your water with fruit juices, like cranberry or apple juice, to make the H2O, which can sometimes be nauseating when you have diarrhea, easier to tolerate.

Clear Liquids With Electrolytes Can Prevent Dehydration

When an upset stomach is accompanied by vomiting or diarrhea, its easy to become dehydrated.

Vomiting and diarrhea cause your body to lose electrolytes, the minerals that maintain your bodys fluid balance and keep your nervous system functioning correctly.

Mild dehydration and electrolyte losses can usually be restored by drinking clear liquids and eating foods that naturally contain electrolytes, such as sodium and potassium.

Water, fruit juice, coconut water, sports drinks, broths and saltine crackers are great ways to restore fluid loss and electrolyte imbalances associated with mild dehydration .

If dehydration is severe, drinking a rehydration solution containing an ideal ratio of water, sugars and electrolytes may be necessary .

Summary Drinking enough fluids and replenishing lost electrolytes is important for anyone suffering from vomiting or diarrhea.

Heat Helps An Upset Stomach

Another great addition to the list of medicine-free stomach ache remedies is placing a hot water bottle or heating pad on your upset stomach. The heat increases blood flow to the skin surface and transfers the perception of pain from inside your stomach to the outside. If youre still wondering whats going on in that tummy of yours, these are the secrets your stomach is trying to tell you.

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When To Talk To Your Doctor About An Upset Stomach

An upset stomach typically goes away on its own within 48 hours. Sometimes stomach pain indicates a more serious health problem, however. Know when to speak to a healthcare professional for stomach pain.

  • Speak to a medical professional if your symptoms do not go away after a day or two.
  • If you have other symptoms such as fever, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, or blood in vomit or stool, make an appointment with your doctor.
  • Talk to your doctor if you cant keep liquids or foods down, and you notice signs of dehydration.
  • Pay attention if you notice a pattern, or you have recurring stomach pain. Maybe you have stomach pain after you eat dairy, or you get an upset stomach after eating pasta with red sauce. Maybe you regularly have an upset stomach but havent noticed a pattern. Discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

Theres no threshold for contacting your primary care provider. If you are worried or uncertain about your symptoms, call your doctors office.

How To Help Prevent Upset Stomach In Dogs

Home Remedies: Best Home Remedies For Upset Stomach ...

To help your dog maintain a healthy gut, consider giving them a prebiotic and probiotic, Dr. Aronson says. There are both prebiotics and probiotics that are made specifically for dogs, some of which are available over the counter. Be sure to ask your veterinarian if they have a particular brand recommendation.

Always talk to your veterinarian first to find out the best course of action.

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Home Remedies For Upset Stomach

The severity of an upset stomach can range from slightly annoying to extremely uncomfortable and even painful. But if treated timely and effectively, it is usually not a serious problem.

An upset stomach often is coupled with diarrhea, which is the frequent passage of stools that are loose and watery.

There can be many causes of this problem, including food poisoning, an infection, an allergic reaction, overeating, too much stress, excessive drinking, motion sickness, a side effect of medication, a gastrointestinal disease or even pregnancy.

Symptoms vary depending on the cause, but may include watery or loose stools, abdominal bloating, cramps, heartburn, chills, nausea and vomiting.

To quickly alleviate symptoms and prevent health complications, try some simple home remedies at the first sign of trouble to soothe an upset stomach and restore regularity to your GI system.

Here are the top 10 home remedies for upset stomach.


How Does It Work

Some people believe that following the BRAT diet can provide several benefits for those with an upset stomach and diarrhea. The apparent benefits include:

  • Firmer stools. The foods in the diet are starchy and low in fiber, which may cause loose and runny stools to bind more easily.
  • Gentle on the stomach. The foods are low in fat and protein, meaning that they are unlikely to irritate the stomach and put stress on the digestive system.
  • Reduced nausea. Due to their bland flavor and lack of strong smells, BRAT foods do not tend to cause nausea or vomiting.

However, these foods do not have varied enough nutrients to warrant the long-term use of this diet.

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Once You Feel Nauseated How Do You Prevent Vomiting

Vomiting can be prevented by consuming small amounts of clear, sweetened liquids such as soda pop, fruit juices and popsicles. Drinks containing sugar calm the stomach better than other liquids. Rest either in a sitting position or in a propped lying position. Activity may worsen nausea and may lead to vomiting.

For children, control persistent coughs and fever with over-the-counter medicines. To treat motion sickness in a car, seat your child so that he or she faces the front windshield .

Limit snacks, and do not serve sweet snacks with regular soda pop. Don’t let your kids eat and play at the same time. Encourage them to take a break during their snack time.

Rice Tea Alleviates An Upset Stomach

Best Foods For An Upset Stomach

To settle an upset stomach or stop diarrhea, make a rice tea. Rice tea, you say? Well, rice is part of the BRAT diet , a helpful way to alleviate upset stomach, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. Boil 1/2 cup of rice in six cups of water for about 15 minutes. Strain out the rice, then flavor the water with a dash of honey or sugar and drink warm. Try these 11 other home remedies for diarrhea.

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Health Benefits Of Having A Few Drinks

Despite the numerous harmful effects that are associated with the consumption of alcohol, several clinical research studies conducted over the last several years have analyzed the different ways in which alcohol, when consumed moderately, can actually promote a number of health benefits.

Moderate drinking is defined by the United States Department of Agriculture and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans as the consumption of no more than one to two drinks per day for men, and no more than one drink a day for women3.

My Experience Drinking With Sibo And Ibs

Since there isnt a ton of research on how alcohol specifically affects people with SIBO or IBS I think its important to share my first-hand experience.

First off, I really dont drink much just because I do notice the negative effects alcohol has on my gut.

For me, I have noticed that if I drink too much then it can cause diarrhea, fatigue, and weaken motility and gut function. Ive learned that for people who already deal with an intestinal issue, like myself, drinking a lot probably isnt going to be a good idea.

That being said, I am human and do enjoy going out with friends and socializing. Most of the time I dont drink but there are occasions where Ill have a few drinks if Im feeling up to it.

I have found that if I choose the right drinks and dont overdo them, then my body and gut can usually recover after a day or two.

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Ginger And The Stomach

From ancient times to the present day, ginger has been used as a treatment for nausea pain. Ginger has a lot going for it. It’s widely available, generally safe, and many people like the taste. But is it effective as an antiemetic?

Researchers recently looked into ginger as a health remedy for upset stomach. They were particularly interested in learning whether ginger was useful in easing nausea and vomiting during pregnancy and chemotherapy. They found that ginger is an effective and well-established home remedy for both conditions.

According to the researchers, it’s not precisely known what makes ginger effective, but it may come down to a couple of its more pungent chemicals: gingerol and shogaol. So, the next time you feel stomach pain, eating ginger may be the solution. For nausea, ginger candy, ale, tea, chews and other forms are available.

Can You Eat Eggs With An Upset Stomach

Tea for an Upset Stomach: 9 Types to Try


Mabelle Dirkse

  • Clear, non-caffeinated sodas such as 7-Up, Sprite or ginger ale.
  • Diluted juices such as apple, grape, cherry or cranberry
  • Clear soup broth or bullion.
  • Popsicles.


Irmina Gorraiz

The Best Sides to Serve with Frozen Mac & Cheese

  • Oven-Roasted Frozen Broccoli. This easy side dish doubles as a macaroni mix-in.
  • Sheet Pan Roasted Tomatoes & Mushrooms.
  • Garlic Parmesan Sweet Potatoes.
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    Licorice Can Reduce Indigestion And May Help Prevent Stomach Ulcers

    Licorice is a popular remedy for indigestion and may also prevent painful stomach ulcers.

    Traditionally, licorice root was consumed whole. Today, its most commonly taken as a supplement called deglycyrrhizinated licorice .

    DGL is preferred over regular licorice root because it no longer contains glycyrrhizin, a naturally occurring chemical in licorice that can cause fluid imbalances, high blood pressure and low potassium levels when consumed in large quantities (

    34 ).

    Summary Ground flaxseed meal and flaxseed oil can help regulate bowel movements and relieve constipation in humans. Animal studies suggest they may also prevent stomach ulcers and intestinal spasms, but more research is needed.

    How To Get Rid Of Nausea

    Nausea can be prompted by a wide variety of circumstances such as motion or sea sickness, certain medications, emotional distress, intense pain, food intolerances, drinking too much alcohol, overeating, and early pregnancy, explains Sunitha Posina, MD, an NYC-based internist.

    There are two primary ways to treat nausea: nausea medication and home remedies. Medications work in a variety of ways, depending on which drug you take. One way anti-nausea drugs work is by blocking the receptors that cause the sensation of nausea. Another way is to coat and calm the stomach. Some nausea medicines may also move food through the stomach faster.

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    How To Make Herbal Tea For An Upset Stomach

    For those wanting to whip up a quick and easy herbal tea to heal the stomach, take a look at this simple tea recipe for getting your gut feeling good fast.

    • 1 teaspoon of chamomile
    • 1 teaspoon of fennel
    • 300ml hot water

    Place the tea leaves and ginger into a tea strainer and place in your cup. Add boiling water to the cup and allow the tea to steep for 5-7 minutes. Take out the strainer and add a little honey to taste. Sit back and enjoy.

    If You Have Inflammatory Bowel Disease

    The Best Remedies For An Upset Stomach: nausea, morning sickness, indigestion, you name it!

    Inflammatory bowel disease includes Crohnâs disease and ulcerative colitis. These conditions are based in your immune system and involve a lot more than an upset digestive system, through that can be one of the symptoms. Food doesnât cause IBD, and thereâs no single diet that helps everyone with IBD. But it can help to keep a food journal so that you learn what your trigger foods are, then you can avoid them.

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    The 10 Soups You Need To Soothe An Upset Stomach

    There are foods we eat that work against us, and make us feel not that great ahem, many of our favorite comfort foods are to blame. But then there are some foods we can turn to thatll actually make us feel better when were ailing chicken noodle soup is famous for healing us when were under the weather.

    And theres a whole other kind of soup, the kind that can soothe an upset stomach. Those are the soups we have for you today.

    Soups spiked with ginger, made with miso or bubbling with broth are what you need to help heal your stomach. Here are 10 great options. Just remember: If a soup calls for a spicy ingredient , just skip it. Or if youre feeling particularly bloated, skip the recipes that call for beans.

    What Can I Do About My Upset Stomach

    Usually, you can treat your upset stomach at home with medications like:

    • bismuth subsalicylate
    • antacids containing calcium carbonate, aluminum or magnesium hydroxide
    • non-prescription strength acid-blockers containing famotidine or ranitidine

    To learn more, see “What can I do about occasional indigestion?

    When trying a non-prescription product, be sure the product is right for you. Always read and follow the label. Check with your pharmacist if you have any questions.

    See your doctor if you have trouble swallowing, pain when swallowing, blood in the stool or black tarry stools , bleeding from the rectum, fever or chills, unexplained weight loss or fatigue, chest pain, persistent vomiting, vomiting blood, moderate to severe abdominal pain, dehydration, no bowel movements for 7 days, pencil-thin bowel movements, or bowel problems that keep coming back.

    These tips are intended for adults. If your baby or child has an upset stomach, get medical advice.

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    Stick To Simple Carbs Like White Rice And Crackers

    If you aren’t vomiting or having serious diarrhea, you don’t necessarily need a liquid diet, but you should still aim for easy-to-digest foods. This means you’ll want to eat foods low in fiber since fiber can worsen diarrhea and nausea.

    There are two types of fiber:

  • Soluble fiber. This type of fiber includes foods like oats, beans, and carrots. Soluble fiber is not a good option for an upset stomach because it makes your stomach empty more slowly.
  • Insoluble fiber. This includes whole-wheat flour, nuts, and potatoes. It’s best to avoid insoluble fiber when your stomach is upset, as it can make diarrhea worse.
  • Whole grains, like oats and brown rice, are generally great for health because they contain both types of fiber. However, this is not what you want when you’re trying to relieve an upset stomach.

    “Simple refined carbohydrates like white rice, white bread, or crackers are often better tolerated” by the digestive tract, says Smith. This is because refined grains are low in fiber and they pass more quickly through your digestive tract. This means refined grains won’t sit in your stomach for long periods of time, which can trigger nausea.

    Some examples of simple carbs that you can eat on an upset stomach are:

    • Pasta
    • Crackers, such as saltines

    Lime Or Lemon Juice Baking Soda And Water

    Top 10 Foods To Eat During Stomach Upset

    Some studies suggest that mixing lime or lemon juice in water with a pinch of baking soda can help to relieve a variety of digestive complaints.

    This mixture produces carbonic acid, which may help to reduce gas and indigestion. It may also improve liver secretion and intestinal mobility. The acidity and other nutrients in lime or lemon juice can help to digest and absorb fats and alcohol while neutralizing bile acids and reducing acidity in the stomach.

    Most traditional recipes recommend mixing the following quantities:

    • 1 tablespoon of fresh lemon or lime juice
    • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
    • 8 oz of clean water

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    Treating Nausea With Home Remedies That Incorporate Food And Drink

    If you’re looking to go the more natural, home-remedy route, there are several drinks to settle nausea that can be consumed at home.

    These seven drinks that help relieve nausea can soothe your stomach when nothing else sits right. Unless you have food allergies or sensitivities, it’s a low-cost, no-risk way of managing nausea.

    Many people are surprised that just a simple glass of cold water can do the trick. Additionally, warm herbal teas such as ginger and peppermint are also among the best drinks for nausea.

    And even drinking soda works for some. These drinks may be able to help get rid of nausea better and faster than other remedies will.

    Whats Causing Your Nausea

    When your stomach is upset, even reaching for a glass of water can cause painful discomfort. But while you search for a remedy, you should consider the cause of your unease. In the case of this health symptom, the cause may be mild, but it may also be severesometimes even life-threatening.

    Some of the relatively mild causes of nausea that can lead to vomiting include food allergies, stomach flu, food poisoning, acid reflux, and migraineheadaches. Some of the more serious causes include head injury, diabetes, vertigo/stroke, heart problems, pancreatitis, appendicitis, accidental drug ingestion, bowel obstruction and cancer.

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