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How To Lose Stomach Fat Without Surgery

Want To Flatten Your Stomach Without Surgery Consider Bodytite

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat WITHOUT SURGERY

There are few features more attractive and in-demand than a flat stomach and trim waistline. Unfortunately, this look can be particularly challenging for many of us to achieve with diet and exercise alone. While traditional cosmetic surgery can certainly address extra belly fat and loose skin, some men and women prefer a less invasive solution. For these patients, nonsurgical BodyTite offers a number of compelling benefits.

Board-certified internist Dr. Dale Prokupek and the acclaimed team at Aesthetic Body Solutions in Beverly Hills, CA are committed to offering the most current and effective treatments available today to help men and women achieve their desired physique. Read on to learn more about BodyTite fat reduction and skin tightening here, and find out how this revolutionary treatment can finally give you the sexy stomach youve been dreaming of.

Who Could Benefit From This Treatment

This treatment is best suited for those who already have a healthy routine in place because its a fat removal technique rather than a weight-loss tool. We see clients of all ages, genders, and walks of life who use contouring cryolipolysis to achieve the body they want.

Cryolipolysis treatment at Persona Med Spa is a unique way to freeze away fat on your schedule. Below we highlight the best reasons to book an appointment for cryolipolysis and take a look at who could most benefit from this treatment.

Ways To Lose Belly Fat

In the previous post, the best ways to lose belly fat, we learned what causes stomach fat and why belly bulges are so hard to lose. Understanding the physiology of abdominal fat will help you discern which solutions work best, and which solutions are not real solutions at all.

Read on to learn how to lose belly fat safely and permanently.

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Can You Get Rid Of Fupa Without Surgery

3 Best Exercises to Lose FUPA

Any kind of exercise will bring about two definite and positive changes in your body: it will kill your stress and will boost your energy levels! As mentioned earlier, stress is a big contributor to FUPA, so exercise will definitely help you combat stress and get rid of FUPA.

Coolsculpting: The Fastest Way To Lose Belly Fat Without Surgery

Reduce Belly Fat Without Surgery

Heres how it works: CoolSculpting targets and freezes away unwanted fat cells using a process called cryolipolysis. The treated cells are then naturally eliminated from the body over time. And because theres no surgery involved, theres typically little to no downtime needed so you can get back to your normal routine quickly.

In clinical studies, CoolSculpting has been shown to reduce belly fat by an average of 20-25%. So if youre looking for a non-invasive way to achieve a flatter stomach, CoolSculpting may be the ideal solution for you.

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Scheduling Your Liposuction Or Nonsurgical Fat Removal Consultation

The best way to make a choice between liposuction, CoolSculpting, truSculpt, BodyTite, and other non-invasive forms of fat reduction is to seek the advice of a board certified cosmetic surgeon. They can walk you through your options during a personalized cosmetic surgery consultation and help you determine which might be the best fit for you. Use our Find a Surgeon tool to help discovered board certified cosmetic surgeons in your area.

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What To Expect During Your Treatment

During your treatment, well apply the CoolSculpting applicator to your abdominal fat while you relax. You can read a book, catch up on your favorite shows, scroll social media, or just take a nap. Its up to you!

You can expect to feel a cooling sensation as the device begins to work its magic. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, but as you adjust to the temperature, you should not even notice the cold sensation.

Dont worry. The cold will not damage your skin or surrounding tissue. This is because CoolSculpting precisely cools to a temperature that only affects fat cells, leaving surrounding tissue untouched. Technology for the win!

CoolSculpting is often called a lunchtime procedure. This is because it typically takes around 30 minutes it may take longer depending on the size of the area being treated. In some cases, we may be able to treat more than one area at once . Once finished, you can go about your day as usual.

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Keeping Your Tummy Flat After Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting can give you a flatter tummy for a long time, provided you do what you can to keep it flat. The fat destroyed by the treatment wont come backits gone for goodbut remaining fat cells can grow bigger. To keep your tummy flat afterwards, its a good idea to stick to a healthy diet and to keep up an exercise program. You can discuss options for diet and exercise with your provider.

The Top Reasons Why Youre Not Losing Belly Fat

Dr. Clevens | What’s the best way to lose stubborn belly fat without surgery?

The following are some reasons why its hard for you to lose belly fat fast.

1.Sleep deprivation:

You might wonder what lack of sleep has to do with your inability to lose fat, but the truth is that it can have a negative impact on your cortisol balance. Insomnia is a major reason why your exercise is not paying off. You need to be well-rested and mentally well if you want to shed that weight.

2. Sugar:

You cannot keep on having sugar in your diet if you are serious about losing your belly fat. A high sugar diet will only cause more belly fat to stick to your body, and that will increase your problems further.

It does not matter if you are not having calories otherwise because the sugar will undo all your efforts. Try to eliminate sugar and saturated fats from your life completely.

3. Stress:

Stress is one of the biggest obstacles on your path to shedding off abdominal fat. Anxiety and stress will not only add more fat to your belly, but it will also thwart all your current efforts. The stress hormone, Cortisol, plays a key role in depositing central adipose tissue.

When you are stressed, the amount of cortisol increases in your bloodstream and that makes it difficult for the fat to shift. You need to lower your stress through meditation or yoga.

4. Over-exercising:

More is not always more, and that is a key thing to remember when talking about exercise. You might wonder why your belly fat is not disappearing even though if you are exercising the entire day.

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Can You Lose Weight And Not Have Saggy Skin

Whether you can lose weight without loose skin depends on how much weight you shed. If you lose a small or moderate amount, then it’s certainly possible to have no loose skin after weight loss.

But skin sagging is far more likely when you lose a large amount of weight quickly , which is often the case if you have bariatric surgery or follow a medically prescribed very-low-calorie diet, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

That’s because after your skin stretches to accommodate a larger body size, it often doesn’t maintain the elasticity it needs to bounce back, per UConn Health.

Your age also plays a role in whether you’re able to lose weight without excess skin. When you age, your skin naturally starts to lose elastin and collagen, per the Cleveland Clinic. And the less elastin and collagen you have, the less resilient your skin will be .

The follow traits can also factor into whether you’re able to lose weight without loose skin:

  • Your genetics can influence your skin health , per July 2012 research in Dermato-Endocrinology.
  • Too much sun exposure can be harmful to your skin and potentially contribute to looser skin, according to Harvard Health Publishing.
  • Smoking can damage skin elasticity and lead to sag, per the Mayo Clinic.

How Coolsculpting Helps To Flatten Your Tummy

The basic premise of Coolsculpting is this: freezing temperatures destroy fat. During Coolsculpting, the area you want to treat is subjected to freezing temperatures for about an hour. As the fat freezes, it condenses into one area, so at the end of the treatment, its not uncommon for people have a lump beneath their skin. The lump looks a bit like a stick of butter. At the end of the treatment, the provider massages the lump to help break it up, speed up the lymphatic drainage process and minimize any swelling.

Coolsculpting is performed without any anesthesia, as the pain is minimal. Its common to feel a sucking sensation and to feel a deep chill at the start of the process. But, as the treatment continues, the tummy area becomes numb and people typically dont feel anything more.

It takes about an hour to treat one area with the Coolsculpting applicator. Depending on what you want treated, you might need to sit through multiple treatment sessions or spread your treatments out over a few days or weeks. Mirror Mirror Beauty Boutique happens to be one of the only providers of Coolsculpting in the Houston area to also offer Dualsculpting, or fat removal using two Coolsculpting applicators at once. Dualsculpting lets you treat both love handles at once, for example, so that you flatten your tummy in half of the time.

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The Benefits Of Reducing Belly Fat

Knowing how to lose belly fat can help greatly improve your physical health, as well as make you feel better about yourself. When you learn how to lose belly fat, you can gain a feeling of empowerment and self-confidence. Feel amazing every time you step out on the town in your favorite little black dress or every time you take your shirt off at the gym or beach to play some volleyball.

How Fast Will I See My Results

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In general, you should start to see results within two to four weeks after your treatment, with full results visible after about two months. After liposuction, CoolSculpting is arguably the fastest way to lose belly fat in adults who are at a healthy weight and just need to reduce stubborn excess fat bulges.

As a general rule, most patients require a minimum of three sessions to see the full desired result. While this takes longer than a liposuction procedure, which is usually a one and done with immediate results, CoolSculpting offers a non-surgical, non-invasive approach to belly fat reduction.

If youre looking for an even more dramatic transformation, you may want to consider combining CoolSculpting with another procedure, such as CoolTone for muscle toning or skin tightening using Thermage or RF-microneedling.

The best part is that all of these procedures are non-surgical. Again, technology for the win!

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Aim For Gradual Weight Loss

Fortunately, there are some tips for how to avoid or prevent loose skin when losing weight. The first? Aim for slow, gradual weight loss to minimize stress on your skin.

When you lose weight at a safe and sustainable rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week, you give your body including your skin time to adapt, per the Mayo Clinic. This is typically accomplished by creating a calorie deficit of 500 to 1,000 calories per day through eating less and moving more, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Yo-yo dieting also encourages loose skin. Repeatedly stressing your skin with quick weight loss and gain can exhaust its elasticity, which may lead to sagging, per Princeton University Health Services.

Accordingly, don’t crash diet or try fad programs with extreme tactics like only eating one type of food or banning entire nutritional categories, per the Cleveland Clinic. Instead, adopt a weight-loss plan that prioritizes nutritious whole foods and moderate portion sizes so you can lose weight and maintain it in the long term.

While this isn’t a foolproof way to prevent sagging skin during weight loss , gradually shedding pounds may help you to avoid some loose skin after weight loss.


Losing weight too quickly can also cause you to lose muscle in addition to fat, which can hamper further weight loss because muscle burns lots of calories, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

How To Choose Between Liposuction And Noninvasive Fat Reduction Procedures

Areas of unwanted, diet- and exercise-resistant fat are a common concern for many cosmetic surgery patients. Whether it comes in the form of a persistent stomach pooch after pregnancy, areas of fat around the thighs that wont budge, or bulges along the flanks and back, localized fat can be difficult to get rid of permanently.

Liposuction has been one of the most popular and top performed cosmetic procedures for many years, and with good reason. This surgical procedure safely, effectively, and permanently reduces fat and refines the bodys contours.

In recent years, nonsurgical or minimally invasive alternatives to liposuction have been gaining popularity. These body contouring treatments typically do not require an incision or anesthesia, and they often come with less downtime.

Read on to learn the difference between the two fat reduction approaches and discover which one might be right for you.

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Tighten The Loose Saggy Lower Belly Skin

If the skin on your lower belly is flappy and loose after losing a lot of weight then there are some natural solutions you can use to tighten it back up. Now your skin is the biggest organ on your entire body and its biggest protein is collagen .

Collagen is like the structural support for your skin. It holds everything together nice and tight. Without collagen, your skin will slowly lose its firmness and strength . As we age our collagen production naturally goes down which is why we start to get more wrinkles, saggy skin, and age spots .

If youve been overweight for a long time then your collagen fibers were most likely damaged. This is why your lower belly is remaining loose and saggy. Your skin has lost its ability to snap back and retract. This is why losing the weight when youre younger gives you better results with losing the belly overhang.

But the good news is studies have found supplementing with collagen is very effective for improving skin elasticity . Taking collagen will help to plump and perk back up your loose saggy skin making it appear smoother and tighter .

I use and recommend Ageless Collagen since it contains all 5 of the right types of collagen you need for maximal results. I just toss a scoop in my daily protein shake and cant even taste that its in there.

Make A Healthy Diet Plan

how to get rid of stubborn belly fat without surgery

A healthy diet plan is vital in any weight loss journey. Eat food with essential fatty acids like green leafy veggies and fish to balance your hormones and cell functionality.

Try to avoid sugary drinks or junk food, which are high in calories. Consider your calorie intake and food portion size seriously to reduce fat swiftly.

Keep unhealthy food like snacks and beverages at a place where you less interact with them. In this way, you will be less likely to crave unhealthy food.

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Lose Stomach Fat With Vaser Shape

Patients are losing inches without losing time at work or play with this non-invasive fat reduction procedure.

There is a new technology available that’s providing patients with immediate circumferential reduction of as much as 2 inches without any downtime or surgery. VASER Shape uses ultrasonic waves to destroy fat cells which are flushed out of the body naturally and provide patients with significant results in only one hour.”What we’re finding with the VASER Shape is an immediate reduction in the patient’s abdomen. We have circumferential reduction in the abdomen girth of anywhere from 1 to 2 inches,” says Dr. George Davis who offers VASER Shape in The Woodlands, TX. He purchased the new device for his office after extensively researching the other devices currently available for non-invasive fat reduction such as Zeltiq and Zerona. He says, “When this came out and I knew what could happen with it, I thought this was the best technology out there right now.”

How To Get Rid Of A Fupa Without Surgery

The Possible Ways to get rid of FUPA with the right diet:

  • Consume good carbs

Carbs such as bread, flour, rice, etc can contribute to significant weight gain in the abdomen. So, cut these types of carbs in your diet chart followed by switching to the complex healthy carbs and brown carbs. The good carbs include brown bread, sweet potatoes, barley, amaranth, quinoa, oatmeal among others.

  • Healthy spices

Recent studies show that spices tend to add taste right to your food, help burn fat and reduce inflammation. Further, they can also speed up the body metabolism, kick out excess abdominal fat and control the blood sugar rates.

Below is a list of herbs that are linked to belly fat burning:

  • Ginger
  • Cayenne pepper etc.
    • Drink more water

    With pretty of water, we can keep ourselves hydrated and full. Dont fight your empty stomach or hunger when trying to burn abdominal fat, let water be accompanying you in this specific journey. Further, water also helps during workouts.

    • Consume more vitamin C

    In many cases, stress is an essential contributor to weight gain because it can lead to hence fat accumulation and binge eating. Vitamin C is tested and approved to help cut down excess calories and still acts as a stress reliever. Get vitamins C from eating things like mango, pineapple, citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, delicious berries, etc.

    • Yummy yogurt

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