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Does Jogging Burn Fat On Stomach

How Many Miles Should I Run Every Week To Lose Weight

does running burn belly fat

The number of miles you need to run each week depends on how fast you want to lose weight.

If you want a moderate pace, you should aim for about 3 miles per week. If you want a faster pace, you can go for 4 miles per week.

You can also mix in some strength exercises with your cardio sessions. Try lifting weights or doing resistance exercises like pushups, pullups, squats, lunges, and crunches.

You can also add sprints into your workouts. Sprinting is great for improving your cardiovascular health. It helps build stamina and improves muscle tone.

Why Aren’t I Losing Weight

A safe and reasonable rate of weight loss is about one to two pounds per week. If you are running consistently and adding strength training you may be losing weight, but you’re probably also gaining muscle at the same time.

The result is that your body is getting fitter, stronger, and leaner, but the scale may indicate a change. In fact, sometimes you may even see a weight increase. Consider using a different method to track your progress. Measure your body fat percentage, or simply notice the difference in the way that your clothes fit.

Why Do We Want To Reduce Belly Fat

People often want to lose weight because fat can cause health problems such as diabetes, heart failure and high blood pressure. Some people are genetically predisposed to these conditions so they have a higher risk of developing them if their obesity worsens. Others may not be obese but still carry the genes for those disorders this means that even with healthy diets and regular exercise they could develop one or more chronic diseases in later life due to heredity alone!

Sometimes losing belly fat is difficult because it has become a habit over time when we eat too much food at once which will result in an increased waist size overtime. The best way you might need help from someone who knows how your body operates on what type of foods work well for you instead of relying on dieting alone.

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How Does Running On A Treadmill Help You Lose Belly Fat

Just like with any other type of physical activity, the simple answer is that exercising on a treadmill burns calories. When your calorie expenditure is greater than your calorie intake, you end up losing weight rather than gaining it.

To get the most out of your treadmill workout, aim to achieve your maximum heart rate. Pushing yourself in this way sends your metabolism into overdrive and helps your body burn calories more aggressively.

Incorporate Interval Running Into Your Exercise Routine

Will Running Burn Belly Fat?

Lower-intensity runs help you burn more calories from fat, while higher-intensity runs increase your overall calorie burn.

Interval runs at various speeds increase the oxygen flow to your muscles, helping you speed up metabolism and burn calories faster.

Instead of running at the same pace all the time, switch up your pace to make the most out of your sweat time and boost your weight loss potential.

Alternate between high-intensity bursts of running at a fast pace, pushing yourself to the maximum, and slow jogging or moderate-pace walking for recovery.

A good example would be mixing five short, intense 500-meter runs with short breaks of 5-minute light jogging to rest in between the intervals.

You could also combine high-intensity runs once or twice a week with less intense, longer runs on the other days.

Always remember to begin each workout with a 5-minute warm-up and finish it with a cool down.

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Sprinting To Lose Belly Fat

Now that we know that sprinting burns belly fat, the question becomes how can you use sprinting to lose belly fat.

To burn visceral fat through sprinting, sprinting workouts for fat loss should be performed one to three times per week. Initially, these workouts can be performed at around 75% effort, and over time the training intensity can be increased as your body gets used to sprinting.

For individuals who are able to run, sprinting on grass or on a running track can be a great way to start. An example sprinting workout for beginners who want to lose fat could consist of the following:

  • Perform a thorough sprinting warm up.
  • 8-12 x 100m at 75% effort, with 30 seconds to 2 minutes rest between each sprint.
  • After warming up, this sprinting workout would only take 10 to 20 minutes to complete, and is a great option for people who are new to sprinting and want to burn fat.

    After performing this workout a number of times, you can make changes to either the distance sprinted, the rest interval between sprints, or the intensity level of the sprints.

    Here are a few examples of fat loss sprinting workout variations you can try after completing this initial workout several times:

  • 6-10 x 100m at 90% effort, with 1 to 3 minutes between each sprint.
  • 6 x 200m at 80% effort, with 1 to 3 minutes rest between sprints.
  • 8 x 150m at 90% effort, with 1 to 4 minutes between sprints.
  • Easy cycling for 5 minutes to warm up.
  • Running Has Many Other Benefits For Health

    Aside from weight loss, running has been linked to many other health benefits.

    A few specific health problems that running may help prevent or alleviate include:

    • Heart disease: A 15-year study with over 50,000 participants found that running at least five to ten minutes a day, even at low speeds, reduced heart disease risk up to 45% .
    • Blood sugar: Running can lower blood sugar by making muscle cells more sensitive to insulin. This helps sugar move into muscle cells for storage (
    • ).


    Along with weight loss, running can provide various health benefits, including a lower risk of heart disease, reduced blood sugar, lower cataracts risk, lower falls risk, stronger knees and less knee pain.

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    Best Daily Running Routine To Follow For Weight Loss & Fat Burn

    Here is one of the best daily running routines to burn fat!

    • If you are running to shed flab, we recommend running early in the morning.
    • Always start your run under the supervision of a physical trainer to avoid any muscle-skeletal injuries.
    • Start with a five-minute warm-up. Then, walk for about a minute and increase the intensity gradually by jogging for another minute.
    • For the first two weeks go for a 15-minute run interspersed with short breaks.
    • Try moderate-intensity running for 20 to 25 minutes in the third and fourth week.
    • From the fifth week, try completing an entire 30-minute run before cooling your heels.
    • A daily run may leave your body exhausted. Instead, you can try to run three days a week.
    • You can make your sprint more interesting by putting on your headphones and playing your favourite music.
    • Go ahead and add colourful athleisure outfits and a pair of comfortable running shoes to your wardrobe.
    • Always carry your safety gear, water bottle, and healthy snacks.

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    Now you know all about running, go ahead and hit the tracks to kick-start your weight loss journey.

    If you are looking for a customised and comprehensive fitness program along with a sustainable nutritional plan from top-notch weight-loss experts, visit your nearest Oliva Skin & Hair Clinic and get ready to become healthier than ever before! Join the fitness revolution today!

    Common Questions

    You Can Run For Losing

    Does Running on an Empty Stomach Burn Fat? : Cardio & Strength Exercises

    Running burns fat in your body, including your stomach, based on your energy expenditure. When the calories you use in running exceed the calories you take in, you contribute to fat loss. According to the American Council of Exercise, lower-intensity exercise uses more fat for energy, but higher-intensity exercise burns more calories. Alternating low- and high-intensity exercise burns calories and fat and reduces the chances of injury.

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    Training Tips For A Tight Tummy


    Walking puts all of the abdominal muscles to work. Make sure you swing your arms and contract your midsection while you walk, and maintain a brisk pace. Once you get your body accustomed to a daily walk, you’ll hate to go a day without it. Walk for at least thirty minutes each time to achieve the aerobic effect, and be sure to drink plenty of water.

    Weight Training

    Weight training not only helps the metabolism, but it also strengthens the bones. Adding muscle also does wonders for your energy level and self-esteem as you age.


    Yoga is equally effective at strengthening your body, especially your abs and back. It improves the posture tremendously to create a taller, leaner appearance. Pilates and many mat-based exercises are also great alternatives. The important thing is that you find an activity you like to do. This will greatly improve your odds of sticking with it.

    Treadmill Running For Weight Loss

    Running on a treadmill is a great option if you have access to a gym treadmill or have one at home. Also, if the weather isnt conducive to running outdoors, treadmills can provide an effective running workout.

    If you have limited time to work out and want to lose weight at home, I recommend Sprint 8, says Phil Campbell, renowned speed coach and creator of the Sprint 8 workout on Horizon Fitness 7.4AT and 7.8AT treadmills. The treadmill program uses short bursts of maximum effort to trigger the natural release of the beneficial growth hormone that targets fat and increases muscle tone. 20 minutes, three times a week. Its scientifically proven to reduce body fat by as much as 27% in only eight weeks with no dietary changes. Its the most efficient and effective treadmill workout for weight loss.

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    How To Lose Belly Fat While Running

    One of the traps many runners fall into is thinking that the further they run, the more belly fat theyll burn, but thats not always the case. While long-distance runs are excellent at building endurance and burning calories, theyre not necessarily the best for dealing with body fat. To lose the flab, youll have more success by mixing up your training routine.

    • Consider cross-training

    Cross-training involves picking a primary exercise, which in this case is running, and supplementing it with secondary exercises such as swimming and cycling, which are both effective at burning belly fat, to improve the gains made by the primary exercise. These secondary exercises should be low impact, to reduce the risk of injury, and should only be done for a relatively short period of time, so no more than 30 to 60 minutes per session.

    • Try trail running

    A simple way to tweak your running to lose belly fat is to head away from the roads and onto the trails. Although your pace is likely to be slower, trail running provides more of a total body workout to help you tighten up those problem areas. Jumping over logs and rocks, running up and down hills and navigating unpredictable terrain that changes with every step will work your calves, quads, glutes and belly far more than running on a flat road. If you find youve reached a weight loss plateau on the roads, working smarter, not harder, by incorporating some trails could be an effective solution for you.

    What Exercise Burns The Most Belly Fat

    Does Running Burn Belly Fat?

    When it comes to exercise and burning belly fat, running burns the most calories per hour. The faster you run the more calories you burn.

    Run at a 6 min/mile pace and you could be burning over 1000 calories per hour!

    Thats why High-Intensity Interval Training Sessions sessions are popular. You can burn large amounts of calories in just 10 to 15 minutes of exercise.

    Of course, 6 min/mile pace is really fast but even beginner runners will burn around 500 calories per hour of exercise.

    Running isnt the only way to burn belly fat. Cycling can be just as good if youre mountain biking or maintaining a fast pace. Circuit training, swimming laps, and hiking up hills are all good ways to burn calories.

    If youre new to exercise or havent exercised in a long time, its best to start off with a walking for weight loss plan. You can always switch to running when youre feeling fitter.

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    Does The Time Of Day Matter

    There is a lot of debate about this issue, what time is the best for you to run and burn the most of your belly fat. According to research, your exercise benefits are maximized when your body temperature is at its highest.

    For most people, that is between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m., though some studies extend this time to 7 p.m.

    However, the best time workout time for you depends on when you feel most motivated. Schedule your runs at a time when you know that you will complete them.

    Many experts recommend morning runs because other activities are less likely to get in the way when you get out the door early.

    However, morning workouts dont work for everyone. If youre not sure, try experimenting with different schedules to see which works best for you.

    Boosts Mental Clarity And Motivation

    Just as important, running offers many mental health benefits. Mentally, it keeps your mind sharp while also giving you a chance to clear your mind and recharge, Norris explains. Running can motivate you to set goals and give you a big boost in confidence. Running can also be social, its an inexpensive way to catch up with friends that gets you outdoors!

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    How Running Helps You Lose Weight

    Running is an incredibly popular way to exercise.

    In fact, its estimated that in the US alone, over 64 million people have run at least once in the past year .

    Running is also linked to many health benefits, and is one of the best types of exercise to help you lose weight.

    This article explains how running can help you shed unwanted pounds.

    Running On A Treadmill

    Does Running Burn Belly Fat and Love Handles Fast !! LOSE BELLY FAT FAST

    Now, when it comes to the treadmill, we must ask the age-old question does running burn belly fat? Well, that depends on how you go about it.

    When it comes to burning belly fat on the treadmill, using tools such as the incline can be very helpful. The additional buttons and tools on your treadmill are there to simulate an outdoor running experience as best they can and you should be taking advantage of it!

    Therefore, some of the best way to burn belly fat on a treadmill is both by running in intervals and trying out different inclines. Due to the limited challenges that a treadmill presents on your body, youre going to need to rev up your routine if youre looking to seriously burn belly fat.

    So, when it comes to the question, does running on a treadmill burn belly fat, we can confidently answer yes it does!

    And just an FYI, if you dont have a treadmill at home and are looking to get in your run at the gym, we got you covered check out our article on What To Wear To The Gym.

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    Running Mistake #: Your Workout Is Always The Same

    Your body is an amazing machine. Its so incredibleand designed for efficiencythat if you do the same thing over and over again, the process becomes easier.

    In the case of running, not only will running feel more effortless when repeated workout after workout , but your metabolism literally learns and reacts so that fewer calories are burned with the same exercise output.

    This is where traditional steady state running falls short on a long-term weight loss plan. Research conducted at the University of Tampa found that doing steady state cardiosuch as running on the treadmill for 45 minutes at a consistent pace thats not near maximal effort helps out with weight lossbut only initially.

    The subjects lost a few pounds in the first week and then kaput! Nothing more. The reason? Within a week their metabolism had adjusted and now didnt need to work as hard to burn off the fat.

    One of the biggest problems with just running at a steady, moderate intensity pace, is that the calories you burn are limited to the time you spend sweating.

    Once your body adapts, the benefit is limited.

    Thats why weight training is oftentimes viewed as better than just running. Lifting weights impacts your metabolism by causing mini-micro tears that need to be repaired. That healing process requires energy, which means youre burning more caloriesa process that can sometimes last for nearly two days.

    Running Exercises To Help You Lose Your Belly Fat

    Is running to lose belly fat the best solution? The trap many runners fall into is thinking that endurance runs will solve their belly fat issues. While endurance runs build endurance and burn calories, theyre not the best for dealing with body fat. Endurance runs have you run for longer, but its steady pace doesnt have the intensity runners need to lose the flab. Instead, runners should look to cross-training the variations on interval running.

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    Running With High Knees Burns Belly Fat

    High knee exercises are effective in burning belly fat. High knees are a form of intense interval training. They are great for toning your legs and quadriceps and muscles in your outer thigh and underneath your hips. While some people do not feel comfortable using high knees while running, this technique can help you tone and burn more calories than standard jogging or walking.

    This exercise is similar to walking and running in place, which both use your core muscles to support the body. High knees can improve cardiovascular endurance, boost lower-body endurance, and strengthen the abdominal muscles. As a result, it improves coordination and strengthens core muscles, which are essential for running. High knees also target the oblique muscles and are an effective way to tone your abdominals.

    This high-knees exercise is an excellent cardiovascular exercise because it uses the entire body. You dont need special equipment or a treadmill to perform high knees. In addition, you can do it anywhere you can find a flat surface. To perform high knees, stand with your arms at your side at a 90-degree angle and raise your knees to chest level. Repeat the process two or three times per side.

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