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Why Does My Stomach Hang Low

Plus Size Underwear For A Hanging Belly

why does my belly fat hang low

I wear my underwear under my belly and my pants over. I’m extremely particular about this. My underwear ALWAYS bunches up in the back because of all the extra fabric, or they fall down because they are too loose. Ann

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I gave up underwear mostly. I wear something like sleep shorts instead unless it’s that time of the month, then it’s plus size briefs. Elizabeth

I’m totally about to embarrass the crap outta myself, but here goes: As I’ve lost weight and the belly hang is worst, I’ve noticed my butt is smaller and I’m in desperate need of new undies. my solution? I bought a size up and wear them backward! Susie

How To Lose Hanging Belly Fat After Having A Baby

Right after my partner had her baby, she told me not to look at her for a couple of months.

I knew what she was trying to do and how she felt. She was insecure with her belly, and she needed time to get back to her old self. She was going through a lot of insecurities.

Having our first child was tough. The 24-hour labor took a toll on me, ha! Yes, me. I was stressing out so much!

The pain of the labor she went through was a testament to how tough she can be. After the undertaking, after that ordeal, my respect for my partner and mother grew even more.

My mother had three. There has to be so much love to experience such pain three times. For my grandmother, she had seven. Seven!

My partner was determined to lose her belly fat because her confidence went down the drain with the excess middle fat.

The following is what my partner implemented to lose belly fat:

  • Exercise
  • Eat right

    Eating right is about choosing the right foods you put into your body. She concentrated on eating fibrous snacks, eating frequent small meals, focused on leafy greens for dinner.

    On some occasions, she eats bad food such as a Whopper burger, french fries, and ice creams. Albeit, she puts more good stuff in her body than bad.

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    To further lower her calorie intake, she concocts various juices. There are many ingredients you can add to make your juice.

    Keep active

    Results After The Six Weeks

    After the six weeks had ended, all the volunteers were tested again on their waistline, blood cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure.

    The first group whose goal was to be more active did not lose any fat. Before you check out this method, these individuals health markers improved vastly. There were significant drops in their blood pressure, and blood glucose. The second group who did sit ups, did not get any healthier through any of the parameters measured. They, however, did lose two centimeters from their waistline. This was likely due a stronger core and their abdomen muscles holding their fat better .

    Now to the diet groups. The third group who were to drink three glasses of milk every day did not show any changes in health or weight. The good news is that they did not gain any weight even though four hundred calories a day had been added to their daily consumption. A simple explanation for this would be they were too full from drinking milk to eat the amount of food they would normally eat .

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    Why Does My Female Cat Stomach Area Hang So Low

    When she’s walking around I can see her belly hanging low. She has never gotten pregnant before. Does she just need to lose weight?

    She is also spayed and is a one-and-a-half year old house cat, if that helps.

    • It’s possible it’s because she was spayed. My female cat has had the same since she got spayed. It does not have to related to being overweight. The belly area loses it’s ‘strenght’ after getting spayed and it’s possible it starts hanging. CarolineSep 3, 2015 at 14:07
    • It has nothing to do with the fact that the cat got spayed. I have a female cat who hasn’t been fixed, she’s 6 months old and has a saggy little belly. She isn’t overweight at all she’s really small and in healthy shape, it’s just a natural part of the cat’s anatomy and developes as the cat matures. CManNov 26, 2016 at 12:43
    • My kitty is 18 and has always been slender.Her “pouch”started being apparent about 5 years ago.It’s super soft and almost touching the floor now.There is no weight to lose,so maybe it will eventually drag which would be very indignant for her.I see a huge similarity between women’s breasts and the cat’s “apron”.It doesn’t matter if they had kittens or babies to lose shape and start sagging.

    Why Does The Belly Hang After C


    A hanging belly, also referred to as a c-section shelf or pooch, is the visible layer of excess skin and fat that hangs over the scar from a caesarean section. A hanging belly is a result of the following changes that your body undergoes during pregnancy: an increase in the surface area of the skin as the abdomen expands the stretching of muscles the skin becoming thinner due to hormonal changes. These changes lead to an increased laxity in the abdominal skin and the muscles of the abdominal wall.

    While this laxity is common among all pregnant women, those who have had a c-section delivery are likely to be left with a noticeable hanging belly following the birth. This is because a c-section scar creates an effect akin to a tight band being placed at the bottom of the abdomen. This forces the lax abdominal skin and muscles to hang over the tightness of the scar.

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    What Causes Stomach Overhang

    A stomach overhang can be caused by a number of reasons, including:

    • Weight changes
    • Stress
    • Ageing

    One things for sure no-one should have to suffer the distress caused by stomach overhang. The good news is that there are things you can do to either remove stomach overhang completely or considerably reduce it.

    The primary cause of stomach overhang is excess fat gathered in the area around the midriff. If you wish to remove this fat, you need to reduce the fat both on the surface and also around your organs.

    The ideal scenario is to reduce or remove the fat, then tone the stomach area.


    The best way of getting rid of stomach overhang is a surgical procedure known as abdominoplasty at our London clinic, which will remove it completely.

    This procedure tightens the stomach muscles and removes excess skin and fatty tissues from the middle and lower abdominal region. Liposuction is often performed alongside abdominoplasty for the best results.

    Abdominoplasty cant be performed on very overweight patients, so if you are considerably overweight you will need to lose weight until you are within several pounds of your ideal weight before the procedure can be carried out.

    Opt for CoolSculpting

    For a non-surgical approach to getting rid of stomach overhang, consider a course of CoolSculpting treatments.

    CoolSculpting is also ideal to treat stubborn areas such as the upper arms, inner and outer thighs and even under the chin.

    Count your calories

    Understand insulin

    Move more

    Types Of Belly Bulges And How To Fix Them

    Paunch. Pooch. Pudge. Whatever you call it, no one wants it. But if you’re serious about losing your belly fat, you first have to figure out what’s causing it.

    Sure, sometimes it’s as simple as too much ice cream and not enough cardio. But a protruding tummy may also be caused by a number of other reasons, ranging from genetics to a past pregnancy or just hormones gone awry. (Here are 4 common types of big bellies and the corresponding prescriptions to flatten them out.

    Before menopause, many women carry excess weight on their hips and thighs. But once “the change” happens, estrogen levels plummet, and even formerly pear-shaped women can develop round tummies. Meanwhile, testosterone drops, too. “By losing testosterone, you lose muscle mass. And when you lose muscle mass, it slows down your metabolism,” says Steven A.R. Murphy, MD, an assistant professor at New York Medical College. “It becomes much harder to process simple carbohydrates, and that leads to fat storage.”

    Another reason menopause can lead to pudge? “When your hormones change, your sleep changes, too,” Murphy says. “This causes your fat cells to trigger cortisol, a stress hormone that leads to belly fat storage.”

    When you get pregnant, your stomach stretches to incorporate amniotic fluid, a widening uterusand, oh yeah, a brand new human being. Unfortunately, everything doesn’t just go back to normal the second you give birth, and many women complain of a bulge that never seems to disappear.

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    How Can You Ease Discomfort Caused By An Apron Belly

    Often, the pain and discomfort of an apron belly come in the form of the emotions it may make you feel. For many people, their apron belly can be a source of shame or stress. Its important to realize that you are not alone!

    Many people of all shapes and sizes may develop an apron belly. While its important to care for underlying causes that affect your overall health, try to let go of any guilt or shame you feel about your belly.

    If your apron belly is causing you physical discomfort, there are many things that you can try to help feel your best:

    • Apply anti-chafing creams. The skin on the underside of an apron belly can rub or chafe. Using an anti-chafing cream can help prevent skin irritation and the discomfort that can follow.
    • Use support bands or clothing. Using a support band or clothing designed to support the abdominal area can help conceal an apron belly. It can also help prevent additional skin sagging and alleviate back problems from carrying extra weight in the front of the body.
    • Keep the area clean and dry. Maintaining good hygiene helps prevent rashes and other skin issues. Given that the skin under an apron belly is particularly apt to rub and trap moisture and heat, it can be especially susceptible to rashes and irritations.

    What Causes Diastasis Recti

    How to Lose Hanging Belly Fat After C Section | Flat Stomach After Cesarean #NaturalRemedies

    Your abdominal muscles usually meet in the middle of your abdomen. When youre pregnant, hormonal changes allow the connective tissue to thin and stretch so your belly can expand. As a result, your growing uterus causes your abdominal muscles to separate and move aside. In the case of diastasis recti, your abdominal muscles are so stretched that they dont fully come back together after pregnancy.

    Although diastasis recti is common after pregnancy and affects about two-thirds of pregnant women, it also occurs in newborn babies and men. Men can develop diastasis recti from straining during exercises such as sit-ups or weightlifting, or other activities that cause abdominal strain.

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    Clothing Suggestions For A Mother’s Apron

    No jeans for this girl, my belly enjoys stretchy pants that kind of keeps my belly tight and I need them to be high wasted Trudy

    I wear plus size capri leggings, looser in the leg and have the tall waistband. Cowcow dresses, skater style and full skirt. Olivia

    Sizing up a 1-2 sizes of Spanx or similar support garments has offered me both support and shaping. It’s uncomfortable to have my apron swing around when I walk even when I am not pregnant and this stops that. Sarah

    I had an apron belly before I got pregnant so gaining all the weight that I did really took a toll on me. The belly band was definitely great towards the end of my pregnancy and the first few weeks after my C-section. Daniella

    I’ve started wearing more plus size tunics and waist-less dresses or plus size empire dresses. I don’t like the look of me in jeans or shorts anymore. Plus size leggingsand plus size compression leggings squish me down are ok, but only if the shirt is long enough to cover the strange shape Beth

    I continue to wear plus size maternity pants just to keep it tucked in. Camille

    I’ve had an apron literally since I was 4 years old, and right now I’ve been through two pregnancies and lots of weight fluctuations. The two things I hate the most are the way it claps against the tops of my thighs if I run or just move too quickly. It’s a very strange noise that is very noticeable! Compression workout pants help with that. Sarah

    A Primordial Pouch Or Too Many Treats

    • The primordial pouch is a skin flap. This tends to jiggle from side to side as your cat walks. An obese cats belly wont jiggle, though, since the extra fat stretches the skin taut.
    • The flap is on the underside of the belly. You might not be able to see it if youre looking downwards at your cat. If your cats obese, though, itll be rounder overall. This is much more noticeable from all angles.
    • The rib test is the easiest way to check if your cats obese. Stroke your cats side. If you cant feel her ribs, shes put on an unhealthy amount of weight. If you can feel them, you’re just dealing with a visible primordial flap.

    Some cat breeds are known to have noticeable primordial pouches. The Pixie Bob, the Mau, and the Bengal are cat breeds for which a pouch comes standard. Its actually a breed requirement. Plenty of other cats have one too, though.

    Whats the purpose of a primordial flap? Is your cat cousins with a kangaroo? She probably isnt, but the surprising thing is that scientists arent sure what the pouch is for, either. There are a few reasonable theories, though.

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    Can You Prevent Your Testicles From Sagging

    Most internet hacks for tightening up low-hanging testicles are nothing but hype.

    AdvertisementLife can be stressful. Your therapist can help change your life for the better. CLICK HERE to find a therapist at BetterHelp.

    If you have testicles and have noticed them drooping, the worst thing in the world that you could ever do is go on the internet and try to figure out how to “fix” the problem.

    Let me help you out right now before you go further down the rabbit hole and wind up on some subreddit for men with tragically saggy testicles: don’t believe the hype.

    Hacks and myths like wearing tighter underwear, using creams or lotions, taking vitamins or hormones, or even masturbating less are all things people on the internet have recommended for treating overly saggy testicles.

    In fact, wearing tighter underwear might make your testicles feel less saggy while you’re wearing them, but they will not help with a permanent solution. Using creams can certainly help moisturize your skin and maybe slow down the gradual loss of elasticity, same with moisturizers and vitamins, but they won’t magically help your testicles from sagging. And lastly, masturbating and performing any other sexual activities has no effect on a man’s skin elasticity or the size of his testicles.

    How To Lose The Overhang

    Simply, My Life: Pregnancy Diary 2: Week 39

    The key to ridding your body of both Visceral fat and Subcutaneous fat and ultimately the dreaded overhang is very simple:

    You need to move A LOT AND OFTEN!

    This does not mean doing endless crunches, sit-ups and planks although these are great exercises when included into a well rounded diet & exercise routine, you cannot use them to isolate weight loss or target areas.

    To help bust this myth a little further it will help to learn that when you perform a crunch or sit up exercise youre in fact only working the abdominal muscles which lie beneath the fat on your stomach the fat on top however is doing little to no work at all and has the intention of going nowhere fast!

    As such isolating only the abdominals will have absolutely no bearing on the removal of the fat above it as the abdominal muscle and the fat above it are not directly related, other than by being closely positioned anatomically.

    The simple fact is that fat is stored energy just waiting to be burned whether it is located on your stomach, legs, bum or arms, and in 99% of cases when you exercise the last fat to get burned is from your bum and stomach .

    Many people still believe in the concept of spot reduction i.e. Asking your body to only remove fat from one area of your body e.g. removing fat from your legs when you perform a squat or removing fat from your stomach when you perform a crunch but unfortunately this is not yet possible.

    For now, we have to play by mother natures rules.

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    How Is Diastasis Recti Treated

    The first step in treating diastasis recti is figuring out the extent of your abdominal separation. To measure the separation, your OB/GYN provider will see if two fingers fit in the space between your abdominal muscles. Treatment often includes physical therapy that focuses on exercises, core stability, and proper bracing. In more severe cases, surgery may be necessary.

    Your physical therapy treatment plan may include:

    • Gentle abdominal exercises
    • Wearing an abdominal binder or a support belt that is worn around your belly
    • Manual physical therapy techniques to loosen tight or tender abdominal muscles
    • Taping for abdominal support and to cue core strengthening
    • Learning to monitor abdominals during exercise and activities to prevent worsening the gap in the muscle

    Because every womans body responds differently to physical therapy and each case of diastasis recti is different, the length of physical therapy treatment is different for everyone. Physical therapy can be especially beneficial for women with more minor abdominal separations and want to treat diastasis recti before becoming pregnant again.

    If you have a more severe case of diastasis recti that doesnt respond to physical therapy, you may need surgical treatment. Talk with your OB/GYN about your treatment options.

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