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How To Lose Subcutaneous Stomach Fat

Know Your Family Healthy History

How to Target Subcutaneous Abdominal Fat (doughy midsection)

If your parents or siblings have insulin resistance, heart disease or non-alcoholic fatty liver, you may be at a greater risk for storing visceral fat. Keeping an eye on your visceral fat may be beneficial, but know that the causes of these chronic diseases are complex. If youre in doubt, its best to speak with your healthcare provider.

How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Right, by “fast”, we’re going to have to assume you are looking for answers to how to lose belly fat efficiently and safely. That’s the only way we know how to do things at WH and the only way we plan on doing things, too.

One way to make sure you’re as dialled into your belly fat loss journey as possible is to get more granular with your nutrition. Now, ifyou’re already familiar with counting calories, listen up this is how to fine-tune your fat loss efforts to focus on how to lose belly fat in particular. It’s known as learning how to count and calculate your macros.

“Counting macros” is a diet technique to make sure you’re eating the right amounts of each macronutrient protein, fat and carbohydrates. By tweaking the volume of each you can make your fat loss efforts more efficient.

How? Well, each macronutrient plays a different role in keeping our bodies ticking over. In broad strokes: protein helps to build and maintain muscle tissue, carbohydrates provide fast and slow-release energy and healthy fats support hormone function.

Tweaking the volumes you eat can help build muscle and lose body fat more efficiently, as well as allowing you to re-incorporate some of your favourite foods. Because you’re looking at what makes up what you eat, foods that are less nutrient-dense can be incorporated . All you’ll need to do is work out how that impacts the rest of your day.

How To Get Rid Of It

You donât need to follow a special diet or do special exercises to banish belly fat. Just follow the usual strategy for getting trimmer and fitter.

Keep moving. Exercise can help you shed both visceral fat and subcutaneous fat you can see and pinch. And if you lose weight through diet, exercise can help you keep it off. Every bit helps. Go for walks after dinner. Take the stairs. Bike instead of drive. Aim for at least 30 minutes of this kind of moderate aerobic exercise very day.

Itâs also important to keep and to build your muscles. Work out with weights, do resistance training like push-ups and sit-ups, or practice yoga.

Eat smart. Studies suggest that more calcium and vitamin D in your body may be linked to less visceral fat. So load up on leafy greens like collards and spinach. Tofu and sardines are also good picks, as are dairy foods like yogurt, cheese, and milk.

On the other hand, certain foods seem to encourage belly fat. One of them is trans fats, which are found in meats and dairy as well as in deep-fried or processed foods. Also bad are sodas, candy, processed baked goods, and other foods sweetened with fructose. So read the labels and avoid ingredients like âpartially hydrogenated oilsâ or âhigh-fructose corn syrup.â And follow the usual rules for healthy eating, with lots of fresh produce, whole grains like wheat breads and oatmeal, and lean protein like skinless chicken, fish, eggs, beans, and low-fat dairy.

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If You’re Looking For A Targeted Workout

“While you can do all the sit-ups you want, the best bet to banish this fat is to do high-intensity interval trainingI love The Fhitting Room!to burn this subcutaneous fat,” says Brooke Alpert, MS, RD, CDN, a nationally recognized nutrition expert and founder of B Nutritious. Alpert adds that diet is key too. “Since this fat is associated with hormones, the best way to get rid of it is to cut down on sugar consumption. Specifically, liquid sugar in the form of soda, juice, and alcohol.”

“When it comes to exercise, remember that subcutaneous fat covers the muscle,” adds Parris. “As an example, abs are muscle. Spot exercises like crunches/sit-ups can tone and define the abdominal muscle, but in order to see the definition of these muscles, youll need to reduce subcutaneous fat in the spot area first. In short, a combination of aerobic and strength training is best.”

Final Thoughts On Melting Stubborn Belly Fat

3 Ways To Melt The Most Stubborn Belly Fat

Melting stubborn belly fat isnt always easy, but you can make it happen. Follow these tips to make a beneficial change in your life. Once you start melting fat, youll feel better about yourself and your life. You dont have to sacrifice good food, as there are plenty of options for every food group.

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Increasing Lean Body Mass

Additionally, working out to increase your lean body mass is a great way to reduce your body fat percentage and increase your strength. Increasing muscle mass through weight lifting can help you burn fat while also improving your basal metabolic rate . The higher your BMR, the more fat your body will naturally burn through. Its a win-win!

What Causes Visceral Fat

Fat gets stored when you consume too many calories and have too little physical activity. Some people tend to store fat around their belly rather than on the hips because of their genes.

In women, getting older can change where the body stores fat. Especially after menopause, womens muscle mass gets less and their fat increases. As women age, they are more likely to develop more visceral fat in the belly, even if they do not put on weight.

In men, age and genetics also play a role in developing visceral fat. Drinking alcohol can also lead to more belly fat in men.

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What Is Abdominal Fat

According to Harvard Health Publishing, subcutaneous fat around your lower body gives you a pear form, whereas abdominal or visceral fat gives you an apple shape. Abdominal fat is nothing but increased fat around your abdominal organs, increasing the risk of metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disorder. Hence, it is called active fat.

It’s not always considered visceral fat if you have some belly fat. It can be subcutaneous fat stored beneath the skin and can potentially be a source of your belly fat. Subcutaneous fat, which can also be found in the other parts of your body, is more visible. Visceral fat is hidden inside the abdominal cavity and is difficult to detect.

Research says 10% of your body fat is visceral fat. Though visceral fat cannot be measured at home, you can determine your visceral fat by checking your waist-hip ratio. According to a research study, a waist-hip ratio above 0.85 in women and 0.90 in men indicates visceral fat.

Visceral fat can increase the risk of health conditions like

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • High cholesterol
  • Increased blood pressure

An unhealthy lifestyle, genetics, hormones, or various medications can be the reason for your abdominal fat. But the good news is it can be reduced by healthy lifestyle habits. Read on to learn the best ways to quickly “melt” abdominal fat.

Eliminate Subcutaneous Fat With A Ketogenic Diet

Stubborn Subcutaneous Fat Loss | 3 Tips

The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb type of diet.

The basis of this method is that with low blood glucose levels, different types of body fat, including subcutaneous fat, can be used as a source of energy.

This method is effective in the short term. The results are even faster than other removing fat under the skin.

However, it can have long-term side effects, so it is not the most recommended by nutrition professionals. Consult a nutritionist or specialized nutritionist if you decide to use this strategy.

When eliminating subcutaneous fat, at nutrition, we prefer intermittent fasting methods or a low carb diet.

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Slow Down Your Eating

Eating slowly will also help cinch your waist, too. Inhaling croissants while run-walking to work will do little to satiate you not that youll do much digesting anyway, with all that cortisol flooding your system. Instead, by making time to eat and focusing on your food , youll wind up eating less and youll feel fuller for longer.

9. Get Quality Sleep

Multiple studies have shown an association between short sleep and weight gain. When youre low on Zzzs, activity in the brains frontal lobe is impaired. At the same time, the more primal parts of your brain that deal with things like desire and motivation are lit up like the Blackpool Illuminations.

Inadequate sleep also wreaks havoc on your metabolism. When the body doesnt get enough rest, it conserves energy by slowing down basic functions. The combination of untameable cravings, little willpower and inefficient processing is an open invitation for fat storage. Follow our advice to improve your sleep tonight.

What Is The Difference Between Subcutaneous Fat And Visceral Fat

Subcutaneous fat

Subcutaneous fat provides energy to your body during high-intensity exercises. It acts as an insulation to protect the body from temperature changes and external trauma.

Subcutaneous fat plays a role in weight loss by producing two hormones, leptin and adiponectin. Leptin acts on the brain to control hunger, while adiponectin improves the sensitivity of fat to insulin and prevents diabetes. However, too much fat disrupts the bodys hormonal balance.

Visceral fat

Visceral fat lies deep within the abdomen and envelops organs, such as the heart, lungs, liver, spleen, and kidneys, as well as muscles and bones. It cannot be measured as easily as subcutaneous fat. However, a protruding abdomen that is hard to touch and not squishy usually indicates an excess of visceral fat. Though some amount of visceral fat is necessary, too much puts you at the risk of lifestyle disorders, such as high cholesterol levels, hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes.

Visceral fat is typically the first to go away when you start losing weight. You can lose this kind of fat through diet and exercises that help you shed excess pounds. When your calorie intake is less than the number of calories burned, you will lose visceral fat first.

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Ask The Expert: How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat

Maybe you have a trip to the beach coming up, or maybe you just want to fit into your favorite pair of jeans from a few years ago.

No matter the reason, when youre faced with the problem of how to get rid of belly fat, it can be a frustrating process, and you might not think its possible.

But youd better sit down because, believe it or not, you can get rid of belly fat.

How To Measure It

Belly Fat Defined: Subcutaneous Vs Visceral Fat ⢠Bodybuilding Wizard

Thereâs no way to know where and how much visceral fat is hidden in your body without expensive imaging tests. Youâre unlikely to ever need those.

Waist size. This is an easy way to get a rough estimate. Wrap a tape measure around your waist over your belly button. In women, 35 inches or more is a sign of visceral fat. In men, itâs 40 inches. Warning: This is a crude tool, especially if youâre a very big person. And if youâre of Asian descent, the benchmark for visceral fat drops to 31.5 inches for women and 35.5 inches for men.

BMI.Body mass index is a formula for how much you weigh relative to your height. Online calculators can do the math for you. A BMI of 30 or higher is overweight. That could be a sign of visceral fat. If youâre Asian American, a BMI of 23 or higher could be a concern.

Hip-to-waist ratio. You divide your waist size by your hip size. Some doctors think the number gives a good idea of your risk for visceral fat. But studies suggest it may be no better than a simple waist measurement.

Body shape. Look in the mirror. Where your body tends to store fat can offer you a clue. If youâre an apple — a big trunk and slimmer legs — it often can mean more visceral fat. This body shape is more common among men. Women are more likely to be pears — with bigger hips and thighs. Research shows that upper body fat is more dangerous to your health, which might be one reason why women usually live longer than men.

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Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

Move your body whenever you can to expend more calories. Aerobic exercise and strength-training exercises burn calories and maintain your muscle mass, so your metabolism will stay at a healthy rate. A study published in 2006 in the “International Journal of Obesity” examined middle-aged women with obesity who had extra abdominal fat. For 20 weeks, participants were provided lunch and supper, and were broken up into a non-exercise group and two exercise groups. All participants saw a reduction in weight, fat mass, percent fat and waist circumference however, only the exercise groups showed a reduction in the size of their belly fat cells, which has a positive influence on diabetes and heart disease risk.

Choose high-intensity exercise if you get the go-ahead from your doctor. A study published in 2008 in “Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise” demonstrated that this form of exercise is most effective at reducing stubborn belly fat. The American Council on Exercise also recommends strengthening your core muscles, back and abdominals, two to three times a week. This won’t cause you to lose belly fat, but it will tone your waistline and help prevent injuries.

Avoid Foods That Contain Trans Fats

Trans fats are created by pumping hydrogen into unsaturated fats, such as soybean oil.

Theyre found in some and spreads and also often added to packaged foods, but many food producers have stopped using them.

These fats have been linked to inflammation, heart disease, insulin resistance, and abdominal fat gain in observational and animal studies .

A 6-year study found that monkeys who ate a high trans fat diet gained 33% more abdominal fat than those eating a diet high in monounsaturated fat .

To help reduce belly fat and protect your health, read ingredient labels carefully and stay away from products that contain trans fats. These are often listed as partially hydrogenated fats.


Some studies have linked a high intake of trans fat to increased belly fat gain. Regardless of whether youre trying to lose weight, limiting your intake of trans fat is a good idea.

Alcohol can have health benefits in small amounts, but its seriously harmful if you drink too much.

Research suggests that too much alcohol can also make you gain belly fat.

Observational studies link heavy alcohol consumption to a significantly increased risk of developing central obesity that is, excess fat storage around the waist .

Cutting back on alcohol may help reduce your waist size. You dont need to give it up altogether, but limiting the amount you drink in a single day can help.

One study on alcohol use involved more than 2,000 people.

  • meat
  • beans

26 ).

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How To Lose Subcutaneous Fat And Get Your Health Back On Track

  • Subcutaneous fat is fat our bodies store underneath the skin that creates that jiggly sensation.
  • Losing subcutaneous fat will require diet and exercise ideally a mix of strength training and cardio.
  • Adults who have too much subcutaneous fat and are overweight should get at least 150 minutes of exercise each week, according to the World Health Organization.
  • This article was medically reviewed by Samantha Cassetty, MS, RD, nutrition and wellness expert with a private practice based in New York City.
  • Visit Insider’s homepage for more stories.

When we’re thinking of slimming down, we’re usually referring to losing subcutaneous fat. This is the fat that lies right beneath the skin and creates that jiggly sensation.

Excess subcutaneous fat isn’t as dangerous to your health as excess visceral fat the fat that sits behind the abdominal muscles and surrounds your internal organs.

However, having a lot of subcutaneous fat is a good indicator that you likely have a lot of visceral fat, which can lead to many health problems such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and premature death.

Here’s a guide on how to lose subcutaneous fat, slim down, and improve your health.

How To Lose Subcutaneous Belly Fat

How to Lose Belly Fat FAST â Quick Belly Fat Loss â Dr.Berg

Abdominal fat can be devious, gradually building up over your adult years until you suddenly have an unwanted pooch. Your body stores subcutaneous and visceral fat, both of which add inches to your waistline. Subcutaneous fat hibernates just beneath your skin and you can grasp it with your fingers. Visceral fat stows away deep in your abdomen around your organs. Excess belly fat increases your risk for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides and metabolic syndrome. According to Dr. Jade Teta, an Integrative Physician and author of “The Metabolic Effect Diet” on the “Huffington Post” website, subcutaneous belly fat is more difficult to burn off than visceral fat. It’s stored when extra calories are influenced by the hormones cortisol and insulin. To lose subcutaneous belly fat, eat right, diet and balance your hormones. Use a diet tracking app like MyPlate to figure out a daily nutrition plan.

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