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Is Seltzer Water Good For Your Stomach

How I Cured My Acid Reflux Naturally

Are Seltzer and Sparkling Water Really That Good for You?

Hi: It seems like there are many more people suffering from acid reflux than ever before. Professionals offer only medications and surgery. I have suffered from acid reflux on and off for some 20 years. After much research and meditation on how the esophageal sphincter functions, I discovered a low cost solution. Two or three times a day I drink orange flavored carbonated mineral water. After drinking it, I hold back the burp for 3 to 5 minutes, sometimes longer. Then burp the air out. Make sure to always do this right before bed. This forces the esophageal sphincter to work hard to hold down the increasing air pressure. It is the only way to strengthen this muscle. After nearly 2 years of nexium, I am now completely off acid blockers and only take a sip of water with sodium bicarbonate before bed, just for protrection. Please try this and let me know if you also find relief from acid reflux. I hope you do. Regards, John

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Keep Your Head Propped While You Sleep

When you sleep on your back, the acid from your stomach may flow up into your esophagus and cause a burning sensation. If you find yourself waking up in pain during the night, your sleeping position may be the problem.

Making a few changes to your bed may help keep the contents of your stomach from creeping up and burning your throat. You can prop your head up with extra pillows, bed frame extenders, or a foam wedge.

Your Bones May Lose Density

If youre regularly drinking darker variations of sodasor any soft drinks, for that matterthere are plenty of reasons to stop. But theres at least one side effect to drinking too many darker beverages that you may not be aware of.

According to a study by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, drinking colas, specificallynot other forms of carbonated beveragewas associated with low bone mineral density in women. The only drinks that cause bone loss are dark colas, which have phosphoric acid that leads to losing calcium in your bones,says Lori Welstead, MS, RD, LDN, of the University of Chicago School of Medicine. Sparkling mineral water has calcium in it, which can improve bone health. And the carbonated mineral waters with magnesium and calcium may have bone-boosting benefits.

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Coconut Water For Acid Reflux

Coconut water is one of the most interesting natural options to heal heartburn and acid reflux.

This water has a high content of electrolytes and this helps the pH balance of the organism.

Below is a table with the chemical composition of coconut water.

There is a good resource on coconut water and its related benefits, such as the possibility to replace sugary drinks.

In addition, we can also find information about the doubts that many physicians show about coconut water.

In this case, we read that there could be a little bit of hype about the true possibility that this water can help with a long list of diseases.

Unfortunately, we already know that chemical drugs dont work, and there is no hype around that.

So, coconut water is a good option, not complete though.

This means that you cant expect to make disappear heartburn and reflux by simply drinking it.

However, it helps, and you can experience a significant improvement if you act, at the same time, on any other possible risk factor.

How Carbonated Water Can Affect Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

Is Sparkling Water Bad For You, Seltzer Benefits, Harm

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a chronic medical condition. While there can be many causes of GERD, frequent acid reflux is one example. GERD can produce a wide range of symptoms, such as foods and liquids coming back up into your mouth, and trouble swallowing.

It can affect your chest, and the upper part of your digestive system. Severe symptoms of GERD can last for months if you do not obtain medical attention. Treatment can range from over the counter products to prescription medication.

If you develop GERD, you will need to be especially careful with everything you eat and drink so you can reduce the risk of the symptoms occurring again. While you should definitely avoid sparkling water if you already have this condition, you can significantly reduce your risk of developing it by never drinking carbonated water.

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Does It Affect Heart Health

Research suggests carbonated water may improve heart health, although the evidence is very limited.

One study in 18 postmenopausal women showed that drinking sodium-rich carbonated water decreased LDL cholesterol, inflammatory markers, and blood sugar.

Whats more, they also experienced an increase in HDL cholesterol .

Additionally, the estimated risk of developing heart disease within 10 years was 35% lower among those drinking carbonated water than those drinking the control water.

However, since this was only one small study, significantly more research is needed before any conclusions can be reached.


Carbonated water may have beneficial effects on your cholesterol, inflammation, and blood sugar levels, potentially reducing your risk of heart disease. However, more studies are necessary.

May Increase Feelings Of Fullness

Carbonated water may also extend feelings of fullness after meals to a greater extent than plain water.

Sparkling water may help food remain in your stomach longer, which can trigger a greater sensation of fullness .

In a controlled study in 19 healthy young women, fullness scores were higher after the participants drank 8 ounces of soda water, compared with after drinking still water (

However, larger studies are needed to confirm these results.

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Is Alkaline Water Good For Heartburn

People suffering from acid reflux consider alkaline water to be an effective treatment. It is known to reduce the symptoms of heartburn.

The theory behind this is that alkaline water reduces the acidity of the gut while denaturing all the pepsin present. Alkaline water has a higher pH than regular tap water. At nine, it has a remarkable capacity to buffer acid, thus reducing the effects of acid reflux.

When the alkaline water denatures the pepsin and renders it permanently inactive, the acid levels in the stomach are better managed, and you get relief from heartburn. However, like any other water used to counter the effects of heartburn, you should not take alkaline water in excessive amounts.

Top 10 Hiatal Hernia Foods To Avoid

Is Sparkling Water GOOD For You? – Hydro Bro: Ep. 10

A hiatal hernia is a condition in which part of the stomach becomes displaced, pushed upward through an opening in the diaphragm called the hiatus. For some people, the condition produces few if any symptoms, while others find that a hiatal hernia and GERD or the symptoms of heartburn and acid indigestion are common as stomach acid is more easily transported upwards to the esophagus. The hiatal hernia acid reflux association means that in many cases, symptoms can be controlled to a certain extent with dietary changes. As a result, both adding in certain foods as well as abstaining from known hiatal hernia foods to avoid may help with providing relief from symptoms.

1. Savory Sauces: Instead of generically listing individual types of spicy and savory sauces, it is a better idea perhaps to avoid them altogether in general. Hot sauce, sriracha, Worcestershire and others can certainly instigate some digestive discomfort . Common sense may be enough to remind people that hot sauce is high at the top of hiatal hernia foods to avoid, but the category really is much broader than just the preferred dressing for chicken wings. Even butter sauces, which are very high in fat, can trigger symptoms in some individuals.


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Does Seltzer Harm Your Teeth

What Should I Drink? Carbonated water, even flavored brands, can still lead to erosion in your tooth enamel, but it is a better option than drinking soda or other detrimental options. Carbonation alone does not appear to damage the teeth. However, other added ingredients can contribute to the demineralization of teeth.

Is Carbonated Water Bad For Stage 3 Kidney Disease

Kidney disease refers to the incapacity of the kidneys to perform the required function of filtering blood for the removal of waste. Chronic kidney disease is the undemanding loss of kidney function over a couple of months or years. The damage moderately happens in the initial stages of CKD while in the late stages, kidneys become incapable of working out some important things for you. This happens in stages according to the glomerular filtration rate that signifies how well your kidneys are eliminating toxins and unwanted. The count of GFR depicts which stage of chronic kidney disease you are in.Is carbonated water bad for stage 3 kidney disease.

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May Help Relieve Constipation

People who experience constipation may find that drinking sparkling water helps relieve their symptoms.

In a 2-week study in 40 older individuals who had experienced a stroke, average bowel movement frequency nearly doubled in the group that drank carbonated water, compared with the group that drank tap water.

Whats more, participants reported a 58% decrease in constipation symptoms .

Theres also evidence that sparkling water may improve other symptoms of indigestion, including stomach pain.

One controlled study examined 21 people with chronic digestive issues. After 15 days, those who drank carbonated water experienced significant improvements in digestive symptoms, constipation, and gallbladder emptying .


Carbonated water has benefits for digestion. It may improve swallowing, increase feelings of fullness, and reduce constipation.

Best Overall: Spindrift Sparkling Water

Surprising Ways to Use Alka

Spindrift sparkling water tops our list with its simple ingredients, containing just carbonated water and real squeezed fruit, and its delicious flavor offerings. From cucumber to pineapple to raspberry lime, you’re sure to find a Spindrift you love. What makes Spindrift so unique and special is that it’s flavored with fruit instead of natural flavors, which can come from a wide variety of ingredients you might not be excited about. As a result, their sparkling waters taste like real fruit, without a hint of anything artificial.

When you open up a can of Spindrift, you’ll see the beverage is colorful, not clearthat’s from the real fruit added! If you’re looking for a super fresh tasting and minimally processed sparkling water, Spindrift is a great choice. The flavor is fruity and slightly sour, similar to how it might taste if you added a splash of juice to plain seltzer.

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Can You Drink Too Much Seltzer

Too much of anything can be bad for your health, and the same is true for sparkling waters, too. Though drinking a can or two a day should generally be okay, Dr. Ghouri warns against making sparkling water an outwardly excessive habit or completely foregoing flat water for fizzy water exclusively.

Tips To Control Acid Reflux Symptoms

Every month, more than 60 million people in the United States experience acid reflux symptoms, better known as heartburn.

If youre among the one-quarter of people who experience acid reflux symptoms almost daily, you may have a more chronic condition caused gastroesophageal reflux disease .

No matter the frequency of your symptoms, your discomfort may affect your daily activities, diet, and sleep. But there are steps you can take to control your acid reflux.

At Rivas Digestive Center in Hollywood, Florida, our board-certified gastroenterologist, Dr. John M. Rivas, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of acid reflux. We want to share some of our best tips to help you gain control over the discomfort.

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You May End Up More Hydrated

“Drink more water!” is the universal decree you’ll hear from health professionals, as many of us don’t consume enough fluids to stay properly hydrated. But there’s only so much tap water we can drink before the monotony becomes too much. That’s where seltzer water can help. “For people who don’t like still water and are self-proclaimed ‘soda addicts,’ seltzer can help people meet their fluid intake needs,” says Lauren Manaker, M.S., RDN, LD, CLEC, a Charleston-based registered dietitian. She says that seltzer can be a great way to fulfill that desire for carbonation, without the added sugar. And that satisfying cold fizz makes water consumption fun, resulting in a winning situation when it comes to hydration.

Matys Acid Indigestion Relief

Why Does Alka-Seltzer Fizz?

While honey on its own can be used in this recipe, I highly recommend using Matys Acid Indigestion Relief instead of just plain honey. While this product has honey in it, its composed of a number of ingredients that work synergistically to decrease acid reflux. In fact, theres several Ive already mentioned, plus a few more that make this the shining star of this soothing herbal tea for heartburn relief!

  • Honey

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Best Tasting: Hal’s New York Seltzer Water

Courtesy of Amazon

When you’re craving something seriously carbonated, reach for Hal’s seltzer water. Hal’s is one of the most bubbly and fizzy sparkling waters we’ve tried, and it won’t go flat as you’re sipping on your beverage.

You can purchase Hal’s seltzer water plain, but they also offer nine flavors, ranging from black cherry to lemon to vanilla cream. The water comes in two convenient sizes: big 20-ounce bottles or smaller 16-ounce cans.

It Can Help With Digestion

Doctor Ava Williams, a primary care doctor who is board-certified in internal medicine with expertise in health and wellness and preventive care, has great news for daily seltzer consumers everywhere.

“You can get addicted to it without worrying about health hazards,” she says.

On top of that, it can actually have pretty major health benefits.

“Your digestive processes will benefit from it, from helping you to swallow better, to helping you with constipation problems,” she says.

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Is Carbonated Water Dangerous If You Have Ibs: Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Sparkling water does not directly cause Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but it can cause flare-ups if you already have this condition. This chronic disorder can produce many symptoms throughout your entire gastrointestinal system. Some of the symptoms that commonly affect the stomach include stomach pain, discomfort, indigestion, gas, bloating, and cramps.

It can cause other digestive issues, too, including constipation, diarrhea, mucus in your stool, and changes in bowel habits. If you suffer from IBS, you should take sensible precautions to reduce the risk of flare-ups. In addition to reducing stress and eating a high-fiber diet, you should only drink healthy beverages. Avoid all carbonated drinks, including sparkling water.

Plain water is the safest water you can drink if you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It can help you avoid all of the pain and other complications associated with IBS.

Which Type Of A Diet Can Fight Gerd

15 Worst Foods That Wreck Your Stomach

A certain type of food or diet can help fight gastroesophageal reflux disorder , which include the following:

  • Chicken breasts: Skinless chicken breasts that may be baked should be included. Lean and packed with protein, chicken breasts are very easy to digest and can be a good and easy diet for patients with GERD.
  • Plain water: Frequently consuming water can make the digestion process better and curb GERD symptoms.
  • Ginger: A diet or food with ginger can calm the over acidic stomach. Ginger tea may also be included in the diet.
  • Watermelon: Watermelon is a low-acid fruit that wont trigger symptoms and can be added to the routine diet to fight GERD.
  • Brown rice: Brown rice is a good substitute in the regular diet rather than white rice.
  • Oatmeal: Oatmeal is a better choice because it has plenty of fiber and may give sufficient energy to the body.
  • Potatoes, carrots, turnips, and parsnips: Theyre full of healthy complex carbohydrates and digestible fiber.
  • Olive oil: Body needs fat to work right olive oil is a good substitute rather than regular cooking oil.
  • Lettuce and celery: Reflux can make us gassy, so foods such as beans and dried fruits can cause GERD. Mild veggies such as lettuce and celery are healthy, low in calories, easy on the stomach, and they wont cause more gas.
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    Alcohol And Kidney Stones: Whats The Relationship

    There is not significant evidence that alcohol directly causes kidney stones. Alcohol use particularly excessive alcohol use in which a woman drinks four or more alcoholic drinks in a single occasion or a man drinks five or more drinks during a single session is, however, linked to the development of a variety of other health problems. Some of these health issues include kidney damage, kidney failure, high blood pressure, various cancers, weakened immune system, mental health problems, social problems, and alcohol use disorders .2,3 Some of these issues directly or indirectly negatively impact the renal system.

    Concentrated urine can occur when the body is dehydrateda leading cause of kidney stones.3 Dehydration can occur when people do not drink enough water to help the kidneys remove waste from the blood.3

    Other causes and risk factors of kidney stones include:

    • Past kidney stones.
    • Conditions that causes your urine to contain high levels of cystine, oxalate, uric acid or calcium.
    • Conditions that cause swelling or irritation in your bowel or your joints.
    • Certain medicines, such as diuretics or calcium-based antacids.

    If you are concerned about the way your drinking may be impacting your health, treatment for compulsive drinking can help. Reach out to our admissions navigators to learn about your alcohol treatment options at .

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