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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks On Stomach Male

Why Do They Happen


Stretch marks appear whenever the body goes through periods of rapid change, hence why theyre so common in teenagers going through growth spurts and women who have been pregnant. Unfortunately, if youre a man who has been overweight its also very likely that youll get some stretch marks from where your skin has stretched over excess fat.

Striae are caused by the tearing of the middle layer of the skin, which then allows the deeper layers of skin to show through. This middle layer tears when its stretched too far and the stretchy fibres break, then the skin loses elasticity. This means it cant bounce back as easily and stretch marks are formed.

Theyre not a given and some men can gain and lose weight without seeing a single stretch mark appear: these are the men who have won the genetic lottery. On the whole they are extremely common so if you do get them dont worry, they should fade over time.

If you head over to our forum youll see that stretch marks is a common worry from those who have lost weight, even if its not something that we tend to talk about much. Even one of our most impressive Amazing Losers has them, but they dont stop him from making the most of his newfound energy and zest for life.

Is there anything I can do to avoid them?

Older stretch marks which are starting to fade

Dieting Or Weight Gain

Alternatively, maybe instead of stacking on the muscle you decided to do something about your weight.

Not recognising the person staring back at you in the mirror every morning you took the bull by the horns. You started to watch what you eat. Tried a new diet. And after months of cast iron discipline you transformed yourself. Revealing the person you know was hiding underneath the layers of fat many months ago.

The only problem once again stretch marks!.

So what is the answer ?

Is there an answer ?

Will laser, creams, argan or bio oil remove your stretch marks ?

Whatever the cause it is reassuring to know that today something can be done to remove unsightly stretch marks. Technology, as mentioned earlier, has come a long way, and it is technology we turn to for the answer. Not creams , oils or butters.

But first a bit of background about stretch marks.

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

If youre trying to lose weight or pack on muscle, you need to be aware of a common mens skin problem: stretch marks.

Stretch marks are unsightly and pretty stubborn to eliminate unless you use the right mens skincare products. Weve put together an exhaustive list to help you prevent and reduce these pesky skin lines on men.

But first, some background information on stretch marks

What Are Male Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are reddish/purplish fine lines that are caused by the overstretching of skin.

When skin is overstretched, the production of collagen is disrupted collagen is the main protein found in your connective tissue and is needed to keep your skin taut.

If this process is disturbed, skin lacks the necessary support and ends up tearing, resulting in a scar. This scar is known as a stretch mark.

Theyre most common on athletes, bodybuilders and other individuals who have either lost weight or increased muscle mass too fast for their skin to adapt rapid weight loss and weight gain are the usual reasons for the appearance of stretch marks.

Ways to Prevent Male Stretch Marks

Once a stretch mark has developed, its difficult to get it to disappear completely. The best solution to male stretch marks is prevention.

1. Avoid rapid weight loss and/or weight gainWhether you want to lose fat or gain some muscle, the key is to do it gradually.

Areas to focus on include your abdomen, chest, arms and shoulders.

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks on Mens Skin

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How Much Does Stretch Mark Laser Treatment Cost

The price of your laser treatment will greatly depend on the size of the area that youd like treated and the type of laser youre getting. It could range anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per treatment, and may take 4-6 treatments. Many of the laser treatment options are the same ones used for tattoo removal.

It wont totally eradicate the stretch marks, but it will improve them, says Jaliman.

Male Stretch Marks Symptoms And Causes

How do i get rid of my stretch marks fast MISHKANET.COM

Casey Gallagher, MD, is board-certified in dermatology and works as a practicing dermatologist and clinical professor.

We tend to think of stretch marks, also known as striae distensae , as something that affects women much more than men, but that is actually not true. Men canand doget stretch marks and for many of the same reasons as women.

Although the skin is incredibly flexible, it does reach a point where it can no longer stretch without causing the tears and scarring we recognize as stretch marks.

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What Common Causes Stretch Marks In Men

There is no one exact cause for stretch marks. The medical profession think stretch marks are a combination of many factors including :

  • Genetics
    • Fast weight gain or loss
    • Muscle growth from weight training

    Also If you use corticosteroid creams for a long time such as prescription-strength hydrocortisone for eczema, you may be more likely to see stretch marks as an unwelcome side effect.

    What Are Male Stretch Marks

    For men, stretch marks can be caused by growth spurts during puberty, sudden weight gain or a quick increase in muscle mass during sports. This happens because your skin is stretched too fast and the underlying connective tissue, the support structure which gives the skin its strength and elasticity has a difficult time keeping up. How prone you are to getting stretch marks seems to be influenced by genetics and hormones.

    Stretch marks appear as rippled streaks, medically also called striae, most commonly on the stomach, chest, buttocks, thighs, and upper arms. Their appearance depends on skin type and color. On pale skin, they usually appear as red or pink to purplish-blue streaks when fresh and become thinner, paler, and rather indented over time.

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    Do Stretch Marks Go Away

    Stretch marks are more or less the same as any other scars you might have. They are permanent which is why complete stretch mark removal is not an option. However, there are certain ways and products that can remove stretch marks to a certain extent or atleast fade them. While some people consider natural remedies to be an be an effective way of removing stretch marks, others might want to opt for a stretch mark removal cream or treatments for instant effect.

    How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks On Men

    Stomach Stretch Mark Cream And Oil How To Get Rid Of Stomach Mark

    Stretch marks, known in the medical world as striae, are long, reddish lines that appear on the skin. These marks form in the middle layer of the skin, called the dermis. They are caused by rapid growth when the skin stretches past its normal capacity. For men, stretch marks often occur as a result of weightlifting, when muscles bulk up too quickly. The methods to get rid of them are the same as for women. The problem with stretch marks is they are hard to eliminate altogether. But there are ways to make them less noticeable.

    Change your workout routines. Lift lighter weights and do more reps in your exercises to promote lean muscle mass instead of size. Keep your diet under control as well. Gaining muscle and fat together can exacerbate stretch marks.

    Talk to your doctor about getting tretinoin cream. Apply this treatment as directed to the areas where you have stretch marks. This formula helps to rebuild collagen and elastin — substances that give skin its elasticity. Tretinion only works on stretch marks less than six weeks old.

    Get your skin zapped with an excimer laser to fade older stretch marks. Talk to your doctor about this procedure. The melanin gets stimulated when the laser beam hits the area of your stretch marks. The skin tone of the stretch marks then matches the pigmentation of the unaffected areas.

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    Making Them Much Less Obvious

    Right here are some points to take into consideration if you intend to make stretch marks much less recognizable:

    Some people discover that sunless self-tanners can help cover up stretch marks. This isnt real with regular tanning, however. Stretch marks are much less likely to tan so may wind up looking extra apparent. And also, the sun as well as tanning beds do even more harm than excellent when it involves the long-lasting health of your skin. Red Stretch Marks On Stomach Male

    Try utilizing body makeup matched to the tone of your skin to cover stretch marks. Although some suppliers make these cover-up items waterproof, makeup might not be the best solution if youll be investing a great deal of time in the water.

    Wear board shorts or rash guards. Swimsuit with more insurance coverage are prominent with several professional athletes since they secure versus the sun as well as dont ride up when a person steps. However these match designs also function well for hiding stretch marks on the butts, upper thighs as well as chest.

    How To Hide Stretch Marks

    While lotions and creams may not treat stretch marks, they can reduce some of the itching that occurs when they develop. You can also hide them using self-tanner or a concealer matching your skin tone but this is a temporary solution.

    Tanning can make stretch marks appear more obvious, so be careful. Also make sure that the concealer is a close match to your skin tone as it may look odd if not!.

    Concealer can also get quite messy as you may forget it is on and will end up on your clothes or bedsheets!.

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    Exercise To Boost Skin & Muscle Mass Tone

    Workout can be an enjoyable and reliable technique for repairing stretch marks after pregnancy. Also light workout, such as strolling as well as yoga, can strengthen the muscular tissues of your hips, upper legs, as well as stomach . Enhancing those muscular tissues assists to tighten up loose, stretch-marked skin and promotes quicker healing.

    Any workout will certainly do, so pick one you take pleasure in. There are numerous choices to select from, such as swimming, walking, running, weightlifting, yoga exercise, as well as pilates. Depending upon your physical fitness degree and the workout you choose, we recommend beginning with one day weekly as well as progressively increasing to 2, 3, four, or even five days each week.

    How To Use Lemon For Stretch Marks

    Pin on Plastic surgery

    Simply cut the lemon into two and apply directly on the affected areas. Then rinse off.

    • Aloe Vera

    Aloe Vera has numerous nutrients like vitamins A, C, E, and B12, as well as minerals like potassium, zinc, and magnesium. The aloe Vera plant is known to contain some powerful antioxidants.

    The aloe Vera can be used in different ways. Aloe Vera has an anti-inflammatory effect. You can make a juice from the aloe Vera plant, the gel can be added to your body lotion.


    How to use Aloe vera and Water for stretch marks?

    Youre to make a gel which will act as your scrub.

    Use a knife to remove the outer layer of the aloe vera plant and scoop the gel.

    Mix the gel with a little water.

    Then massage on the affected areas.

    Leave this for 2-3 hours and then rinse off with warm water.

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    Stretch Marks Removal Home Remedy

    • Coffee

    Coffee is one of the things you can use to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on any part of your body.

    This time, youre making a coffee scrub for this purpose.


    Tbsp. of sugar

    How to use

    After mixing all the ingredients, rub the mixture on the affected areas and leave for some minutes.

    After, that, wash off with clean water. Repeat this for days.

    • Olive oil

    Olive oil are not just known as one of those essential oils, it contains antioxidants that works

    as moisturizers and cleansers.

    Olive oil are good body scrubs and also effective in reducing stretch marks.

    The main ingredients are olive oil and water.

    How to use

    Mix the olive oil and water, and rub it on the affected areas.

    Massage for 10 mins and then rinse off.

    • Lemon

    Lemons are great skin scrubs. It is very good for reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

    Stretch Mark Removal For Men

    Men do you want to get rid of your stretch marks?.

    The good news is something can be done, the bad news is dont expect miracles.

    Treating stretch marks has come a long way recently. The old advice recommended you to apply natural oils like almond, olive or coconut.

    Today stretch marks on men can be treated using the latest laser, radio frequency, sonar and light technology. This new technology can greatly reduce their appearance so you are not so self conscious of them.

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    How Long Does It Take For Stretch Marks To Fade Away

    Stretch marks is something that take a lot of dedication and time to totally fade away.

    And how long it will take for the stretch marks to away will depend on much of the stretch marks present.

    The more obvious the appearance the longer it will take but on the average it stretch marks cloud take up to 6 months to a year or 2 to completely fade away.

    According to medical new today, women who develop stretch marks during pregnancy tend to have the stretch marks go away and become less noticeable from 6 to 12 months after giving birth.

    And for other category could take longer than 6 months or 12 months.

    How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks For Men


    After writing, how to get rid of stretch marks?, how to remove pimple marks?, and how to get rid of cellulite?, we are now writing the ways to get rid of stretch marks for men. Stretch marks are some stripes, which are usually found mostly on the abdomen skin. They are caused by tension of the skin , which in most cases, occurs either because of sudden weight loss and weight gain for men and mostly pregnancy in women. In this article, we are presenting the best ways to get rid of stretch marks for men. These stretch marks can ruined the beauty of male and every men want to get rid of stretch marks as early as possible.

    Stretch marks can be caused by genetic properties also. For example, if either one among our parent had stretch marks, it is quite obvious for you to receive that trait. Now the question is how well the appearance of your body is due to the interference of stretch marks? They can be in any part of the body, whether it is a covered or exposed part. No matter where they are, it is quite necessary to get rid of stretch marks for men because they bear an odd looking appearance, which is like a burden for you and cannot just be overlooked. There are many ways to get rid of stretch marks for men. Some are natural processes, whereas others are medical and artificial solution to remove male stretch marks. Natural methods tend to take more time in the healing process of stretch marks, but artificial ones are relatively fast in doing so.

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    Gym Bodybuilding & Lifting Stretch Marks

    Have you have worked hard adding lean muscle mass, hitting the gym regularly and sweating buckets doing your boring cardio?.

    Then watching everything that passes your lips as you know abs are made in the kitchen not gym. You have avoided sweet treats like deserts, cakes and biscuits and religious stuck to your strict clean diet day in and day out, week after week?.

    As much as you like the new you looking back at you in the mirror all this has come at a cost.

    and in the back of your mind those annoying stretch marks seem to be taunting you trying to take the shine of your hard won achievements!.

    How To Prevent Stretch Marks From Resurfacing

    Treating your stretch marks may not just go away overnight. It can take weeks. Therefore, it is important you understand how you can prevent it.

    The steps to take are:

    You must be in total control of your body: control your weight. As, weight gain is one of the culprits for attracting stretch marks.

    Take fruits and foods rich in vitamin C

    When you notice those lines. Act fast before they become visible.

    Always stay hydrated

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    How Can I Get My Stretch Marks To Go Away

    A or plastic surgeon are doctors who can help treat stretch marks. They specialize in caring for the skin. To reduce the appearance of stretch marks, they might use prescription creams, microdermabrasion, and laser treatment. But doctors don’t usually recommended these for teens because they’re still growing. So new stretch marks might appear and existing ones will probably fade a bit over time. Also, these treatments can be expensive and usually are not covered by insurance.

    Who Is At Risk For Stretch Marks

    Pin on Stretch Marks Stomach

    Everyone has the capacity to develop stretch marks, but those with extreme hormone levels or individuals with a family history of stretch marks may be more susceptible. I have heard many women call them their “tiger stripes,” a physical representation of just what their abdomen did to accommodate their growing baby.

    Outside of pregnancy, many teens develop stretch marks during puberty in response to their growing and changing body. Extreme muscle building and fluctuations in body weight may also cause stretch marks to appear as the body contour changes. The prolonged use of some medications which can thin the skin, like corticosteroids, may also cause stretch marks to appear.

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