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How Much Does Stomach Balloon Cost

Is The Gastric Balloon Safe

My 6 month Orbera Gastric Balloon update- See How Much I Lost

If you are looking for a safe and reliable weight loss solution, try the gastric balloon. It does not require surgery, it is only temporary and the most common side effects last only for a few days. These problems include mild discomfort, nausea, and vomiting. Serious complications are rare. For more information on gastric balloon safety from the device manufacturer, visit these sites:

  • ReShape
  • Orbera
  • Obalon

At our clinic, your safety is our first priority. We have made many balloon placements since its inception. Our surgeon and his team have many years of experience in bariatric surgery to make us one of the safest practices. We are proud that we have no deaths in our practice and we continue to strive to be safer every day.

Worried about possible complications after surgery? Do not worry! For a period of 6 months before the balloon is removed, we meet regularly for consultations to monitor your condition and take the best possible action. Nutrition tips and balloon information are also available. Our goal is to reduce the risk of complications so you stay safe and comfortable.

About The Orbera Gastric Balloon

Orbera® is a non-surgical weight loss procedure, which means no incisions, stitches, or scars. It takes about 20 minutes most people go home the same day. And, importantly, the balloon is in place only temporarily, as opposed to permanent surgical alterations.

Its been shown that the average person loses 3.1x more weight with Orbera® than with diet and exercise alone. Heres some of the reasons why: Diets can leave you feeling hungry or dissatisfied. Orbera® helps by taking up room in the stomach and encouraging portion control.

When youre overweight, exercise can be challenging and uncomfortable. With Orbera® aiding your weight loss, physical activity can be more comfortable.

Orbera® has met the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopys Preservation and Incorporation of Valuable Endoscopic Innovations threshold standards for the treatment of obesity.

Intragastric Balloon For Weight Loss

The intragastric balloon offers a temporary, non-surgical option for weight loss. The balloon takes up space in the stomach, helping people feel fuller faster and eat less food.

Intragastric balloon therapy is part of a one-year medical follow-up program, with medical supervision, including counseling and eating behavior. Our clinic has many years of experience in clinical research helping people lose weight with balloon therapy.

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What Is The Orbera Gastric Balloon

The Orbera gastric balloon can be inserted through your mouth into your stomach via a nonsurgical procedure to slow digestion, help you feel full, and accelerate weight loss.

Orbera will stay in your stomach for six months before its removed.

Youll also have a full year of support from a dietitian, fitness trainer, and doctor, via the Orbera intragastric balloon system app, to help you develop an exercise program and transition to a healthy diet.

Interested in the Orbera gastric balloon?

The Spatz3 Weight Loss Balloon The Best Option Value For Money


When it comes to Weight Loss Balloons, theres only one balloon thats worth your consideration, the Spatz3. As the only Adjustable Gastric Balloon on the market, the Spatz3 is the only stomach balloon that can navigate the two most common complications with the Gastric Balloon Procedure. Due to our unique adjustability, we can decrease the volume of your balloon to avoid early balloon removal and extend your treatment time. Additionally, by increasing the volume of your balloon, we can ensure maximum weight loss results!

In recent US FDA trials, the Spatz3 absolutely blew the competition away, achieving almost double the weight loss results and double the overall success rates.

Boasting an 84% overall success rate, the Spatz3 was far ahead of the competition, with the closest competitor only receiving a 48.8% overall success rate. When you think about it, these numbers mean that only 5 out of every 10 patients reach successful weight loss with our competitors, whereas when using the Spatz3, 84% of patients reach successful weight loss.

With excess weight loss of 53.6%, this is in a league of its own. Our closest competitor received 38.8% excess weight loss, significantly less than our impressive results of 53.6%. With the Adjustable Gastric Balloon, you can expect weight loss results comparable to operations that are twice the price.

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How The Gastric Balloon Procedure Is Performed

The gastric balloon procedure is performed differently depending on which balloon type you choose:

Orbera, Reshape

The Orbera and ReShape gastric balloon procedures usually takes no more than a half hour to perform , and most patients are out of the hospital on the same day.

Once you are set up in the treatment room, following are the steps:

  • Your throat will be numbed with a special spray. The numbing sensation may feel strange, but it will help your throat tolerate the instruments used in the procedure. If you wish, you can also ask for an injection to make you feel sleepy, but these options will be discussed with you beforehand.
  • After you are comfortable, the nurse will insert a plastic mouth guard between your teeth to keep your mouth open for the scope.
  • The scope will be passed through your mouth and into your stomach. This will not be painful, and you will be able to breath without worry. The doctor may also need to pass some air down the scope to have a clear view. This too can be a strange feeling, and it may make you want to belch.
  • The scope will be removed.
  • The deflated balloon will be passed into your stomach and inflated with either air or saline solution.
  • The scope will be passed into your stomach one final time to double check that the balloon is in the right position and properly inflated.
  • Orbera Video

    How Much Weight Can I Lose

    Gastric balloons are a jump start for long-term weight loss. This means a balloon is only part of your weight loss journey.

    On average, patients lose about 1015 percent of their body weight after the balloon has been in place for six months. But, many people lose more weight if they make lifestyle changes while their balloon is in place and keep up with lifestyle changes after the balloon is removed.

    For example, some studies have shown that people who make lifestyle changes and get a gastric balloon lose up to 29 percent of their body weight.

    A therapist can give you coaching to help you make long-term lifestyle changes around diet and physical fitness that will encourage a lifetime of healthy living.

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    Before And After Your Gastric Balloon

    Gastric balloons are an alternative to bariatric surgery for people with lower body mass indexes. Most patients lose between 20 and 50 pounds over six months .

    Gastric balloons can be effective, they dont require surgery, and they can be placed in a matter of minutes. They are temporary, however, and require a lifestyle change, education, and support for success.

    How Does A Gastric Balloon Work

    Facts About Gastric Balloon Surgery Cost and Side Effect

    The balloon fills space in your stomach. It usually fills less than half. This slows the passage of food and liquids. It also helps you feel full, training you and your body to be satisfied with smaller meals.

    While the balloon is in place: You will work closely with a dietitian and other members of your care team on a diet and exercise plan. A food diary will be important to track your progress.

    After the balloon is removed: Your team will provide six months of close guidance and behavioral therapy to help you maintain lifestyle changes. If you want more encouragement, you can pay for an online ORBERA coach.

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    Gastric Balloon Cost Vs Other Weight Loss Procedures


    • Gastric balloon has the lowest self-pay cost
    • If your insurance covers bariatric surgery, other procedures may cost less than the gastric balloon

    Gastric balloon has the lowest total cost out of all available types of weight loss surgery. It has the 3rd highest cost for patients with insurance.

    See our Types of Bariatric Surgery page for a full comparison.

    How Your Loved Ones Can Help

    As you won’t be engaging in strenuous activity for at least eight weeks it is important you talk to a friend or relative about how they can support you with the daily necessities.

    It’s also important that your relatives or whoever is supporting you during the first few days after the procedure understand what the side effects are. If they’re buying or preparing food for you, you should show them the diet advice we will give you.

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    Potential Complications And Side Effects Of Gastric Balloon

    Most gastric balloon procedures are successful, but potential complications and side effects include:

    • , which may occur in about 50% of people

    • Acid reflux and , which may require medicine

    • Early removal for intolerance of the balloon

    • and vomiting are common right after balloon placement. Your doctor may use medicines to treat these side effects, which tend to improve after several days.

    • Stomach cramping or bloating

    Rare complications can also occur, including deflation of the balloon. This may allow it to move or migrate into the intestine, which can result in or blockage. Perforation of the stomach or bowel can also occur. With saline-filled balloons, acute is another rare, but very serious potential complication. These complications may require additional surgery or procedures.

    Will Insurance Pay For My Gastric Balloon Procedure

    Gastric Balloon Cost: Affordable Self

    Unfortunately, insurance does not pay for gastric balloon in most countries including Canada, America, the UK, and Australia.

    In the United States, most insurance companies exclude intragastric balloon from their insurance coverage plans because as Medicare states, the long term safety and efficacy of the device in the treatment of obesity has not been established.

    Canadas National Health Insurance program does not pay a penny for gastric balloon treatment, probably for the same reasons.

    Australias Health and Fund covers the procedure but only partially without paying for the major parts.

    _ The UKs NHS pays the costs of your gastric balloon treatment only if you can prove obesity is severely impacting your health.

    Gastric Balloon Final Cost

    Gastric balloon cost is not just the cost of the balloon and the procedure itself, but the added expenses that are for your life before, during, and after the procedure.

    Pre-op costs

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    What Is The Procedure For Retrieving An Implant With A Gastric Balloon

    After inserting the gastric balloon, you may experience gastric upset, nausea, or vomiting for a few days as your digestive system adapts to the presence of the balloon. Medication is recommended to manage these symptoms

    You will be limited to a liquid diet for three days after the procedure, during which you will need to drink plenty of water.

    After the first few days, you can switch to semi-solid foods and then gradually to solid foods. The duration of this transition depends on how your body adjusts.

    Benefits Of Endoscopic Intragastric Balloon

    The intragastric Balloon is NOT A SURGICAL PROCEDURE. Therefore, there are no cuts or incisions and no dissection on the inside of your body. The balloon can be removed at any point in time making the procedure completely reversible. NO BRIDGES are destroyed by placing the balloon. On the contrary, and especially in the super obese patient, the balloon can be placed to help reduce body weight in preparation for a more invasive metabolic procedure like the gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery.

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    Which Country Is The Cheapest For Gastric Balloons

    Turkey is one of many countries that can be considered a world medical tourism destination for weight loss surgery, medical treatments, or cosmetic procedures however, countries such as Germany and the United Kingdom are way off the chart because the surgery cost is incomparable while other countries in Europe or Asia may offer a lower cost for gastric balloon surgery, Turkey remains the cheapest.

    What Is The Gastric Balloon

    Cost and Return of Intragastric Balloon Procedure | Michael Snyder, MD, FACS, PC | Bariatric Surgery

    The Gastric Balloon is a weight loss procedure that inserts a deflated balloon-like device down the throat/esophagus into the stomach directly. The 15-minute long non-surgical procedure is completed while the patient is awake with only a mild sedative.

    Once the balloon is placed appropriately into the upper stomach, the doctor inflates/pumps up the balloon with saline solution to a size that reduces stomach capacity and therefore promotes weight loss.

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    How Is Gastric Balloon In Turkey Performed

    An endoscope is used to insert the balloon into the esophagus. About 20 to 25 minutes are needed for the procedure to be complete. First, a diagnostic endoscopy is performed to rule out any underlying medical issues that could interfere with the successful placement of the balloon .

    After a thorough examination, a deflated silicone elastomer balloon is placed into the stomach if no abnormalities are found. The procedure is complete once the balloon has been placed in your stomach and a filling tube attached to it has been filled with a blue liquid.

    Next, an inflatable balloon is released from its resting place in the stomach. The procedure is carried out under sedation to ensure the patients comfort. The patient is immediately awakened following its completion.

    What Is A Gastric Balloon

    A gastric balloon, clinically known as an intra-gastric balloon, is a non-surgical alternative to weight loss surgery for individuals with moderate obesity. This short-term procedure will help you lose anywhere from 25 to 60 pounds of excess weight within a period of six months. You can achieve successful weight loss when you combine this procedure with a dedicated diet and exercise plan.

    During your consultation, when you ask your surgeon about what is gastric balloon, you should also ask how much does a gastric balloon cost. This will enable you to make a cost-benefit analysis of your own, and see whether the procedure fits within your budget. In general, gastric balloon prices are significantly lower than what a bariatric surgery procedure may cost you.

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    Gastric Balloon Benefits & Risks

    Losing weight can generate many positive health effects for your body and help you avoid many serious health problems associated with obesity. But unfortunately, this can be a difficult undertaking for many individuals. Some patients visiting our clinic have tried multiple diets and exercise regimes with no results. If this is you, the intragastric balloon South Florida may be a good option for you. Lets take a look at some of the benefits this procedure offers:

    • There is no surgery involved
    • The balloon is placed temporarily and then removed
    • The gastric balloon procedure is less costly than a surgical option
    • Some patients that are not eligible for surgery may be suitable for the gastric balloon procedure
    • The gastric balloon produces permanent weight loss results

    How Do I Know If Im A Candidate

    How much gastric balloon cost?

    If you have a BMI between 30 to 40 and are over the age of 18, then you most likely are a good candidate. However, dependent on the type of balloon you choose, there may be a few restrictions. As noted from the sites of Orbera and Obalon, here are a few things that may not make you a candidate:

    • You have a history of IBS, Crohns disease, or any other bowel related issue.
    • You have an untreated alcohol or drug addiction.
    • You are pregnant or nursing.
    • You have been diagnosed with an eating disorder or your daily diet consists of many high calorie liquids.
    • You have ever had a prior weight loss surgery other than another balloon.
    • You have had prior surgeries that led to a narrowing of your GI tract.
    • You are unable to swallow a pill sized balloon.

    Of course, the best route to take to find out if you are a candidate is to contact South Florida Center for Weight Loss Balloons today! Theyll provide you with insight to the procedure and help you determine if its the right choice for you.

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    Does A Gastric Balloon Require Frequent Follow Up Doctor Visits

    Anyone choosing to undergo a Gastric Balloon procedure must be aware of the time commitment the procedure requires. After the Gastric Balloon is inserted, patients will need to follow up with our doctor once a month for the entire six-month period the balloon is in place. During these follow up visits, your overall health and weight loss progress are monitored and evaluated. Patients are advised to continue monthly doctor follow up visits for six months after the balloon is removed. These visits are intended to make sure your weight loss plan is a continued success.

    Is A Gastric Balloon Safe

    Gastric balloon is very safe and predictable procedure. The FDA has given its approval to both Orbera and Obalon weight loss balloon systems. The incidence of serious side effects and complications is very low. However, to ensure your safety, you should choose a reliable bariatric surgeon in Mexico.

    In addition, the following guidelines will help you achieve safe outcomes:

    Do not choose this procedure if you have had a prior bariatric surgery to avoid the risk of stomach perforation. Avoid the use of blood thinners such as aspirin as well as NSAIDs for a few days before and after your procedure. Follow your medical providers guidelines related to nutrition and exercise after your gastric balloon procedure.

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