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What Doctor Should I See For Stomach Pain

When Should You Consult A Doctor

Dr Lavan: Abdominal pain – how urgently should you see a doctor?

When your stomach starts to growl, its usually not a bad thing. But some of the same symptoms should make you go to the doctor right away. Following are some symptoms alerting you to consult a doctor-

  • Persistent constipation
  • Constant pain in the abdomen
  • Persistent diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Blood in your stool

If gurgling and other symptoms start-up in people who have an intestinal infection or inflammation, they should go to the emergency room to avoid dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, and other problems. Its also important to get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet, and only take medicine if a doctor tells you to.

Treatment for a bowel obstruction depends on what caused the obstruction in the first place. Regardless, treatment should be done in a hospital to avoid problems.

If you think you have a hernia, you should see a doctor right away. Surgery may be an option based on the severity. Getting surgery can help avoid more problems, such as the strangulation of an abdominal organ .

Definitive Reasons You Should Go To The Er For Stomach Pain

Before we get into cases that require some interrogation of whether or not you should go to the ER, its important to cover those cases of stomach pain that, without question, require emergency medical assessment and treatment. If you meet any of the following conditions and youre experiencing severe stomach pain, seek medical attention immediately.

When To Go To The Er With Stomach Pain

You should seek immediate medical attention or go to the ER if you have:

  • Constant or severe abdominal pain
  • Pain associated with a high fever
  • Changes in pain intensity or location, such as going from a dull ache to a sharp stab or starting in one area and radiating to another
  • Pain accompanied by other serious or unusual symptoms, such as difficulty breathing or change in behavior
  • Pain localized to one particular area
  • Right lower quadrant could indicate appendicitis
  • Right upper quadrant could indicate cholecystitis or a gallbladder infection
  • Left lower quadrant could indicate diverticulitis or a colon infection

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How Long Have You Had Your Abdominal Pain

Indigestion, gas, or bloating usually doesnt linger. It strikes while your digestive system is dealing with the offending food items, and then it passes after that food is digested or passed through to your large intestine. As our doctors at Manhattan Gastroenterology, you should see a gastroenterologist or digestive system doctor if you are taking an antacid daily to alleviate your heartburn. Relying on antacids is not a proper solution and can cause other health conditions. If you are experiencing abdominal pain for any prolonged period of time, even if its not severe, consult your digestive doctor. Pain should never linger! Most importantly, this article is only meant as a guide, not as a self-diagnostic tool. When in doubt, your rule of thumb should be to consult a digestive system doctor or gastroenterologist.

You Have Experienced Severe Abdominal Trauma

What Doctor Should I See For Stomach Problems

You see this phrase abdominal trauma thrown around a lot when discussing when to go to the ER for stomach pain, but rarely is it explained. Abdominal trauma typically occurs as a result of an accident, such as a car crash or a sports injury. It can involve a severe compression or displacement of the internal organs, such as when a seatbelt strains against your stomach in a car accident.

This type of abdominal trauma can also be caused by physical abuse. Finally, abdominal trauma can also be the result of penetrating wounds to the stomach, including knife and gun wounds.

If you have recently been the victim of abdominal trauma and are experiencing stomach pains, now is not likely the best time to question when to go to the ER for abdominal pain. Seek treatment immediately.

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Who Is The Best Doctor For Spine Surgery

Many years ago, neurosurgeons were primarily responsible for spine surgery, but in the past 20 to 25 years spine surgery has evolved so that both neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons specialize in spine surgery, and for most of the typical spine operations both types of surgeons are equally well qualified.

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The Pain Is Sudden Sharp And On One Side Of Your Pelvis Followed By Dull Pain In Your Lower Abdomen

Sometimes this specific type of stomach pain signals a ruptured ovarian cyst. Ovarian cysts are masses that often form from the follicles that are a key part of ovulation, per the Mayo Clinic. If a follicle grows in preparation for ovulation but doesnt actually burst to release an egg, as it should, that can create a cyst. Other times, cysts form when a follicle does burst but continues to accumulate fluid. Even though it sounds kind of bonkers, this isnt always an issue. Sometimes ovarian cysts dont cause any symptoms and eventually go away on their own, the Mayo Clinic explains. But if one bursts, it can hurt. A lot.

A ruptured ovarian cyst is associated with sharp pains, which will last for a whilefollowed by some dull pains, Mary Jane Minkin, M.D., a clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology and reproductive sciences at Yale Medical School, tells SELF. The pains are often on the side, but the lasting discomfort tends to be toward the middle. This can vary, thoughheres more of a deep dive into how ovarian cyst pain can present.

A ruptured ovarian cyst isnt necessarily a problem, but if its especially painful or if you also experience fever, vomiting, cold and clammy skin, rapid breathing, and lightheadedness, call your doctor to see if they can get your ovaries in line or address whatever else may be causing your stomach pain.


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When To See A Doctor For Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain can be a sign of serious illness. It can be caused by appendicitis, abdominal aortic , ectopic pregnancy, or even a perforated colon, for example. These are emergency situations that require immediate medical care. Go to your local emergency department as soon as possible if you:

  • Have blood in your stool or urine

  • Canât touch your abdomen because itâs too tender

  • Are pregnant

  • Had a trauma or injury to the abdomen within the previous few days

  • Are unable to stand up straight because of severe pain

You should also see your doctor as soon as possible if the pain has lasted more than a few days, you havenât had a bowel movement for more than a few days, or you have pain when you urinate.

Abdominal Pain Treatment At Home

When should I contact a doctor with stomach pains?

If your is not severe, you may be able to manage the pain at home with a heating pad or over-the-counter medications, such as antacids or pain relievers. However, if you believe your pain is caused by stomach irritation, do not take ibuprofen or aspirin, as these can irritate your stomach further.

If the pain does not go away within a day or two or you seem to be getting worse instead of better, it is best to see your doctor for evaluation. Here are some tips for caring for yourself at home:

  • Pain related to gas and intestinal issues: If your abdominal pain seems to be related to something you eat or drink, try eliminating this from your diet for several weeks to see if the pain returns.

  • : Eating food contaminated with bacteria that causes food poisoning can cause serious abdominal pain, vomiting and . In most cases, this will pass within 24 to 48 hours. It is essential to drink as much fluid as possible to keep from becoming dehydrated during this period. However, if you start passing blood in your stool, you become dehydrated, or you get worse instead of better, see your doctor as quickly as possible.

  • Gas: Gas in your stomach and intestines can be very painful. Over-the-counter medications that help your body digest food can help reduce the amount of trapped gas. Physical exercise and hot baths can also help move the gas.

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When Is Abdominal Pain Serious

All abdominal pain is not created equal. Its important to know which types of stomach pains are worrisome. You may need to know when to check with the doctor, and when to take something over-the-counter and wait for the pain to subside. By having a good idea of which pains are significant and which are common, most of the time we can take care of many common issues at home.

There are a lot of structures in the abdomen, including organs like the stomach, appendix, intestines, kidneys, gallbladder and liver. The majority of stomach pain comes from things like overeating, gas and bloating, or eating something that causes some digestive upset for a short period of time. Cramping and an uncomfortably full feeling often comes from digestive concerns that arent serious and will go away in an hour or two. But localized pain thats not going away, or thats getting worse, could be the sign of something more serious.

Should I Be Getting Screened Regularly For Colon Cancer Or Other Gi Tract Cancers

As of 2021, the United States Preventative Services Task Force and major GI medical societies recommend that adults at average risk for colorectal cancer are regularly screened beginning at age 45.

People who have a family history of colorectal cancer or other GI tract cancers, including stomach or pancreas cancer, or a history of GI conditions like inflammatory bowel disease may need routine cancer screening earlier than age 45.

Talk your primary care physician about your risk and ask if you should get tested.

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Three Things To Look For With Stomach Pain

Suhail Sharif, MD, a general surgeon at Medical City Fort Worth and Medical City Alliance says there are three things you should look for that can help diagnose the source of abdominal pain, including:

  • Type of pain: Is it a dull, achy, constant pain? Or more of a sharp, stabbing pain that comes and goes? This can tell doctors a lot about what might be going on.
  • Location of pain: Pinpointing the exact location can be difficult, but try to narrow it down to the upper abdomen, the lower abdomen, the right side or the left. The abdomen has multiple organs, Dr. Sharif says, and as such any organ can cause abdominal pain.
  • Additional symptoms: Are there other symptoms associated with your abdominal pain, such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, bloating or indigestion? Your doctor will take all of these into account when making a diagnosis.

Gut Feeling: How To Know If Stomach Pain Is Serious

Should You See a Doctor for Sharp Stomach Pain?

Abdominal pain is the single leading reason for emergency room visits in the U.S. according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, accounting for more than 12 million of the nearly 139 million annual ER visits. Most people call it stomach pain, but it’s not always a stomach problem. Your abdomen holds many other organs, too, including your intestines , pancreas, liver, gallbladder, kidneys, spleen and appendix.

So its not surprising that, just as with chest pain or a headache, it can be difficult to tell whats really going on in there when your tummy’s not feeling well. Add in other vague symptoms such as nausea and vomiting and you could have the stomach flu, food poisoning, gallstones, kidney stones or any number of other conditions.

Here are some ways to tell what the source of your pain is and when you should seek medical care.

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Why You Should Avoid Back Surgery

One of the primary reasons why back surgery should be avoided is the risk. All surgeries carry the risk of infection, excessive bleeding, and nerve injury. Not to mention many people dont like being put under general anesthesia or that they may have to use potentially addictive pills to manage the pain after surgery.29 2020 .

Should You See A Neurologist For Back Pain And Neck Pain

People manage chronic back and neck pain in different ways. Some try stretching or alternating heat and cold at the source of the discomfort. Others turn to over-the-counter pain medicine and a stoic demeanor. Acute pain often goes away without medical treatment, but dont ignore chronic and persistent pain that lasts for weeks, months, or years. Weakness, numbness, tingling or pain radiating into an arm or leg are important symptoms that need evaluation by a physician. Talk to your doctor to determine the cause of the problem. Your primary care physician may refer you to a specialist, such as a neurologist, to help determine the cause of your back pain.

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You Have A Gnawing Pain That Sometimes Wakes You Up At Night But Eases When You Eat

A burning pain centered in the upper part of the abdomen is the most common symptom of a peptic ulcer, a sore that forms in the lining of the stomach or intestine. An ulcer can leave you feeling full or bloated, and you may notice that an empty stomach makes things worse. Peptic ulcers are no fun, but the real reason to seek treatment is that they can cause internal bleeding, leading to anemia or burn all the way through the wall of the stomach, which can lead to a dangerous infection. Other dangers from a long untreated ulcer include a heightened risk of cancer.

Good to know: People used to think that ulcers were caused by stress, until a boundary-pushing researcher intentionally swilled broth laced with a bacteria called Helicobacter pylori, developing the early stages of an ulcer as a result now, antibiotics are a common part of treatment. Also important: Avoid overuse of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory meds, such as ibuprofen and naproxen, which can also raise your risk of getting an ulcer.

When Is It Time To See A Doctor For Hip Pain

When a to see a doctor about a stomachache

Hip pain is one of the commonest reasons for which patients come to see me. Usually patients with true hip joint pain suffer from pain located in the groin, but they can also have buttock pain, pain on the side of the hip, and pain in the knee below. Pain traveling down the back of the leg from the buttock to below the knee usually indicates a problem in the lower back , and not the hip joint.

When a disease, inflammation, wear and tear, or other issue affects one of these parts, you may experience pain.

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You Have Undergone Certain Procedures

After certain types of surgical procedures, moderate to severe stomach pain could indicate a serious complication. These procedures include:

  • Abdominal surgery
  • Bowel resection
  • Colostomy
  • Gastric bypass
  • Gastrointestinal procedures

If you are experiencing stomach pain after one of these procedures, do not hesitate. Head to the emergency room as soon as possible.

What Home Remedies Soothe Abdominal Pain In Adults

Abdominal pain without fever, vomiting, vaginal bleeding, passing out, chest pain, or other serious symptoms often get better without special treatment.

  • If the pain persists or if a person believes the pain may represent a serious problem, they should see a doctor.
  • A heating pad or soaking in a tub of warm water may ease the pain.
  • Over-the-counter antacids, such as Tums, Maalox, or Pepto-Bismol, also can reduce some types of abdominal pain. Activated charcoal capsules also may help.
  • Acetaminophen may help. This product should be avoided if liver disease is suspected. Patients should try to avoid aspirin or ibuprofen stomach or intestinal ulcer disease is suspected these drugs can make the pain worse.

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Chapter : Consulting A Doctor For Right Groin Pain

Right groin pain can be effectively managed and treated. The correct diagnosis is the key to receiving appropriate groin pain treatment. A general surgeon can best diagnose groin pain on right side and suggest the way forward based on the severity of your condition alongside your body type, dietary factors, and other lifestyle factors. If you face severe groin pain symptoms, you must see a general surgeon right away. At MFine, we enable the patients to live a healthier life with modern medical services.

We ensure that the best groin pain treatment programs are made available to our patients for every stage of the condition. Get in touch with our team of highly-qualified doctors and healthcare professionals for any medical advice or assistance. We, at MFine, provide you with a holistic healthcare treatment program as per your bodily needs and requirements. You can also check our MFine app for a list of the best general surgeons in your city with whom you can chat or video call to get answers for your medical queries!

Get in touch with top general surgeons to get a personalized treatment plan for your groin pain now!

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Should I See A Doctor If I Get Stomach Pains When I Am Stressed

When Should You See A Doctor For Stomach Pain

You should be seeing your primary care physician at least once a year, and you should tell them if you often have stomach pain or GI discomfort.

If your primary care physician identifies symptoms of a chronic GI condition or other warning signs, they may refer you to a gastroenterologist like myself. A gastroenterologist can help determine if your stomach pain or GI symptoms are related to stress, or due to another condition that requires different treatment.

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