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What’s Good For Settling Your Stomach

How Alcohol Works In Your Body

Quick Tips for How to Settle an Upset Stomach

Like any other food or drink you consume, alcohol will move from your mouth, through your esophagus, and eventually reach the stomach.

Once in the stomach, about 20% of the alcohol you drink is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, whereas the remaining 80% will be absorbed by your small intestine 1.

Alcohol traveling through the bloodstream will eventually reach the liver, where enzymes including alcohol dehydrogenase or cytochrome P450 , as well as the enzyme catalase, which can be found in various different parts of the body, can then metabolize it.

The remaining alcohol that does not get metabolized will leave the body through urine, saliva, or sweat.

Does Ginger Ale Really Help With A Stomachache

When you feel a stomachache coming on ugh, it’s the pits.

Symptoms like nausea, indigestion, heartburn, stomach cramps and bloating can make your day suddenly go from pretty good to totally bleh.

The list of remedies for an ailment as common as a stomachache can be overwhelming: drink water, drink tea, drink apple cider vinegar, chew on peppermint leaves, soak in the tub, avoid lying down the list goes on and on.

But one of the most commonly recommended cures is also one of the most misunderstood: ginger ale.

“We’ve all heard it: To calm an upset stomach, drink ginger ale,” says Dr. Shilpa Vaidya, internist at Houston Methodist. “But, like many simple health remedies that get passed down, you have to take it with a grain of salt.”

For Nausea And Vomiting

Last nights Chinese take-out leftovers seem like a great meal ideauntil your stomach clearly begins to disagree with you. Nausea and vomiting are one of your bodys major defenses against food poisoning, and can also arise from problems like motion sickness and overeating. While the best way to cure an upset stomach from most cases of food poisoning is to let your body rid itself of the bacteria causing your discomfort, over-the-counter antiemetics can come in handy when dealing with nausea and vomiting symptoms caused by motion sickness and certain other conditions. There are two main types of OTC medications used to treat nausea and vomiting:

  • Bismuth subsalicylate, the active ingredient in OTC medications like Kaopectate® and Pepto-Bismol, protects your stomach lining. Bismuth subsalicylate is also used to treat ulcers, upset stomach and diarrhea.
  • Other medicines include cyclizine, dimenhydrinate, diphenhydramine, and meclizine. These can be found in medicines such as Dramamine, Bonine, or others, and they dull motion sickness by acting on your brain. They block messages from reaching the part of the brain that controls nausea and vomiting

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Alcohol With Sibo Ibs And Other Gut Issues

Currently, there are no direct associations linking alcohol consumption to SIBO, however, it has been reported that alcoholics have higher rates of SIBO, therefore the connection between these two factors is important to consider.

In a recent study conducted in 2014, researchers studied a total of 196 patients, 93 of whom had tested positive for SIBO using the lactulose breath test .

Out of these patients, 58% of alcohol drinkers showed a positive LBT, whereas 38.9% of those who do not drink alcohol showed a positive LBT 5.

The study, therefore, demonstrated that alcohol consumption can increase the susceptibility of an individual to develop SIBO, even in moderate amounts.

It is important to note that this study lacked information on exactly which alcoholic beverages the patients consumed during the week.

For example, if many of the patients who showed a positive LBT consumed a beer every day, which on average contains 13 g of alcohol per can and lots of fermentable carbohydrates, would it be surprising that these same individuals became more susceptible to SIBO?

As many individuals with SIBO already know, the bacteria in the small intestine can excessively ferment carbohydrates, thereby causing many of the gastrointestinal symptoms associated with the condition.

Because this information was not provided in this study, it is still not completely clear as to whether the consumption of alcohol and SIBO are directly related.

When To Talk To Your Doctor About An Upset Stomach

Medicine For Abdominal Pain

An upset stomach typically goes away on its own within 48 hours. Sometimes stomach pain indicates a more serious health problem, however. Know when to speak to a healthcare professional for stomach pain.

  • Speak to a medical professional if your symptoms do not go away after a day or two.
  • If you have other symptoms such as fever, severe abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, or blood in vomit or stool, make an appointment with your doctor.
  • Talk to your doctor if you cant keep liquids or foods down, and you notice signs of dehydration.
  • Pay attention if you notice a pattern, or you have recurring stomach pain. Maybe you have stomach pain after you eat dairy, or you get an upset stomach after eating pasta with red sauce. Maybe you regularly have an upset stomach but havent noticed a pattern. Discuss your symptoms with your doctor.

Theres no threshold for contacting your primary care provider. If you are worried or uncertain about your symptoms, call your doctors office.

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What Medications Help Indigestion

Indigestion caused by another health condition might improve with medication. Common medications for relief include:

  • Antacids: These over-the-counter medications provide quick relief for acid reflux. They neutralize stomach acid.
  • Antibiotics:Antibiotics treat bacterial infections like H. pylori.
  • H2 blockers: These medications decrease the amount of acid your stomach produces. H2 blockers may help peptic ulcers.
  • Proton pump inhibitors : PPIs decrease the acid in your stomach, but are usually only for people with heartburn.

Ginger Can Relieve Nausea And Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms of an upset stomach.

Ginger, a fragrant edible root with bright yellow flesh, is frequently used as a natural remedy for both of these symptoms .

Ginger can be enjoyed raw, cooked, steeped in hot water or as a supplement, and is effective in all forms .

Its often taken by women suffering from morning sickness, a type of nausea and vomiting that can occur during pregnancy.

A review of 6 studies including over 500 pregnant women found that taking 1 gram of ginger daily was associated with 5 times less nausea and vomiting during pregnancy .

Ginger is also helpful for people undergoing chemotherapy or major surgery, since these treatments can cause severe nausea and vomiting.

Taking 1 gram of ginger daily, prior to undergoing chemo or surgery, can significantly reduce the severity of these symptoms .

Ginger can even be used as a natural remedy for motion sickness. When taken beforehand, it can help reduce the intensity of nausea symptoms and speed of recovery time .

How this works is not entirely understood, but its hypothesized that ginger regulates nervous system signaling in the stomach and speeds up the rate at which the stomach empties, thereby reducing nausea and vomiting .

Ginger is generally considered safe, but heartburn, stomach pain and diarrhea can occur at doses above 5 grams per day .

Summary Ginger can help reduce nausea and vomiting, especially when associated with pregnancy, surgery, chemotherapy or motion sickness.

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Chamomile May Reduce Vomiting And Soothe Intestinal Discomfort

Chamomile, an herbal plant with small white flowers, is a traditional remedy for upset stomachs.

Chamomile can be dried and brewed into a tea or taken by mouth as a supplement.

Historically, chamomile has been used for a variety of intestinal troubles, including gas, indigestion, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting .

Yet despite its widespread use, only a limited number of studies support its effectiveness for digestive complaints.

One small study found that chamomile supplements reduced the severity of vomiting after chemotherapy treatments, but its unclear whether it would have the same effects on other types of vomiting .

An animal study found that chamomile extracts relieved diarrhea in mice by reducing intestinal spasms and decreasing the amount of water secreted into the stool, but more research is needed to see if this applies to humans .

Chamomile is also commonly used in herbal supplements that relieve indigestion, gas, bloating and diarrhea, as well as colic in babies .

However, since chamomile is combined with many other herbs in these formulas, its difficult to know whether the beneficial effects are from chamomile or from a combination of the other herbs.

Although the gut-soothing effects of chamomile are widely recognized, research has not yet shown how it helps to relieve stomach upset.

Summary Chamomile is a commonly used remedy for stomach and intestinal discomfort, but more research is needed to understand how it works.

What Not To Eat

Heres The Real Best Way To Cure An Upset Stomach | TIME

Generally, avoid dairy, fibrous foods, and anything fatty or spicy.

  • Dairy: Not everyone has a problem with milk when they have the stomach flu, but it could be hard to digest and can aggravate gas and diarrhea.
  • Fiber: You dont need the extra fiber if your bowels are loose.
  • Grease: Avoid greasy and salty foods like bacon.
  • Spices: Stay away from tomato-based dishes, curries, and chili sauces.

Acupressure has been shown to be effective in treating some types of nausea. The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center suggests finding pressure point P-6 by measuring the width of three fingers down from the bottom of your palm.

Press below that width with your thumb and youll feel a sensitive spot between two tendons. Gently massage with your thumb for two or three minutes.

Sea-Bands are a product worn on the wrists. These can be useful in treating nausea if the P-6 acupressure point gives you relief.

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How Is Indigestion Treated

Most people find relief from indigestion by making diet changes or taking medication. Your healthcare provider may recommend a combination of both.

Diet changes include:

  • Avoiding foods or drinks that trigger indigestion.
  • Cutting down on alcohol, caffeine and carbonated drinks.
  • Removing fatty, spicy or acidic foods from your diet.

Health Benefits Of Having A Few Drinks

Despite the numerous harmful effects that are associated with the consumption of alcohol, several clinical research studies conducted over the last several years have analyzed the different ways in which alcohol, when consumed moderately, can actually promote a number of health benefits.

Moderate drinking is defined by the United States Department of Agriculture and the Dietary Guidelines for Americans as the consumption of no more than one to two drinks per day for men, and no more than one drink a day for women3.

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Causes Of The Stomach Flu

The stomach flu is usually caused by any number of different viruses that can attack your gastrointestinal system. Its not caused by the influenza virus, which gives you the seasonal flu.

Less often, bacteria can cause it, typically due to contaminated water or food that was prepared inadequately or in an unhygienic environment.

Causes Of Sour Stomach

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  • Overeating â Consuming more food than you can digest leads to excess production of hydrochloric acid, leading to acidity and sour stomach.
  • Carbonated Beverages â They contain aerated gas and alcohol, which lead to the production of excess acid in the stomach.
  • Spicy Foods â Spicy foods often lead to a burning sensation in the alimentary and digestive tracts, indicating the onset of a sour stomach.
  • Foods That Weaken The Lower Esophageal Sphincter â Coffee, tea, chocolate, mint, citrus, dairy, etc.
  • Medical Conditions â Occasionally, a persistent sour stomach may be caused due to gastritis and pylori.

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What You Should Eat

  • Semi-solid Foods

    If your body is rejecting solid foods, dont force yourself to eat. Instead, consume semi-solid foods such as soup or coconut water. Your body should be able to keep them down and they will help replenish essential minerals like potassium, calcium, and sodium that your body can lose when you have irregular bowel movements.

  • White Rice

    Foods that are bland and easy to digest are good to eat when you are fighting an upset stomach. Plain white rice is your best bet. Avoid eating brown rice as it can be hard for your stomach to digest. White rice, being a refined carbohydrate, is also low in fibre and will help stop the common symptoms of diarrhoea.

  • Toast

    Toast made from white flour or maida is another example of a bland, low fibre food that can help neutralise excess stomach acid and stop diarrhoea. Avoid eating toast made from fibre-rich whole grains such as wheat as they can make diarrhoea related symptoms worse.

  • Bananas

    Bananas are easy to digest and are known to ease stomach pain. They have a natural antacid effect and can relieve symptoms such as indigestion. This high potassium fruit also increases mucus production in the stomach which helps prevent the irritation of the stomach lining.

Caraway Seeds Ease An Upset Stomach

Caraway seeds are packed with vitamins and minerals, which inhibit the growth of bad bacteria that causes indigestion, gas, or bloating and contributes to an upset stomach. Nibble on a handful after eating your meal, or if you feel gassy. Find out why one of the most common upset stomach remedies, ginger ale, actually doesnt work.

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The 12 Best Foods For An Upset Stomach

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Heres our process.

Almost everyone gets an upset stomach from time to time.

Common symptoms include nausea, indigestion, vomiting, bloating, diarrhea or constipation.

There are many potential reasons for an upset stomach and treatments vary depending on the underlying cause.

Thankfully, a variety of foods can settle an upset stomach and help you feel better, faster.

Here are the 12 best foods for an upset stomach.

Can Holiday Foods Help

How to Calm an Upset Stomach Naturally

You may have heard of ginger and peppermint helping to soothe an upset stomach, but dont overdo it on gingerbread cookies or candy canes.

Kristin Kirkpatrick, a dietitian and TODAY contributor, doesnt usually recommend mixing ginger and peppermint with other food. Ginger cookies, which have ginger, sugar, flour, butter and other ingredients, may actually aggravate the condition, for example.

NBC News Health and Nutrition Editor Madelyn Fernstrom echoed this advice. Dont be fooled by most holiday treats that sound like they can help an upset stomach, she said. Ginger and peppermint hard candies can sometimes help, but avoid looking for relief when these ingredients are a part of cookies or candy.

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Home Remedies For Upset Stomach

Written byMohan GarikiparithiPublished onApril 30, 2017

Dyspepsiaindigestion and upset stomachis a condition that describes pain or discomfort in the stomach region. A slew of symptoms can be experienced in dyspepsia, including nausea, bloating, and burping, to name a few.

There are many causes of an upset stomach, including eating too much, eating too fast, consuming fatty or greasy foods, eating spicy food, having too much caffeine, consuming fizzy beverages, nervousness, and even smoking. The list is actually quite long.

An upset stomach can be quite troubling, especially if you are out and about. You feel sick, uncomfortable, your pants seem to have shrunk instantly, and all you ready want to do is be home. Instead of being miserable and falling victim to your upset stomach, try some of these home remedies that can help relieve you of your woes.

Give Tummy Troubles Some Time

Give your body a few days to recover from stomach woes. If its a stomach virus, it will pass on its own. Similarly, stress, motion sickness or something you consumed could be causing your symptoms but these too shall pass.

However, Dr. Goldman points out that its never abad idea to reach out to your provider if youre concerned. And definitely callyour doctor if you:

  • Cant stop vomiting.

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How To Prevent Stomach Cramps While Eating

Remember to chew! It should be obvious, but Chicago-based registered dietitian Dawn Jackson-Blatner said she still has to remind many of her clients to do just that.

Most bloating happens from eating too fast, she said. IF you eat slower, it “can help you eat less and enjoy food more! Think about putting your down your fork throughout your meal, Brisette advised. Then, ask yourself if youre actually still hungry before eating more.

Simple 2 Ingredient Methods :

Fat Dissolving Injections

A simple solution prepared with water can be used it is an easy way to treat your painful symptoms.

Baking soda dissolves quickly in water and is absorbed in the intestines. It neutralizes the effects of an acidic diet or meal. The carbonation that occurs when sodium bicarbonate mixes with water will promote burping, which relieves excess gas and bloating to ease the upset stomach and pain. Therefore, the effectiveness lies in bicarbonate of soda for upset stomach.

This diluted baking soda helps to treat:

  • Upset stomach or indigestion

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What Causes Stomach Pain

] Having heartburn once or twice per week is fairly normal, but if you experience it more often than that, it might be time to consult your physician. Your symptoms may indicate an underlying disorder.

The experts at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center agree that dietary changes can help 3. There are three basic types of food to avoid.

The first type to cut out is acidic foods. The next category is spicy foods, including hot peppers, hot sauces and other foods high in capsaicin. Alcohol is off-limits too.

  • ] Having heartburn once or twice per week is fairly normal, but if you experience it more often than that, it might be time to consult your physician.
  • There are three basic types of food to avoid.

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