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What’s The Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

Stomach Sleeping Weight Chart

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers (#1 Review Guide)

To help folks that are stomach sleepers, we created a scale to help sleepers of different weights decipher which firmness is best for their body type. The important thing is to remain comfortable without sinking in or having your limbs pinned in discomfort. As you can see above, most stomach sleepers prefer firmer mattresses overall. For those that are heavier, ultra-firm mattresses may be best so that your back is properly supported.

What Makes The Ghostbed Original Stand Out

  • The Ghostbed scored an 8/10 on our firmness scale, so it should provide ample support for stomach sleepers. The firmness also makes it one of the best mattresses for back sleepers.
  • Its great at isolating motion, plus it has a responsive feel, both of which make it easy to move around on.
  • The bed has many cooling features. The gel-infused latex will help prevent heat buildup, and the added ventilation promotes airflow.

Read our fullGhostbed mattress review.

Consider Changing Up Your Sleeping Position

Stomach sleeping generally isnt recommended. The position isnt conducive to good spinal alignment, which can affect the sleepers back, neck, and shoulders. Since many stomach sleepers experience aches and pains during the night as a result of their sleep position, they may toss and turn more and awaken less rested. While the right mattress may help stomach sleepers get a better nights sleep, it is unlikely to completely erase all the possible drawbacks of stomach sleeping.

Changing sleep positions may be the best way for stomach sleepers to improve their sleep in the long run. While changing your sleep position may seem daunting, there are some strategies that could make it easier. Using a body pillow is one way to transition away from stomach sleeping. A body pillow can help you prop yourself up on your side, and over time, you might be able to transition fully towards side sleeping. Using a cervical pillow can also encourage you to stay on your side or back rather than rolling onto your stomach during the night.

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How To Pick The Very Best Sleeping Position For You Best Type Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

There are many sleeping positions that you can experiment with to get the best sleep. Here is a list of some of the typical ones and how they affect your body.

The most common type of sleeping position is on your back. This position allows for much better blood circulation and air circulation, making it much easier for your body to recover from exhausting activities throughout the day.

Iii Extra Tips For Sleeping On Your Stomach

Whatâs The Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers? Top Options ...
  • Another way you can align your spine is by placing a pillow under your pelvis and hip area. This will take pressure off the spine, allowing your back to stay in a more natural position.
  • When youre sleeping on your stomach, avoid bringing one leg up toward your side. This will twist your lower back and hips to an even more unnatural position.
  • Make sure to never use a thick pillow when stomach sleeping. A thinner pillow will keep your head relatively level. An adjustable memory foam pillow is an excellent choice for stomach sleepers because you can customize the fill, it will retain its shape well, and the foam will keep your head supported.

If you do want to train yourself to move from stomach sleeping to a healthier side position, invest in a few side or body pillows. Placing pillows next to your stomach will mimic the comfortable pressure youre used to feeling, while adding pillows behind your back provides a bit of support.

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Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

Of all the sleeping positions, stomach-sleeping is the least common. Some of us may sleep on our stomachs periodically, but people who do so for the majority of the night are a rare breed. In fact, just 16% of us stomach-sleep on a routine basis. As physical therapist and Sleepopolis Expert Network member Dr. Keith Poorbaugh tells us, the position can also be tricky when it comes to your health. Thats why its so important to find the right bed. Find out more in our roundup of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers!

Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers

Do you sleep on your stomach, lying on your front? Youre not alone! In our Big Irish Sleep Survey 2020, sleeping on your stomach was the second most popular sleeping position after sleeping on your side .

Sleeping on your stomach can be very comfortable for some, but its important to recognise that sleeping on your front can put pressure on your neck, back, shoulder and hips, so ensuring you have the best mattress for this sleeping position will help you to continue sleeping on your stomach with maximum comfort, minimising aches and pains.

As a detailed extension to our Mattress Buying Guide, weve recommended some information and best mattresses for stomach sleepers below.

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Can You Sleep On Your Stomach While Pregnant

While sleeping on your stomach in your last trimester is pretty much impossible, you should avoid sleeping on your stomach in the early stages of your pregnancy as well. Doctors recommend not putting any more pressure on your stomach area than what is necessary. You want your baby to have as much room to move around as possible. Plus, putting extra pressure on your stomach can increase the strain on your spine. The best sleeping position for pregnant women is on your side. If you can, sleep on your left side. This can increase oxygen levels and improve blood flow for you and your baby.

How To Find The Right Mattress For Stomach Sleeping

Best Pillow For Stomach Sleeper (2019) -Sleep Well

Though stomach sleeping alone is unhealthy for your spine, your mattress can actually contribute to the aches and pains that stomach sleeping may cause. Before buying a new mattress, there are a few critical things stomach sleepers need to consider to find the right mattress for their specific sleep needs, including the materials inside of the mattress, the beds firmness, its spine support features, and their own body type.

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Best Firm Mattress: Plank By Brooklyn Bedding

Take your pick: Firm or ultra-firm? Thats the choice you have with the Brooklyn Bedding Plank mattress. Its designed to be flippable, so you can sleep on both sides. One side is your standard firmness and the other is ultra-firm . The great news for stomach sleepers is that either side will help keep the spine decently straightthe Plank ranks at an 8.75 out of 10 for spinal alignment on both sides. So, it really just boils down to your personal needs and preferences.

And even if you do go ultra-firm, the Plank will still provide pressure point relief and adapt to your movements while you sleep , so this is a solid option if you switch from your stomach to your side or your back. During Mattress Advisor testing, sleep experts lay side by side and mimic sleeping on their backs, sides, and stomachs. They tested the Plank on the firm side first, and then the ultra-firm side. The group consensus? The Plank stayed consistently responsive and supportive no matter what sleep position the testers chose.

  • Mattress Type: Memory foam

Plank Mattress, $1249 for a Queen

Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers Questions And Answers

1. How do I protect my mattress?

Your mattress is no different from most others. Some mattresses for stomach sleepers come with mattress cover already fitted. These can usually be removed for machine washing. If yours doesnt have a cover, you can usually purchase one from your mattress vendor. If not there are many stores that stock elasticized covers for the common standard mattress sizes. You can also purchase mattress protectors if you feel that spillages or accidents could happen.

2. Why do stomach sleepers need a firm mattress and not a softer one?

You may think that a softer mattress would suit a belly sleeper better than a hard one but no! When you lie out on a mattress on your stomach, a lot of the weight of your body lies in your abdominal area. It has no natural support like your chest has. If your belly region sinks down into a soft mattress, it might feel nice and comfortable, but your belly will be pulling your spine down with it. It is very important that your spine remains straight while you sleep. Should it bend, or bow downwards in the center, then you are likely to suffer severe back pain. Your spine must be kept straight! This means that the central part of your body has good support, and does not sag down below the level of your neck and the base of your spine. A mattress to the firm side of average will help your spine to stay level while also keeping your stomach properly supported with a high level of comfort.

Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

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Pros And Cons Of Stomach Sleeping

Stomach sleeping presents a mixed bag of pros and cons for sleepers. Spoiler alert: theyre mostly cons.


Pressure on joints in back and neckNumbnessStiffness

When you lie supine, your spine is strained, which puts pressure on your back and neck joints. Eight hours of joint pressure leads to some long-term consequences to your joints. So, even though youre happy as a little clam sleeping on your stomach, you may not feel its effects on your body for decades.

The mattress belly flop also affects your sleep, as joint paincombined with the intense body heat you generaterouses you from your deep sleep cycle, causing you to toss and turn. You may not even be aware of the constant arousal and the sleep deprivation side effects.

Sleep quality and joint wear and tear are the good news for those worried about their appearance. As comforting as it can feel, squishing your face into your pillow can actually cause the formation and progression of facial wrinkles. Thats more crows feet, mouth lines, flattening of the foreheadand you thought it was the constant facepalms!

But to be fair, stomach sleep has a few benefits. For one, its a great alternative position for those who suffer from snoring and sleep apnea. Stomach sleeping is also a better position than back sleeping for reducing heartburn and indigestion.

Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers 2021

Whatâs The Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers? Top Options ...

Get great sleep all night with these top-rated brands for belly sleepers.

Are you among the approximately 16% of the population who identifies as a stomach sleeper and needs a particular kind of mattress? If you sleep this way, it’s essential to find the right mattress to provide sufficient support to work against the extra spinal pressure that stomach sleeping puts you in, which can cause straining of the back and neck.

Some common ways to achieve this are with an innerspring mattress or other options with similar support. Additionally, it helps to find mattresses with pressure-relieving qualities and proper spinal support for stomach sleep — as well as cooling properties and as many “extras” as you can find.

Note the prices listed in our recommendations for the best mattress for stomach sleepers are for queen mattress sizes.

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Best Budget Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

The Allswell

  • Mattress type: Hybrid
  • Height: 10 inches

This hybrid, medium-firm mattress offers comfortable, affordable support for stomach and combination sleepers. Individual coils help provide support and reduce motion transfer, while a memory foam layer infused with copper and graphite helps draw away body heat for cooler sleeping.

Several reviews confirm this mattress provides good support and low motion transfer, helping them sleep comfortably on their stomach through the night.

A few reviewers say it wasnt quite firm enough for strict stomach sleepers, especially people with higher body weight. The cooling technology earned mixed reviews. Some people report sleeping a little warm, while others mention staying cool through the night.

Sleep position does matter when choosing a mattress, but youll also want to consider other important elements. As you shop, keep these factors in mind:

In What Are The Various Kinds Of Sleepers Best Type Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

There are 3 types of sleepers back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers. Each type has its own health dangers and advantages.

Side sleeping is the most popular position for the majority of people who wish to get the best possible health benefits from their sleep. They are also less most likely to experience snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.

Back sleeping appropriates for people who want to preserve a healthy weight. They tend to burn more calories while asleep than in other sleeping positions. Back sleeping is also perfect for pregnant females as it helps them preserve a healthy weight during their pregnancy.

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Saatva Classic Mattress Best Hybrid Mattress For Stomach Sleepers

What? Another Saatva mattress on the list? Are you playing favorites?

Short answer, no. The Saatva mattress company just offers incredible models designed to suit various sleepers. As they are all different, lets see what makes the iconic Saatva Classic mattress stand out.

First off, this flagship mattress is a hybrid innerspring model. It comes in three firmness levels: Plush Soft , Luxury Firm , and Firm . Its also available in two height options of 11.5 or 14.5. Which is in itself very versatile and accommodating to a lot of sleepers.

While it also has a plush 3 Euro pillow top and a memory foam layer, what really sells the mattress is the dual-layer of coils. These coil layers are both pocketed. They enhance the overall support and breathability of the mattress. The coils position the body more on top of the mattress, which is crucial if you are a stomach sleeper!

However, we dont recommend that you go with the Plush Soft version of the Saatva Classic. It might be too soft for you and wont keep your spine properly aligned. Instead, stick with the Luxury Firm or the Firm option. Especially if youre of medium to heavier weight. These will definitely give you that extra support and minimum sink that you crave!

Mattress Hardness Is Important For Stomach Sleepers

Best Mattress For Side Sleepers (With Lower Back Pain)

When looking for the best mattress for stomach sleepers you should first of all check the hardness of the mattress. You should not choose the softest you can find, but a sleeping surface that is on the firm side of medium. Many people believe that belly sleepers are best with a soft mattress that does not put too much pressure on their stomach.

That is not the case. Unless your stomach is properly supported, it will dip down into the mattress, forcing the middle of your spine down. This leads to issues with your spine that can be difficult to rectify. The six mattresses we review above help to prevent this from happening.

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Firmness & Type Of Mattress

When browsing for a mattress for stomach sleepers, firmness should be the key thing you look at.The firmness level helps determine how much you alleviate aches and pains while you sleep. Much of your choice in firmness comes down to comfort. Firmness is generally associated with innerspring mattresses, but some memory foam beds can be firm too. If youre a stomach sleeper, things can be a little more complicated. Stomach sleepers do tend to be more comfortable on a firmer mattress, but it might not always be the best choice for your body or your back. Even the best innerspring mattress can still cause neck and back pain.For people that fall on the lighter end of the scale, a good option is to look for a soft mattress made of quality materials. If youre about average, look for a mattress that follows suit, and choose a medium-firm model. If youre taller, or heavier, a firmer mattress is the best choice.

Best Mattresses For Stomach Sleepers: Buyers Guide

Purchasing a new mattress can feel overwhelming for anyone, but there are unique factors that stomach sleepers especially need to consider before buying a mattress online. There are benefits to sleeping on your stomach, but it can put a lot of pressure on your neck, back, and nerves. Well cover which mattress type is best, what features to look for, and other factors to keep in mind when shopping for a mattress.

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Iv Ghostbeds Mattress Pick For Stomach Sleepers

So, which GhostBed mattress is best for stomach sleepers? All 4 options are in the ideal range of firmness, with the top 2 firmest choices being the original GhostBed and the GhostBed Flex.

The GhostBeds layers of springy latex and gel memory foam offer cooling comfort, while the GhostBed Flex features individually-wrapped coils topped with gel memory foam and our exclusive GhostBounce layer. Both have a high-density base layer that provides ideal support, durability and longevity. Not too soft but not too firm, GhostBed will keep your pressure points happy while keeping your spine aligned.

Compare them below and check out some of our helpful reviews:

Loom & Leaf By Saatva Best Luxury

Tips To Buy The Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers I Sleepei

Loom and Leaf Mattress Highlights:

Why Loom & Leaf?

The Loom and Leaf mattress is made by the same company that is in our #6 spot, Saatva. This one is the all foam equivalent and is an ultra-luxurious memory foam mattress that shrinks the competition. Literally!

This 12 thick premium all foam mattress uses high quality, dense foam layers. Along with top notch construction that creates a perfectly contouring and responsive mattress. The Loom & Leaf bed is a fraction of the price of mattresses that you would find in stores with the same qualities.

Read our complete Loom & Leaf Mattress Review HERE. And shop your new mattress at

It has outstanding features & benefits that check all the boxes. This mattress is ideal for stomach sleepers and offers more than plenty support. Hence why it is our second pick for the best mattresses for stomach sleepers.

Why Allswell Luxe Hybrid?

Allswell is a line that offers a variety of affordable hybrid mattresses. The Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress is one of the very first mattresses introduced by this company and it has quickly gained a respectable following. By providing a reasonably priced 12 thick combination of coils and foams for a perfect medium-firm universal feeling mattress.

Read our complete Allswell Luxe Hybrid Mattress Review HERE. And shop your new mattress at

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