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Can You Sleep On Your Stomach With Breast Implants

Prioritizing Sleeping Habits After Surgery

‘I had horrific symptoms after breast implants’ – BBC News

When you learn about how sleeping after breast augmentation surgery can affect your recovery, its easier to follow proper guidelines and enhance your results while reducing pain levels. Sleep plays a critical role in your recovery because it can promote healing and allow you to achieve your desired results with minimal effort.

If you have any doubts about sleeping positions and how they affect your recovery timeline, book a consultation at any GraceMed clinics offering breast augmentation surgery. Our specialists are available to help you weigh your options and explain what you can expect post-breast augmentation for a good nights sleep.

Calming Activities Before Bed

Avoid things that can disrupt your sleep, such as caffeine, alcohol, and screen time before bed. Instead, listen to a podcast or music, read a book, or take a warm shower to help you relax your mind and body. If you must use your phone or a screen, apply the blue light filter or turn down the brightness.

Answer: Sleeping On Your Front

There is no scientific research indicating this to be true, however you might find the pressure uncomfortable. During your recovery, you’ll need your rest and you don’t want to not sleep. I advise my patients to sleep on their side or back right after their surgery to avoid putting additional strain on the treated area.

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Best Sleep And Massage Practices After Breast Augmentation

Make sure to always consult with your doctor first regarding breast massages during the initial stage. After 2 to 3 weeks, however, you should be able to receive full-body massages. Avoid getting into a massage that has you lying down on your stomach for the first 6 weeks.

We recommend getting frequent massages a few weeks after the surgery for faster recovery and reducing pain.

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Responses To Ideas To Help You Sleep Tight After Breast Augmentation

How to Rest Easier after Breast Augmentation or a Tummy Tuck
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Sleeping On Your Back Elevated

In the first six weeks after breast augmentation, it is vital that you sleep on your back for a safe and speedy recovery. This will put your new breasts in a relaxed position, with minimal strain on your chest, allowing the incisions from your breast augmentation to heal and the implants to settle. However, just sleeping flat on your back isnt the best sleeping position after breast surgery. Keep your upper body elevated at a 30 to 45 degrees angle while on your back further to reduce any swelling and pain after your boob job. This allows your blood to circulate away from your tender new breasts. To sleep better after breast augmentation, consider investing in a few soft pillows to prop under your back, or get a recliner bed if possible.

Side And Tummy Sleepers Should Prepare Early

If you dont normally sleep on your back, it may seem difficult to make the change. To prepare for surgery, it is a good idea to start training yourself to sleep on your back before your actual surgery date.

  • Use positioning pillows. Extra pillows in the bed can help you keep your body positioned correctly. Many people successfully sleep on their back by placing a pillow under each arm.
  • Keep a pillow under your knees to help maintain proper alignment of your back. This can also help people who experience lower back discomfort.
  • Dont quit. Always roll to your back when you catch yourself on your side or stomach.
  • Use a special pillow that will hold your head in place. This will prevent your head from rolling to one side and give you good support.

Once you are fully healed, you may return to whatever sleeping position you like. However, continuing to sleep on your back has some benefits. This position can prevent neck and back pain because it keeps your head, neck, and spine in a neutral position. There is also some evidence that sleeping on your back is better for preventing the formation of lines and wrinkles.

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Finding The Right Sleeping Position: A Helpful Timeline

  • If you can, avoid sleeping on your stomach.You arent going to want to sleep on your stomach for the first month of the recovery process. I slept on my back for the first few weeks to allow my breasts some good time to heal.
  • A pillow on your side can help secure your body.Keeping a pillow against your side when you sleep will help keep you comfortable in the weeks after surgery. If you can, keeping multiple pillows in place while you sleep will help stop your body from naturally turning over to your stomach.
  • Sleep in a reclined positionJust propping your back against a few pillows will do wonders for both your body and your new breasts. It also gives your new breasts the position it needs to heal accordingly and reduce the risks for unwanted complications. For added comfort, you can prop pillows beneath your knees.
  • Wear a sports bra to reduce the stress on your incisionsThe use of a sports bra will work wonders during the first few weeks of recovery. This keeps your incisions free from stress as your body heals from surgery while reducing swelling and tension. A good sports bra is an absolute must!
  • General discomfort is perfectly normal while you recover. But any sign of unwarranted pain coming from your breasts will require the immediate assistance of your plastic surgeon.


What Are Tissue Expanders

Can I start sleeping on my stomach again after delivery? Will it affect my milk production?

Tissue expanders are breast implants that can be inflated while they are in your chest. The purpose of a tissue expander is to stretch your skin to prepare it for an actual breast implant. Prior to having breast cancer, I naively thought a bilateral mastectomy consisted of removing old boobs and putting in new permanent implants. End of story.

Sadly, that is not the way it works.at least in my situation. Instead, my timeline for new boobs was as follows:

  • May: Remove half of the saline from each tissue expander for radiation therapy
  • May 2020: Exchange surgery where tissue expanders are replaced with actual implants
  • Somewhere down the road: tattoo 3D nipples

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How To Sleep Correctly After A Breast Augmentation: On Your Side Or Back

There are several reasons why women choose to enhance their breasts, and as doctors and surgeons continue to innovate, the procedures associated with breast augmentation get easier and safer. When it comes to women considering breast augmentation surgery, a common question that comes up is how long is the recovery process and what is the best way to ensure that I get enough sleep? Often times, youll hear about needing weeks in order to fully recover from the procedure, which can lead to having to take an extended period of time off of work, or putting their regular activity on hold while they heal. While it is very important to be careful after any surgical procedure, not everything has to change completely.

Why Sleep Is Important For Breast Augmentation Recovery

As with all surgical procedures, both cosmetic and non, rest is vital to a full recovery. Allowing your body to remain still and at rest will help promote healing. Abstaining from very strenuous activities will reduce the risk of inflammation and irritation during your recovery period.

Not only can sleep help encourage a healthy immune system, which will help your body repair itself after your surgery but getting plenty of rest affects the bodys pain response and management systems. In other words, getting enough sleep about eight hours a night, and likely more in the days and weeks immediately following your breast augmentation procedure can help us experience less pain.

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Are Tissue Expanders Uncomfortable

Some discomfort is natural during the process of placing and filling tissue expanders. However, at The Breast Center Park Meadows Cosmetic Surgery we do everything that we can to make this process easier for you.

One way that we make tissue expanders more comfortable is by using a product called AlloDerm® Tissue Matrix. AlloDerm acts like a hammock beneath the expander. This innovative, body-safe product covers the lower portion of the expander to help speed up the healing process. It can also help to create a more natural looking breast pocket.

Consult With Dr Orringer

How To Sleep After Breast Augmentation Surgery

Dr. Orringer considers it a privilege to share in your care, which includes suggestions, both before and after surgery, to potentially optimize healing.

To schedule a consultation with double board-certified, internationally known Beverly Hills plastic surgeon, Dr. Jay Orringer, please call 273-1663. Dr. Orringer welcomes patients from Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Newport Beach, Northern California, nationally and internationally.

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Cool Down Your New Breasts

Ice packs can be your best buddy after undergoing the surgeons knife to reduce the size and improve the firmness of your breasts. This is because placing ice packs on the breast area can provide compression of the bruised tissues to numb any pain you may be experiencing.

Unfortunately, many patients report higher levels of discomfort at bedtime. Therefore, applying ice packs on the breasts for 20 minutes every hour for at least 3-4 hours before hitting the hay can work well.

However, avoid putting the packs directly on the surgery site to prevent the risk of ice burns. Instead, wrap it in a towel and place it on the bruised breasts to numb the pain and improve comfort.

Best Sleeping Position After Breast Reduction Surgery

Sleeping in the right position after the procedure can lower the risk of aggravating the surgery wounds. Shall we take a look at the effect of each position on the patients comfort and recovery after breast reduction?

Back Sleeping: The best sleeping position after breast reduction surgery is to sleep on the back. This position reduces the swelling and bruising process as well as the risk for painful stretching that harm your breasts. It is also recommended to elevate your upper body to improve blood circulation and overall healing.

Side Sleeping: If youre a side sleeper, you may be able to revert to the sides after lying down on the back the first 2 weeks after surgery. However, be sure to choose the side that offers minimal pressure to the new boobs.

Stomach Sleeping: Sleeping on the tummy should be out of the question after breast reduction. If this is your favorite position, you need to learn how to get comfortable on the back in the weeks before the surgery.

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How To Sleep After Breast Augmentation Surgery

So, you decided to take action and improve your self-image through breast augmentation surgery. Your breasts will look and feel great within a few months. Sleeping after breast augmentation surgery can be difficult. But for now, how can you get a solid nights sleep without causing pain, pulling stitches or in any way harming your recovery?

Engage In Calming Activities Before Bed

5 Things I wish I knew BEFORE getting breast implants | Part 3

Keeping your body calm before bedtime is a great way to promote sleep. Avoid stimulants that can cause disruptions, such as caffeine consumption, alcohol, or extended screen time. Eliminating any triggers that could impact your sleep quality will allow you to get better sleep, which is essential for your recovery.

Try to engage in calming activities that help relax your mind and body, such as reading a book or listening to music. If youre using a device with a screen, turn the brightness down to avoid straining your eyes or keeping your mind overactive. When your body starts to relax, youre likely to feel sleepier.

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Tissue Expanders Vs Implants

Recovery from tissue expander exchange surgery is A BREEZE compared to a mastectomy. When I went home after surgery, I felt pretty groggy but I felt almost no pain whatsoever. I was so relieved and happy to have soft implants finally in my breasts. You can immediately feel a huge difference, and its such a relief!

The day after surgery was when I felt the worst. My incision sites on both breasts stung pretty badly. I took my prescribed pain medication on this day, but then I didnt need it any more after that.

**I am going to give you the most random piece of advice now, but it was a life changer for me..buy maxi pads for this surgery!!!!! My nurse mentioned putting a maxi pad under each breast to help any oozing. I didnt really have any oozing however, the pads did WONDERS for the incision pain.

My post surgery bra constantly rubbed against the incision sites making them so uncomfortable. The maxi pads kept the garments from rubbing against my cuts, and I never had another problem with pain!

How Should I Sleep During Breast Augmentation Recovery

Almost immediately after getting breast implants, you should plan to sleep on your back for at least a couple of weeks. This may sound impossible if youre usually a front-sleeper, but try not to worry! The overwhelming majority of patients agree that back-sleeping is naturally more comfortable during breast augmentation recovery. Not only does it prevent excess pressure from being put on your sensitive incisions and healing tissues, but it can also help reduce the risk of implant displacement, torn sutures, and other complications.

If you are worried about the potential of shifting to your stomach while sleeping, it can be helpful to use extra pillows or rolled-up towels around your sides to create a cocoon or nest-like pod. Many women choose to sleep in a recliner after breast augmentation surgery to ensure they remain on their back throughout the night. If you do inadvertently roll to your side or stomach, there is likely nothing to worry about, though you should return to your back as soon as you notice.

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Tips For Side And Stomach Sleepers

Most people do not sleep on their backs. As a side or stomach sleeper, you may be concerned that you will not be comfortable sleeping in a new position. We recommend placing pillows under your head and knees to help. You can also try to train yourself to sleep on your back before surgery so that it feels familiar.

Are you curious about sleeping with tissue expanders? We discussed that in a previous blog along with tips to help you feel more comfortable. For other post-operative and home care instructions, please review our dedicated page.

When Can I Sleep On My Stomach After Breast Lift

Breast Augmentation

In most cases, patients continue sleeping on their back for at least 2 4 weeks after breast lift surgery to minimize discomfort. Some patients are able to resume side-sleeping comfortably after 1 2 weeks, though stomach-sleeping may remain uncomfortable or painful for much longer. During your follow-up appointments, Dr. Rao will evaluate your healing progress and make recommendations about when you can safely resume your preferred sleeping position.

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Sleeping On Your Side With Breast Implants

Many breast augmentation patients who come to our Fort Worth practice are side sleepers. Thankfully, you can still sleep on your side after getting breast implants. That said, you may notice a bit more strain caused by the added size and weight of your breast implants.

For comfort, consider sleeping with a pillow beneath your breasts. This will cushion the breasts and offer support during sleep. A pillow can also reduce sagging in the long run, which prevents breast asymmetry.

Should I Wear A Bra To Sleep After Breast Augmentation

Implants need proper support and external help to be shaped. For the first 6 weeks, you will have to make sure that you sleep with your surgical/sports bra on. This will prevent your implants from shifting, provide good healing with a nice shape and allow you to sleep with comfort.

Once you feel like you have the shape that you desire with your surgical/sports bra, you can proceed to wearing an underwired bra.

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