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How To Cure Stomach Flu

Allow Your Body To Rest

How to Prevent Stomach Flu

When you have the stomach but, dont try to push through it. It will take your body longer to heal. Instead, rest as much as possible! Prioritize your sleep and engage in relaxing activities. I highly recommended an Epsom salt bath.

Not only is it incredibly relaxing and will feel good with the hot water on your stomach, but the Epsom salt can aid in detoxification to help rid the nasty bugs in your GI tract and give you a magnesium boost which will be much needed!

What Are The Symptoms Of Stomach Flu

The main symptom of gastroenteritis is diarrhea. When the GI tract becomes infected during gastroenteritis, multiple activities from the virus brings on diarrhea. Malabsorption occurs because of the destruction of the gut cells called enterocytes. The virus can also disrupt the reasbsorption of water and induce secretory diarrhea, which is responsible for the loose liquidy stools.

  • Headache and body aches.

Things You Need For Vomit Days

You definitely need a waterproof mattress pad for each bed if you are co-sleeping or even if your kids are sleeping in the crib or toddler bed.

For sick days, have two or three crib sheets on your babys crib or bed. You can remove one or two in case your baby has messed up sheets, without interrupting other kids sleep. You dont have to put sheets on in the middle of the night.

You can rinse everything right away to avoid any smelly atmosphere. However, you can still wash messy sheets and clothes in the morning.

Do not turn on the lights, rather, have a tiny night light in the room for sick days.

You need to keep lots of disinfecting wipes, and paper towels handy and a basket with a trash bag in case you cannot run to the toilet.

Frequently change diapers, as it could cause rashes if your child suffers from diarrhea. Check out this post on tried and tested ways to treat diaper rashes.

Kids may get sick and that is stressful for parents. However, it takes time for diarrhea and vomiting to go away.

Another tip: When small kids are sleep-trained and normally sleep in separate rooms, have them sleep on a separate mattress with you when they are sick. That way you can monitor them better. In case of accidents, you can help them without disturbing other kids.

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Natural Remedies For The Stomach Flu

What is the quickest way to get rid of the stomach bug? Its NOT antibiotics. Antibiotics will have no effect because this is a virus issue, not a bacteria issue. You can read more about the overuse and overprescription of antibiotics here.

Instead, you want to prioritize your gut health! First off, the stomach bug causes irritation and inflammation of your intestines. Addressing that issue should be your primary focus, as well as rehydrating from all the water loss.

How To Treat The Stomach Flu

13 home remedies for stomach flu cramps

Some additional ways to treat the stomach flu are:

Heating pad: Use one on the abdomen to relieve cramping

Probiotics: This can help with diarrhea. Yogurt contains probiotics. Opt for low fat or fat free, if you can keep dairy down.

Zinc supplements: This helps reduce the severity and duration of the stomach flu.

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Tips & Tricks For Preventing The Stomach Flu

Above mentioned home remedies are readily available at home and effectively manage stomach flu symptoms. Please keep in mind:

1. Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration due to stomach flu. One may have plain water or a sports drink. In addition, infants should be given Oral Rehydration Solution to restore the loss of electrolytes.

2. Avoid caffeinated drinks like strong coffee, black tea, soft drinks, alcohol, and chocolate drinks as they could cause more stomach upset.

3. Avoid spicy and fatty foods as they can enhance the symptoms of gastroenteritis.

4. Avoid fibrous foods such as whole grains and vegetable soup during stomach flu as they can be hard on digestion.

5. Take plenty of rest and reduce your activities during stomach virus as your body needs the energy to fight against infection.

Prevention is always better than cure. So make a habit of washing your hands before and after eating and at regular intervals clean vegetables and fruits before consuming.

What You Need To Know About The Stomach Flu

The stomach flu is very different from the flu, which is a respiratory infection that is caused by the influenza virus. The stomach flu is actually caused by a norovirus, and it is commonly associated with diarrhea, vomiting and cramping .

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, anyone can get infected with norovirus, and you can get it more than once. It is estimated that a person will get norovirus about 5 times during their lifetime. Many people usually get sick with norovirus in cooler months, especially from November to April.

Typically, the stomach flu lasts for one or two days, but there have been cases lasting only hours, and cases lasting more than two days. It has the most severe effects on young children, the elderly and people with pre-existing medical conditions.

Currently, there is no medication or vaccine to prevent the stomach flu, and those who contract it are contagious immediately and up to a few days after the symptoms have passed.

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How Can Stomach Flu Be Prevented

Since stomach flu can be caused by multiple factors, getting the flu vaccination alone isnt enough to protect you from gastroenteritis. Children should follow the standard vaccination schedule and get the rotavirus vaccination when indicated. This vaccination can protect your child from getting sick from the rotovirus but not all children can receive this oral vaccination, so please check with your pediatrician before doing so.

You can take other steps to reduce your risk of getting stomach flu:

Practice good handwashing

When youre sick, the virus spreads from anything that comes in contact with virus-infected feces. Good handwashing is vital in stopping the spread. Viruses left on hands can easily spread to surfaces, food and people you touch. Its important to wash your hands well after you go to the bathroom, change a diaper, touch any bathroom surfaces and before you handle food.

Be careful with food

You can catch stomach flu from contaminated food or water, or pass it on to someone else. To keep viruses out of your food:

Clean sick areas

Clean anything that you may have touched while you were sick with stomach flu. Wash laundry with hot water and dry with high heat. Be sure to use a disinfectant to clean areas where a sick person vomited or had diarrhea.

Natural Foods That Help In Relieving Diarrhea Symptoms

Medical Conditions & Treatments : How to Treat the Stomach Flu

Boil some water with fennel seeds and cardamom pods and have your child have it for drinking throughout the day. Fennel water significantly improves symptoms of diarrhea or any type of stomach pain.

In addition to what you should be drinking, eat foods that are high in pectins, such as applesauce, bananas, and yogurt. Pectin is a water-soluble fiber that helps reduce diarrhea. Eat foods that are rich in potassium, such as natural fruit juices, potatoes without the skin, and bananas.

Eating bananas, applesauce is the best remedy for controlling diarrhea symptoms. Banana is known to have poop solidifying properties that may help relieve diarrhea and firm the stool.

Ideally, eat light food in the form of rice instead of eating hard-to-digest food when anyone in the family experiencing stomach issues. Try this chicken rice recipe a healthy and light meal for everyone in the family.

Organic India Psyllium Herbal Powder is the best way to resolve any type of stomach issue. Although its not hard for adults to add in the husk in their everyday diet or when sick. But for toddlers, you can either mix in their meals, ice cream, yogurt, whatever your child likes more. This remedy works like a charm to control and relieve any diarrhea issues.

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How To Identify Symptoms Of The Stomach Flu And How To Treat It

No one likes to be stuck at home, sick in bed. However, thousands of Canadians fall ill and catch the cold, flu and many other seasonal ailments. One of the most uncomfortable is the stomach flu. In fact, the stomach flu can be more serious than most people realize. It is also known as gastroenteritis and can result in severe dehydration, hospitalization and even death.

Natural Stomach Flu Remedies

Weve all been there. One family member suddenly feels a little off and before you know it, theyre throwing up and youre quickly realizing that with all the shared cups and food in your house, its only a matter of time before the illness runs through your whole family. As a parent, that means taking care of everyone else before finally getting sick yourself.

Here is where I introduce activated charcoal.

I have come to think of activated charcoal as my tried and true treatment for the flu. I would place its success rate at around 98%, and those are odds Im happy to take when it comes to avoiding rounds of digestive distress.

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Stomach Flu Treatment For Adults

For adults, its often easier for us to just take the capsules than bother with creating another drink. I recommend taking two capsules every three hours when you feel like youre fighting the stomach flu or when other family members are actively throwing up. Of course, youre also welcome to follow the same recipe I do for kids just double the dose of activated charcoal.

Tips for taking activated charcoal

  • Activated charcoal is constipating, so drink LOTS of extra purified water to stay hydrated. Avoid taking activated charcoal if youre already struggling with constipation.
  • Avoid taking activated charcoal near meals because the charcoal will bind to the food and you absorb fewer nutrients.

How Is The Stomach Flu Diagnosed

9 Home Remedies For Stomach Flu

Stomach flu is primarily diagnosed through a physical examination and a patient medical history. Most cases will be diagnosed and treated by a general practitioner.

Symptoms are the best guide for diagnosis. The defining symptom of stomach flu is loose or watery diarrhea, but other symptoms might include.

  • Nausea
  • Low-grade fever

Loss of appetite, involuntary weight loss, and bloating might also be experienced.

Symptoms of gastroenteritis usually start suddenly , coming on in one or two hours. In addition to how quickly symptoms started, a healthcare provider will want to know:

  • How long have you had symptoms?
  • Do other people you know have similar complaints?
  • Did you eat anything unusual recently, such as raw foods?
  • Did you travel recently, especially outside the country?

A physical examination will help the healthcare professional rule out other conditions. The healthcare provider will carefully look for signs of dehydration, such as sunken eyes, limpness, dry mucous membranes , loose skin, or drowsiness.

Blood or stool tests are not necessary to diagnose a viral gastroenteritis, but a healthcare provider will use them to rule out other causes, such as a bacterial infection, parasite infection, or other intestinal problems. Blood or urine tests may be necessary if there are signs of dehydration.

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Hold On What Exactly Is Norovirus

Let’s just be frank: Norovirus is extremely not fun. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention , norovirus is an extremely contagious virus that causes diarrhea and vomitingand literally anyone can get it.

Aside from vomiting and diarrhea, other symptoms of norovirus include nausea and stomach pain. Even more bad news? You can’t totally prevent norovirusit spreads easily and quickly through infected people and contaminated foodbut you can do your best to lessen your risk of getting it, like washing your hands frequently and making a point to not share foods or utensils with people who are already infected can help you dodge the stomach flu.

But what if it’s too late and youre already doubled over in your bathroom? While theres no cure for norovirus, these tips will help you feel better soonerincluding what you should eat when the last thing you want is food.

1. Drink lots of fluidsbut not just water.

The risk of dehydration is a big deal when you have norovirus. Fluids are critically important, since youre losing vital bodily fluids through sweating, vomiting, and diarrhea, says Dr. Sonpal. But keep in mind it’s not only fluids you’re losingyou’re also depleting your body of sodium, potassium, and other minerals , which also need to be replaced.

2. Get lots of rest.

Stomach Bug Healing Supplements/teas


Probiotics will be a game-changer. Probiotics help supply your gut with beneficial bacteria that encourages healthy digestion and bowel movements. A virus can impact your gut microbiome, so its vital to keep it balanced. Probiotics also help prevent long-term GI issues linked to dysbiosis. If youre looking for a high-quality probiotic, visit my online Fullscript dispensary UltraFlora Acute Care by Metagenics is my favorite to have on hand when illness strikes.


Charcoal is known to help detox the body of toxins and bacteria. Taking charcoal can help eliminate any excess invaders that make your body work harder. Lets have your body focus on healing rather than playing defense!


Mega Mucosa by Microbiome Labs is healing and soothing to the gut. It contains dairy-free immunoglobulins and amino acids that all support a healthy mucosal barrier and immune system.

Peppermint, Ginger/Tumeric and Chamomile Tea

Chamomile has soothing effects and also has antimicrobial activity, while peppermint is known to help calm a queasy stomach. One of my favorite brands is Tulsi Tea and they have a great tumeric ginger tea as well. You can add a teaspoon of raw honey to either of these. Your toddler may love some warm sweet tea as well but avoid giving honey to your little peanut if they are under 1 year old.

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How To Diagnose Stomach Flu

The medical term for diarrhea and vomiting caused by a virus is viral Gastroenteritis, but its often called the stomach flu. With viral gastroenteritis, the digestive system becomes inflamed, causing symptoms such as loose stools and vomiting. These symptoms usually last a few days and go away on their own. For this reason, most people dont end up seeing a doctor or getting an official diagnosis for stomach flu.

Stomach flu is not related to the influenza virus , which is a contagious upper respiratory disease.

What Are The Common Side Effects Of Stomach Flu Medicine

Medical & Health Questions : The Best Cure for Stomach Flu

Stomach flu medications will vary in their side effects based on the type of drug, the dose, and the patients age. This is not a complete list of side effects, so consult with a health care provider about possible drug interactions or side effects.

Oral rehydration solutions have a long track record of safety. Rare side effects include nausea and diarrhea. It is possible, however, to overdo it. Taking too many electrolytes can throw the bodys balance of electrolytes off-kilter, causing potentially serious medical problems.

Antiemetics work by affecting a part of the brain involved with nausea and vomiting, so drowsiness, lightheadedness, sleepiness, restlessness, and agitation are the most common side effects. Dry mouth is a common complaint. The most serious side effect involves a hazardous change in the way the heart beats called QT prolongation. The risk is greatest when these drugs are taken over a long period.

The most commonly experienced side effect of antidiarrheal agents is constipation. Abdominal pain, nausea, and vomiting are also possible.

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Interactions That Can Make Ondansetron Less Effective

Taking these drugs with ondansetron can make ondansetron less effective. This is because the amount of ondansetron in your body may be decreased. Examples of these drugs include:

  • Anti-seizure drugs, such as phenytoin or carbamazepine. Your doctor may switch you from ondansetron to a different drug if needed.
  • Tuberculosis drugs, such as rifampin, rifabutin, or rifapentine. Your doctor may switch you from ondansetron to a different drug if needed.

Disclaimer: Our goal is to provide you with the most relevant and current information. However, because drugs interact differently in each person, we cannot guarantee that this information includes all possible interactions. This information is not a substitute for medical advice. Always speak with your healthcare professional about possible interactions with all prescription drugs, vitamins, herbs and supplements, and over-the-counter drugs that you are taking.

This drug comes with several warnings.

How The Stomach Flu Is Treated

In most cases, viral gastroenteritis doesnt need to be treated by a healthcare provider. Home remedies, like getting plenty of fluids and eating a bland diet, can treat symptoms until the illness passes. For people who have a digestive disease or another serious illness, however, seeking advice from a healthcare provider might be needed to avoid complications.

Diarrhea or vomiting that lasts more than a few days, contains blood or mucus, is black or looks like coffee grounds, or causes severe pain, is a reason to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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Why Drink Coke In Case Of Gastroenteritis

Studies have shown the role of phosphoric acid and sugar present in coke which has an antiemetic action .

It may therefore be wise to consume it quickly to stop nausea, but be careful, it must be degassed and drunk in small quantities.

Note also that the sugar it may contain accelerates diarrhea if not consumed in moderation.

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