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Can Fibroids Make Your Stomach Hurt

Will Fibroids Go Away On Their Own

“The Link Between Abdominal Pain and Fibroids” by Dr. Aaron Shiloh [WEBINAR]

Fibroids can shrink in some women after menopause. This happens because of a decrease in hormones. When the fibroids shrink, your symptoms may go away. Small fibroids may not need treatment if they arent causing any symptoms.

A note from Cleveland Clinic

Uterine fibroids are a common condition that many women experience during their life. In some cases, fibroids are small and dont cause any symptoms at all. Other times, fibroids can cause challenging symptoms. Talk to your healthcare provider if you experience any kind of discomfort or pain. Fibroids can be treated and, often, your symptoms can be improved.

Will A Fibroid Belly Go Away

Though there are few sure-fire reasons for fibroids, doctors believe that these non-cancerous tumors develop from a stem cell in the smooth muscular tissue of the uterus . A single cell divides repeatedly, eventually creating a firm, rubbery mass that feeds off your bodys blood supply and hormones, such as estrogen. Therefore, most treatment options will aim to halt the growth of fibroids in order to also halt or eliminate the symptomsincluding abdominal distension.

While many experts advise weight loss and dietary changes to manage fibroid symptoms, losing weight will not decrease the actual size of a fibroid or fibroid cluster. While there are foods and dietary supplements that may provide momentary relief from symptoms like heavy menstrual bleeding or cramping, there is no such thing as a prescribed or fool-proof fibroid diet.

The bottom line: To treat or eliminate the symptomsincluding that fibroid bellywe must treat the fibroids.

Firstly What Exactly Are Fibroids

Fibroids typically affect women in their thirties and forties and are benign tumors that grow in the uterus. While that may sound serious, fibroids arent cancerous or life-threatening, theyre just uncomfortable and inconvenient. Whats more, these tissue growths can come in many sizes and numbers you may have just one small uterine fibroid, a small cluster of fibroids or one large fibroid.

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Fibroids And Pain In Navel

  • #1 04-27-2009 06:56 AM by Buzzy523About to have a hysterectomy due to large fibroids. However, I am having pain in my belly button and gynocologist says it has nothing to do with the fibroids. Told it is not a hernia either. Have any of you experienced pain in the navel before hysterectomy?
  • #2 04-27-2009 04:41 PM by Pickle EyesRe: Fibroids and Pain in NavelThe pain not be directly from the fibroid, but it is entirely possible that the fibroid is pushing on a nerve that goes to the navel. I believe there are many symptoms that can be caused from large fibroids. How large is your fibroid?
  • #3 04-27-2009 07:05 PM by Buzzy523Re: Fibroids and Pain in NavelThanks for your reply. I wrote this on behalf of my friend, Kiev. she said her fibroids are 10 X 8. she also has polyups. She is in her 60’s and will have her uterus removed along with the fibroids and polyups. The Dr. will probably leave her ovaries and cervix. I thought at that age the Dr. would op to remove all.
  • #4 04-27-2009 07:50 PM by Pickle EyesRe: Fibroids and Pain in NavelAh. I see. The ovaries and cervix continue producing very low levels of hormones even after menopause. Besides, some people believe in leaving healthy organs. I fall into that camp. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer last year and only had my cervix and uterus removed. I figured I’d like to hobble along on the intermittent doses of hormones my ovaries spit out each month! I wish your friend well with her hysterectomy!

Dizziness And Nausea: Whats The Difference

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Another period-related factor that can lead to nausea is constipation. This is a common side effect of fibroids and is caused by a build-up of stool in the intestinal tract. The pressure and discomfort created by constipation can lead to bloating and nausea. Dizziness, which is different from nausea but also causes a queasy feeling. Dizziness can occur because of fibroid-associated anemia, fatigue, blood loss, and other factors. Talk to your doctor if your nausea or dizziness leads to persistent fatigue or vomiting or any other debilitating quality-of-life symptoms.

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Your Stomach Bulge Might Be An Enlarged Uterus A Symptom Of Fibroids

We encourage you to visit your doctor at the appearance of any new, unexplained abdominal bulge. As discussed above, a swollen stomach may indicate an enlarged uterus, which is a common fibroid symptom.

If you believe your stomach swelling or bloating may be due to fibroids, make sure to keep an eye out for additional fibroid symptoms:

  • Heavy and prolonged menstruation between or during your periods
  • Anemia, which can lead to fatigue
  • Pain in your pelvis or lower back
  • Increased menstrual cramping
  • Frequent urination
  • Constipation and/or bloating

If you notice any of the above issues, please contact your doctor as soon as possible. You should be aware that not all women with fibroids experience symptoms. You should also know that the size, location, and number of fibroids can determine your overall symptom severity.

Still not sure whether fibroids are a possibility? Explore our online symptoms checker. In general, we recommend that when fibroid symptoms affect your career, social life, self-esteem, or relationships, it is probably time to look into treatment.


Can Fibroids Make You Look Pregnant

Yes, they can. As we know, fibroids range in size, and some are so small that, without a pelvic or other diagnostic examination, some women dont even know they have them. According to The Cleveland Clinic, fibroids can range in size from 1 mm to more than 20 cm in diameter or even larger. For comparison, they can get as large as the size of a watermelon. So no prizes for guessing that these larger or clustered fibroids will inevitably increase your overall body weightsometimes by as much as 10 lbsthe size of a full-term or newly born baby.

In fact, when assessing a patients fibroid belly, womens health experts often use pregnancy-speak to gauge or assess a womans possible or associated risks.

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How To Treat Extreme Bloating: Adenomyosis And Fibroids

As we mentioned above, women with adenomyosis often have other womens health issues like endometriosis or uterine fibroids. Additionally, many people often live with painful symptoms for years before getting diagnosed. At the Fibroid Fighters Foundation, we want women to know that they dont have to live with adenomyosis and digestive issues as well as other uncomfortable symptoms. If youve ever avoided going out with family or called in sick to work because of your symptoms, its time to find an effective treatment solution.

Thankfully, women dont have to worry about going through a major surgical procedure to alleviate their adenomyosis or fibroids. The Fibroid Fighters Foundation is committed to helping women find nonsurgical treatment options like Uterine Fibroid Embolization . UFE is minimally invasive, outpatient and allows women to avoid a hospital stay, general anesthesia, and post-op stitches. It can be used to treat both uterine fibroids as well as adenomyosis. After a 30 to 45 minute UFE treatment, patients are able to recover in the comfort of their own home in as little as seven to 10 days. Adenomyosis and digestive issues or other bladder problems doesnt have to be your life. We want women to understand that they have options.

Pain In The Back Legs And Pelvis

Fibroids – Stomach Bloating & Other Problems | Catalogue of Fibroid Symptoms

This type of pain is less common with fibroids, but it can occur. The location and size of the fibroid determines how much pain is felt, and where it radiates from. If the fibroid is located within the uterus, there may be pelvic pain, whereas if it is located near the back then pain can stem from the lower back and down the legs.

If you have any combination of these 8 sneaky symptoms of fibroids, dont wait to see High Lakes Healthcare, schedule an appointment today at !

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You’re Feeling Pain During Sex

This isnt a fibroid symptom that ob-gyns are going to hang their hats on, but it can occur along with other fibroid symptoms. You could have a fibroid that protrudes or bulges down into the vagina, says Acholonu, which could cause pain during penetration, or, because a fibroid is generally attached to the uterus, it could be jostled during intercourse and hit another part of the anatomy, which can result in pain.

Painful sex can result from several other down-there issues, ranging from cervical cancer to vaginal dryness. Pain is nothing to shrug off, but talk to your gyno before sounding any alarms.

How Are Fibroids Treated

Since the growth of most fibroids slows as you approach menopause, your health care provider may simply suggest watchful waiting if your symptoms are tolerable. With this approach, the health care provider closely monitors your symptoms with frequent follow-up visits and ultrasounds to make sure there are no significant changes in your condition.

Treatment may be necessary if your fibroids cause significant symptoms. Treatment options include medicinal and surgical approaches. Your doctor will recommend treatment based on your symptoms, location and size of the fibroids, your age and medical history, and your health goals such as a desire for pregnancy.

In some cases, women also require treatment for iron-deficiency anemia due to heavy or prolonged periods, or because of abnormal bleeding between periods.

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Can I Get Pregnant If I Have Uterine Fibroids

Yes, you can get pregnant if you have uterine fibroids. If you already know you have fibroids when you get pregnant, your healthcare provider will work with you to develop a monitoring plan for the fibroids. During pregnancy, your body releases elevated levels of hormones. These hormones support the growth of your baby. However, they can also cause your fibroids to get bigger. Large fibroids can prevent your baby from being able to flip into the correct fetal position, increasing your risk of a breech birth or malpresentation of the fetal head. In very rare cases, you may be at higher risk of a pre-term delivery or a C-section delivery. In some cases, fibroids can contribute to infertility. It can be difficult to pinpoint an exact cause of infertility, but some women are able to become pregnant after receiving treatment for fibroids.

Knowing When To Seek Treatment

Pin on Fibroid Cyst On Ovary

Changes to your diet and lifestyle are the first plan of attack to help treat fibroids. Implement these changes slowly and you can create new healthy habits that will last a lifetime, but there are other treatment choices for your fibroid pain if these methods are not enough.

If you would like information about options to treat fibroids, contact Virginia Womens Health Associates. Call our office in Reston or Annandale, VA at today!

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You Think You Dont Deserve To Be Fibroid Free

That being said, having to walk around with lumps in my stomach that change the shape of my body to something that is considered not attractive is very unpleasant for me. Being someone who has always had a heightened level of image consciousness, its very difficult to live in this altered body that I have acquired due to uterine fibroids.

When I first found out I had them I didnt hesitate to start making plans for a hysterectomy because there was no way I was going to live with a protruding stomach, but then I got scared when the doctor told me that, even though cases of women dying during hysterectomy surgery are rare, dying was a possibility. I decided to hold off and give things some thought and here I am several years later having lost the opportunity to get the hysterectomy. Vocational Rehab was going to cover the surgery then. Now I have no coverage options and I have no money so even if I wanted to get the hysterectomy, which I still dont, I couldnt get one.

I am sitting here right now with my shirt up over my stomach. Sometimes I get uncomfortable and I have to bare my stomach and sit back and just let it all hang out. Its embarrassing to live with a big stomach that I cant do anything about unless I get my uterus taken out or unless miraculously I find some natural remedy to try that completely dissolves the fibroids.

Im not in the worse place that Ive been with the fibroids but Im still fed up and frustrated.

Shape And Size Can Vary A Lot

Fibroids come in lots of sizes. Some tiny fibroids are so small, they cant be seen with the naked eye. These microscopic fibroids are referred to as seedlings, and they can grow to become larger fibroids over time. Other times, fibroids can grow to the size of a melon, distorting the shape of your lower belly and even pressing against your ribcage. Very large fibroids can cause back pain, leg pain, and problems with your bladder and bowels. Sometimes fibroids grow in toward the uterine cavity, and sometimes they grow outward. Still others can be attached to the uterine wall by a slender stalk. While fibroids are rarely associated with infertility, when theyre very large, they can interfere with pregnancy, sometimes resulting in a baby being born prematurely. Pregnant women who have fibroids need to be monitored frequently to make sure their fibroids dont become too large.

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Can You Feel Fibroids Through Your Stomach

While it may feel like menstrual cramps, it may be a result of fibroids. Abdominal and Uterine Enlargement As fibroids grow larger, women may feel them as hard lumps in the lower abdomen. Especially large fibroids can even give the abdomen the appearance of pregnancy, along with a feeling of heaviness and pressure.

Q& a: Understanding Fibroid Pain

Untreated Fibroid: What Happens If Fibroids Go Untreated?

You may be able to manage symptoms with over-the-counter medications and home remedies. This is especially true if you only have minor symptoms that arent affecting your day-to-day life.

Home remedies include:

There are also some home remedies that may help reduce other symptoms of fibroids:

  • eat a healthy diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats, and avoid red meat, refined carbohydrates and sugary foods as these may worsen fibroids
  • consume dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, and cheese, at least once a day
  • limit alcohol
  • take vitamin and mineral supplements, including iron and B vitamins, to help prevent anemia caused by heavy bleeding
  • exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight
  • limit your intake of sodium to reduce your risk of high blood pressure
  • find ways to reduce stress, such as yoga or meditation

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What You Can Do About Uterine Fibroids

You and your healthcare provider may choose to leave fibroids with mild symptoms untreated. Tracking your symptoms can then help you know if your fibroids are changing, and at what point a treatment plan might be helpful. When fibroids do become problematic, there are many different options for managing and treating them, and for preventing their future formation:

Why Does My Stomach Hurt After Sex The Bottom Line

Many people ask the questions âis it normal for your stomach to hurt after sex?â

Experiencing a stomach ache after sex is perfectly normal many women have some type of abdominal cramping after intercourse, and, in most cases, the pain is benign and will go away quickly.

If, however, you experience chronic or overwhelming pain, make sure you see a doctor to see whatâs going on and discuss treatment options.

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How Can I Lose Weight With Uterine Fibroids

You may be thinking that exercise may be impossible with the debilitating symptoms of your fibroids. However, changing your diet and cutting calories with light physical activity can make a difference. Simply by walking more and eating a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, and low-fat dairy.

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Get The Relief You Need For Your Fibroid Symptoms

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Uterine fibroids may be relatively common, but that doesnt mean theyre a normal occurrence or something you have to learn to live with. At Solace Women’s Care, we offer an array of treatment options for symptomatic uterine fibroids, helping women relieve discomfort, heavy bleeding, and other symptoms, so they can feel healthier and enjoy a better quality of life. If you have uterine fibroids or if youre experiencing symptoms associated with fibroids, we can help. To learn more about the fibroid treatment options we offer, contact the practice today.

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How Are Fibroids Diagnosed

Fibroids are most often found during a routine pelvic exam. During this exam, your health care provider will press on your abdomen and may feel a firm, irregular mass that might indicate a fibroid.

To diagnose uterine fibroids, your doctor may order one of the following tests:

  • Pelvic Ultrasound. A procedure during which a small instrument, called a transducer, is either inserted into the vagina or pressed over the abdomen to produce pictures of the internal organs using sound waves. The doctor can see the size, shape and texture of the uterus and evaluate any growths.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging . This is a form of advanced imaging technology that provides highly detailed images of internal organs. These images help your provider determine the exact location and characteristics of fibroids and, if needed, plan minimally invasive treatments.
  • Hysterosalpingography. This is a type of X-ray exam of the uterus and fallopian tubes. Your doctor will use a special dye to more easily visualize these organs and determine if the fibroids have blocked your fallopian tubes.
  • Hysteroscopy. This is a visual exam of the canal of the cervix and the interior of the uterus using a viewing instrument inserted through the vagina.

Johns Hopkins Fibroid Center

Our experts offer women experiencing fibroids a wide range of treatment options, including alternatives to hysterectomy. We are at the forefront of fibroid research aimed at improving our patients quality of life.

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