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What Exercises Tone Your Stomach

Best Lower Ab Exercises

5 Exercises to Tone Your Stomach | SilverSneakers

If youre looking for the best lower ab exercises then you come to the right place.

A lot of the time it can feel like many of your workouts arent hitting your lower abs a.k.a. the area below the belt.

Many people when theyre working their abs will feel it more in the upper portion. It can be hard to find the right exercises to work your lower abs and its also the most stubborn area.

Your lower abs will be one of the hardest parts on your body to get rid of and youre really going to need to put some work in.

Many women tend to hold extra fat there because of hormones. It can be incredibly frustrating and embarrassing area of fat to have hanging onto your body.

Some so-called experts out there say theres no such thing as lower abs.

Yes, its true the rectus abdominis is just one muscle. But it is possible to target different parts of the same muscle such as your upper and lower abs to a certain extent.

It can be hard to find the most effective lower ab exercises to tone up that stubborn area below your belly button.

The good news is youll be able to tone up that lower ab area despite your genetics and your current fitness level.

Here youll find the 10 best lower ab exercises you can use to finally tighten up the area below your belt.

Weight Training To Reduce Abdominal Fat

An even greater strategy for losing belly fat is to combine aerobic exercise with weight training. With weight training, you gain lean body weight, which makes your metabolism go up. This allows your body to burn more calories, even when you are at rest.

To get the most success, do body weight exercises that use multiple muscles at once. These help to raise the intensity of the exercise and allow you to burn more calories.

Examples of body weight exercises are:

  • Squats
  • Burpees
  • Mountain climbers

You can also try the following exercises using a light set of dumbbells for a higher-intensity workout:

  • Dumbbell deadlift
  • Dumbbell single-arm row
  • Dumbbell walking lunge

Tip: Speak to your doctor before starting any new aerobic or weight training routine, as the activity will challenge your heart. And remember to do your resistance training on alternate days to allow your muscle groups to recover between workouts.

The Anatomy Of Your Abs

When it comes to ab work, its important to understand the basic anatomy of your abdominals. The following muscle groups primarily contribute to having strong abs: the transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, and both the internal and external obliques.

  • Transversus Abdominis: The transversus abdominis is the deepest muscle in the abdominal wall, wrapping around your internal organs and stabilizing your spine. While this large muscle is hidden behind the rectus abdominis, it plays a critical role in your abdominal strength and is contracted every time you move your arms and legs. Because its attached to the diaphragm, you actually have to breathe to engage it!
  • Rectus Abdominis: Better known as the six-pack, the rectus abdominis lies front and center on your midsection. Its actually comprised of eight muscle sections and is superficial enough to be seen with low levels of body fat. This muscle group helps with your posture and lumbar spine movement.
  • Internal and External Obliques: Finally, your obliques are found on the sides of the abdomen with the external obliques on top of the internal obliques. These muscles help with bending, twists and trunk rotation, and they also play a role in the respiration process.

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Knee Tucks With Sliders

Place the balls of your feet on towels or sliders, and hold a high plank position. Keep your hands right underneath your shoulders and pull both knees in towards your chest, trying to avoid pushing with the hips and focusing on contracting your abs. Slowly extend back out into the high plank position and repeat for repetitions.

I’ve Just Had A Baby Can I Do These Exercises

The 14 Best Exercises To Tighten And Tone Your Stomach And Sides ...

As we all know, a woman’s body changes a lot in her lifetime, and most significantly during pregnancy. To that end, stomach exercises that worked for you before, might not work now. You’ll likely have lost a lot of core strength, and getting back into exercise post-pregnancy is something that requires hyper-attention to the safety of you and your postpartum body. Before you try anything, you must get permission from your doctor. That’s a non-negosh, OK?

Once you’ve got the doctor all-clear, PT and postpartum specialist Charlie Launder suggests keeping the following five things front of mind as you jump back in:

  • Ensure your trainer is qualified in pre and post-natal training
  • Listen to your body
  • Make time for rest and recovery
  • Get a post-natal physio check-up
  • Be confident to say ‘no’ if an exercise doesn’t feel right for you
  • For more of Launder’s expertise as well as a plethora of post-natal workout wisdom, check out our full post-pregnancy workout guide.

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    The Best Workouts To Tone Your Stomach

    Want to lose stubborn belly fat and tone your stomach? You’re not alone! But contrary to popular belief, targeting that area isn’t always the best approach.

    To slim down and obtain more definition in your core, you must combine cardio, strength training, and core exercises. Here are some of the best workouts to help you get the results you want!

    Russian Twist

    The Russian Twist is a core-focused exercise that’s all about the obliques. It’s a challenging workout, but it can provide excellent results over time.

    To do a Russian Twist:

  • Sit tall on the floor and lift feet off the ground while bending the knees.
  • Hold a medicine ball at chest height and hold your torso at a 45-degree angle.
  • Turn your torso to one side and squeeze your muscles.
  • Move to the other side and repeat!
  • Rowing

    Rowing is an exercise that combines the best of cardio and strength training. It burns calories while training your core, arms, shoulders, and legs.

    Take a seat at a rowing machine and get a firm grip on the handle. Row for about 20 seconds. Then, take 10 seconds of rest and repeat. Do this for about four minutes to get a good workout.


    Yoga is a great way to tone your entire body and warm up the muscles. Best of all, you can use space saving gym equipment. There’s no need to go to a gym or studio. You can do it all from home!


    Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then lower your body and send the hips back.

    Toning Your Core

    How Does An Exercise Bike Tone Your Stomach

    Generally, fat is useful in the human body as it functions as a source of energy. But excess body fat can cause serious health consequences, like clogged arteries that can lead to more serious conditions.

    If you have excess fat around your belly, youll be relieved to know that it can be easily dealt with regular indoor cycling sessions. Owning an exercise bike brings comfort to anyone wanting to create a leaner and well-sculpted muscular appearance. As much as it burns belly fat and tones that area, it also tones the legs, thighs, and bum.

    Does an exercise bike tone your stomach? And how does cycling affect your stomach muscles exactly?

    It will make you sweat. As you may know, sweating is required for toning your stomach, including other fat issues.

    Assuming you weigh 200 lbs, you can reduce 190 calories by riding your exercise bike for 30 minutes, whereas if youre around 180 lbs, you can burn up to 280 calories within the same time. Hence, an exercise bike helps a lot in burning extra fat, which, in turn, leads to a toned stomach.

    Another excellent way that proves cycling tones your stomach is that it works your abdominal muscles. Because youre leaning forward when you ride your bike, you are prompted to suck in these muscles.

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    Tone From The Inside Out

    This routine will strengthen your innermost abdominals, saysMiller. First, youll do breathing sequences to awaken your deep bellymuscles .

    Next, youll incorporate the breath work into a few strengthening moves that will tone your core even faster. Youll need a yoga mat, a hand towel, and a few throw pillows or a small, cushy exercise ball. Do the routine 3 days a week, and your middle will become more definedsupple and sturdy, not just tight.

    A Dumbbell Swing Substitute

    How To Tone Your Stomach (2 Targeted Ab Toning Exercises)

    No matter your age, shape or size, most women have the same trouble areas — mainly the stomach, arms, hips and — of course — the thighs and butt. Working a full-time job with other commitments, it’s hard to get to the gym and work every area that gives you a hard time. But if you’re willing to put a little bit of time aside everyday, there are several different exercises you can do to target all of your trouble areas in one shot.

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    Side Incline With A Twist

  • Lie on your right side with forearm directly under shoulder, hand perpendicular to your body, and legs stacked. Engage your abs and the right side of your waist, lifting your hips so your body forms a straight line from head to feet.
  • Extend your left arm toward the sky, staying engaged through your core . Now scoop your left arm in front of your body and reach under the space between your chest and the ground, twisting only from the waist up.
  • Come back up repeat 4 times, then lower body to the ground. Repeat on the opposite side.
  • Tricks To Flatten Your Stomach

    Is a tight, toned stomach near the top of your wish list? With these 10 exercises from fitness professionals like Denise Austin, youll flatten your stomach and say goodbye to those Spanx once and for all…

    1. Denise Austins Lower Tummy FirmerCheck out fitness maven Denise Austins favorite belly-busting exercise. This core exercise comes straight from her book, Tone Your Tummy Type .

    2. Minna Lessigs Side PlankFitness guru and former Ms. Fitness USA Minna Lessig recommends the side plank for a challenging workout that targets your core, plus your shoulders and arms.1.Start from push-up position. Tighten abs.2.Bring your right hand to the center, halfway between its starting position and your left hand.3.Turn your body to the left. Shift weight from toes to the outer side of your right foot, stacking your left foot on top of your right.4.Lift your left arm off floor. 5.Extend your left arm toward ceiling in line with your shoulders. Your body should form one, straight line from head to feet, sideways. 6.Look straight. Hold position for 10-30 seconds. Repeat 2-3 times. 7.Repeat on other side.Want to learn more? Get a copy of Minna Lessigs Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly and Boy Shorts Bottom .

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    To Perform The Hollow Hold:

  • Lie flat on your back, with your arms and legs straight out.
  • Crunch your abdominal muscles inward, as if you were trying to suck your belly button to the floor.
  • Raise your arms, legs, and upper back off the floor, creating a smiley face with your body.
  • If the movement is too difficult or you start to feel it in your lower back, bend the legs to make it easier.
  • As with the plank, this movement is done for time and not repetitions. Aim for 3 sets of a 20-30-second hold.

    Best Stomach Exercises And Belly Exercises Without Equipment

    Stomach Exercises for Women in 2020

    Now, believe us when we say there’s no one-size-fits-all “stomach exercise” rulebook and anyone who tells you there is, is leading you up Nonsense Creek.

    What there actually is, are multiple stomach exercises that work your core across various planes .

    Try adding the following exercises onto the end of a lower-body workout or, if you’re after a core-based session, compile them into the stomach workout of your wildest dreams. Dealer’s choice.

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    The Best Exercise Machines For Stomach Toning

    byElle Mackenzie | May 15, 2020 | Fitness, Fitness Tips

    Weve all got areas that we wish looked a little different. A little smaller, perhaps. Or bigger. Or more toned. And whilst exercise definitely isnt just about the aesthetics, youd be forgiven for wanting to work towards something that will make you feel more confident in yourself.

    The stomach is an area a lot of us struggle with. We all have different ways in which our bodies distribute excess fat. It will go to the thighs for some, the face for others, and for many, the place it likes to make itself at home is the stomach. This leads to it looking a little less toned than the rest of our body.

    So, if youre looking to firm up around the tummy and get your abdominal muscles working, heres some advice on the workouts and machines for abs you can use to get that core a little stronger.

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    Exercises To Flatten Your Belly At Home

    In this article:

    A bulging belly not only makes you look out of shape, but it is associated with an increased risk of mortality, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. Abdominal fat is usually very stubborn and can only be reduced through a combination of proper diet and consistent exercise.

    Below are some simple exercises you can do at home to flatten your belly with only your bodyweight. All of these exercises can be done with similar frequency, so it is recommended to pick 34 movements and perform them 23 times a week for 3 sets of 1012 repetitions.

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    Sit Up With Chest Press

    a) Lie down on your back. Bend your legs and place your feet firmly on the ground to stabilise your lower body. Hold a dumbbell with both hands.

    b) Curl your upper body all the way up toward your knees. Exhale as you lift.

    c) As you curl up, press the dumbbell out directly in front of you to form a right angle between your arms and body.

    d) Slowly, lower yourself down, returning your arms and body to your starting point. Inhale as you lower.

    Major Factors That Cause Fat Accumulation Around The Belly

    Toned ABS in 15 Minutes – Exercises to Lose Belly Fat and Tone Your Stomach

    You gain fat around the belly area due to several reasons. The main causes of belly fat are diet and lifestyle choices.

    Belly fat, in particular, results from a diet heavy in high-calorie foods, such as sugary treats, sodas, and processed foods. When you combine these dietary choices with little exercise or movement, fat gets stored commonly around the midsection.

    Other causes of belly fat, besides a poor diet and lack of exercise, include:

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    Does An Exercise Bike Tone Your Stomach Heres How To Shed Belly Fat With Exercise Bikes

    Have you ever asked yourself this question, does an exercise bike tone your stomach?

    If you did, we could only assume that you have stubborn belly fat that you desperately want to get rid of.

    And yes, we know the feeling: unsightly belly fat is anything but cute! Fortunately, riding your exercise bike is one of the most effective ways to lose belly fat and get a toned, flat stomach.

    Sit tight as we take you through the whole process of toning your stomach muscles. At the end of this guide, youll know how to perform your cycling workouts properly, so your belly will no longer be sticking out.


    Focus On The Exercise

    When youre working out, its easy to let your mind venture off to other things. If you feel yourself doing this, stop and bring your focus back to the exercise. If youre spaced out youre more likely to injure yourself.

    Also, by keeping focus you open up a connection between your mind and body. When your mind is fully engaged with the exercise youll experience an increase in muscle activity.

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    How Can I Get A Flat Stomach Or Make My Stomach Flatter

    First off, if you’re looking to make strength gains you probably don’t wanta flat stomach.Strong abdominals if your body fat is low enough have a naturally muscular look.

    However, and this is an important point to make strengthening your stomach muscles alone won’t help you achieve the strong and lean aesthetic you’re after.

    That comes down to lowering your body fat percentage to a point where abdominal muscles are visible that’s between 14 24% for women. However, common thinking suggests that most women should not dip below 18% body fat, at the risk of interfering with their hormones.

    Also, if abs come at the cost of your mental health or you find yourself feeling preoccupied with fat loss, take a step back and ease off for a little while. Fuelling your body well with regular exercise, enough sleep and minimising stress is far more important than any body fat percentile. Trust us.

    Tone Every Part Of Your Core With These 7 Exercises

    Quick Ab Workout to trim &  tone your waistline. Sculpt your abs ...

    Losing belly fat and toning the stomach is one of the most common goals I hear from my weight-loss clients.

    In addition to cardio, ab exercises can help you start getting rid of excess belly fat and flatten and tone the stomach area. Plus, abs are considered your bodys center of gravity and are responsible for aiding in balance and coordination. So theres much more benefit to strengthening your abdominals beyond the aesthetic reasons.

    Many people’s first instinct is to drop down and start crunching. While there is a place for crunches in a core routine, they only target one muscle group in the abdominal region. To really see results, it’s important to incorporate exercises that target all of the muscle groups that make up your core.

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