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What Can Make Your Stomach Bloat

Proven Ways To Reduce Or Eliminate Bloating

How to fix a Bloated Stomach naturally in 4 minutes

Bloating is when your belly feels swollen after eating .

It is usually caused by excess gas production or disturbances in the movement of the muscles of the digestive system .

Bloating can often cause pain, discomfort and a stuffed feeling. It can also make your stomach look bigger .

Bloating is not the same as water retention, but the two terms are often used interchangeably. Put simply, bloating involves excessive amounts of solids, liquids or gas in your digestive system.

However, in some people, bloating is caused mostly by increased sensitivity. It just feels as if there is increased pressure in the abdomen, even though there isnt (

7 ).

Although bloating is sometimes caused by serious medical conditions, it is most often caused by the diet and some foods or ingredients you are intolerant to.

Here are 11 proven ways to reduce or eliminate bloating.

What Causes Abdominal Fat Gain

Unlike stomach bloat that comes and goes throughout the day, abdominal fat, also called visceral fat, sticks around unless you make permanent changes to eliminate it. Abdominal fat usually the result of overall weight gain. This happens when you consume more calories than your body is burning.

For some people, abdominal fat is the result of an unbalanced diet and minimal physical activity. But for others, it might be caused mainly by diet, and more specifically, eating too many calories. This can happen even though they exercise regularly.

Foods that can contribute to abdominal fat gain include:

  • sugary foods and drinks
  • alcohol
  • foods with high levels of trans fats

According to a 2021 research review, carrying excess fat around your midsection can put you at risk of:

  • type 2 diabetes

Alcohol And Bloating: How Does Drinking Affects The Stomach

According to the National Institutes of Health, bloating is often the result of irritable bowel syndrome. This intestinal disorder can cause actual damage to the intestines, which will manifest in pain and discomfort in the abdominal area.

Those who suffer from the condition will often have constipation and diarrhea. Many factors can cause irritable bowel syndrome, but one of the most impactful ones is alcohol.

Heavy or occasional alcohol drinking can lead to irritation and inflammation in the abdominal area. This is the reason for the bloating.

However, to really understand the bloating contributors, you will need to figure out how alcohol affects the stomach and its role in the gastrointestinal tract. Research indicates that alcohol can interfere with multiple stomach functions.

Here is a simple overview of the various ways heavy ethanol consumption can impair stomach health:

If you or anyone in your family is suffering from chronic alcohol abuse, check out our inpatient alcohol rehab center for men in Dallas-Fort Worth or give us a call at 993-9733! Here, you will get access to a safe facility with experienced medical professionals who will make sure that you overcome your drinking habit.

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Beat Belly Bloat This Summer

Beat belly bloat this summer.

  • Summer fun foods may contribute to belly bloat.
  • Eat these foods to help beat bloat this summer.
  • How summer heat and dehydration causes bloating.

Its back again: that too-full, bloated feeling in your gut. As temperatures go up, your stomach swells up too. Summer activities including eating and drinking certain foods and beverages may be causing the discomfort.

Here are some of the usual suspects when it comes to the food and beverages you may be consuming this summer that cause bloating.

Is The Cfu Count Too High

Stomach Bloating: 30 Best Anti Bloating Foods

Another consideration is the CFU count.

CFU stands for Colony Forming Units an indicator of the number of live and viable bacteria in each dose of a probiotic food or product.

Probiotic supplements are not recognized as a drug, so there’s no standardized dose, and the dosage range can vary between brands.

An effective dose is a minimum of one Billion CFU’s.

One Billion CFU’s per dose may sound a lot, but as your gut microbiota is home to multi-trillions of bacteria, a billion CFU is the lower end of the scale.

However, if you’re taking a supplement with a CFU count of 100 billion per dose and you’re experiencing side effects, that dose is probably too high.

As a general rule, take between 10 to 30 billion CFU’s per day.

Again, start at the lower end of this range and gradually increase the dose over the next couple of weeks.

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Wheres Your Abdominal Bloating And Pain

Pain in different areas of the abdomen can mean different things.

Abdominal pain can be anywhere between the chest and the pelvis. People often call it a stomachache. The pain can also be:

  • cramp-like
  • dull
  • sharp

Causes of abdominal bloating and pain can vary from mild to severe. Most of the time, abdominal bloating and pain occur due to:

  • overeating
  • stress
  • indigestion

This kind of bloating or pain is usually normal and will go away within two hours.

In cases of the stomach flu, you may feel intense pain or bloating that comes and goes before each episode of vomiting or diarrhea. Stomach viruses usually go away with rest and home care.

This guide lists the organs associated with different locations of abdominal bloating or pain:

Does Black Coffee Make You Bloated

Black coffee is one of the most popular natural diuretics in the world. Most people need no more than a few sips to move things along and get rid of a bloated belly.

However, as weve already mentioned, coffee can cause bloating if youre sensitive to caffeine. So, it doesnt matter if its black, white, or any other type. It can still cause you stomach problems.

Black coffee can especially irritate your gut if you drink it on an empty stomach. It can reduce the acid your stomach will need for digestion later, which means that it can lead to abdominal pain, cramping, and bloating. Always eat a healthy breakfast before getting your morning cuppa.

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Another Reason For Summer Bloating: Dehydration

Dehydration is a loss of fluids in your body. It can be caused by a few activities you may be doing during the summer months, including:

  • Getting too much sun or a lot of exposure to heat
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Eating salty snacks

When you’re in the sun too long, your body starts retaining water as a safety measure. Think of it as a form of self-defense, since your body doesnt know when it will have its next intake of fluid.

For instance, when youre in the sun too long, it causes water loss. In response, your body starts retaining water as a safety measure. Think of it as a form of self-defense, since your body doesnt know when it will have its next intake of fluid. Yet even as your body is conserving water, the retention is what may also cause you to feel bloated.

Its important to note that serious illness can result from being dehydrated. You should get help right away if you have one or more of these symptoms after being in the sun too long or you havent been staying hydrated:

  • Intense thirst

How Common Is Stomach Bloating

Banish Belly Bloat with These Simple Tips – Dr. Anthony Youn

Between 10% and 25% of otherwise healthy people complain of occasional abdominal bloating. As many as 75% describe their symptoms as moderate to severe. About 10% say they experience it regularly. Among those diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome , it may be as much as 90%. Up to 75% of women experience bloating before and during their period. Only 50% of people who experience bloating also report a distended abdomen.

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Functional Digestive Health Testing

Knowing the cause of your abdominal bloating is important for appropriate treatment and recovery. The good news is that you can try a few functional digestive health testing methods to figure out if you have any underlying issues, such as low stomach acid, SIBO or microbial overgrowth.

Just by looking at the symptoms and at home testing strategies you may already have a hunch on which issue is at the root cause. You can use the step by step testing, beginning with a specific food challenge and moving up to a supplement challenge or lab test to confirm.

Get More Active Every Day

Exercise helps your body move stool and gas out of the colon and may make bowel movements more regular. Exercise also releases extra sodium from the body through sweating, which can help to relieve water retention.

It is vital to drink plenty of water before and after exercising to stay hydrated, as dehydration can make constipation worse.

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Reduce The Intake Of Carbohydrates

The fact that you should lay off the carbohydrates does not mean carbs are enemies to your body.

In fact, they contain beneficial nutrients and are equally delicious.

They provide your body with the energy that you need.

However, the problem arises as a result of their tendencies to bind with water.

Once they bind with water in your body, they create glycogen which your body also needs.

Glycogen is a form of energy that is stored in the liver and also the muscles.

Here is where the problem lies the more carbs you consume, the more water your body hangs on to.

When this happens, your stomach feels bloated.

In order to debloat your stomach, reduce your intake of carbs and instead, incorporate lots of lean proteins and diet greens in your daily diet.

Foods That Cause Bloating And Gut Discomfort


Your diet is often to blame for belly bloat. That goes for both foods that cause bloating as well as dietary habits and underlying medical conditions.

When your belly is bloated, you haven’t gained weight. Instead, you’ve likely gained water weight or are suffering through digestive issues that cause a distended belly. Unlike fat gain, bloated stomachs are oftentimes temporary.

There are many different reasons why you’re experiencing bloating:

  • your diet is high in sodium, which can cause water retention
  • you have a sensitivity to certain foods that cause bloating
  • you might be experiencing a food intolerance
  • you’ve increased the fiber in your diet

We explain more about the dietary causes of bloat below, but let’s start with the 19 most common foods that cause bloating.

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Types Of Foods That Cause Bloating And What You Should Eat Instead

  • Foods that cause bloating include beans, carbonated beverages, onions, dairy, sweeteners, and cruciferous vegetables.
  • Beans cause bloating because they contain two types of fiber that are hard to digest, called galacto-oligosaccharides and resistant starch.
  • Carbonated beverages may also cause bloating because they contain carbon dioxide gas, which can expand in your belly.
  • This article was medically reviewed by Rudolph Bedford, MD, a gastroenterologist at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California.

Everyone experiences bloating from time to time: that uncomfortably full feeling and swollen, distended belly. This is a result of excess gas trapped in the gut. While there can be various causes of bloating, sometimes finding relief is as easy as making some simple changes to your diet. There are plenty of foods that can cause bloating, depending on the individual.We spoke to a registered dietician who is an expert on bloating to find out why certain foods can cause bloating, and what we can replace them with to feel better.

Eat At Regular Intervals

Many people experience bloating directly after a big meal. It is possible to avoid this by eating several smaller meals each day, which can help to keep the digestive system moving.

Swallowing food quickly can introduce air into the digestive tract. Drinking from a straw can also lead to people swallowing more air, which in turn leads to gas and bloating. People who have bloating should avoid using straws if possible and try eating slowly to avoid swallowing air during meals.

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What Is Bloating What Does Feeling Bloated Mean

Why am I so bloated? Abdominal bloating or “feeling bloated” is a very frequent and familiar symptom most people have experienced at some time in their lives. There are many reasons you may feel bloated. Most causes are simple, harmless, and easily treatable with over-the-counter or home remedies. Very rarely, abdominal bloating is caused by something more serious, leading to a rapid worsening of uncomfortable symptoms.

The definition of “bloated” is swelling or distension, and it usually refers to abdominal bloating, which is a distended belly. Bloating may be accompanied by burping , gas , abdominal discomfort, and a feeling of fullness. People sometimes refer to abdominal bloating as a “bloated stomach” or “bloated belly.”

When To Contact A Doctor With Concerns About Bloat Or Abdominal Fat

How to ease stomach pain and bloating with a simple self massage

Bloating is generally a temporary condition you can manage at home. But sometimes, visiting a doctor is a good idea.

Contact a doctor if your stomach is bloated and also distended, which is when the stomach gets noticeably larger after a meal. Also schedule an appointment if youre experiencing bloating and:

  • severe pain
  • nausea and vomiting
  • weight loss

You can also see a doctor if you are gaining abdominal fat. A doctor can provide helpful information about proper diet and exercise techniques you can use to lose fat.

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More Advice To Beat The Bloat:

1. Eat fermented food once a day: Foods like kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, kefir and kombucha are naturally high in probiotics. Like the probiotic supplement, fermented foods introduce good microorganisms that can contribute to maintaining a balanced, healthy gut.

2. Drink up: When youre dehydrated, your electrolyte levels can become unbalanced. This means you could be holding on to unwanted water weight without even realizing it. Drinking more water does not mean more water is retained. Drinking more water means your body can flush out any excess more easily.

3. Move more: You can be eating the right foods, but if youre spending all day sitting, the stagnation can cause unwanted gas buildup. Make a point to get up and move every hour.

Breakfast: 1 cup green tea with an egg scramble with leftover grilled salmon and asparagus

Snack:Gut health smoothie: 1/2 cup plain kefir, 1/3 cup papaya and 1/4 avocado

Lunch: Spinach , 2 teaspoons olive oil and top with 1 tablespoon of chopped pecans and 4-6 ounces lemon herb chicken

Dinner: Large romaine lettuce salad with carrots, tomatoes and red bell peppers top with simple lemon dressing roasted fennel, sweet potato fries and 4-6 ounces parchment baked salmon

Drink flat water with lemon throughout the day!

For more advice from Keri Glassman, follow her on .

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How To Treat Alcohol

Bloating often disappears on its own. Even though there isnt a universal treatment that can effectively treat the issue, there are a couple of options that can be useful.

The first step to managing the bloating is to find out whats causing it. Then, you can devise a treatment plan, experts suggest. Here is a list of some of the more popular treatment possibilities:

  • Water

Here is how each treatment can help with bloating:

Healthy Replacements For Beans

Bloated Stomach Remedies

Before nixing beans altogether, Freuman says try taking the enzyme alpha-galactosidase, which you can find in Beano, before eating. This enzyme can help you digest the fiber better before it gets to the colon.

If that doesn’t work, you can still get protein from other plan-based sources that are easier to digest, like:

  • Soybeans
  • Tofu

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Get Relief From Bloating

The most obvious way to reduce bloating is to avoid any foods that are your gassy triggers. Some foods that are high in certain carbs such as garlic, onions and other vegetables arent easy for the body to absorb and can bring on bloating. A low FODMAP diet is often recommended for anyone with irritable bowel syndrome because those foods dont cause as much gas. Foods in a low FODMAP diet include:

  • Spinach
  • Fruits such as bananas, cantaloupe, oranges and grapes
  • Grains such as quinoa and rice
  • Lactose-free dairy products

When you eat, consume smaller meals and allow your body time to digest. Drink plenty of water to help your digestive system run smoothly. If high fiber foods make you bloated or constipated, staying hydrated can help soften bowel movements, making them easier to pass.

Activity also can calm that bloated feeling. Although exercise may not sound appealing when you feel bloated, mild physical activity can stimulate the digestive system. Gentle yoga movements that relax the abdomen can help relieve belly swelling, too.

To combat occasional gassiness, try over-the-counter antacids.

If these DIY remedies dont help, talk with your doctor. Although rare, chronic pain and lethargy could be symptoms of inflammation or other conditions.

Foods That Cause Bloating

Bloating is when your belly feels swollen or enlarged after eating.

It is usually caused by gas or other digestive issues (

3 ).

Although bloating may be a symptom of a serious medical condition, it is usually caused by something in the diet .

Here are 13 foods that can cause bloating, along with suggestions on what to eat instead.

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